[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru


The title literally translated as

The Love (that) Results In The Illness

Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Ittaru or その愛は病にいったる is the newest drama cd by Operetta who is famous with their yandere shit ; DIARY and Koezaru. This is their second drama cd after youmu incubus etc etc tl;dr.

I dedicate this post for my love Usagi for you love :3

Cross over from my Livejournal.

Screen shot 2013-01-20 at 12.56.30 AM
The heroine suffers from mental trauma because of the past. She was kidnapped and that scar her for life up till now. Despite all that, she’s thankful that she has her osananjimis (uh’oh we all know where this lead to) who lived just next door.

Don’t you just love that characters design? They look so beautiful I don’t mind locked in the room or have babies because dang yeah I’ll have 24/7 drop dead gorgeous dude by my side aka my boyfriend and my babies would be freaking gorgeous because look at their father’s genes LOL /HIT /SHOT

TITLE  : Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru



Haruto Shimano : Manaka Sawa

Kanoe Mamiya : Sugiyama Noriaki


This hyper super happy looking guy is Mamiya Kanoe / Tanoe (lol) and he is the same age as the heroine around second or third year in high school. He is voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki who did a very very good job in voicing Kanoe. He acts super cheerful and protective towards the heroine since the heroine was kidnapped. His overbearing trait has also been pointed out by Mika (their classmate) and she also states that Kanoe can’t even leave the heroine even for seconds.

I’m not sure if she has feelings towards Kanoe but I think she does seeing she’s being super friendly/intimate with Kanoe (eats his lunchbox and all). Around track 5 in Disc A, after they’re done having lunch together at Haruto’s house, Kanoe decides to crash at heroine’s place to watch movie together. What he meant by “watch movie” it’s actually that he wants to protect heroine because of the letter he found addressed to the heroine. It’s a countdown letter from the kidnapper so he’s been super fucking protective and “I’LL PROTECT YOU FROM THIS CREEPER” actually pretty sweet ;; Ahhh Kanoe is just an adorable puppy and he reminded me of Shiba Inu or something ;;; He also always stop Haruto from saying perverted things because Haruto is the biggest pervert / lolicon according to Kanoe.

Happy End (Disc B)

His happy end follows after the heroine went to Haruto’s to give him medicine. Actually instead of “watch movies” together, Kanoe has been sekuhara the heroine saying that she can’t wear like that even in her house (she’s wearing skirt of something of that sort) because there might be a pervert lurking outside. It’s better for her to wear jersey or anything but she refuses saying it’s dowdy.

After that he falls asleep and mumbling “i’ll protect..hmhmhm…you” GAHH SO CUTEEE. After she gives Haruto the medicine (which is clearly just an excuse for him to see her or do something yarashii) she stepped inside only to find Kanoe’s frantically searching for her in the house. He pinched her to the wall asking where she went. Heroine is totally scared of his sudden change in personality and that actually turn his sweet yanderedere side I guess. He prepares  her something and slips in sleeping pills.

Heroine wakes up and find herself handcuff’d . Okay I think it’s better for me to translate everything lol.
“You’re awake? The handcuffs? It’s obvious, right. I want you to stay close to me (hence, locked her in his house I wonder where is their parents ;;;)

“Why are you look frightened? Didn’t I always said that I will always protect you,”
“You should better be here, locked here forever. That way you can be happy,” ( :O )
“Ha…finally…finally I can protect you, your hair, your skin, everything….. I’ll make it pretty. Nobody can hurt you,”
The heroine asks she’s not pretty being chained up like this. Locked in this room.
“Hmmm? You’re beautiful,”
“I get it. Maybe you should take a shower. I’ll help you,”

This is where everything sounds so stupid yet innocent I don’t know what to say Kanoe you impure boy /flips table. He carries her princess-style (this is not mention but you know he doesn’t want her to get dirty so can I use my imagination??) In the shower room he tore of her shirt because he can’t possibly takes off her shirt because of the handcuff right? oh wow this handcuff this is really S&M www and he basically made the heroine naked and decides to join in together ;;;;; but his voice sounded so innocent here I hardly believe he’s plotting something yarashii ;;;;;; he said something along the line that of course he’s having “a little” reaction seeing woman’s naked body it can’t be helped however he won’t do anything to her because ”俺は真摯だらかな!”- I am honest and won’t be doing ichya ichya thing lol.

So well uh this shower scene is pretty long let’s skip this. He basically shampoo’ed her and uh cleanse from head to toe LOL so you know the drill.

After got out from the shower – this is where he goes mad – AGAIN
”下だせいよ。じゃないと、噛むぞ、” Open your legs or I bite em OMG WHAT IS THIS OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
He is pretty frustrated because even after all this time the heroine still refer him only as her osananajimi when he’s been thinking about her since they’re still young! How dare she!
While they are at it someone rings the bell and Kanoe goes insane because there’s a letter address to his house saying “I’ll come to meet the girl” written with crayon and he thought it’s just a bad joke from someone to scare the heroine. Apparently there’s a number for each letter and yesterday is number 1 and also the へんたいやろう! from last time haven’t been caught yet so that’s why he’s 24/7 paranoid. Kanoe blamed himself for the incident because if he haven’t play hide-and-seek with the heroine she won’t have to go through that painful experience.

”物心ついた時か、大木くなったら、絶対にこのこの子は嫁にする!!” Ever since that day I vowed to myself that once I grow up I’ll make this girl as my bride! awww isn’t that adorable kanoe bby. So yeah this is basically his confession and proposal lol.
He hates that hentai yarou with all his heart that if they ever meet he’s not hesitate to kill him with his bare hands so uh he’s heart filled with hatred right now so to make him calm down the heroine KISSED HIM \O/ WAY TO GO


i better not translate this you know what happened by now, perverts.
After uh sexy time he proposed to her and refer her as his “future wife” d’awww adorable bby. They inform Haruto that they decided to move away and Haruto a bit shocked but then he said “he’ll come to play…..later”


This track starts from where they’re having fight after the shower scene(?) I’m pretty sure it’s after the shower scene. Kanoe said that he’ll soiled her lips with his forceful kisses but the heroine immediately pushes him away despite being a girl, Kanoe is surprised at her surprising strength. It must be sickening to be kissed by a guy who you don’t like he said. He chuckles when he bumped into a bookshelf causing the books in the falls and in the mess.

Kanoe points out a particular picture of the sulky looking heroine in the album(?) and that brings back memories. Back then whenever they met, it’s always cat and dog situation and always displeased with each other. Even so the heroine couldnt remember the event at all and Kanoe makes it clear that he REMEMBERS EVERYTHING.

Kanoe reminiscences the ol’ days when they’re still young. Both of them including Haruto are the only one who know about the “secret place” where they would always go out and play there together. It’s a place where they always play hide-and-seek together and it’s also a place where the heroine went missing aka kidnapped.

あの場所であそんでること誰にもいってなかっーThat place is the sacred place where nobody would kn-

This is where Kanoe finally realizes something. He finally found the last puzzle. Even so he tries to denies what he had solved but everything just fits perfectly and finally he got the answer after 6 years. He refuses to tell the heroine about this and to make up for that he “requests for the last momento between them”  and after this night he won’t be able to touch her anymore. He wants to remember her existence in his life.

so yeah they did it. Don’t expect much like in the happy end because Kanoe is a sweet baby boy so he’s super gentle in this one so i was sexually frustrated aksjaslfjsklrjlsfsa;;

He also promised her that nothing bad will happen to her from now on and he’ll destroy anything filthy out of her life. I want you to only remember, experience beautiful things from now on. After that he closes the door leaving the heroine alone in the room.

After school, Mika urges to stop daydreaming but Mika guess that she’s been thinking about Kanoe because she’s been wearing a sullen look since then. She consoles the heroine that Haruto and Kanoe “will” be back some time soon so she shouldn’t worry too much. Heroine expresses her concerns about the blood she found in Haruto’s home and Mika still trying to think positive that there must be a “little” fight between the boys hence the dry blood.

Heroine said she saw Kanoe’s shadows but Mika said it’s only her hallucinations.

The End.


Shimano Haruto is their older brother (not blood related). He’s older and is actually pretty sweet guy. Gentle and takes good care of his daughter and son. You’ll understand this later. He is voiced by Manaka Sawa who is new seiyuu in seiyuu world lol but he did a great job as yandere dude. Manaka-san voiced CLEAR from DMMD, Ruji from Koezaru and this is his latest work! He’s a working adult (not mention) and he always plays the “good adult” part.

He prepares lunchboxes for his children. Even though his face screams good looking gentle dude but he is actually the biggest pervert and also a lolicon lol. He drops hints here and then about wanting to build a family with the heroine.

There’s even one part where he said they can take bath together like they used to but Kanoe quickly protest the idea because they are grown up already and he even reply “no i’m not joking” when Kanoe explained to heroine that Haruto just joking around lmfao. This is the event where three of them having dinner together before the story split to Haruto’s and Kanoe’s ends.

Happy End (Disc C) (pretty much very happy end for Haruto ww)

Heroine shows up infront of his door that night (when Kanoe goes insane). Haruto said she better stay with him starting tonight because of the letter thing.

Kanoe rushes to Haruto only to find the heroine is there and he also mentioned that he knows about Haruto. He knows about Haruto got promoted to a higher position and need to go abroad for his work but he refuses because of “he has children to take care of”.

Since Haruto is a “reliable adult despite what goes on in his head is mostly perverted stuff” Kanoe agrees to let the heroine to stay with him tonight.

よしよし、素直のこはお兄さんは大好きだぞ!ウリウリ〜!ー Yosh, big brother really likes obedient kids! *weird sounds*

So she crashes at his place and also this is where Haruto’s pervert inner self came out lol. He said there’s only one single bed so if she’s okay with it they can sleep together (still using that “they used to sleep together in the past excuses”) and of course heroine has no objection and it has been ten years since they last slept together and he’s a bit nervous LOL (i know you’re enjoying that haruto don’t lie mothafucka). Instead of sleeping he sekuhara the heroine like gives her a light kiss on forehead.

The next day he goes to work and said he’ll rewards her with something “sweet” and it turns out actually a cake lol. That left me with “……..”. He forbids the heroine to do the housework because it’s “mendokusei” and warned her to never open the blue door because it’s uh his workplace other than that she can freely use anything in the house.
While they’re having dinner together Haruto said it’s almost like all men’s dream to find a cute wife —- not yet, cute girl with homemade food prepared on the table waiting for them return home. It’s a loving environment and he’s actually happy to have her living with him and it almost feels like he finally has a family.
Heroine said that he always have family. He has her and Kanoe. Haruto responds that it is but both of them actually have parents while he doesn’t (will be explained why later in bad end).

That’s why he always wanted a family < important part in his bad end LOL
This is where his famous beddo de matteru comes into play LOL and also you know where this leads to
“Just leave the washing to me, you can take shower,”
”どうしてて?判るだろう?ベッドでまってる、” – Why? You understand right. Wait for me (on bed lmfao) the heroine happily running off to take shower LOOOOL THESE PERVERTS



Remember in track 1 (the very happy track) that Haruto gives the heroine permission to do whatever  she wants aka housework and prepares a  meal  but don’t come in contact with the blue door and just leave it alone, untouch. Well surprise the heroine broke her promises and she walks in to a horrifying sight that shocked her.

Just then Haruto walks calmly towards the blue door as if he already knew that sooner or later the heroine will one day open the door and eventually reveal his darkest secret that he kept all this long.

見ちゃったんだ。この青い扉がだけはあげたいいけないいったなのにー You found out. Didn’t I tell you to leave the blue door alone?

He said that all of these are her pictures from six years ago. (The kanji he uses here is 愉快犯 depicts a criminal who enjoys watching how people to what he has done) But then he realizes that the heroine was blindfolded that time no wonders she looks confused! That time she was crying, frightened and couldn’t help but “clings” to him because she was alone and all she has is “the kidnapper” and she clings for her dear life. Haruto remarks that it was

本当に完璧で幸せな日々だったのにーIt was an impeccable happy days

He chuckles when the heroine denies the fact even though all the things in this room proves what he said is actually the truth. Although she is in denial the fact she WAS deceived this whole time is the truth that she needs to swallow how bitter it is.

All those anonymous unidentified letters she received was also planned ahead of time by him. It also one of his secret plans to make the letters appear to be from a kid because and it was poorly drawn or in childish manner like he uses a crayon instead of a pen and the wording are of not the level of a mature man. It was all of his plans so that nobody would suspect him. They’ll think of it as some of bad jokes from bad kids.

Haruto tells her that his mother was killed by his father and he was left alone since then. It was a greatest betrayal that leave a great impact in his life as well as his mental stableness.

As a result since then he has been doing all by himself 洗い物ーmeans that “the washing” “the laundry” . Homeworks, sports all of these he did it all by himself even so he feels something was missing ーそこだけが完璧ならない. He blames all these to his deceased parents for leaving him all alone in this world doing things without anyone praising him. It felt so empty (his voice was so asgjsfnska i almost cried even though I shouldn’t)

That’s why when Kanoe and the heroine came into his world he’s fond of them. He liked it. Their existence alone is all what he needed. That’s why when they (Kanoe and heroine) left him he felt so alone it’s lonely (this maybe when they are out playing together and when it’s time to go home, Kanoe and the heroine left him alone). Then something clicked in him if he doesn’t have them (family) why don’t he makes one?

Haruto reminds her that six years ago she found love. She found herself a boyfriend but it’s neither him nor Kanoe. It’s someone who is alien, unfamiliar to him and Kanoe. He thought that he would be the biggest idiot if he doesn’t prevent this from happening she might disappears from their lives, from his life, forever.

ああ早く早くなんとかなんとかしないとーAah, hurry hurry I need to think something fast (this sounds so wrong lmfao)

Then he figures out.

That’s when he got the weirdest idea about waiting for her to matured 大人の体 and then build a family! Surely she won’t betray him if they are together. They would make a perfect family, the two of them. He could play the daddy part for real and beside him is the lovely wife to act as the mother to their future obedient and adorable children.

This lines are the best coming from Haruto ; If it turns out to be a failure (i couldn’t find a suitable word for this), it must be because of her body is still of a child. The upper part of her body might be weird(?) ーあの上体じゃ、おかししょうがないかもんね. That’s why he had planned ahead of time for the nursing (taken care of the children aka breastfeeding) he found a place for that kind of service.

The heroine trembles with fear of the thought of that. She doesn’t think much and started running towards the only way out which. by the way is blocked by Haruto. Haruto grabs her and laughs at her stupidity

どこ行くの?これからが君と俺の本当のはじまりなのにー Where are you going? From this moment it’s our new start (the beginning of our life)

“Don’t run away. Come, let’s build a picture perfect family with me,”
“There’s no need to show such horrifying look. That time I might be can’t do anything however right now I am full fledged a matured young man. I can do anything that produce something,”

(cue in non consensual good time)

So you know the drill what will happen from this point so I no need to explain further. Thank you for your comprehension, perverts.

(I actually re-listen and re-write the whole scenario of Haruto’s bad end because I accidentally closed the livejournal tab without saving it. However it turns out pretty good and it actually helps me to edit certain part that I am unsure of and added a few more details)


This track is a gag track because it has nothing related to the bad ends and the happy ends.

It takes around 24secs before you hear Haruto’s voice saying that for you to wait must be you’re really curiousーへここ見つけれるなんて君も物好きだね!

This is basically what “IF” from Kanoe’s bad ends.

Haruto comes in cheerfully while greets the heroine and Kanoe and then Kanoe was surprised by the excuse made by Haruto and labeled him as a lolicon lmfao. This is also where Haruto jokes around that he’s the child and Kanoe the dad while the heroine is the mother. Just a gag and it’s such a refreshing track after “that” bad end ww.


annnnnnnnnnnnnnd i’m done。:+.゜ヽ(*′ω`)ノ゙。:+.゜ヤッター This would be my most anticipated drama CD ever. The illustration is gorgeous even though the voice actors are unfamiliar. I know that Manaka Sawa voiced CLEAR in DMMD but not Sugiyama Noriaki. You can pretty much say that I’m officially Sugiyama-san’s number one fangirl! I’ve always liked Manaka-san so that is a given w.

Personally I thought that I might ended up hating any of them after the bad ends but surprisingly my feelings grew stronger because of how twisted both of them are. Apparently I have a thing towards psychos so yeah lets leave that aside from now.

This CD contains three discs. Disc A tells a general story the relationship between these three, who’s who and just a light tracks. It gets darker in Disc B and Disc C though. The secret will not be told before Haruto’s bad end track so you might want to save the best part last.

The seiyuus did a good job and what’s more can I say when they uses dummy head mic?  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Give this a chance if you like yanderes, twisted personality characters, sister con (family con???), shiba inu adorable puppy, or you’re loving 18+ stuff but too lazy to play the game then go on.

My review might has flaws here and there. I would appreciate it if you detect any imperfection feel free to correct me by dropping comments.

Thank you so much for keeping up with this textwall I seemed can’t stop myself from typing even though my Japanese is below average (笑)

9 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru”

  1. AAHHHHHHH HARUTOOOOOO you’re as scary as fuck but so goddamn sexy so why do I find myself loving you I don’t even know (*´Д`*)ポポンッ /drowns in feels

  2. 8D huehuehue I remember reading this on your LJ lol
    all I have to say is

  3. OMIGOSH did I read it right? 下だせいよ。じゃないと、噛むぞ * nosebleed* I need to finish my hell soon and went to heaven xDDD This CD sounds so hawt rawrrrr /putting it into my next to be listen list xD

  4. 7 Lia

    Ahh nvm I found it! I’m surprised you don’t know Sugiyama as Sasuke from Naruto lol. You probably never watched it then xD It’s okay haha. I surprisingly loved him in this CD cause he was really adorable and sweet ;^;

    But Haruto tho…. I recently came to love Manaka Sawa cause of the Futago no Watashi no 3P (Sleepy) Night drama CD >< Ugh his voice is just hot.. The twist made me go O___O Ahhhh all this twisted yandereness started cause of his parents..

    • I am not really fond of Sugiyama (BEFORE THIS!) and then he kinda grow in me through drama cd and i really like his gentleness (even irl!)

      TRUST ME. Manaka Sawa is lethal in drama cds nowadays. If you ever need a trash cd to listen to, just look up Manaka Sawa and you’ll be a O K.

      YUP 😦 It’s a sad life I just can’t imagine how little Haruto dealt with it but obviously he’s not really good at handling those. Look what happened to him now D:


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