[GAME REVIEW] Corpse Party; Blood Covered


Corpse Party Blood Covered is a Japanese horror PC game ported to PSP game and soon will be ported to Ipad and Ipod. Shit just got real. When we talked about horror game, Japan took it to the next level when Corpse Party Blood Covered was designed with 68 bit graphic style and 2D sprites so that it’s less horror less terrifying oh yeah riggght (╯°□°)╯︵ it’s a wonder I suffered insomnia, depression and claustrophobia for at least three weeks.

XSeed had translated this game from Japanese to English with a Japanese audio. So, it’s better if you guys who’re planning to play this get the original copy to support the creator and translator.

As this is an otome blog, I’ll make this post a little bit special since this is not an otome game, much less shojou drama cliché but who cares let’s troll.

Sachiko Ever After – is a charm where it keeps you to be together with your friends under any circumstances. You need to chant it properly because one wrong step can lead you to a

Heavenly Host Elementary School – it’s an abandoned and (reportedly) demolished old elementary school back to the 70’s. The school was been forced to closed down due to the horrific tragedy that befall the four children who had been kidnapped and brutally, barbarically murdered by the school’s principal’s son as reported. Though this incident occured past 30 years ago, still, it goes on. Unknown to these kids, they’re trapped in this haunted school literally forever for performing the chanting. The deceased are erased their existence in the real world and they get special privilege of experiencing the pain they felt as they died as a spirit. Eternity.

Corpse Party Blood Covered tells the story those who trapped in the Heavenly Host Elementary School and it’s called CORPSE PARTY for a reason riggght?

There are basically nine players but the number will not remained the same towards the end (depends on your choice)

Satoshi Mochida – Hiro Shimono

Naomi Nakashima – Rina Satou

Seiko Shinohara – Satomi Arai

Ayumi Shinozaki – Asami Imai

Yoshiki Kishinuma – Yuuichi Nakamura

Mayu Suzumoto – Yuka Nanri

Sakutarou Morishige – Kakihara Tetsuya

Yuka Mochida – Eri Kitamura

Yui Shisido – Miyuki Sawashiro

Yuuya Kizami (is not one of their troops) / Gentleman Ghost – Tomokazu Sugita

with a great casts of seiyuus (especially male seiyuus (≖ლ≖๑ )プッ ) it’s not surprising I can finished the game in 2 months period. Well… not a great number but at least I’ve played it till the end! Which of course comes with a great deal (refer to first paragraph)

Though it’s main focus is horror adventure, there’s still romance in the air. Yoshiki loves Ayumi but Ayumi covers up her crush by scaring Satoshi with ghost stories and Naomi’s covers up her crush by constantly teasing him and Seiko’s lesbian love towards Naomi is by pushing her closer towards Satoshi. Brotherly sisterly love between Morishige and Mayu which leads to Kakihara Tetsuya screams sexily hmmhhmm. Unrequited love between Yuka and Satoshi. Who knew there’s an incest here?(≖ლ≖๑ )プッ

Kizami and his delusional about having a little sister despite he had none.

In the game, along the way you’ll find corpses all the way and inspect them to receive their ID tag. This is not necessary as you can always skip collecting the corpse’s ID. But, it means no harm to collect them too.

There’s a total of five chapters and in order to unlock EXTRA CHAPTERS you need to go through a guide that can be used here Corpse Party : Blood Covered Walkthrough. I only manage to unlocked Extra Chapter 1, 3 ,7 , 9 which is sadd veryy sad since I don’t intend to plow through the horror all over again (at least for a mean time).
Extra Chapter 1 is amusing because despite it’s a horror game, this extra chapter got me laughed real hard.

You played as a girl from different school who was trapped in Heavenly Host Elementary School and got together with her two more buddies. They found a bathroom – a gentleman ghost who seek for his glasses and hat. Your mission is to find these items and ofc a couple of vengeful spirits trying to stray your from getting the items. Don’t believe any of their words. If they said there’s nothing at the north there IS something there!

…and I haven’t played other extra chapters since I deleted the game right away after completed it (¯―¯٥)

as for the CGs…there’s no CG gallery like you most likely found in every otome games. Oh wait. This is not an otome game OH. However, every once in a while there’ll pops out a CG with a nice sprites drawn. If you wanted to have the CG, it’s better to screenshot it as there is no way to restore it unless the method I suggested.
As for the Bad Ends or the Wrong Ends there’s a lot! But, seeing this an horror game, getting neither Bad ends or Wrong Ends is far beyond my reach. The Bad Ends and Wrong Ends are ;
Ayumi goes Yandere – in Chapter 5 (marked as the best Bad End)
Anatomical Kizami – Chapter 5 when you’re chased by the anatomy and one of pursuer
Cannibal Yoshiki – Chapter 2
Drains Ayumi in the pool – Chapter 4
Caught by the Eyeless Girl
Getting caught by Infirmary’s ghost – Chapter 1
Caught by Blue Ghost Boy
I really wanted to try to get caught by Anatomical Kizami but, I played it twice and my heart’s pumping like crazy and my hand’s was shaking non-stop. I’ve never been so scared while playing this game but this one particular TAG game MADE ME.
If you go through first few chapters, you’ll find Yoshikazu (the principal’s son) who was very much loved by the students, teachers due to his childish personality. His zombie appearance always carried a hammer and god saves you if he catches you sobss sobss that was scary. The story tells you that Yoshikazu is the one behind all this but as you go through all the chapters, that mindset of yours will change.
who killed these children? The story unfold through out the Chapters.
To conclude it all THAT WAS FCKING BEYOND CREEPY. If you follow me on Twitter, I actually babbles 1000 tweets about it ;v; as I’m not very good at handling horror games. I played it because one of my friend suggests it and she said I love psychos so I HAVE TO PLAY THIS! 😀
So much for my yandere love. I’d recommend this game (oh wow?) to everyone who loves horror adventure game. As for me, I’ll take a long loooong break from playing any of this genre as the image still burns in my mind ;v;

29 Responses to “[GAME REVIEW] Corpse Party; Blood Covered”

  1. 1 Euryx

    Kizamiiiiii~! I’ll be your younger sister!! lolol

    Thank for writing a review of this! Just one question, do I have to plow through all the bad ends before I can do the true end? Or it doesn’t matter? Or it’ll have an effect on the overall story?

    • 2 alyynyan

      LOL. I’ll be your fcking sister / wife if you want Kizamiii (≖ლ≖๑ )プッ

      Welcome dear! Nope. All that matters is if you follow the guide exactly and collect the items (such as Naho’s notes which is very verrry important!)
      if you want to play all the BAD ENDS, in one scene, ‘anatomical kizami and Yoshikazu scene’ you have to save at this point so that you can play all the Bad Ends and also TRUE END (which is depressing)

      best of luck!

      • 3 Euryx

        …I missed the one that you have to get when you are going to find Seiko orz. Guess I’ll just have to play it again. ^^;;

        Thank goodness! XDD I-I think I won’t be playing the Bad ends and just go for True end instead. The Bad ends are bad for my heart wwww. (oooops no, that’s not a pun ^^;;;)

  2. 4 alyynyan

    So you’ve started the game? That’s fast! If you have any confusion you can just always message me, I’ll try my best to remember them xD

    The Bad Ends are as bad as Wrong Ends considering that this is an horror adventure game ^^;

    • 5 Euryx

      Yup! I don’t know what to play right so I decided to start this and Kannou. 🙂
      Thanks a lot!! I can feel my heart thumping while playing this game, how much more if I’ll play the Bad ends. XDD

  3. 6 nanazuki

    OMOMOMMO!!! I heard from my friend that this is BERRY BERRY scary!!!! >A<" *starts to lose courage to play*

    • 7 alyynyan

      it is verry scaryy ;v; at least for someone who don’t like anything that’s horror ;v;
      p/s ; either way, it’s a very nicee game and you should try it! Well, at least I recommend it to anyone who likes horror or trying horror games

      • 8 nanazuki

        I wonder if I’ll be traumatised……. *sweatdropped*

  4. 9 Hiro

    ( ; A;)…

    I have this on my to-play list but after reading this post I decided that I should take this out of the list until the day comes when I grow some balls or something. OTL

    • Oh please don’t. Even though I’d almost shat my pants, I really really recommend this game to everyone since it’s a nice game with a great story and traumatizing TAG game well, if you can digest the horror that is!

  5. ^ Wtf ignore the name and wrong address above.
    I think there was a problem and it changed when I commented. ( ̄~ ̄;)

  6. ^ Holy shit, I think my comment before the comment above wasn’t posted. o.o;;

    Original comment repost OTL:

    If this made you suffer insomnia and claustrophobia then I don’t know what to even expect anymore when I play this. OTL On the other hand, the artwork kind of reminds me of the eroge artwork. owo;;

  7. I’m sorry lol. I’m a bit busy with my life that I forgot to reply your comment orz ;;

    It does www. Up till now, I’ve to keep horror / scary stuffs away from me or else I’ll get the image hunting me again ;;
    i’m a big coward so it’s kinda amazing that I got to finished till the end orz ;;
    Eroge www. I felt like a big pedohpile, incest lover, hentai and etc www the artwork does remind me to it >_<;;

    • I’m sorry then, I thought my original comment wasn’t posted since I always have problems with commenting on WordPress and such cause I’m on Blogger instead of this. OTL Please do ignore my second repost comment which is the one above. XD;;

  8. 15 Link

    Thank you for your CP’s review! :3
    Now I’m curious than ever to play it, since horror + psychological twists are just my penchants, haha.

    I searched through Playasia and Yesasia and unfortunately, I only found Japan version one.
    May I inquire where did you get the English one? ^_^
    *Too lazy to play JP version and look up words on dictionary*

    • you’re welcome dear! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
      I’ve never been a fan of horror game and I proudly can say that this is my first and LAST time playing horror game hehe.

      Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s any available english version in online site because Xseed remarks that some of their games are only available from them directly. You can fill in the inquiries to support@xseedgames.com

      as for mine, I got it from my local store 🙂

      • 17 Link

        Ah, I see… Thank you for the feedback! *bows*

        Aww too bad, I don’t think I would play Corpse Party JP version, since my limited Japanese just going to add more to fear factor.
        And high-five for being scaredy-cat at handling horror genre! xD

        You’re so lucky to get it at your local store! Maybe I should try to scavenge mine to see if I’d have the same luck haha.

        And thank you for the email, I’ll try to do something with it, assuming my tracking mission failed. ^^

      • you’re welcome for second time dear (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

        I don’t think you should play the jp version too xD I mean, the english has an equivalent words to the japanese words so it’s better to play the English ones.

        My local store is pretty much where I got my games and my PSP and where I upgrade my PSP lol. it’s pretty much everything in 1 and yeah lucky 😀

        I hope you can play this game best of luck!

  9. Yuuya = Tomokazu Sugita, I didn’t realize it lol. I like this game, scary and the puzzles are fun ^_^. Yoshiki is my fave character here and for girl I like Seiko, but too bad she is… (well you know). Btw did you play nanashi no game for DS? That game is very scary, I can handle Fatal Frame but give up playing nanashi (^_^;) .

    And thank you for your review ^_^

    • Even though I’ve been saying it’s horror shiet but I can’t hate this game. The art, story plot and everything was well done and the music is to die for. I would play all the bad ends if I’m not such a scaredy cat ahahaha ;; /hides at the corner

      It’s kinda embarassing to say this but I like Gentleman Ghost in the extra chapter |ω・)Yoshiki is probably the sane out of all of them and his decision to not going back to the cursed school is salute but ofc dumb Ayumi is dumb orz ;;

      I don’t have DS platform and I’ve read and watched Nanashi no Game trailer or some sort. What is wrong with this people, I’m so scared I could shat my pants xDD;; /failed

      On the other side, I’ve played ps2 platform for Fatal Frame and Silent Hill and stupid me, traumatized by it 8DD;

      You’re welcome. Opss, I got too excited sorry for the long reply 8DDD;

      • (≧∇≦)/ you are right about Ayumi lol but at least she is better than Naomi xD (Not really a fan of her lol). Well I give up playing Nanashi no Game, my heart can’t handle this game (T▽T) . Abandoned hospital is a big no for me (#^.^#)

        Yeah Fatal Frame is scary…. I almost drops my joy-stick when I need to peek at the hole lol, and I screamed a lot ha2

      • Did you do Ayumi yandere ending? It was the best lol. I was like go ayumi even though you’re a freak who cares you troll everyone and trap in the tunnel alone \( `∀´)/
        what is up with the setting. Abandoned hospital is equal to the abandoned cemetery /failed

        and the only weapon they gave us was the dem digital camera ;;;

      • Did you do Ayumi yandere ending? It was the best lol. I was like go ayumi even though you’re a freak who cares you troll everyone and trap in the tunnel alone \( `∀´)/
        what is up with the setting. Abandoned hospital is equal to the abandoned cemetery /failed

        and the only weapon they gave us was the dem digital camera ;;;

      • Ah ^_^ the ending that you can get near the end right? She killed everyone in the tunnel isn’t? Ha2 that ending makes me realize that Ayumi is a total yandere (^▽^) . If I’m not wrong there is also the ending when she killed Yoshiki and he broke his neck right. Poor him lol I think in almost bad ending he got killed by Ayumi lol the woman he likes (^_^;)

      • I spoiled myself with the videos on youtube. She killed Yoshiki? Why’d she did that omg broke his neck how powerful is she ;; yandere are crazy no wonder I like them fufufu ❤

      • I was pretty shocked too lol. I kinda forget the exact scene but it is after Yoshiki goes hiding in the staircase and he is thinking about protecting Ayumi then when he goes up, Ayumi suddenly shows up and pushes him lol. Yeah when she is in yandere thing, she is truly strong lol. (ーー;)

      • fck Ayumi. That was freaking yandere. But, that’s what make this game so unexpected lol with the events and such. Who would’ve known that the principle did that lol xD

        Overall, pretty good game who likes horror adventure!

      • That’s why I give up nanashi no game (^_^;). But at least in fatal frame they gave us a weapon. But for nanashi no game they don’t give us a weapon ( ̄□ ̄;)


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