[OTOME GAME REVIEW] Death Connection


Death Connection revolves around mafia in Italy. The story starts when a woman abandoned her baby at the church. She was chased by some group and was hurt and killed not long after that. The baby was raised at the church along with a boy, Joshua to become a sister and a priest. When she’s 17 yr old, they were randomly attacked by the mafia group and met with Jean. The ended up at the mansion and Amelia accidentally summoned shinigami that turns out to be a group of young hitmen who were killed 3 years ago and since then they’ve been living together in the mansion. Amelia is actually Dalenzio’s daughter who is the Dalenzio Family’s boss. Guilio hates Dalenzio and he’s the one who killed the Dalenzio’s family and now he knows that Dalenzio’s daughter is alive so he’s out to hunt her down because he’s bored \o/

Sorry for the crappy summary www.


Vicious is OBVIOUSLY the main character because he’s tsunderella and tsunderella is in high demand in Japan. He is this badass and he’ll fcking kill you with his thing if you get in his way, well, that’s how tsunderella works in Death Connection and has a slightly an impish look about him. He is the same age as Amelia but claimed that he’s 20 and legal enough to join others for a drinks and Amelia’s like “Dude, you’re the same age as me you can’t drink!” “Shut up” draws the pistol lmao. Vicious is a hardcore in fortune telling and he believes that black cat brings bad luck so when he saw black cat he’ll be “must. stay. calm.” *draws the pistol and viciously shot the cats* 😀

He has sweet tooth and he loves anything sweets. One time in Medicis’s route he and Amelia went shopping and they stopped by at some cafe and he’s like, pick everything that listed in the menu and planned to gulp them in one go. Can’t help there’s a stack of colorful lollipops in his pocket 😀 He and Luciano are best buddies and he considered Luci as his brother even though they’re not blood related. There’s one time Luciano came to Amelia and asks her to go see Vicious in his room so Amelia did and she saw Nicole molesting Vicious who’s like “Help me!” but instead she slowly backwards and close the door because the fujoshi inside her is too strong to resist (*/∇\*) キャ

Despite Joshua protests Amelia still go shopping with Vicious, they ignored Joshua and still went together. One time, Nicole taught Amelia something between “man and a woman” but Amelia so stupid she said “Why would anyone naked and sleep with each other?” so she asks Vicious who’s like damn bitch don’t ask this things to me! and Amelia said something like even Joshua never did that to her and Vicious said eh uso! Joshua never did that to you? ヽ(*゜∀゜*)ノ  lmao. Then he mumbles the fact that she’s 17 but doesn’t know this kind of things is amazing LOL. There was one time they went to the hotel because they were chased by the police they ended up in the hotel \o/ and ofc poor guy can’t hold back he pinched her and Amelia like what are you doing? Σ(・ω・`|||) I’m feeling sorry to the guy.

So, Guilio gives out invitation to the Opera, Vicious goes shopping with Amelia and Amelia keeps pestering the guy and asks his opinion about her dress which she didn’t notice the poor guy is blushing like crazy at the background. That night, she wears the dress and Vicious is lost at words how beautiful is she in that 萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ which leaves Joshua menacing his fiery eyes 😀 So shit happens and Guilio orders his shinigami to attack Amelia’s troops and Jean basically saves their assess and Amelia got hurt instead so the next day she finds herself in her room and Vicious is the one nursing her. Vicious takes this as an opportunity for him to confess but Amelia is so dense she’s like ooh? and there’s one time Vicious can’t hold his feelings back longer so he kisses the heroine. The next morning whilst Amelia preparing a breakfast, Joshua walks in only to find Vicious lost in his own world and forces Amelia and Vicious to tell what happened last night and Vicious gets flustered about it but Amelia’s like we talked last night ….⊙▂⊙ so uh, the kiss didn’t leave any effect to Amelia since she thought there’s something deeper in it? /phails

Vicious takes Amelia to the church and he confess his sins and his love. He asks Amelia if she loves him too and Amelia quickly answer yess I do (idk if she get it orz). Overwhelmed by her response, Vicious lifts her up and said it’s the first time someone (a girl) like him ureshii d’aww 萌|・´∀`・)ハァハァ 萌えぇぇ↑ so they go back home and Vicious builds his courage to asks for the Amelia’s hand in marriage from the last boss. Joshua ofc jolt by it and claims that the only guy that Amelia knows up till now is him q(`Д´●)after he blows a punch to Vicious’s face he’s like okay whatever I want her to be happy with the person she loves anyway so they make up and Joshua drags Vicious (forcefully) to the bar and they had a drink and he fires him with lots of question regarding Amelia and take a better care of Amelia like he did (。-`ω´-)

It’s Christmas Eve and both love birds goes out shopping and Amelia wants to buy a christmas present for him and so, Vicious brings her to the hotel because that’ what he wants for presentヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪ so he uh totally did the deed that night and if it’s not obvious enough we have the cg of half naked Vicious ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ Happy time is over cause it’s Christmas and we all know what happens. Yeah/ Bloody hell they will die. So they die. I’m tired typing the same thing so let’s celebrate their death well uh. Because their time limit is ON CHRISTMAS so they will eventually vanish anyway so uh yeah.

Three years passed. Amelia goes out to visit her ‘comrades’ and placing flowers when suddenly before her there stood Vicious. He said he pwns Jean to let him alive and ask Amelia to stay with him until the end of time. Even though she’s will become granny he doesn’t mind and want her and to be with her until the last moment \o/ So they’re married. Vicious will be 17 forever while Amelia is aging as time passes. One day Vicious finds Amelia not feeling well and he’s worried sick about her turns out she’s pregnant woohoo. The news Amelia got pregnant reach the hell and everyone basically like amazed the fact that you can get pregnant with shinigami’s baby. Nicole gets horny and wants to do it and drags Jean to the bed ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

The baby looks exactly like Young!Vicious and he thinks that having a shinigami dad and stays immortal is a cool thing and Vicious gets goosebumps when he calls Vicious Papa :D. There’s special items unlocked if you completed Vicious’s route.

Special item 1 is where Luciano, Vicious, Leonardo, Nicole and Amelia in these one. Nicole walks in the room like, “Haiii~~ (insert stars) How are you guys? teehee” then he said, “I have surprise for you guys!” and shows woman’s lingerie. Luciano disgusts by this trap ,said, “Ha… I think I’m gonna go to my room, bye~”  the others follow him. Then, all of them voted that Vicious must mimic Nicole; he hesitated at first but yeah tsundere kicks in here but do it anyway”A~ Atashi, Vicious desu! Yoroshiku…teehe ☆” Everyone was like,  ⊙▂⊙ and he receives Nicole’s bra as a present.

Next is,Special Item 2. Medicis, Nicole, Amelia, Leonardo, and Vicious. Jean brings back bizarre sake home. So all of them agree to let Medicis drinks that because uh ‘it can cure his illness’. The moment he slips he faints. When he wakes up he turns into a  completely different person and his eyes can only see Jean and goes dere dere and glomps Jean and confess his love 😀


I am completely bias toward this character because he has inner complex which is hardcore sister complex and he loves everything about Amelia and only wants to keep her for himself (◕‿◕✿)and furthermore he was voiced by Horie Kazuma which leaves me huff huff(*゜Д゜*).

Joshua is of course not Amelia’s real brother and he’s fine with being Amelia’s brother so that he can be with her in fact, he’s using the term siblings in almost everything. His family was killed by mafia that’s why he detests the shinigamis and mafia all around the world and thinks that all mafia should just die in the fire. Since he’s 5 yr old he’s been living at the Church and trained to become a priest .

Shit happens when Amelia’s 17 yr old and they ended up at the mansion. Amelia accidentally summons shinigamis from the pendant she found laying on the floor. Her shinigamis are Leo, Vicios and one transvestite. Joshua terrifies by the idea of living with the mafia and also because Amelia is the only girl in this house so he suggests that they should sleep together and using the word we’re siblings so it’s totally okay as an excuse ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ After a while they met with other shinigamis and Joshua slowly opens up his heart and starts go out with the guys to the bar and he surprised all the guys by duels with Gloria with beer drinking and Gloria raises white flag whilst Joshua still up for another drinks.

Joshua starts learn magic using Dalenzio’s books because that’s the only way for him to protect Amelia and completely dump his priestly duty. One day, Guilio is bored and he summons his shinigamis to attack the other party and in the process of protecting Amelia, Joshua got hurt instead and this is where I got to poke his body fufufu ❤ .

Amelia is an innocent girl so when Luciano having an “interesting talk” with Vicious Amelia was like (・_・?) ハテ. It was adorable when Joshua bumped Luciano, stopping him from talking “this stuff” which leads Luciano saying, “Aree? Isn’t she’s already 17? Don’t she know this thing. Ahaa.. Let me teach you” lmao.
All of them get an invitation to go to Opera besides Joshua and Amelia. Of course Guido is badass ojisan so he and his girlfriend Claudia order their shinigami team to beat the Amelia’s team. Leonardo got his shinigami’s power awakened and he uses it to killed all of his friends. By the time Joshua and Amelia got there, everyone vanished (except Leonardo, he’ll follow after this (・_・ ; ) . After that, Joshua uses his magic power and killed Claudia. Since then, Claudia becomes a ghost and she hunts Joshua mentally and makes Joshua goes crazy.

Since then, all the shinigamis vanish except Leo because he awakens his power bla bla. Eventually, Joshua can’t hold his feeling back longer because he doesn’t know when he’ll be attack by Guilio so he starts assaults Amelia with his ai no kotoba but Amelia didn’t think of anything of Joshua except he is her brother. They always had a fight and Joshua will go to the hotel to cool himself. This is where everything goes downhill I mean his route went downhill the moment his ossan hormone starts acting up and going all emo about his one sided love ;; Before Christmas, Joshua goes to a hotel to cool himself down and after 3~4 day Joshua MIA Amelia decides to search for him and when she found him, he was crying desperately. He pinches Amelia down to the bed and repeating the word Love over and over which is so sad I almost cry (´;ω;`) so Amelia’s like okay and then everything is okay uhh. I was sitting here waiting for them to ‘get over with’ but nothing happen uh yea.

so all’s good until Guido who is supposed to be dead is back and this time he gets to shot Amelia and there she dies which totally makes Joshua rages.  He brutally killed Guido and for some reason he also died(????????) so he ends up in hell and met  Leonardo and others (also Amelia’s father) chillax in hell. All of them are like “Hey yaww. Welcome to Jigoku” . Leo tells him to make a contract with Guido (I lost idea why he have to make a contract with Guido. I thought he’s dead?) if he wants to see Amelia (who is pure so she goes to heaven) and some time later an orphan loli found a ring and she thought that she can buys some food with that and before her appears Joshua who started cry a river  upon seeing a cute loli that looks like his Amelia and he’s about to marry the loli upon learns that the loli name is Amelia.
Since then, they’ve been living together and Amelia pretty much grows up to be the exact 17 yr old Amelia and this time it’s vice versa instead of Joshua chasing her around it’s her chasing Joshua around \(^o^)/ and they’re happily married now and she confessed that she’s been in love with him since their ‘first meeting’ and she looks at Joshua as her savior since then woww took you long enough to have yo girl ε-(´・`)
Special Item 1; This is where Joshua won a lot in gambling and he treats Amelia to shopping and lets her buy anything she wants. There’s three unnecessary character, Selvia, Nicole, and Claudia (I thought she’s an enemy? What’s going on???) tagging along. When those girls goes  into changing room, they’re talk real loud about this one particular dress that looks like striper would wear. Joshua thinks Amelia’s the one that tried it on so he suggests that they should wrap it right now! and then Nicol said, “Eh? You’re going to buy it for Claudia?” lmao poor guy pervert priest spotted!
Special Item 2 ; Jean treats Medicis, Gloria, Selvia, Nicholas and Joshua to a bar and he challenges everyone to drink this “super bizarre” drinks. Selvia faints instantly because of the smells. Joshua tries and not long it  too take effect on him, he smiles like dirty old man goes Amelia what are you doing fufufu dame da yo fufufu. (*°∀°)=3
As much as I love dem ossan I can’t seem to like Medicis maybe because he’s too upright, well-mannered guy and too mature I don’t know but he’s a rich bocchan from famous family but he leaves the family to join Dalenzio and been loyal ever since then. He manages finance and the money flow of the family. He’s the only one knows the whereabout of the underground money.
When I did his route half of his route like 89% was him talking about mafia thing and lacked of interaction with the heroine so all this time I pressed “O” until he talked with Amelia. Like dude, I don’t want to listen to your gay love life so come on talk to me  o(▼皿▼メ;)oプルプル.So yeah. That’s why I need 2 weeks to finished his route like dem 2 weeks I off to nise no chigiri orz.
Medicis suffers from woman phobia illness orz . Nicole is pretty messed up either he’s a girl or a guy so up to Medicis he goes. So, he asks Amelia to come with him to his bedroom and calls Medicis. He wants to prove that he’s a WOMAN not some trap so what he did was gets closer to Medicis and the moment he’s like an inch away from Medicis’s face, he faints. I LOLED. Medicis’s illness is he’ll get nervous when a girl near him and instantly pass out. Needless to say, when he wants to help Amelia in the kitchen only god knows how he can slips in the process accidentally kissed Amelia which makes the poor guy instantly to the heaven.
Medicis is like every girls dream gentleman. He goes shopping with Amelia and treats her to ice-cream. The “poke me” game here is where you have to spoon-fed him and it was so funny when I spoon-fed him at various place instead his mouth XD. He blushes a lot. So, Guido is lonely cause no one cares about the old jiji so he orders his team to attack Amelia just for his own amusement. Since Medicis is under Guilio’s control but he fights from it and managed to get himself out from the mind control. However, his other two members still under Guilio’s control hence ot of his will, he uses his shinigami power and erase the existence of Gloria and Luciano from the world so everyone pretty much don’t know that they exist other than Medicis。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。I don’t know why maybe Jean’s bored he sent Medicis to the hell and met up with his gay buddies again nan da kore ya? and then he sent him back to Earth again wtf is this ??? Amelia is in her room when Medicis pops out from nowhere and she instantly hugs him and cry. Pretty much right now his phobia is gone I guess ww.
The next morning Nicole suggests Medicis to takes Amelia on date somewhere and he instantly thought of his grandmother’s cabin (apparently he’s very close to his grandmother). Of course Joshua cockblocked here and rages;
Medicis : “To my grandmother’s cabin,”
Joshua : “What are you donna do to my daughter?!”
Medicis: “No…I’m not going to make a move…” pause, “..yet”
Joshua rages and Vicious drags the emofaggot Joshua to the bar along with Nicole and Leo to give the lovebird time. Medicis gather his courage up and asks Amelia to go to his grandma’s unused cabin out of countryside and she instantly agrees (without think of anything orz)
Medicis: “E-h- are you sure you can go?”
Amelia :”Yes. It will be fun!”
Medicis : “You know, it’s only two of us,”
Amelia :”SO WHAT?”
The countryside is winter at that time and they played snowball fights and Medicis suggests that they should dry themselves in the cabin and after they had dinner Medicis plans to confess his love but dumb heroine falls asleep as soon as she’s done eating wthell lol. Medicis wakes her up (lol) and he tells her  that she need to confess her feelings first and then he’ll repeat his confession. Amelia blurts it like nothing lol and Medicis pushes her down and in sexy voice whispers if she knows the meaning of two people alone together and Amelia’s like ( ´∀`). Medicis lets her wear his pajamas on purpose lol and he instantly hugs her because she looks extremely delectable right now with rolled up sleeves and baggy pajamas. The screen faded(*/∇\*) キャ .

Once they’re back they found that Jean is turning barbaric and kills everyone even the poor Joshua (who goes straight to the heaven because he’s an angel XD) and he killed Medicis too leaving Amelia all alone on earth meanwhile everyone chillax at hell.

A year passed. Amelia met Medicis’s grandpa but I skipped their conversation lol when suddenly she found a key and pick it up. When she wants to return to the owner turns out don don don Medicis. He tells her that she calls him from hell and here he is let’s group hug! ☆ミヾ(*´∇`)σ
He is 12 years older than Vicious and their bond is unbreakable since he’s been together with Vicious since the latter is still a kid. He’s pretty popular among the ladies and knows how to ‘treat’ them ‘very well’ and ever since they started living together Luciano has been talking dirty which make Joshua worries about Amelia’s safety 😀 Since Nicole’s charging everyone with their position in the house, Luciano ended up to be “女担当”which means in charge of women (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
Since he’s in charge of such things he says he’s going to start working as a watchman and leaves Amelia like watchman? What is that? and this lead to Vicious saying that Luciano’s is very good at handling with women(?) I’m not sure how to translate this but generally he’s saying that Luciano’s hand is pretty fast at ‘this kind of things’ and lol dumb heroine like what is that?? and bgm stops. Joshua immediately interferes and said stop teasing Amelia because she knows nothing about this kind of thing and they started whispering at the background and Luciano starts thinking to teach Amelia XD
Luciano is corrupted and he enjoys teasing and he hates good people and he only joins Dalenzio’s Family for fun I mean wot?  and he looks Amelia as a innocent soul that need to be tainted so he brings the poor girl to the hotel and the idiot thinks that they’re only going there for fun (゜-゜) and Luciano walks out the bathroom wearing only white bathrobe and said that he’ll not take any responsibility if anything happens to her since it’s her fault for trusting him and followed him all the way here.
Amelia : ( ・◇・)?
Luciano : ….
so he tells her to go home instead since he has no patience to deal with the dumbass.
Luciano has been living in unscrupulous life in order to survive and to find food for him and Vicious who’s only 10 yr old that time while he’s 22 yr old (which is he’s 29 yr old ossan now) and he deceived people and lead a corrupted life before he finally landed on mafia world. The big fight comes and Luciano decides to kill Guilio and everyone ended up in hell except Amelia.
Uh, sorry. I hate his character and story I forgot most of them. ( ´_ゝ`)”
or Leo for short is a glutton. He loves to eat and absolutely adores good food. He rages and flips a table if someone cook a nasty shit for him. He has a tendency to call people with nicknames and it’s Tomato for Vicious because of his hair colors.
The night when they first encountered each other, Joshua asks Amelia to sleep with him because they’re siblings but Amelia turns his offers down and she goes to sleep with Leo because he seems harmless. In the end, they ended up sleeping with Joshua together lmao. Vicious makes fun of Joshua because of that. Leonardo is in charge of cleaning along with Vicious.
The next morning, they cleans up the house and Leo found himself not reflected in the mirror and he thinks that this mansion is probably haunted because they didn’t know where they come from and both Amelia and Joshua ended up in this mansion while they’re on the run
His story is like copy and paste from Joshua’s . Leonardo’s parents were killed by Amelia’s father and Darrencio took him and raise him as his son (aka shota mafia) and he always says this, “protect my daughter” to Leonardo and even stalked Amelia and Joshua when the latters still a kid.

 It’s opera time (woah slow down there o___o) and everyone basically gone and only Joshua, Amelia and Leonardo are alive so they carried out their lives like usual. One time, Amelia is taking a shower when she’s screaming and Leonardo busts in and saw Amelia naked. This is where his teenage hormone kicks in when he said Why? when Amelia asks him to leave. ALL THE GUYS IN THIS GAME HERE ARE HORNY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW  

It’s Christmas and it’s time for people die. Instead having all the guys killed in other routes, Joshua is alive and Leonardo got killed instead. He gives Amelia, Darrencio’s ring and then vanishes. Some time later, Joshua and Amelia were back to serve their soul as sister and priest. Amelia totally miss Leo and she summons him and then he magically appears!
He said, he’s been waiting for this time and he knows that Amelia gonna calls him that’s why he left her the rings. D’awww. Happy ends.
So, I tried to like Leo’s story too unfortunately I can’t bring myself to like his route so there. Short and simple \o/
Nicole/ Nicholas
He suggests that everyone should have their own position in this house so that there will be no more cat fight between them and he claims himself the Beauty Adviser. Surprisingly, Vicious really likes the idea. He is unaware that he’s a guy and he will proves that he’s a woman only that he needs pad and bra and also refers to his thang as ‘accessory’ and nothing more ROFL. He carries a sniper pretty badass for a transvetive.
Amelia bumps into this bishounen that looks like Nicole with short hair on the street (ofc we all know who he is ) i’m trying to like his character but even others believe that not having Nicole here it’s boring and not to mention Nicholas is a fcking dick I quit rage his route but I plow through anyway.
Amelia first met with Nicholas on the street when she’s running an errands and thought he looks like a total bishie. Nicole shocks everyone when he comes out from the girly bedroom dress up as a total person – Nicholas. Nicholas was killed by Claudia and that’s why Nicole appearance looks almost like Claudia (even though it’s kinda screw up here and there) to deliver the message. (isn’t that easy if you just go by your normal appearance??).
Nicole also thinks that sleeping together naked and embracing each other with sweet words is what meant by ‘make love’ (✧≖‿ゝ≖) and Gloria leaves them in confusion he has no time to deal with this dense brick people orz.
At one point, Nicholas stop sleeping in Nicole’s room because it’s too pink and girly he can’t take it lol. Nicole even go out and buy a pajamas for him, stop being a sissy Nicholas ( ゚д゚). Nicholas also hates himself and he thinks he should just die in fire which I seconded \o/ and he always put a blame on Amelia for almost like everything. But, that’s how 2nd tsundere works in this game.
Gloria decides to kill Serbia for revenge and Amelia was shocked and she locks herself in her room and thinks that Gloria is a heartless for killing people just because he has problem with them and she starts think negatively about mafia. Everyone goes out to eat dinner and Nicholas worried about Amelia when he checks on her he found that she’s nowhere to be found. Amelia went to the bar where Gloria was drinking and Nicole catches up with her pretty fast and he said he’s worried and no one will cook food for them and also for ‘other personal reason’ ヾ(*´ー`)ノand he lifts her up on his shoulder because Amelia still reluctant to go back.
After the opera events, Medicis, Gloria and Luciano were sent back to hell and Nicholas starts to loosen up a little bit somewhere around here. In the process, Nicholas got hurt and Amelia is nursing him back home and I love Nicole he gives them a hotel voucher what are you doing Nicole stop using the guys to soil Amelia  ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \
unfortunately, Nicholas is an amateur when it comes to things like this even though he used to be manwhore in his youth days. On Christmas, he requests to have a kiss as a present. That’s kinda cute /// he blushes and reluctant to asks for a date with Amelia omg adorable! (but dumb Amelia asking what is date what is date is getting on my nerves and Nicholas says they should just go back lol ;; )
Big fight and everyone dies. Nicholas uses his power which is removes feelings and he goes chillax with everyone else in hell. Few years later Amelia decides to open the present that Nicholas gave her. Back in hell, Nicole pleads Jean to bring Nicholas back to Amelia for one night so Nicholas comes back and goes on date again with Amelia /o/
Gloria was voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto and he pretty much so freaking sexy (*°∀°)=3 He’s in charge of maintenance because nobody wants that work not that he likes it. Amelia decides to tag along with Gloria to shop for groceries leaving Joshua all alone. Gloria is a mature adult so all the things that come out from his mouth is either seductive or it’s natural. He compliments that anything that Amelia wore, all of them looks good on her and apparently he’s not aware of this fact make a girl flustered 😀 he and Medicis are complete gentleman because of they are at ossan age? lmao. Unknown to both of them, Vicious was following closely and thinks that they’re pretty close to each other. Nicole is pretty disappointed when there’s nothing happened between them.
Gloria walks into Nicole’s room where Amelia and Nicole are having ‘girls talk’ about a man and a woman because they’re noisy lol. Nicole sees the opportunity and use Gloria as ‘sample’ and tells him to take off his clothes. However Gloria stressed that even though it’s easy for a man to do it with a woman, there’s nothing fun if  he doesn’t love her. Actually, Nicole doesn’t know what’s the meaning of one man and one woman either and thinks that you get naked and sleep together and whispers words of love. ONLY. And this put Gloria in confusion because he thought he misunderstood Nicole’s intention LMAO.
Gloria takes Amelia out for a date and teaches her about love and she needs to find men that she’s comfortable with and it’ll be natural from there on. Gloria is so calm with this and his laughs just make me goes huff huff.
Gloria and Nicholas are step brothers when their parents remarried. Gloria tried his best to get along with his younger brother but Nicholas is such a dick he ignores Gloria instead. Gloria used to be in the police force (a detective) but because of Nicholas messed up with some mafia’s boss woman they killed his parents and Gloria buys weapons to Nicholas to settle things on his own. Nicholas managed to killed the boss but eventually got captured. Gloria quits from being a detective (he’s 18 yr old when he joined the force) and seeks Dalenzio’s help to save his brother. So that’s how they become Dalenzio’s Family. Nicholas is a dick in this route so I was sitting here bitting my fingers when the mafia’s are out to get him, instead of “OUR PARENTS JUST GOT KILLED” he repeats, “WELP ME ANIKI WELP ME D:” like omg annoying bitch  shut up (╯°Д°)╯︵/(.□ . \)
so bla bla bla it’s opera time means everyone dies. I don’t know why they’re still going to the opera even though they know it’s Guilio’s trap, So, Jean basically sends Medicis and Luciano back to hell with Guilio and his gay mad scientist and they were greet by Keira – Amelia’s mother. I thought my PSP died at some point because Keira suddenly has deep voice o_o but it turns out Jean’s trolling them 8DD.
and we can see how dense as a brick means in his route when Amelia starts fall in love with Gloria and the poor guy like need to teach him how to fall in love and what to do when you’re fall in love uh huh it takes average human to use common sense so Amelia is probably at the lowest of ‘average human’ level \o/ Nicole totally plays his role well, he hands a hotel voucher to Gloria and at first Gloria opposed of this idea because it’s a hard work Amelia’s first time but decided to do anyway pfft. So, uh, Amelia has no idea why they’re in the hotel together alone in the room so, Gloria helps her to relax herself by…. telling her a ghost story ()´д`() and then he get down to business and laying on the bed half naked and tells Amelia to take his hand or… ////
After a battle, only Amelia, Gloria and Joshua are alive. They’re getting married and Gloria cuts his hair and he looks stupidly younger and good looking orz ;; and he’s been repeating time for like 6 times already because he wants to be with Amelia and Amelia would say, this feels like deja-vu ofc it is. Jean messes up with the time flow and Gloria can’t predict the future like he used to because Jean’s bored and he’s doing it to entertain himself omg. So needless to say, Gloria’s been going to the past back and forth just to be with Amelia because he’s immortal and Amelia will die one day (゜ロ゜;)
..well, his ending sucks.

Moment 1 :

There were trying to make some muffins as a breakfast (since Amelia is still upset and confused about she’s mafia boss’s daughter) and the guys, absolutely has no clue in the kitchen mess up the whole things and Medicis almost use the detergent in the process because he mistook it as extra flavor :D. Gloria would assume everything is perfect and Luciano would drop a hints to date Amelia anytime he can and Joshua would always plays his role as お兄ちゃん and the guys would always pick on him for being over protective \o/ As a conclusion, Amelia criticizes their cooking skills and

it shocked Vicious and he’s lost at words.

Medicis : Mafia and cooking are not fit together heh?
The game was great because of the whole mafia thing going on and it’s been one of my most anticipating game on 2011 lol. Took me enough one year to finish one game. To conclude it all, that was amazing, Amelia is dense as a brick and Nicole’s route is unexpectedly good and I like them and everyone’s endings looks like ‘we should make it at least a bit happy ending’ so bamm! everyone basically lives on immortal or they just go back and forth repeat the same thing all over again (゜-゜)
at early gameplay it was hilarious though when everyone are not under control of Guilio and Jean didn’t messed with them and there’s a lot of funny scene here and there so I’d recommend this game to everyone \o/

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  1. This is such a long game ne~ I only played Joshua, Medicis, and Gloria’s route (≧∇≦)/. Somehow Amelia can be pretty annoying, esp in Joshua. She is very clueless lol, but she is more enjoyable in Medicis ^-^. Gloria… I love him a lot but his ending.. really…. why he can’t get a happy ending like everyone else (T▽T) .

    And OMG Vicious’s route is adorable, pretty sure he is a canon one xD (need to play his route xD). Oh and for the appearance I think I love Luciano the best, but his character and his story is pretty meh ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8

    • Very long 1 year omg hahaha ;;;
      I played this game solely for Joshua and apparently, Vicious takes the first place in my heart since he’s so adorable I just can’t seem to hate him even though I dislike tsundere lmao.

      The lack of sex knowledge is very annoying for almost in all the routes and it’s pretty annoying too when the guy brings her to the hotel and she just thinks they’re going there for fun NO YOU DUMB D: omg so dumb.

      Gloria ending is… indescribable. I don’t know what to like about his ending, it’s like he’s repeating the same thing all over again o_o;

      Vicious is the main character and every cd cover has him as the main guy xD. Too bad, as much as I like Luciano’s design, his route was so meeh I forgot most of it :l (look at my sarcastic Luciano’s review ww )

  2. Thank you for the review \O/ Still would super duper love to play it myself >//< but seriously, Amelia is so.. even Souten no Kanata's Airei-chan wasn't this bad, Amelia-chan, ganbare yo w

    Like Medicis' one too (lack the fun like Joshua and Vicious' route ww no humour, no fun xD) though I don't really get Nicole/Nicholas route -w-"

    • welcome! \o/
      Amelia + Nazca(armen noir) = too dumb

      Nicole / Nicholas = same person different personality and they can actually split to two omg what’s happening and yeah his story pretty much copy and paste from Gloria since I’m lazy I just write his story half baked www

      (there’s actually one more character, Jean but I’m kinda lazy right now www)

  3. OMG Vicious is I love ||萌||ョ´∀`。)萌えぇ~↑ many of the characters but I kiiinda don’t want to play this game basically just because I can’t stand endings where the guy gotta go and die and perish and leave the heroine alone for whatever reason even though it’s just for a little bit ェン(p´;ω;`q)ェン I’m super weak against sad stories, I’m sorry.

    now you also made me want to play this game what are you doing /rages

    • Vicious teamm ヽ(´ー`)ノ
      I think the ending kinda ruined the whole story when this game actually has potential but, crappy ending is a crap I guess.
      I just want them to build a family and get happy was that really hard kusomate (~。~;)

  4. Vicious fangirl club ftw?! I loooove Vicious. In fact, I only played Death Connection for Vicious and Joshua… LOL ^-^;; because Joshua is the adorable siscon that you just can’t help but lurve, and Vicious is, well, just too cute LOL ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ him and his adorkable sweet tooth and I like how you posted that picture of Vicious under the bed sheets 8D mmmhhhmmmm nice choice alyynyan haha a very, very nice choice of pictures 8D haha! I really liked Death Connection’s artwork, (♡´౪`♡) too bad the ending ruined the story >_> y u do dis to us otomate. sigh lol

    • omg yes vicious! I’m not really a fan of tsundere, frankly speaking. But, Vicious is so precious i can’t help going all vicious come here bby (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾ freakyy.
      Lol yeah my only reason to play this game is because of Joshua but, kusomate totally ruined his routeΣ(゜ロ゜;) i just want to murder kusomate how can they do this to poor Joshua. Well, his ending make up 90% of his route.
      I hope dakimakura company will use that cg and make us a dakimakura with shirtless vicious – after sex scene XD i would hug it every night and going huff huff /bricked

      have you heard about Confidential Money and Musketeers? It’s from the same artist! But, i personally liked her illustrations for DC more though (´・ω・`)

      • LOL A giant pillow with shirtless vicious on it so you can hug it every night? 8D LOLOL /shot/

        Yeaqh I heard about Musketeers and Confidential Money, I didn’t really wanna play Musketeers cause 8D let’s face when I see the kusomate games I get so laaaazy lol. Confidential Money looks interesting though so I might play that >u< I like the coloring in these games, they seem very shiny and very smooth and I like shiny stuffs 8D LOL

      • i played musketeer oh wait – only for Porthos. I’m not interested in that super old ossan (even though i love dem older guys) and girly face guy. And the whole musketeer shit just put me off. I would love to play a game with more chillax atmosphere like storm lover and heavy story is not really my thing ^^;

        oh wow, im not interested in confidential money; at all. I’ll just lurk somewhere to read the review i guess.

      • Yeah I agree, I love the Musketeers story but to have it in an otome game is just like…. too much for me to handle LOL I’m on one of those only-play-what-i’m-really-super-duper-interested-in-slash-willing-to-play-through-cause-i’m-curious mode right now and heavy stories (other than BWS 8D) aren’t on my list right now lol!! so i can understand where you’re coming from ^-^;;
        LOL I’m not gonna play CM 8D I’m going to def read a review for that lmao. I’m interested….in reading someone’s review on it cause hell if I’m gonna play it xD LOL

      • game that suitable for us is that. Storm Lover xD i think that’s the only game that was made for us lmao.

      • xD made for casual otome gamers xD (or lazy ones? lolol 8D LIKE MEEEE)

  5. Oh my god… Everyone told me that Death Connection is pretty good!! Awuuuuh. I’m tempted to buy it someday, because I LOVE the artwork and HELL YEAH KAWADA SHINJI. xDD

    I need to finish Musketeer. That game is so fun. Unf. And then buy Death Connection. Urgh… Money……………

  6. 15 Satsuki

    How did you get Vicious CG with his son and the protagonist? I didn’t get that CG ;_;

    • I am pretty sure after you completed Vicious route in PSP you’ll get that CG! 🙂 It has been a long time since i played that game my memory is hazy ><;

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