DIARY by Operetta


As to celebrate my first WordPress post let’s cross post this game’s review from my Livejournal. If you called it’s cheating, I called it yan yan love. LMAO. Since not many people reviewing it, or might as well called it “not many people play it” I’ve decided to share the wealth /o/ \o/ and spread the yan love.

a warning before you proceed, this is not your normal (?) otome game.

  1. there’s only one obtainable guy which is the main guy ofc
  2. First playthrough required you to plow through this barbaric story
  3. Not for those who hated yandere (as in obsessively in love with their partner/someone)
  4. spoiler everywhere in this post


the heroine I called her Aya on the street alone while singing 「たんけーん、たんけーん、たんけーん、たふくちょー」then she saw bunch of kids picking on cute black haired kid just around her age. Then being the brave non-doormat heroine she yelled at them to stop bullying the kid. Lol I seriously love those kids when they goes saying 「ばーか、ばーか!」.

First meeting the black haired kid, Aya was impressed by his cute face and indeed looks like a girl. Aya tells him to go home but he’s scared and hesitant at first because he thinks those kids will come and pick on him again. Aya said she’ll escort him till he’s in front of his house. LOL. Aya is so adorable :3

「。。。わかりました。ですがこの手を取るのなら、二度と離さないで」Understood. Once I hold your hand, don’t ever let it go.

Aya’s surprised because that’s suppose to be her line xD lololol.

When they’re walking, Aya tells Rei to be careful but they’re holding hands so Aya can’t keep her balance and she falls. Instead of worrying about her injuries, she’s worried about Rei’s. Then she said, she’s fine. After all, she’s tough!
While they’re heading towards Rei’s house, Aya realizes that the road is the same way to go to her house. Rei said it’s the short cut. Lol she got excited and said that he and Rei are destined to be with.

She invited Rei to her house. Her parents would be really happy to meet Rei. Lol she’s very pushy xD On their way some housewives were talking bad about Rei and Aya shouted 「おばちゃんたち!!」XD Aya’s like wants to dress up Rei with her pink one piece dress but the poor guy just like :l Without warning Aya just striped Rei lol. What is this?? Kids nowdays xD
Aya’s hot dad (lol) greet Rei warmly and he said they should go to shower because they’re just back from playground.


Then the screen changes. When they’re having dinner, Rei is really happy because it’s her first time eating some delicious and when Aya’s mother wants to make a phone call to Rei’s house, Rei told her there’s no need for it. His father are probably not at home and he usually used the money that his father gave him and buy food with it. Aya’s father invited him to stay there since there’s nobody at his place. Rei refused at first but seeing the warm invitation he agreed.
Then lol. Aya and her dad were like, Papa I love you! and he then he replied the same. Lol XD I love their relationship. Rei looked at them, with sorrow. They slept in the same room and Rei told her that her parents are really kind people.

「お父さんは。。。僕に興味がないみたい」My father…he’s not interested (doesn’t care) about me
「うん。僕はあの家で、透明人間だから。。。」I’m invisible in that house.

Grade 4

Someone confessed to Aya and asked her to be friendly with her. Rei interupts their conversation by saying his head hurts and he’s going to infirmary. Aya said she’ll escort Rei then the kid that confessed to her lol he said his head also hurt xD Then he said it’s not hurting baka onna! runs away.
Rei is scary o_O after the kid runs away he looks fine and said it’s not hurting anymore. Oh oh.
Rei broke the vase which is one of the precious things that their teacher treasures. Rei scared of the outcomes so Aya gives of the idea that they buried the thing outside of the school yard and it’ll be their secret.

Grade 5

Rico is Aya and Rei’s classmate. She asked Aya if she likes Rei. Aya said she loves her parents and her parents love Rei so she also loves Rei. Rico said Aya is her rival. Aya said her love to Rei not of lovers but like little brother / sibling’s love and Rei is not her things so when Rico said if she wants Rei for herself would Aya okay with it Aya’s mad because it’s weird if she has that kind of feelings.
Then she’s like you’re not my rival anymore I’m going home bye bye. Kids… >_>;
Aya was about to collect Rei at his club but Rei is standing outside of the classroom looking all solace. Rei obviously heard everything and he said,


Grade 6

It’s weird but when your dad told you to go shower together. DAD I’M 12 YEARS OLD ALREADY :0 you’re to relax hot dad.
then he’s like 「。。。。ああ!もしかして恥ずかしいのか?!!」
One day, Aya’s mother said Rei’s dad has been searching for Rei because he’s been in Aya’s house for such a long time. Aya’s father, Aya and Rei went to Rei’s house and Rei’s father omg Rei’s father :0 :0 :0 :0 :0 very cool very unfriendly. He’s unpleased because Rei’s been in other’s home and he completely doesn’t care of Rei’s whereabout. Aya’s father burst off his anger because Rei’s father doesn’t care of his own son.

He said that Rei is just a nuisance and he doesn’t need a child because he’s got alot of works to do. Aya’s surprised seeing her father first time in that state because he’s really a laid back very ideal father.
Rei’s father is really cold. He’ll give him money and everything and take care of himself and he bid farewell because he gotta lotsa things to do apparently is a successful businessman.

Aya’s mother had prepare Rei’s own room because she knows that Rei doesn’t have a slight intention to go back to his old house and Aya’s father is cool with that because he’s really dislike Rei’s father.
Seriously I love Aya’s father. (❤ฺ→艸←)

They are already in middle high school and Rei still living together with Aya’s family.
Rei got ahead of Aya and she’s like wait for me, Rei chan Rei chan and then she realizes something.



Rei got stuff to do so he had to ask Rico to escort her back home safely. Aya’s mad because Rei treated her like a child and on the way back home after she and Rico got separated one otaku like you’re pretty and can I have you and then someone smacked the guy right of bat. Turns out it’s the delinquent Tatsuya. He’s famous at school because of his wicked expression and he’s violent. Aya called him  Black Ranger ahaha.

Then he’s like hahahah that’s the best and turns out he likes the character too xD then he get embarassed acting like that infront of her. He said let’s be friends from now on because she gaves a nice impression to him so Aya gladly accepts it 😀 he looks like a badass delinquent type soo… I might be bias D:
Tatsuya asks way to her home because it’s dangerous of her to go home alone so he’s going to escort her till she safely infront of her door. Ohh gentleman da (ノ´ー`)ノ~~~~《愛》


Aya gets chill when Tatsuya called her by her last name. Her chest hurts.

One day, Tatsuya’s subordinate (lolol!) called Aya. Told her that his senpai is calling her. Aya is happy then 大 (Dai) (Tatsuya’s follower and also the one that confessed to Aya way back when they’re in Grade 4  XD ) he told Aya that he likes Aya even when he confessed he’s serious but now he’s fine with it because Tatsuya-senpai likes her.
And then, Rei appeared infront of them and she feared if Rei will tell her father about her meeting with Tatsuya and his subordinate xD so she told Rei lies that she got something to do. After Rei go back to the classroom, Dai-kun said Rei is scary and even in their early days. He’s scared of Rei, there’s a scary aura surround him.

When they’re about to go to school, Rei stiffen. He saw somethign when Aya asked what’s wrong he’s just said no, nothing and Aya’s not convince by his answer.
Aya went to the school’s rooftop and was greet by Tatsuya and he’s all cheerful happy happy. She gave him cake that she baked. Her face all cranky and crude because the time of the month came and Tatsuya noticed the changes. He’s worried, Aya told him that it’s the usual girl’s hormone problem and Tatsuya doesn’t get it at first and he’s like 「ああーあ!あれか!エーット、それは幸いよな。。。」Tatsuya went to get something and gave it to her カイロ and something like heat pack because his mother used to be like that too so she used this pack. Awww.

the scene changed. A yellow haired dude that sounds just like Rei met a random woman alone and he said it’s dangerous and the next thing STAB STAB STAB STAB I MEAN THE DAMN STABBING NOISE.

Next morning as they are having breakfast, Aya noticed the dark atmosphere. The news reported that a woman was killed / stabbed last night and the interface changed from pink to black lol. That gives me chill as I’m playing this at night >_>; and everybody’s sleeping by now. Aya’s father demands Aya and Rei to stay home because he’s worried and damn test don’t care. Rei said he’ll protect Aya and there’ll be nothing. Everything will be fine. Aya’s father, conviced by Rei’s and leaving Aya in Rei’s hands. BIG MISTAKE OTOUSAMA :0 Rei is suprisingly relaxed about the whole murder thing.

some time pass

Aya returned home just to find that nobody’s home and I thought it’s Aya’s father greeted her because of the deep voice but it just Rei! lol. Rei told Aya that Masato (Aya’s father) called him said that he’ll be back home late. Rei told Aya to go ofuro and then the bgm changed,
and his face looks serious.
Last time you washed me, this time let me do the same and seriously god, his yandereness is developing slowly inside >_<;; then when Aya’s about to cry Rei laughed and said he’s joking.
aw.. to bad.

Masato-san asked Aya does she have a boyfriend, she denies and the next day she and Tatsuya went for a walk at the town. She told Tatsuya that her father is a worry wart and Tatsuya said it’s because she is Masato-san’s precious daughter afterall. Another murder has happened. They aren’t going to skipped school as graduation is just around the corner and Masato-san trusts Aya to Rei.

Dai requests to meet Aya alone as he has something to talked about. Aya went there, waited but Dai chan never shows up. The next day, Dai-chan is absent. The teacher told them that Dai-kun is missing. Rico just make things worse when she connects the missing of Dai-kun with the murder that has happened lately. Rei told Aya that Tatsuya and Mizuna have been fighting over Aya.

Aya went on to the rooftop suddenly Tatsuya showed up and gave her his button (if you give button from your uniform to the girl you like, the legend said that you’ll be together forever). Tatsuya knows because girls in his class told him so.. Tatsuya confessed. Aya is not ready to be his girlfriend because she doesn’t even know her own feelings. Aya cried but Tatsuya said there’s no need to cry, he just told her his honest feelings and he left Aya alone on the rooftop.

Aya works her butt off to go to where Tatsuya went for high school. She succeed. Tatsuya got in because he’s good at sports, Rei – because he’s awesome.  OMG GROWN UP REI *0*

Tatsuya tells her he wants to meet up with her unde the sakura tree. He waited but just like Dai-kun, she’s late god knows what she’s doing. Tatsuya thought it’s Aya, he’s all fired up and then.


Aya saw Rei. Standing under the sakura tree, his clothes was covered with blood. The sound of dripping. His left hand holds a knife covered with red liquid. Rei smiles, 「あーあ。。。バレちゃった」Aya saw Tatsuya’s corpse lying under Rei’s feet. Aya screams in horror. Rei told her to calmed the fuck down, he just gotten rid of the person that pestering 害虫 over her since middle school. Rei laughed and said did Aya’s worried about him? He’s okay. (of course you’re okay you’re psycho 8D )

Image「アイツラが汚らしい手で君に触れようとするから。。。」That guy tried to touch you with his dirty hands.
「じゃ。。。だいちゃんは。。。。?」What…about…Dai chan?
「ああ、ここに埋まってるヤツ?」Aa. The one that was buried here?
“Maybe the dog already ate his corpse :] “
Rei reveals the truth that Tatsuya and Dai-chan had been fighting because both of them love Aya and both of them wanted to have Aya only to themself. Fast forward, that’s why back in the middle school Dai chan wants to meet up with Aya because he wants to confess before Tatsuya and he never shows up. Same goes to Tatsuya.「これでわかっただろう?俺が-一番、誰よりも君を愛してる。だから俺を受け入れてよ。。。。アヤ」Now you understand the whole thing right? I – love you the most. That’s why, accept me….Aya.
Aya refused to believe it and she looked at Rei in horror.
and then…



Finally you see me. Look at me…you’re in deep red crimson. I’m will become invisible (?) i’m not sure how to translate this.
ah.. please don’t cry. From now on, we’ll be together. Forever.

i love you. I love you. Just look at me…. JUST LOOK AT ME. ONLY ME.

oh myy how’s that? Inhuman act due to unconditional love that leads to killing other human beings just so that he can have his girl all by himself. In this circumstances, because of his jealousy level 90000 he kills his loved so that no one can have her except him.
It’s funny how I find this route to be the ultimate one rather than the good end.
Once you’re done with this there’s a whole new path will be open and more endings. But, the only capturable guy you can get is Rei which is very pitiful ;v;

13 Responses to “DIARY by Operetta”

  1. First post is about Diary!! I really really want to try playing it, especially this first playthrough. I wonder how scary it is so many people avoided it.

    For some reason, I prefer Rei in black hair than the other ending with blonde hair. The yandere-ness looks great at black. And I wanna say, congratulations for new blog, alyynyan-nya! (=^・ω・^)y=

    • 2 alyynyan

      Even though it looks like cheated, I just want to make my first post entry to be grand xDD; and here it is DIARY lmaoo.
      It’s not scary AT ALL. At least for me. They should try digging into different types of otome games rather than stick to Sengoku / high school drama.

      I have black hair fetish I guess so he looks really appealing to me ufufufu.
      Aaa, ありがとうごんざいます! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ /gives you thousand stars

      • No, it’s not cheating. You’re the one making the post.

        Yes, I’d love new theme than high school drama. It’s already old enough to always using school uniform wherever they goes.

      • 4 alyynyan

        high school drama is over rated xDD
        I’m excited for new otome games like Diabo even though vampire’s games are over rated too but DO S vampire? hmmhmm. xD

      • Yes. After hearing vol2, I’m quite shock. It’s scary to hear the sound of sucking blood.. Look forward to the game

  2. I am counting on you to play all of Operetta’s crazy games cause I’m not touching them with a 40 foot pole 8D;;

    • throw me every psycho, crazy, nutso games out there. I’ll play & review them all www.

      • lolol in that case you should check out Pandora >_>

      • please no, upon reading your review, I can’t tolerate such half assed game ;v;
        The story is meeh I don’t really like the setting and etc.

        but I’m still hyped over Armen Noir for some reason IDK.
        Probably because of Yosshin and the arts www.

  3. “2. First playthrough required you to plow through this barbaric story” LOOOOOOOOOOL I started laughing SO HARD LOL and I love how you’re all like “spread the yan yan love” xDDD Are you going to play the other operetta game? Uh…Noise -insert subtitle here- I think it’s called? Ahahaha~ But my goodness. This game was crazy. Sometimes I wonder how I really feel about this otome game, I love yandere but this was uh, interesting to say the least xD sometimes I think of Wabisuke from Gekka Ryouran Romance when I look at the storyline for this game… for some reason. o_o Lol!

    • we love yan yan ( ̄∀ ̄)
      um no. I don’t think i’m gonna play Noise because of the 1. the story 2. too many characters 3. lengthy plot 4. I prefer PSP rather than PC

      but, probably i’m going to play the R18 Operetta’s new game (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      if you think this game is crazy, you should try Kuro to Kin 8DDDD
      Wabisuke is much much muccch better than Rei because Rei’s mental capacity is lower than yandere level almost retard lol because the event when his mother was killed.

      Are you going to play it? xDDD

  4. I haven’t played this game yet but I heard that there was no good ending ‘cuz of yandere ends and some stuffs? o.o LOL that’ll be awesomeXD I’m guessing that it’ll be like Opera no kaijin or Kuro to kin ( though Operatta games are more vicious!)… -.-haha then I’m so in to it… too bad there’s only 1 obtainable guy ( I’m actually expecting of 3p’s and 5p’s ends lol)

    – Thank you for the guide~!

    • There’s two good ends if you can even called it good ends. A black haired Rei and blonde haired Rei. But the story line is a bit different tho.

      If you want yandere wild stuff you can count Operetta because they know how to do it.
      If you’re planning to play this game I urge you to GO GO o/
      This would be my forever favorite game ww

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