[OTOME GAME GAMEPLAY] Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story


hai~su Bambi tachi! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Genki ka naa? Sorry for being absent for so long due to finals and I’m away from my PSP for about 2 months. I’ve been suffering since then, it’s a torturous days when I recall back. Since I’m back, I’ll be updating my wordpress (not regularly but I’ll try). Before I was MIA, I completed Final Fantasy Crisis Core or what I’d named it as -“ZACK FAIR COME BACCCKヽ(´□`。)ノ” game thanks to that, there was crying out loud, screaming, screeching, and facepalm moments. That game IS SO GOOD I’d recommend it to everybody who’s planning to play it. Can’t help that Zack is a wann wann(.. a puppy) that just adds cuteness meter to the max!

eto..ehem. I’m not talking about a puppy here but I’m going to talk about Bambi! Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story is currently the hot stuff among the otome gamers simply because the features that they provide for us fangirls! I’ve been waiting for so long to play this game since I’m penniless I don’t have a DS however the PSP version is like thousand times brilliant!

This game is fairly simple because the japanese usage is not that hard for a beginner to understand and what’s more the characters were given ‘soul’ so they looked like breathing and various facial expression. Even the hair moves following their body movement I mean like Ruka your hair omg so silky ( ´∀`). So, if you don’t know if he’s mad or happy or just shy, just look at his non verbal communication.

What I find interesting is whenever I open the game the guy which you’re after (for example I’m currently on Kou’s route) he will say, what you’re playing it now? Ahh I’m hungry or Are you serious? At this hour? and something like that according to your PSP time. The first line is when I open it at afternoon and the second line is when I couldn’t sleep at 3 am (≖ლ≖๑ )プッ which is nice because they seem alive and they’re living in the same world as us. As far as I’m concerned, they also will change their voice tone, get upset if you didn’t log in for too long and stuff like that. I haven’t experience any of this but I’ll inform if it’s true 😀

The first display is the main menu

  1. start
  2. continue
  3. option
  4. omake (mini games)
  5. install
  6. Boy’s life

amazing feature is amazing. Point number 6 is where you can take a peek at boy’s life. There are 6 of them and their daily lives depend on your PSP’s time. I don’t have to explain further about this right? Teehee.
You can set your character biodata like blood type, birthday and bedroom style. The bedroom style and blood type also play a major role in increasing the stats, choose wisely which guys you’re after and research about their style and suit it with Bambi.
The characters in the game will also calls you according to the name you’ve set but it’s kinda limited. I named Bambi as Akiya Ayumi and Ami for the nickname. Thank god it’s not this “Hi ___ chan!” crap shit that happens alot in other otome games cough cough.
There are 6 characters attainable and also 5 secret guys(thanks Euryx!) who is worth after too (/ω\) and two gal friends who is thank goodness will not be cockblocking your dates and such and they’re very handy to get you closer to the guy you like. Karen is the good looking woman who captures all otome’s heart beat Ruka in that aspect xD she’s very talented in fashion and she’ll tell you guy’s fashion taste. Miyo is quiet crappy little kid girl and she hates those who call her Miyo~chan because watashi ha gakki ja nai! She’s data banchou and she knows everything about the guys and the guy’s affectionate level.
In order to go on dates you have to buy clothes. Monthly allowance will not cover your shopping budget expenses that’s why there’s various part time jobs such as working at flower shop, cake shop, 24/7, Gas Station, working at indoor pool, fashion store, and Video Game Tester – this is the most crappy part time job ever you basically don’t have time to enjoy (。・`ω´・。) so try to avoid this one.
can you spot my boyfriend picture?
There are also clubs you can join, it won’t affect if you didn’t joined it but it will increase your stats if you want to. I’ve tried not joining any clubs and just focus on my stats raising by myself well all went well I guess. I don’t like being bossy around lol.
and then we have various events such as Christmas, Birthday, fireworks, going to pool in Summer and infamous Valentine Day. Before the day itself, you get to create a cake by yourself with helps from your gals! After you’re done the game will state whether the chocolate is cute, natural, sexy, wild or things like that (according to guy’s preference). If it’s not up to the guy’s standard you can always redo the chocolate three times so ganbatte ne! ヽ(^Д^)ノ

example of Kou’s chocolate. He likes wild and sexy so this one is perfect for him. Even though he dislikes sweet things he still accept it even though previously mine were rejected numerous times and he told me to give it to Ruka /o\
Kimagure play and Approach mode are the new feature in PSP to replace the original one in DS since we don’t have stylus but it’s okay this one is awesome too ★
There are two types of personality you can form which are Angel/ Tenshi and Sweet Devil/ Koakuma. In order to get either one of it, it depends on your fashion style and they way you approach them i.e molest them. Of course it will affect the way the guy’s attitude towards you for example Sweet Devil Bambi is ojou~sama and a bit selfish. Funny to see Kou obediently going hait hait I’ll do it lol 😀 It also depends on the guy himself, for Kou he likes wild/sexy/vivid so Koakuma Bambi is perfect for him as for Ruka who is a bit DO S and prefers natural/cute style, Tenshi is for him and so on ( ^∇^). If you raise his affection level to the max, you can experience Episode mode, Ex Approach mode and etc.! Have fun trying those!
 exclusive sexy + vivid= Wild outfit that Kou likes teehee.
This is a gameplay review and to write a review about each characters are kinda impossible because we go on dates and molest them non-stop and stuff like that. However, I might review them with some guide here and there, depends after I’m done with Kou’s route. I’m currently on my 2nd year, Sweet Devil Level 4 and dating big brother(アニキ)Kou (if the guy’s affection is high enough you can actually calls him with various nicknames, as for Kou it’s husband(だんな), Master (ご主人様)or just Kou) who is super fun to tease and he’ll blushing like crazy like stop who’re you lol. To conclude it all, the game is fun and I’ve restart the game thrice lol due to stupid-me-forgot-to-save-I-chose-wrong-answer-he-hates-me thing. If you’re having trouble with the game you can ask chibi Miyo me I’ll try to answer it. Jya, matta ne bambi~tachi  ヾ(^∇^)
as parting present please have Kou Aniki – blushing

44 Responses to “[OTOME GAME GAMEPLAY] Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side Premium 3rd Story”

  1. Eru-nyaaaan~!☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

    If I remember it correctly, the ds game have 3 secret characters (+ Oosako-chan) and they added Hasumi for the port. So that makes it 5? ^^;;

    • Eu chann~~ (*´ω`*)

      Eh really? So, there should be 5 secret characters attainable for PSP? I thought only OOsaka chan and Hasumi ( ๑ ᴓ ᴈ ᴓ)

      • Yup, I think. ^^ I haven’t seen the other one (Taiyou) though since he’s younger than you are. The other secret character is Taira-kun, the one you’ll see on the right side of the screen when you’re inside the classroom (the only guy whom you can see the side of his face :3). Another secret character that I’m sure of as I’ve seen him in my Hasumi playthrough is Shougo, the writer of a book you bought. 😀

      • I actually met Taiyou lol and he likes fall in love upon seeing Bambi xD it’s kinda cute. I didn’t know he’s attainable I mean really shota? XD

        Shougo is the like beard guy huh? I didnt know there’s so many secret characters *w*
        thanks for the info!

      • Yup. I’ve just seen his name on walkthroughs. But yea, a shota. Is he cute? xDD

        No problem! \o/ I’m doing the secret guys route (except for Oosako-chan and Taira) so I researched 8D

      • a.do.ra.ble. (人´∀`*)I’m kinda excited to try his route now lol xD

        let’s plow the stories to the end \o/

  2. I’m still on Ruka’s route as angel, but I love how Kou invites the heroine to walk home together and he blushes when she goes fufu❤ XD

    I used to call Kou by danna in the DS version, but when the serious dialogues come up I just can’t take them seriously www

    • the sakurais are so adorable, they make me want to pinch their cheek //w// it would be awesome to hve 3P ending with them!

      I guess some nicknames are impossible to not to crack up xDD

      I’m having a great time being a yakuza’s wife atm (*´ω`*)

  3. fdgjd;iogfljhkdsgn, dude!!! I started playing this today!!!! Oi, do you have the walkthrough? I get this feeling Kou’s started to hate me T^T And here I tried to look cool in front of him T^T [i won’t mention I took him to the zoo to see his reaction though 8D]

    • there’s no full walkthrough yet but you can check this guide here http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/980509-tokimeki-memorial-girls-side-3rd-story/faqs/61387

      I also did Kou’s route first and his route is full with “argh?!” think lol xD and it’s hard to get him into XD state but his ED is cute nonetheless //w//

      • 11 fhclause

        Just wondering about this game and the walkthrough. Is there any other differences than just the superb 2D with the PSP and NDS game? Like perhaps CG events, dating, ADV events and endings?

      • There is I guess I’ve never played the NDS ver. but this one has better resolution, new system (koakuma angel mode) and more secret characters. CG events (more new cgs), dating (there’s a more poke, ijiwaru thing than NDS), adv and endings are the same if i’m not mistaken ^^ There’s also 3p system xD

        Give it a try it’s better than NDS

  4. Kou kun~ Really Sakurai’s bothers are the best (≧∇≦)/. Ha2 I heard you can get Kou CG when you are in sweet devil mode right? I saw the picture somewhere on LJ and OMG *dying*. He is truly hot (*´▽`*). The valentine minigame is fun but somehow I keep failing lol when I want a natural one I always got cute or vivid hehe.

    • Have you watch this video yet? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voMQjBrWwcY&feature=related I almost drop a bucket of tears ;-;
      Pretty much. Kou is such a DO M, so when you’re playing his route it’s better to be in Koakuma state 🙂

      Well, there was this super hot Kou drenched from the rain CG lol (spoiler)

      It’s hard to make Wild, Cool, or Smart chocolate cakes. What I did was for Smart / Chic; elegant with beads and let the decorations stand out. Seiji’s was the hardest though (´_ゝ`)

      I think Ruka accepts Natural and Cute so it’s no problem at all ^_^ have fun with the minigames (my favourite so far) fufufu

      • Kyaa thank you so much for the youtube one, omg the artist is really great, the drawing is beautiful and the story is sweet and sad at the same time (that hotcakes lol) ^_^ Ha2 yeah for choco sometimes it is kinda frustrating, I aim for natural I got cute, I aim for smart I got cool or something like that ^_^ But overall it is fan xD

  5. OMG. I’ve been so busy with school that I completely forgot this game came out!! Noooooo!! Alyynnyan SLAP ME NOW ; = ; How could I have forgotten!!?!??? Agh reading your review made me cry a little inside… I want this game sooo badly! But I wonder which version I should get? The DS or the PSP version? :O oh well~

    I love the TokiMeki series. So much awesome stuffs go into the games. I was discussing earlier with アユ how interesting it would be if they made TokiMeki into an anime! Haha! I love this series. It feels so realistic compared to so many other otome games! It seems as if you’re actually in the game, rather than just controlling a character, I suppose! ^0^

    • /takes usagi’s hand and slaps her continuously
      that’s what you get for neglect me and go cheating ヽ(´ー`)ノ
      For this one I recommend PSP version because it has 1)better resolution 2)the text size is larger 3)no half CG 4)added new cgs 5)extra features 6)GODLY (this might enough to drag you into psp ver.)

      I don’t have any console other than PSP so I’ve never played any of their tokimemo series however, thanks for the godly send I’ve been in love with it ever since \o/ all hail toki memo
      Too bad there’s no op :l and the op is really nice when they make it into animation-like and we can see our bishies moving like in an actual anime! /o/

      I wonder if you’re going to take off again and leave everything. GO PLAY THIS GAME YOUNG WOMAN XD

      • LOL \o/ reason number 6: GODLY is all I need WOOT \(^0^)/ hahaha~!!! I sowwy school is just eating all my time ; – ; and on top of that I’m studying abroad this summer sigh so much school T_T
        Yeah I would assume the PSP version has better resolution and better CGs :> so I think PSP version will be better. I guess if I wanna play the DS version I could just run it on an emulator (●ゝω・●) teehee!
        I wish I had PS2 but I usually have to emu the PS2 games (which I haven’t yet tried >_> mostly because I’m lazy \o/ haha but I play RPG all the time on PS2 emu which runs kind of smoothly so I guess otome gemu would run smoother? lol)
        Aww, no OP? D: I wish they would make Tokimemo op that’s more like an anime op than a CG op :3 that would make me happy \o/ all hail tokimemo!
        I try not to take off D: I swear Q_Q just school….eats my life away sigh. Lol! I WILL GO PLAY IT. Even if I don’t review it I WILL PLAY IT o(≧∇≦o)

      • It won’t hurt to try both console because this game is /thumbs up :3
        I’ll be waiting for you to fangirl-ism session with me then!

      • I agree actually \o/ trying both consoles might be fun~ o(*^▽^*)o~♪
        I’m gonna do it!!!!! *feels the motivation*
        (just wait two days, that motivation will more than likely go away T_T i hate you school)

  6. I just finished Kou 2nd ED in tenshi/angel. It’s a challenge…coz you know how much Kou hates cute 🙂 All the fun and *bit of grumbling* of trying to be tenshi or koakuma for each guy gives more score points for GS3P.

    And yeah, hi there. Always great to see TMGS fans. Ciao!! (Karen-style) lol

    • Wow I never thought we can have angel/tenshin mode in Kou. I bet it was really challenging to keep up with that innocent mode xDDD

      Hello there!
      Me too ^_^
      sorry for the late reply www

      • Hi again lol. link exchange okay? seeing we’re both victim of tokimeki girls side. 😀

      • Hi sure no problem! XDD
        Just a reminder though, this wordpress will be on long hiatus since I’m posting my review on PersonA over at my livejournal hope you don’t mind ^_^

  7. 25 KittyMage

    So are either the PSP or DS version of the game in English? Or would I have to get the Japanese versions and download some sort of English patch?

    • 26 Jin

      Nope, both versions are only in japanese. There is no english patch for either version as of yet, but one for the DS game is slowly being made. For now, its just a secondary project, but the people who are translating it are almost finished with their primary project, it shouldn’t be too much longer.
      Hope this helped? XD

    • Just a gentle reminder.
      Most games are not oin o get translation patch unless it’s super popular like Hakuouki and Starry Sky. However, even Uta no prince sama didnt get any translations.

      My best advice is ; go and study Japanese. Basic Japanese will be a great help in understanding most games (if youre playing Hakuoki or Genroh that is a whole different story). I am not trying to be rude but this is just my suggestion. It will help you save time rather than waiting a year or two for the translation patch.

      And as far as I am concern only NDS(?) version is translated. No idea about the others tho.

  8. 29 Co ~

    Hi everyone ! You have a new fan of this game ! :p
    I tried the first and the second game in english of course and i have the third in japanese ^^
    So glad there is a fan translation for the two games. I just read there is one for the 3rd story too ?
    It’s been a while now, do you have any idea about the primary translation please ? =)

    • Apparently there is no info about it being trnslates. If you have basic japanese knowledge, you can understand most of the dialogues/contents

  9. 31 angstch

    h-hi? :3

    I so badly wanna play this PSP version (heck, I barely started with the NDS version *facepalm*) that I’ve been contemplating whether I should get a PSP or a Vita?

    (me: “help me choose? *puppy eyes”)

    I’m still not sure whether one could play this super game on PSP and Vita… or can we?
    aaahhh ///// that picture of Kouuuu is just… and him blushing too… *faint*

    • Hello there.

      I would recommend you to buy PSP rather than PSVITA. Fortunately for us, PSP still the top priority in Japan compared to US who is apparently releasing more games on PSVITA.

      I’m not sure if you can play normal otoge on PSVITA but for now the only Japan made game released for PSVITA is Project DIVA.

      Hope this helped!

  10. 33 linda

    i have a question
    how do i get a job?

    • Stop surfing internet and go for intervews.
      Okay that was a bad joke lmfao.

      You need to raise a specific stats for that.
      For example if you want Ruka; work at Flower Shop ; raise arts, beauty and etc (there’s a guide on internet you can find those guides) ; by reading beauty magazines, paintings and etc etc.

      Thia rule is applied to other job as well. Choose your job wisely so that you wont waste time by raising unneeded stats.

      Hope this helped!

  11. I want to ask… How to…. Meet hasumi?

    I already get all chara ending. An i just want to get secret chara end ;_: and i saw comment from a year ago avout Hasumi…, but in walkthrough, no hasumi name there and there are 4 secret chara not 5 (´・_・`)

  12. Moshi moshi ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

    I just want to ask, how to meet Hasumi and have ending with him?? ( `ω´)/
    I already get all chara ending :3 and now o want to try get secret cahar ending XD and i saw someone comment about hasumi, but i cant found his name in walkthrough… !?(・_・;?

    • hello hello ヾ(๑´∀`)ノ
      I’m sorry for the late reply love! I’ve been busy with my rl.
      Okay to answer your question,

      first thing first, I didn’t get to complete the game due to various reasons (keep playing Kou and Ruka’s route because these brothers are adorbs!)

      There’s someone who posted how to get Hasumi’s ED here http://tokimemogs.livejournal.com/282674.html ~❤

      That is mostly because Hasumi is the new added character in TMGS3 PREMIUM dear 🙂 most of the walkthrough is for DS.

  13. Heyho! I’m actually kind of want to try TokiMeki, since TokiMeki Restaurant totally got me, but sadly I don’t have a smartphone… 😦 But the PSP version of this games seems to be much fun…

    How many dateable characters are in this game? ^^

    • Hello! 😀
      Well first thing first, Tokimeki Restaurant is just your normal Restaurant City lookalike but it’s very enjoyable and you get bonus each day. They’re not stingy on that part! It’s totally a free game which make it much more precious *___*

      awh, too bad 😦 if you ever own a smartphone, do make TokiRes as your top priority! 😀

      I don’t own a DS or any other consoles except for PSP and I can say that the PSP version is much much better because of it’s beter resolution (even though you can’t touch (aka molest) the guys with your fingers without the help of control ww.

      Dateable guys eh? I believe it’s more than 5+ people because you have hidden characters which is by the way not in DS version!
      But I never got a time to get all those characters because I kept replaying Sakurais’ brothers 3p mode (which is the best feature if you ever asked me and it’s also painful urggh my kokoro)

      • Yeah, I’m actually scared of getting a smartphone. xD

        Hmm… Well, I might buy TokiRes 3rd for PSP, if it’s on sale or something… I have so many games, I have to finish them before buying new ones… ^^ And I’m running out of money. The Hosoyan CD’s already made my wallet suffer quite a much…

      • Aww why? Trust me smartphones are very convenient and you can access internet too! Or just cook something in Tokires www

        oooh Hosoyan’s fangirls i see 😉
        Trust me your backlogs will keep growing and nothing showing any sign to stop so just buy the game and put it in your psp 8DD

      • Hmm… Yeah, smartphones are very convinient, but TokiRes will eat up my time, if I had one. xDD Because nerdy gamer are nerdy. LOL

        Yeah… Being a Rejet fan and Hosoyan fan is making my wallet crying… xD

  14. 43 Meh

    I have the Tokimeki Girl’s side 3rd story on my psp emulator but, they aren’t talking. They sway and all that, but their mouths don’t move and no words are being said. Do you know anything about that by chance? If question is not allowed to be asked, then I understand.

  15. hi im stuck in the valetine chocolate i try to put the toppings but they dont appear en the chocolate TT^TT

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