…..I honestly do not know how to start this very first entry of 2016. So, let’s pretend I just wrote a chunk of text full of formality and skip to the main point.

This is the place where I dump my reviews on drama CDs that I loved and absolutely adore I listen to them more than twice a day! But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the others. Writing one post is taking too much time, I actually spend (almost) a day to write a CD with only 5 tracks! I, honestly, the type of person who prefers quality over quantity so I sincerely apologize if I couldn’t fulfill some backlogs and requests! Please accept this token of yandere.

Anyway, if you ever want to get my opinion or enjoy reading quick reviews, head over to my twitter @gintsune as I occasionally do listen to drama CDs.

Without further ado, let’s check out my favorite drama CDs in 2015 that worth checking out, shall we?



TOP 5 (non-r18)

  1. Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu (family type drama CD, each stories connect to each other so you have to listen to all volumes! Arts done by Mero)
  2. Mononoke Mansion (have I told you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything ayakashi-youkai related stuff? This is by my other favorite company, TwoFive, and they produce amazing stories!)
  3. Genyouki~Ookami no Iinazuke~ (original and after story. Classic love story, and Maenu did a brilliant job voicing Seiichiro both human AND ayakashi!)
  4. Gesshoku no Egoist (underrated series! This CD needs more recognition, come on guys! THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY CHARMING CD with a dash of suspense and romance. My personal favorite is of course, volume 2 because yandere shimono hiro, but volume 1 is just equally amazing too!)
  5. Ayakashi no Koi volume2 (one of the many by Kimura Ryohei! A romance (?) between maneater demon and a human, not something you get in daily life huh?)

I am pretty sure I still have others but I couldn’t somehow recall it, so there you have it! My top 5 all ages CDs that I didn’t get a chance to review (except for genyouki and Higashiura).

Now that we have that safely, let’s move on to the steamy section, which is the core of this wordpress! YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TOP 5 (やめてください!)

  1. Villains (If you follow me on twitter, you might as well tell me to shut the hell up about this series. It is currently my most best-loved series of all. You can actually guess which is my favorite volume of all. I would love to write for each CDs, but the final volume might be the next review as Shingaki Tarusuke is my current favorite seiyuu atm!)
  2. Aventure volume 1 (tho I do adore volume 3 as well, just because protective and gentle older brother, he gets the throne! Majima Junji should get an award dedicated to seiyuu that can pulls off a yassashi older brother that make us cry buckets)
  3. Otona Marchen series (or, adult marchen *smirks*. As you have guessed, this is based on fairytale stories. PERSONAL FAVORITE IS OF COURSE PETER PAN, but at the same time don’t tell me to choose! It is a series worth to marathon. There scheduled to have 3 more added new characters!)
  4. long ass title about warui mahou or basically, wicked witches volume 2 ! ! !! (NO JUST GO LISTEN TO VOLUME 2 I’M SO DONE WITH MY LIFE THANK YOU!!!! DONT LET HIS LOOKS DECEIVE YOU)
  5. another long ass title but oh my god I feel so deflowered thank you for making me like this i didn’t know being inside an elevator can lead to lewd stuff now I’m hot oh my god I didn’t sign up for that SHINGAKI TARUSUKE IS OFFICIALLY MAH MAN
  6. my life motto is go big or go nowhere at all. Remember when this son of devil messed with our life? and he did it again in this CD because just for the fun of it. THANK YOU now I am probably gonna have a high standard when choosing a partner because of him( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Do you just go oh I am def going to have a good time this cover looks nice the coloring is just adorable an—– ooooooOOOOOHHHH WTF DID THAT JUST HAPPENED moment? Because I sure did with this crazy ass mushroom head I mean, come on. If that happened in real life and I am alive, JUST KILL ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT.
  8. Since this is my 4th annivesary, might as well just go all out
  9. Switching?! is a series where your boyfriend have a different personality after you, uh somehow switched his light i don’t know what i’m talking about. Basically, you will get a whole new set of boyfriend afterwards, he switch if you cry or tease him. You get the idea right? Right? GOOD. Recommended! Volume 2 and, oh yes Volume 3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED PEOPLE. If you ever feeling sexually frustrated, you might want to consider anything by D’avrilMoon (and they cater the needs of adult women who’re lonely). Their Yuuwaku Iinari series is linked, so you have to listen from Volume 1 all the way to the fifth volume.







( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The translation for this is a bit tricky, for now I’ll just go with “The Abyss of The Mad Dream”* subject to be changed.

or #yumefuchi for short.

please correct me / better translation if you have one!


You were raised as a foster daughter by the Mamiya household. Nurtured with care, you grew up to be a kindhearted young lady.

After that, ten years has passed since then. One faithful night, in your dream you were sullied by your older brother.

Title : Soko ha Kurutta Yume no Fuchi

Company : Operetta

Seiyuu : 三楽章(Makino Hideki)

WARNING : This CD triggers things related to non-consensual, rape, suicide and yandere. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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*beatboxes* Guess who earned another award in extreme procrastination?? Me.

Another collaboration review with fellow otome blogger Alyyn! Back to shit on this post. We wanted to do this for a long time, but we kept putting it off because our schedules strangely always contradict each other’s. And I was busy with Lamento. *judging eyes*


Title: Kankin Danshi — Yokushitsu No Himitsu
Developer: Candy Cube
Artist: Kamitsure
Rating: R-18 (✧≖‿≖) 

Anyway, this is the second installment of the Kankin Danshi series, which you can probably guess what it’s about just from reading the title — basically, weirdo boyfriends going cuckoo and locking you up. This series is R-18. Alyyn and I didn’t like the first volume because we expected yandere, but instead we got endless sex scenes and…some weird happy ending so uh, yeah lol, but we were curious about the second volume nonetheless. First volume was more like horny high school student who doesn’t know how to treat his osananajimi right. Pretty useless brat.

Volume 2 introduces Seiichi Hayami (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu), who is a regular costumer at the cafe you work at. One day, shit happens so you wind up unconscious. When you came to, you find yourself chained…to a bathtub?! Basically for some reasons unknown to you, Seiichi has confined you in his bathroom of all places and that probably says enough how hygienic this man is. You are to be his “pet”, as he says that he has always wanted to take care of a little kitty like you…and so begins the distorted relationship between you and Seiichi.

Tracks are summarized under the cut. The track titles in purple are summarized by me while blood orange are summarized by Alyyn; the same colours apply to our commentaries. Spoilers ahead!

Warning: As this is an R-18 CD, the post will contain R-18 details. Please proceed with caution.
We generally don’t post R-18 pictures, so all the details are textual.

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This is the official tokuten from HOBIGIRLS.

I feel this great need to put this in a separate post, because I just can and also, it needs a better recognition (you will know what I mean after this)

Duration : 13:03


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Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.15.05 AM


TITLE : Villain ~ The Fantasy of (a) Beast

COMPANY : HobiGirls

WEBSITE : HobiGirls

SEIYUU : Yasumoto Hiroki

The one governs the mountain is known as a fierce god, feared by the villagers.

The village has had a long-standing tradition of offering a human sacrifice to the god.

Overwhelming with sadness and fear, you met the fierce God of the mountain who’s capable of understanding human language.


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To be fascinated with a patisserie
welcome to Le Ciel Blue.


You are working at the infamous sweets shop [Le Ciel Blue]. Past the working hours, you are searching frantically for something that you had dropped earlier and met with the shop’s chef (and also) owner, Kyouichi. Kyouichi proposes to have a mini game of finding which one he made. For the winner he’ll treat you for a dinner…………

TITLE : Sweets Blossom 2

COMPANY : Milky Chain

WEBSITE : Milky Chain

SEIYUU : Kawada Shinji


 Hikami Kyouichi. 32 years old.

CV: Kawada Shinji

He’s the owner of the sweets shop. He had a professional training in France for 6 years, andjust 4 years ago had opened a shop. In the blink of an eye, the shop roses to the top.He is soft spoken and has a gentle expression but always philander with women. Quite serious at work, but fairly a useless human being.






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The title translates as,

A day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 3 : Future husband and future brother-in-law!

After a tiring day, have a refreshing day off!

How would you like to spend your holiday? Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting? However, theres people who wants to spend time with you

Those people are — your family

Would you like to spend a lively and fun time with your beloved family on your day off?

This CD is fully recorded with dummy head mic!

cover Look at these two omgg they’re so cute gorogoro together٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

TITLE : Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu Volume 3 Future Family

COMPANY : Asgard-Japan

WEBSITE : Biscrown

SEIYUU : Ono Yuuki and Kimura Ryouhei


 Nagae Mihiro (future husband)

CV : Ono Yuuki

Boyfriend aka your future husband. A young adult  and is currently studying at a University (second year). He’s a bit brusque however tends to be loving boyfriend also can act like a spoiled child sometimes, when together with the heroine.


Nagae Daigo (future brother-in-law)

CV : Kimura Ryouhei

 24 year old. Despite having a youthful appearance he’s actually employed in a company (surprising? yes!) . He’s talkative and the so-called mood maker. Even so is quite an observant even while fooling around. Loves his brother so much.

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I must say I am quite surprised by the results. At first, general review tops but then when I came back after 3 days somehow, detailed review beats everyone and sit highly on the throne. I am quite baffled at first because in my opinion, people DON’T read chunk of text or simply put, tl;dr. I know I don’t. Unless I am very keen in that particular matter. Anyway, here’s the result

Which review style you prefer the most?
  1. Detailed review (Serious, almost similar to translation e.g Yanero) 53.49%  (23 votes) 
  2. General review (Thoughts, little comments here and there) 32.56%  (14 votes)  
  3. Translation (pain in the ass don’t vote this) 9.3%  (4 votes) 
  4. Tumblr review (link below) 5%  (2 votes) 
Total Votes: 43
Thank you to those who participated! Here, yandere for you.
Difference between general review and detailed review is that I summarize track by track for detailed review and summarize the whole cd for general review. Why detailed review wins probably because most listeners wanted to know what the frick is actually happening in that particular track. In spite of that, I am very lazy (by nature, pardon me) you guys just have to deal with general review.

In fact, the most commented post is Yanero (and most viewed). It is also one of the post where I tried my best to keep it detailed and neat in one day. I almost choked on my own blood writing that. Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with that review.

Hence, I will try my best to keep this blog alive (again) and I am not posting R18 CDs for the meantime. There’s a reason for that. If you followed me on twitter, you will know why.
And that concludes it all.
I told you guys don’t vote for translation. Who was it please raise your hand I’m gonna handcuff you for a week. 

Poll time


Hi guys! I am doing some sort of poll time now for future reference. I would appreciate it if you would spend your time to answer this. It is very short and nothing much. For now there’s only one question that I wanted to know the most however if you have any suggestions you can just post comments below ;

for example if you want more p0rn stuff (and anyway this is not p0rn blog <3)

See nothing much isn’t it?

And by the way please don’t vote for translation ho shit that is a pain in the neck, getting me to write something is difficult enough and now translation? No thanks.

As for Tumblr review it is something like this.

this and this and this and more this

Apparently, it is well-received though because people don’t like to read long-ass reviews (because I know I don’t, tl;dr) but it is up to people’s taste though.

Thank you for your time and now you can get back to your homeworks, kids.


Gay Heaven


This was originally posted on fellow fangirl’s blog, anal usagi. Remember her? She’s the one who shit-fied our collaboration review on Seventh Heaven Volume 5. This is yet another 3p so you can say that I am making a pattern on my blog so enjoy. I decided to post this here because hahaAHAHAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA some gay porn on my blog won’t hurt so here you go.

This is probably the most fun review I’ve done and had so much fun in this.

TITLE  : Yandere Heaven Black Volume 3

COMPANY : HobiRecords

WEBSITE : HobiRecords

SEIYUU : Nojima Hirofumi & Tomoguchi Hiroyuki & Oosaka Ryouta

Yandere Heaven originally started out as a series of otome CDs, but it probably got popular enough to warrant a BL version of the series. Volume 3 stars Mitsuyuki Fukawa (CV: Ryota Oosaka), a highschool student who is currently dating idol Kanata Akizuki (CV: Hirofumi Nojima). Things are fine and rosy with them…until one day, Mitsuyuki’s ex-boyfriend, Homare Kitaori (CV: Tomoyuki Higuchi) cockblocks and that’s when shit hits the fan. Oh, and this took place around Easter Day.

Text in blue will be Anal Usagi and I’m using green.

Warning: Foul language ahead lol!

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