The title literally translated as

Yandere Eroi ( Erotic Psychopath ) ~ Hence My Love ~

This is the new drama CD from Stanetto. There’s two branch ; White Stanetto (which consists of pure innocent works and Black Stanetto with their latest yandere drama CD.

According to the website, this Drama CD uses dummy head mic entirely through out the whole episodes (tracks) and this piece of work has three parts in one CD.

First part is about you and your boyfriend’s innocent love life.

Second part is the love is too overwhelm that it drives the boyfriend to unstable state (?)

Third part is where there’s a sudden change in personality.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 3.08.34 PM

The heroine is in her final senior year where she met a senior named Nao who the heroine secretly has a crush on. However, he is hard to read because his facial expressions are insufficient in other words ; he’s emotionless human being. It’s difficult to guess what he’s thinking in his mind. A robotic expressionless young man. In truth, he actually feels a sort of fondness towards the heroine but his facial expressions telling her otherwise. When in public, whenever both of them are spotted there’s always aura of happiness lingers surrounding the couple. However, it’s only a matter of time for him revealing his true personality…..

TITLE  : Yan Ero ~ Ai suru ga Yuen ni ~



Nao : Tachibana Shinosuke

Heroine : Her / Heroine

Hello guys before we indulge further into this great yandere drama CD I would love to explain why the title has “JOINT REVIEW”. Me and Serena/Usagi had decided to do a joint review regarding this great drama CD since this is our second most anticipated drama CD other than Sono Yamai ; you can read it here and Ani to Osananajimi ; read it here. Usagi has made her review as superficial general review whereas mine will be in depth details what the fuck am i doing review so yeah if you would love to know the general review without any spoiler it’s advisable to read Usagi’s review of Yanero and if you in need of details you can continue reading this. By the way this is not a translations, just a detail in depth review. Thank you for your comprehension.

Another friend of mine also did a review. You can read it here

第1部:first love


 Nothing much happened in this track. Nao is a working adult and they started going out. Nao confessed his love and the heroine replies that she loves him too.

14th FEBRUARY ; Valentine’s Day

Nao said she must be lonely to be left alone since he’s busy with work but she said it’s nothing obviously trying to hide her misery. He said it’s okay to be a bit selfish like if he didn’t immediately reply her text messages or calls her only when it’s late evening. He said maybe he pampered her too much and she’s quite happy with it actually and by the way this is their first date.

He brings her for a drive and beyond the other side there’s ferris wheel ride and he suggests to take a ride.  Just then the heroine takes out a small bag contains chocolates because it’s valentines day! He’s quite pleased when it’s a homemade chocolate made by his beloved and pops the chocolates into his mouth and comments that it’s delicious. Apparently he’s not aware of the fact that that day is a valentine’s day.

Due to the body temperature, the heroine’s fingers are sticky with the chocolates melting hence Nao sees this is as an opportunity for him to uh licks every single corner of her fingers with distinctive sound effects. After he’s done ‘molesting’ her fingers he said “gouchisousama” which means “thanks for the food” /dead.

He expressed his gratitude for the homemade chocolates and the heroine is at awe; not sure maybe because of his daring acts or it’s his first time saying thanks.

14th MARCH ; White Day

They are at Nao’s place and Nao tells her to not bring any more cakes because she’s only visiting her boyfriend so it’s okay to make herself comfortable no need to be modest.

Remember the valentine’s day where they’re supposed to ride the ferris wheel? Nao questioned why she wants to visit his house instead of fulfilling her wish to ride the ferris wheel.

しんらいされてるのは、嬉しいけどけど。。でも、もし俺が俺が本当は悪い男だったらどうするの?ー I’m glad that you trust me however what would happen if I am the bad guy…what would you do?

Nao leans closer and asks her what would happen if “that happened” seeing she’s only a girl and her physical strength might not be able to defense herself. She confidently said he won’t do anything which only made him reply with “oh really?”

long pause.

then he chuckles softly while saying it’s only just a joke. He immediately rose from his sit and ask her from distant if she remembers what day is it today.

He presents her a gift for return for the valentine’s chocolates. It’s a matching watch that’s why he bought it.

君は俺の大事な恋人なんだからーbecause you’re my precious dearest

Nao confesses that he loves her and the heroine wear a shock expression which leave Nao questioning. She elucidates that he never said he loves her after the confession in track 1。

He prepares himself and gets on his knees and ask her for the second time in a proper manner if it’s okay for her to go out with “this guy” ーこんな男だけどだけど君の恋人でいさせてくれる?and she happily nods.

He remarks that he likes her gentle personality the complete opposite of his and he’s charmed by her lovable trait. They kissed and at the end he said it’s a bit embarrassing to do that, isn’t it.

16th APRIL

Nao visits her at the place where she works part time and requesting a table for a one person. He ought to know why she didn’t say “welcome” like that’s the normal thing need to be said to the customers. That day he dress in a complete suits because he just finished met up with a client and flattering her uniforms looks good on her. Having said that, he’s not very enthusiastic about the length of her skirts which is a bit too dangerous (read: too short).

He’s trouble if somebody would do bad things to her considering that that place is quite favored with high school teenagers especially group of young boys. She said it’s fine but then Nao said that there’s one particular person has been watching here since he arrived.

He’s dead worry if she might has a stalker following her around. So, he promised that he’ll keep a close watch so that nobody would jump on her. He leaves after made a promised that they would go home together after she’s done with her work.

“Thanks for your hard work! Do you always go back home….alone?” He reminds her that if she’s going back home alone in the future just give him a call so that he could leave his office early to walk her home because “her chastity is his priority” lmfao.

While they’re at it her phone suddenly rings. After she gets permission from Nao she picks up the phone. He whispers slowly “are you still engage?” – referring to the calls but he immediately shakes his head when she demands for explanation. After she’s done he said he could hear a voice. A man’s voice. She hesitates to tell him and he tells her that she can depends on him whatever it is.

28th JUNE

Nao back from work when he finds that the entrance is dark and when he switch on the light he sees the heroine fall asleep at the living room. Comments that she might catch a cold if she doesn’t wake up. He has a duplicate key of her house so that it’s easy for him to go in out and he feels somewhat sorry for making her waiting for him till she fall asleep.

俺ももっと君といっしょうにいったいけどー I also want to spend more time with you

but he has been busy with his work life make it difficult for them to see each other. He still complaints about her not being selfish for her own good he would like it if she a bit demanding to spend time with him that way he feels loved. Is it because it can’t be helped (his works?).

He can’t help but intoxicated with her existence in his life, and her being completely alright with everything kinda put him off because he wants her to be more of a clingy to him.

(This is completely normal for yanderes (especially boyfriends) to expect their partner, loved ones to be clingy to them because they feel that their loved ones need to be protected hence that’s why yanderes would do anything even if it means to kill someone)

(cue in yandere moments)

なのにじっさいは君だけは俺の心にに入り込んでそのまま出ていてくれないんだー The truth is, once you have enter my heart there’s no way to escape

君はどう?ー What about you?

ちゃんとう俺はいる?ー Have you think about me?

俺でいっぱいいっぱいになることある?ー Have you been thinking like I’ve been thinking about you?

Just when he’s about to change to his yan side, a magazine fell off which instantly snapped him back to the reality. He spotted an advertisement about an onsen ー a hot spring spa mostly beneficial for medical purposes. He flips the pages open and that interest him.

He notices the heroine finally awake and gives her a light good morning kiss and he thanked her for waiting for him even though she fall asleep. He appreciates that. After he hands her a drinks he’s going back to his house since it’s this late. (late? it’s damn morning already lmfao) and he wonders if she’s up to a small trip with him. She nods indicating she accepted the offer which made him smiles.


They’re finally somewhere for their small trip (presumedly a countryside)

お風呂上がりのエロぽい君もみれたしー You look enchanting (delectable) after bath

Nonetheless, she distants herself a bit from this hentai yarou lolol but then he suddenly points out that that is not the way you wear yukata and it’s suppose to be “like this”. Of course, that’s only his dirty cheap tactic so that he could embrace her tight as if not letting her go.

As you can see Nao is a bit over protective boyfriend even though he doesn’t show it on the surface but he could be dead scary when he’s monologue alone. He wonders if there’s something bothering her and if she has do not hesitate to tell him because he’ll immediately come to her side. He’s so sweet here that I find it unbelievable that he’ll turn into a complete stranger later in the other tracks ;;

Unfortunately they need to get up early tomorrow so they better get to uh bed right now. Instead of Nao, this time the heroine doesn’t want to let go of his hand and there’s actually two futons for both of them but she refuses to uh sleep on her own futon lmfao. ASSERTIVE HEROINE I LIKE.


at this point I think Nao is acting obnoxious lol since it’s fun seeing her getting flustered and Nao is a bit of a Do S if you don’t know.

Seeing his reluctant to embrace her she wonders if he doesn’t like her,

好きじゃなかったら二人でりょうここないよ!ー If I don’t like I you we wouldn’t on a trip together

After that, he can’t seem to control his dong anymore he grabs her and said that her behavior made him lose control and if she doesn’t want it she’s allowed to hit him right this moment but nothing happens and Nao takes that as a signal for him to go further so yeah the rest of this track is them making love ;D


The heroine is walking alone when suddenly Nao calls her and apparently she was crying the whole time and he couldn’t understand what she’s saying and promised to meet at a nearby store to meet up. He immediately hangs up the phone not wasting any time.

Nao comes running desperately and hold her tightly. He’s grateful that she seems to be alright. He was furious when she said about the stalker thing and his voice is a bit high that startled her. He grabs her hands like transferring the heat so that she’ll feel she’s at ease and safe with him.

He seeks for another chance for her to trust him again and this time he’s optimistic that he won’t let her to experience such bad things again and he’ll be BY HER SIDE.



Nao apologizes for the sudden calls that couldn’t be avoided. He gestures her to sit close to him because he has something important to talk about. He wanted her to stay here with him together in his house. She thought it’s an abrupt decision but he denies that saying he’s been thinking about that for quite some time.

Without any warning he seizes her hands (?) shoulders (?) tightly when she said she needs some time to think about that.


Nao instantly releases his forceful grip when his strength hurt her. Without saying anything she gets up because she has part time work at this hour which leaves Nao asking if she has found a new workplace. Seemingly he actually send a resignation letter to her old workplace due to the incident happened just a few days ago.

He wants her to listen closely to what he’s about to say. That night when he said he wants to protect her he meant it. Literally. Stop going to the workplace and take a sudden leave from the university and live here with him, forever. With him.

hey, what’s your answer?

(SO after that there’s a two option either she said yes or she defies him will lead to a different fate)

第2部:another End 


Didn’t go psychotic(?) route of salvation


She decides to stay with Nao and abide him without any objections.


At this point they’re already live together.

It’s finally Christmas Eve. He wonders if she has somewhere she wants to go in mind. He gives her christmas present and it’s a ring(?) i think it’s a ring. I don’t quite understand what he’s saying but what the main point is he’s vowed to love her forever and this ring is the proof.

第2部:normal End


She ignores him. He remarks that she must liked that shop so much for wanting to go back after such incident. She tried to run away but only to find that the door is locked outside (inside?). Practically she’s locked inside Nao’s house.

He forces her to swallow an unknown liquid forcefully and then she lose consciousness and the only word she could hears before she completely blacken out is Nao wishes her,


Some time later, when she wakes up, she finds herself chained and Nao said maybe that medicine is not strong enough to knock her out completely. He makes it clear that he had to chained her because she tried to run away when she looks confused why is chained like some kind of animal?

She’s not going to run away she declares that half heartedly but Nao doesn’t believe that”sad performance of hers” as he could see the lies within her heart.

This is where Nao goes deranged. Why wouldn’t she understand that her existence in his life is significant to him. He couldn’t live without her.

Don’t run away.

Look at me.

Love me, only.


Nao’s back from work and he’s content seeing her being a good girl all chained and all. She still looks sleepy though. She’s pretty much been locked up since that day she decided to try to run away from him. When she asks what time is it, Nao chortles saying that it doesn’t matter what time isn’t it?

She only needs to love him, she only need to feels him. Forever.

She’s coughing nonstop and Nao offers to give her a glass of water however there’s a price to pay for that, “I’ll give you drink…just wait for a while,”  and then he deliberately kiss her.

“Do you want more? Of course I’ll give it to you..however you need to be good at something,”

“It’s nothing difficult, just open your legs”

he actually said, 自分搦め手俺ばいいー (i’m not sure how this is translated but basically him saying to do things to her?)

出来ない?ー You can’t do it?

どうして?ー Why?

もっとすごいこといっぱいしてきたいのに?ーEven though I’m going to do many ‘exciting’ things?

ほら、早くしないと俺は全部飲んじゃうよー If you don’t do it fast, I’m going to drink this all (referring to the water in the glass)

うん、いい子ー Good girl

so yeah non consensual time. Blindfolded and neck tie come into play. Non consensual because even though the heroine is in love with him, he still drugged her and actually raping her here.

The next morning. He’s hurt when she keeps on cry her eyes’ out when she’s only have to look at him, only have to stay beside him. Is it that demanding of him asking her to only stay with him?

He doesn’t change at all. He only loves her. Her. Only. He’s pretty wreck by this time so yeah uh ;;;

Today is Christmas Eve. It has something related to God however it doesn’t concern him at all.

Since he has fallen to the pit of hell. He gigles.

He’s dragging her together with him.

Let’s fall to the pit of doomed together.

The end.


this is not for children.

this is definitely not for children if we’re talking about the last track and explicit sounds and meaningful lines omgggg.

I just can’t. This CD.


Tachibana Shinosuke….oh my god this guy is godly. His performance is top notch and it’s a brilliant decision to cast him as the seiyuu for this one because of his gentle voice. He played the gentle part that I almost got fooled by how scary he can be in yandere tracks.

And for the first time (as far as I can recall) this is the only CD that takes place in young adult situation (aside from Yumekare but that is doujin so doesn’t count) and the heroine is a college student which is refreshing because every act seems realistic. I mean come on how can a high school boy can do to the girl he loves?. Aside from great skills, he needs to use protection and such lol. I’M LOOKING AT YOU MAMIYA KANOE <O><O>

No WAIT that’s not what I meant.

I meant financially and emotionally. At the very least, Nao is a working adult and when he said he WILL PROTECT her, he meant it. So yeah that’s for me, is a bonus. I hope other company take note of this and produce more young adult drama CDs because its practical and reasonable.

Is it just my hallucination or what, but I am pretty sure the last track on Christmas Eve is exactly the same as in Yume Kare Chihiro ver. the situation (she’s chained and locked inside the house) even the lines are the same. I think I’ve been listening to adulterated drama cds waaaayy too much lol.

As a conclusion, great drama CD! My second most anticipated drama CD after Sono Yamai tho and I must say yes more yandere cds come onnnnn <O><O>


33 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] ヤンエロ~愛するが故に~ [JOINT REVIEW]”

    Anyways I LOVE YOUR REVIEW BBY <333

      Argh so I have to rewrite it now omg LOL basically a shortened version of what was my longer comment from above (which didn’t work ;_;) is that black stanetto really like didn’t disappoint me, the setting was the mature love they described which is like the 4th year senior college student and a working guy. I feel like the college student heroine is more relatable than a high school student or even a working class lady because :3 I’m in college www so it’s easier to relate for me 😀 Nao is a dependable type of guy too 8D Tachibana’s voice was the perfect fit for this role, with the ability to go from really nice and sweet and caring to scary yandere after…. god his voice omg lol SO GOOD. WE NEED MORE BLACK STANETTO GIVE US MOAR
      xDD Here’s hoping we’ll get more Drama CDs from them 😀

      /victory pose

      We should do more joint review love 8D

  2. Excellent review/synopsis. Can’t say I love yanderes (definitely an acquired taste), but I had to make an exception when I saw who the CV was…

    • Thank you so much!

      If you can’t digest yanderes, I advise you to not listen to this cd just yet. You could listen to yandere heaven for a start and gradually slowly from there you can listen to other extreme cds like this one w.

      Oh yes Tachibana Shinosuke did a great job! Definitely one of my fave CD !

      • I’ve actually listened to the cd already, and it was manageable—besides those rather unsettling moments when Nao yells at the heroine, it was quite alright. XD

      • it was. I jumped from my seat when he started going mad it was sooooo terrifying ;w; tachibana san is so good at voicing scary yet gentle character sobs.

  3. Good lord, tachiiii~! o(≧∇≦o) Thank you so much for the wonderful review~ I really love it when reviewers do it track by track and you’re wonderful for doing so each and everytime! AHHH, GIVE US MORE YANDERE PLS~

    • yes tachiiiii www
      You’re most welcome dear!

      I probably will only review cds that interest me or yandere drama cds so yeah please look forward for more reviews!
      Thanks for reading :3c

  4. I listened to it last night (before bed fml) and Nao is pretty sweet ✿*,(*´◕ω◕`*)+✿.* ………until the damned chains come along that is.

    Tachibana’s voice sent chills down my spine especially at the part where Nao’s like, “I have my mind full of you…. I wonder if I’m filling up your mind just the way you do.” + the scary BGM I kinda regretted listening to it at 1 o’clock in the morning. LOL.

    P.S. In his ~ヤンデレにならなかった(?)救済ルート~ he didn’t turn into a yandere right? So wouldn’t it be better for it to be translated as ~Never a Yandere: God Saves You Route~? Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ

    • Oh fuck our lives for listenin to this damn yandere drama cd.
      Thank goodness you’re alive teruruchi i was worried that you might not be able to taste the reality after yandere shiet thank goodness _(:3 / <)_

      His voice asghlas his damned voice you know if this is not the damn yandere shiet cd i would have cried my eyes out i mean tachibana is godly at that and his gentle voice is SO NOT GENTLE WHEN IT COMES TO SCARY PART i am forever fallen to the pit of doomed with you tachibana san _(:3 / <)_

      Tch tch tch you're missing the whole poit of this drama cd teruruchi. He turned yandere in all routes alright. I named the another route as "yasashi yandere route" and the other one (the bad end?) as the rough yandere seck route lmfao

      oh thats a good one im sorry i failed at translations thanks for telling me sensei
      I'll change it nao ✩◝(◍⌣̎◍)◜✩

  5. 14 Rayne

    Thank you so much, and the effort you put in to make this post possible is really appreciated. AHHH!!! I wanted to buy this.(*ΦωΦ*) I wanted to know how twisted this kid can get (seeing from the alternate route, I had the impression that he was the perfect kareshi, somewhat. but in the normal route, he sorts of change. I like to see the differences, it could get quite interesting. (☆´3`)

    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to buy it. It’s all in characters, I can understand, but not read. (Dumb right, I know…) [sorry for being random, always the lurking reader around] (シ_ _)シ

    That aside, thanks for the review! (Or mini-summaries) (≧∇≦)/

    • You’re very much welcome dear!
      I was forced to post this review earlier than I expected because of my friend (Usagi ; you can read her review if you want a shorter version) xD

      Yeah that’s how yandere gradually change from normal to a complete psychopath. His transition is also not sudden, because there’s a hint in each track before we finally hits the “normal end” track so yeah he’s a full fledged yandere from the start.

      You can buy it from here > http://www.animate-onlineshop.jp/pn/%E3%80%90%E3%83%89%E3%83%A9%E3%83%9ECD%E3%80%91%E3%83%A4%E3%83%B3%E3%82%A8%E3%83%AD%EF%BD%9E%E6%84%9B%E3%81%99%E3%82%8B%E3%81%8C%E6%95%85%E3%81%AB%EF%BD%9E%20(CV.%E7%9A%87%E5%B8%9D)%20%E5%88%9D%E5%9B%9E%E7%94%9F%E7%94%A3%E7%9B%A4/pd/1191025/

      • 16 Rayne

        Ah! Thank you! But! Just a question.. (^▽^)” . Is it a physical cd or just the audio? (prays let it be just the audio because she doesn’t know any shipping matters in Japan) 。゚(。ノω\。)゚。

      • Is this your first time listening to a drama CD?
        I’m not sure what you meant by “physical cd” www

      • 18 Rayne

        Actually… T_T I want to stop downloading and start buying the work and support them.

        Hmm Physical CD meaning that it is shipped to you cd and all that you can play with a dvd / cd player. Audio form meaning you can download direct from the site. >< sorry for sounding dumb or retarded.

      • I SEE!
        That’s very great of you to wanting to buy the hard copy! ^^

        I believe that this CD comes with the real CD. If you’re planning to buy doujin CDs, most of them are cheaper and you’ll get instant download link after you paid them 🙂

        Drama CDs by professional well-known company will be a bit pricey but affordable. You’ll have to wait a week or so for them to ship to your country though! It depends really, the shipping cost can be really ridiculously high but you can try AmiAmi, YesAsia, Rakuten or other sites to buy!

        Please check the sites mentioned from time to time because they also taking pre-orders and such.

        I hope this answer your question 🙂

      • 20 Rayne

        Oh I see I see! Thank you so much for helping! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

      • You’re welcome! :3

  6. 22 Kodomo

    Talking about yandere. I myself is a yandere person. I wonder how is the realistic life of a yandere in japan actually.

    but anyway, you’re right, Tachibana’s voice is very gentle and somehow calming. I’ve always been. This might be the first CD that I got to hear he was doing ero scene (though it was not as extreme as yumekare), its still quite decent though..

    • I think most of them are arrested. That’s why you don’t hear about them.

      I agree that it’s not as etreme as yumekare, but if you look at other side, yumekare is at the very least is consensual while this one, Nao actually raped his girlfriend.

  7. お疲れ様! ( ^ o ^ )/ Christ, I’m so mixed-feelings about listening to this. On the one hand it’s yandere so yespls.jpg but silly as it is, I’ve always reserved listening to Tachibana in more comforting situations ;_; his shukan sione cd and such, I’m not sure I want to see him be all creepy and terrifying…

    Not… Sure if…

    Yeah okay brb listening ”orz.
    Your review has basically upped the temptation by 14235x

    • ありがとうごんざいます!(›´ω`‹ )
      I agree up till now I’ve only listened to Tachibana voicing gentle yasashi type characters, until Hana Awase and now Yanero. I must admit his gentle voice actually maximise the yandereness so _(:3 / <)_ he's so good that i get bone chilling listening to it at night ww.

      I would totally recommend this CD if you can digest yandere that is. If you're immune to this type of character, you can try Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Itaru which would be my top favorite drama CD ever (*→艸←*)
      not saying that Yanero is bad but, plot wise, SonoAi stole the first place!

      Aww thanks dear (*Ü*)ノ have fun listening to uh yandere nao ww

      • Oh heaven knows I love them yandere’s, (I think we can all, in one way or another, blame yandere heaven for that one– Only without really calling it blame so much as thank (⊙‿⊙✿) hehe).

        Sono Ai is actually next on my list after yanero (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Since you hold it in such a high regards, I’ll take your word for it and listen to it straight after this.

        THANK YOU WISH ME LUCK /needs it.

      • so i’m guessing you’re also a yandere lover then. (I strongly believe that Yandere Heaven triggers something inside of me that shouldn’t be awakened _(:3」∠)_ oh well can’t do nothing about that now )

        I gladly want to hear your criticisms upon Sono Ai be it positive or positive. No offense taken.

        I wish you BEST OF LUCK °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° YOU’LL BE DREAMING OF HARUTO FROM THAT POINT YOU DECIDED TO LISTEN TO SONO AI /not a bad thing tho ww

  8. 28 Suzumiya Bren'

    Hi there!! ^^ Thank you so much for your hard work!! I absolutely love yanderes and as soon as I saw the CV was Tachibana-sama I was already having a nosebleed xD I was wondering if I could translate your review into Spanish, please? 😀 If not I’ll totally understand!
    Thanks again for this 😉

    • Hello and thank you!
      My review is atrocious however if you find it helpful then by no means, please go ahead. I don’t mind you translating it to other language(s) but it would be nice if you could credit it back to me.
      Other than that thanks for asking for my permission first! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for writing such an eloquent and detailed review! I love Yanero, but I was having a hard time finding detailed reviews of it. I’m very grateful that you took the time to write this, and that you’ve shared it with us.

    Yandere-love isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this disk was everything that I hoped it would be and more! And Shinosuke! Ohhh, yes! He is so talented! You could almost swear that he was Nao!

    Please forgive me if I’m gushing. Thank you again for reviewing one of my favorite drama CDs. I hope there will be many more Yaneros in the future!

    • Hello and thank you for dropping a comment! 。・ω・)ノ゙

      I was pressed by my partner to do this review so after struggling for two days, here is the result lol. Thank you so much for the compliment, I appreciate it lots.

      There is actually another yanero though under the name WHITE STANETTO the CV will be Kimura Ryohei. Needless to say, it will be slightly dangerous with a touch of sweetness since it’s White Stanetto.

      • Really? Thank you so much for letting me know! I hope they release more dark-themed yandere-ness as well someday!

  1. 1 『 Yan Ero ~Aisuruga Yueni~ Drama CD 』 « ☆ s t a r r y e y e d ☆

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