[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Ani to Osananajimi



Ani to Osananajimi or Elder brother and Childhood friend is the latest ear pron drama cd by Stellaworth. This CD is basically about your older brother and your osananajimi have been in love with you since you’re a latter. They don’t have a name which is forgivable since it’s stellaworth who needs names when you could have two guys creep up on you before you even reached puberty omg lol.

This is not a translation just a detail review.

TITLE  : ANI TO OSANANAJIMI 兄と幼なじみ (Brother and childhood friend)

COMPANY : Stellaworth & Animate (the second tokuten will be released somewhere around January 2013)


兄 NOIR = Suzuki Tatsuhisa

幼なじみ ROUGE = Hino Satoshi

Please take note that I’ll be referring Aniki as Onii san, Osananajimi as osananajimi kun and the listener will be Heroine. It’s typical of Stellaworth to produce a drama cd with nameless characters.

I dedicate this post to my lovely babyy Usagi sorry it took longer than I expected but at least it’s up! I hope you’re content with this one! \o\

Ani – Noir

Can’t be helped I have a thing for mature guy so I totally went asghleasds;; his voice because up till now Tatsun only voiced dorky character like Vicious in Death Connection and that dorky Ryuu in Tight Rope so I was quite happy listening to his other side.

There’s no information about him being non blood related to the heroine so I assume he’s the heroine’s real brother. Goodness INCEST;; He has cool composure, good looking, smart and also stylish and according to heroine’s osananajimi he is 一握りliterally means he has everything > complete set in one man




First track is about them going on date more like onii san invites himself to tag along lol that annoys osananajimi kun because he finally able to alone with heroine chan but uh why ani kun is here as well??? The heroine wants to ride the ferris wheel but that thing could only able to hold maximum 2 person so they’re like





In the end the heroine chose to ride it with her osananajimi kun. However when they finally together osananajimi kun said that heroine has been looking at the window and that annoys him. He knew that heroine actually wanted to ride with ani kun but she doesn’t want osanana kun feel bad. I’m feeling awful to the osananajimi kun ;v; and how he compared himself to oniisan who’s like super perfect 10/10.

After they’re done with the rides, onii san drags heroine back home and bullet her with questions and worried if that hentai osananajimi kun did something when the heroine refused to say anything about it (probably she’s irritated with her onii san for accusing osananajimi kun )

Track 3

It’s late evening when Heroine asks for onii san’s help with her homework. He tried to keep his composure by the fact that the heroine has homework but still went out to Amusement Park and having fun. Even so he agrees to help her with her Mathematics and remarks that if she is his REAL little sister seeing that she can’t even solve a simple question.

Heroine sits at the desk but onii san quickly tells her to sit where he told her too and when she said “why” he replies with the reason why he locked the door because of he doesn’t want other people to know about  his collection ofくだらない物 ifyouknowwhatimean.jpg

Oniisan pats her head and she finds it distasteful because he always did that back in the old days and doesn’t want to be treated such. Oniisan claimed that she is STILL a child when she always take a snooze on sofa, having nightmares and dislike carrots. In the end he’s just joking around and am glad that she’s finally “a woman” not a child that she used to be and wanted her to be by his side, forever.

He saw the necklace that he bought for her last year for birthday and there’s something around the line that he said that she looks very elegant and ladylike wearing. This is where he’s about to kiss? but immediately realized and tells her to gtfo because he uh doesn’t have free time to dawdle around yeah….right. He tried to said something though nothing came out and the track ends with the sound of door closes.

Track 4

Starts with the sound of school’s chime and heroine encounters with osananajimi kun who’s cheerfully complaining(?) about their interrupted date yesterday and he tricked the heroine to go for another makeup date with him today and doesn’t care where is the date place since wherever he goes with the heroine is PARADISE☆ ww Hinocchi is so cute ugugu;; here I’m feeling sorry for him in NOIR.

He suggests a place where no one would care what you do like holding hands, kissing, embracing or even se- she punches him clearly he’s about to say something dirty. Nevertheless they still go out for their makeup date and ore kun doesn’t stop talking about this “the guy in charge did a bold daring move that made people laugh” why I even bother to jot down pointless things I dont know myself xD

osananajimi kun : I did tell you about the “I like you”. Do you still think it’s a joke? I…I’m serious about that. I’ve been serious about that since we were still young. Even so, why wouldn’t you give your reply?

and the heroine said because of her brother and that made him sigh why would you need onii san’s permission to answer his confession. (Well she has bro con wot to do) He states that that the heroine can’t do anything without her oniisan and he’s like grab her hard and utter the “I LIKE YOU” word and before he could go further ONIISAN SUDDENLY APPEARS \O/ without waiting for explanation he sauntered forward ignoring the heroine who’s following him behind because she “felt guilty”. He’s obviously pissed off seeing the heroine with osananajimi kun and tells her to stop following him and verbally assault her that whoever she’s with, with who she’s embracing don’t ever tell him and that made the heroine weeps. Still trying to act cold.



He steps out from bathroom only to find the heroine sleeping soundly on the couch. She wouldn’t move an inch so Onii san decides to carry her “bridal style” and tug her into bed. He comments how the heroine has changed through these past years and she’s not like a child she used to be. Then he comments about her small cute ears and then he chomps them asghlas ;;; i mean he literally “eats” her ears. Listeners get earpron here. He realizes what he’d done and after apologize he quickly get out from the room.

The next day onii san acts like nothing happened (and i’m pretty sure the heroine actually wide awake when it happened!) He suddenly dropped a bomb asking her what does she thinks of going out with osananajimi kun which shock the heroine. He said he’ll be transfered somewhere and not sure how many years he’ll be away. That upset the heroine so much she get up from the dining table and head straight to the school.


At school osananajimi as cheerful as ever doesn’t mind about what happened yesterday. They made a promise and went for a karaoke. On the way back, Osananajimi kun walks her home when its suddenly raining heavily and decided to confess his love AGAIN while they’re taking shelters. Heroine rejects him flatly because of what happened last night and that made her changed her mind and confirmed that she’s in love with her blood related onii sama. Osananajimi kun thinks it’s strange for them to have mutual feelings despite being blood related.

Before he goes any further Onii san comes to rescue. He was worried. Osananjimi kun about to hit onii san but heroine protects her onii sama from that and that made osananajimi kun severely hurt and he cried omgod he cried ;w;

Back at home onii san confesses his love and declare that she will always be his and he has feelings towards her since they’re still young. That night they made love.


Onii san greets her good morning and it’s already past 11am when she woke up. He tells her to get back to sleep and he already take a sudden leave from his work because “being together after fun time last night is the greatest feeling in the whole world”. More kissing and he couldn’t believe that they made love last night.

He finally found a way for her to be with him which is ; followed him abroad (since he got promoted) and that way they’ll be 24/7 with each other until they got sick at the sight of each other. Heroine is still unsure about that since she has school to attend to and what would their parents said about this?

He comforts her that he would take care of all the things and she shouldn’t clouded herself with questions and such. It’s okay if she stop attending classes and he just wants her to locked in house 24 / 7 and be with him and this is where shit starting when the heroine looks shocked hearing those and his

いやなのか?。。。いやなのか?いやじゃないよな?いやなんて。。。。いわないよなー you don’t want it? No? Even if you don’t mean it….don’t say it (cue yandere)

She tried to run away because her onii san is acting weird but he catches her before she can even move an inch and molest her to the max.



He has the biggest crush on the heroine since they’re still young. Same age and attend the same school (not a classmate). He’s high -spirited and has slightly impish looks. He declares his love flat out and don’t get upset when the heroine rejects his confession.




This one follows the same like in Noir’s. The heroine decides to go with her onii sama but nothing happened or conversations when they’re together. When they get off osananajimi kun greets them lively and refer to the heroine as ojousama and young master for the onii sama.

Onii san was so sure that osananajimi kun would get his ass off from this place right after the heroine chose him. Osananajimi kun replies that he thought of doing so but then he’s so sure he’ll regret it soon hence he waited and without warning he grabs heroine’s hands and off they go leaving onii san dumbfounded.

Osananajimi kun snatches ringing cellphone and switch it off because from this point “its their day”. He knew she has complex brother complex but she should understand they’re already young adult and it’s amusement park she shouldn’t be sticking with her brother 24/7.

They had soft cream and conveniently his falls off and heroine agrees to share with him. He said it’s like “indirect kiss” and she hits him lightly on his head. He confesses that even though she has brother complex his love towards her won’t die. They spotted onii san around and decides to hide lol.

He said he doesn’t remember when he started to call her onii san as “onii san” He remembers when they’re in elementary school when he has something to talk with the heroine, onii san give him a death glare and he thought maybe it’s his imaginations and such.

Afterwards they decided to spend their evening together playing at the amusement park. He walks her home while holding her hands. The track ends with onii san bursts their lovey dovey bubble.


At school Osananajimi kun comes visit heroine to her class. He requests to go home together today. Heroine hits him saying that he easily let out the word “i love you” so easily and he frantically trying to explains that it’s not what she thinks. He just expressing his gratitudes towards his classmate for helping him with the homework.

He said in loud voice out of irritation that the love he declares towards the heroine is the truth and maji 100% and not the girl just now. Then he remembers yesterday that she did something to him too that. Before he furthers into that heroine hands him a small bag of cookies. It’s her way of “please accept this as a token of token of my brother’s behavior yesterday”. So yeah he’s pretty delight about receiving such gift from her.

She wants him to taste her cookies and he said will do and will put the rest on the refrigerator (for what???) but then he gets severely disappointed that he’s not the first person tasting these cookies because her onii san is the first.

They walk home together and and found a play park where they used to play together and decided to stop by for a while. Conveniently it’s raining (again) and they decide to take a shelter inside “a tunnel” and of course horny teenagers….

Back at home onii san comments that it’s unusual for her being so helpful washing the dishes and such. Osananajimi kun calls him to confirm that they are ACTUALLY DATING LIKE FOR REAL (he’s so cute here asasdnajkdnkaj;; yes yes yes) and at the end he said “please take good care of me” sjadasjalkdjaskdas;;


The next day Osananjimi kun greets her with “yahoo My Honey~” and embraces her from behind since “they’re dating”. He wonders if she tells her brother about them dating and when she said she haven’t osananajimi kun urges her to send him a text mail regarding this matter. Unfortunately onii san didn’t reply her text at all.

After they kiss goodbye heroine steps into dark room and there’s a mysterious voice greets her with unusual voice (yandere alert I SWEAR TATSUN YOU’RE CREEPY AND SCARING ME !! ) He is frustrated about the text mail earlier. And please don’t ignore about the convenient thunder outside.

By that time before onii san further the action osananajimi kun came to the rescue he takes the heroine’s hands and hide themselves in someone’s house (wait what???) and then they had seck lmfao.


Morning after they had seck. Osananajimi kun forces her to put on clothes and invites her to his house to clean herself and stuff (conveniently his parents are not at home). Her phone keeps on ringing from onii san and without any warning osananajimi kun suddenly turns yandere and smashed the poor phone to the floor break it into two.

He confessed he despises onii san with all his might. He hates the fact that onii san looks at him like he’s some kind of garbage or a pest. By this point he’s so terrifying like his voice suddenly lowered and lose control of himself when he made an assumption that the heroine wants to go back and its better to be by onii san’s side rather than him.

Unlike in Noir, he took initiative and I could hear the sound of belt and clothes noises or something at the background indicating he’s trying to rape the heroine (non consensual because by this time the heroine is actually petrified of this side of osananajimi kun). She looks at him with かなし目目ーsorrowful eyes and he’s freak out because he doesn’t want the heroine to hate this side of him and then he kisses the heroine while whispering sweet yet scary words….omg osananajimi no kare black route situation ;;;


omg i’m finally done with this drama CD banzaii~! so yeah it took me quite some time to post this entry and I had to post this draft because my other drafts are pilling up and I figured that it will multiply if I keep on keeping this one in draft.

So despite the seiyuus using pseudonyms there’s no explicit eroi scene like in Sono Yamai (except like kissing noises and such). If you want to hear more ear pron there’s a tokuten drama CD where both of them locked the heroine in the room and basically molest/rape her.

Give this a go if you love yanderes (or incest or maybe brother complex). I would give a salute to Suzuki Tatsuhisa because he did a good job voicing the onii san ;; and his kissing noises I can’t– what is air.

Hino Satoshi is no doubt a full fledged yandere. His situation is almost the same as in Osananajimi no Kare (another stellaworth’s product) so yeah it’s a bonus.


8 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Ani to Osananajimi”

  1. 1 Katie

    Seriously, holy shit, did you hear the bonus or tokuten?

    My god. How is this legal!?

    • I have the tokuten and yes i listened to it.
      I think there’s nothing much there except the guys are basically rape you and made you choose between two of them so there’s no need for translation for that.

      Nowadays Drama CDs are expected to have this genres and rating :3

  2. Man I dunno if I can bear to hear this CD or not, I’ll get anemia at this rate because of massive nose-bleeding ( ´艸`)ムププ

    “Can’t be helped I have a thing for matured guy” -> You are not the only one alyynn xD

    “he kisses the heroine while whispering sweet yet scary words” OMG what is it? He becomes sweet and scary at the same time lolz

    • i was admitted to the nearest hospital due to massive blood loss so yeah you’re not the only one ww.

      If you listened to this, Onii san sounds so much hotter omg /nosebleeds i just can’t handle the sexiness tatsun did a amazing job voicing onii san serously!

      you know how yandere works? They whisper sweet yet scary words that only the girl they liked understood 8D that’s why i love dem yanderes~~

  3. 5 Kimmy-chan

    Oh god the bonus track is so…
    thank god for dummy head mic

    • i know right.
      Even though it’s kinda silly but that dummy head effect just.
      I died a little.
      A lot.

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