Corpse Party ; Book of Shadows or CP ; BoS is a japanese horror PSP game. This is the sequel to the first game which is Corpse Party ; Blood Covered,  you can read it here. I was so sure this game is going to be another Corpse Party game but it turns out to be the continuation to the first game.

Sequel as in something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event. Nonetheless to say this game is just the same as in the original game. Having said that, the system for this game is altered for a better(?). I’m not sure but this feels more like visual novel rather than “an adventure game”. They called it “text adventure style”


As usual I played the USA release version. Xseed had translated this game from Japanese to English with Japanese audio to let the gamers feel the bone-chilling amazingly voice acting done seiyuus in this game. If you’re planning to shat your pants, buy the original version and support the creator!

This is otome blog you say? Hell. Soon this blog will be multi-blog with bl and otome and horror dump into one.

It is recommendable to play the original game first so that you won’t be completely lost at what’s happening since the original game more like introductory game while this one is a chapter for each characters. You’ll get to know more about them and their story before they’re trapped forever.

Whoever performs

Sachiko Ever After – is a charm where it keeps you to be together with your friends under any circumstances. You need to chant it properly because one wrong step can lead you to a

Heavenly Host Elementary School – it’s an abandoned and (reportedly) demolished old elementary school back to the 70′s. The school was been forced to closed down due to the horrific tragedy that befall the four children who had been kidnapped and brutally, barbarically murdered by the school’s principal’s son as reported. Though this incident occured past 30 years ago, still, it goes on. Unknown to these kids, they’re trapped in this haunted school literally forever for performing the chanting. The deceased are erased their existence in the real world and they get special privilege of experiencing the pain they felt as they died as a spirit. Eternity.

In the original game there are basically nine characters. In this one they added several other side characters in the original game and gave them “soul”.


Satoshi Mochida – Hiro Shimono

Naomi Nakashima – Rina Satou

Seiko Shinohara – Satomi Arai

Ayumi Shinozaki – Asami Imai

Yoshiki Kishinuma – Yuuichi Nakamura

Mayu Suzumoto – Yuka Nanri

Sakutarou Morishige – Kakihara Tetsuya

Yuka Mochida – Eri Kitamura

Yui Shisido – Miyuki Sawashiro


This is the students from BYAKUDAN HIGH SCHOOL. They only have short screen time in original game though.

Yuuya Kizami (is not one of their troops) / Gentleman Ghost – Tomokazu Sugi

Kensuke Kurosaki – Tsubasa Yonaga

Mitsuki Yamamoto – Haruka Tomatsu

Masato Fukuroi – Taira Kikumoto

Emi Urabe– Satomi Moriya

Tohko Kirisaki– Seiko Yoshida

Ryousuke Katayama – Daisuke Endo

Tomohira Ohkawa – Shohei Yamaguchi

Kai Shimada – Manabu Sakamaki


Their stories only in Chapter 4 ; Purgatory. THE ONE WHO STARTED IT ALL

Naho Saenoki – Ayano Yamamoto

Sayaka Oue – Mako

Kou Kibiki – Daisuke Endo

Shougo Taguchi – Manabu Sakamaki



Yoshikazu Yanaghiri– Daisuke Matsuo

Sachiko Shinozaki– Ikue Otani

Yoshie Shinozaki – Ikue Otani



Nana Ogasawara – Hiromi Igarashi

Nari Amatoya – Hiyori Narita

Chihaya Yamase – Kyoko Namekawa


His story only in Chapter 2 ; Encounter and after that his whereabout is unknown.

Tsukasa Mikuni- Nobuhiko Okamoto


Even though they’re listed here, most of them are already departed; some are slaughtered, killed by friends, and most are fallen to the succumb of no return due to the pressure of being trapped.

The systems are altered completely from the original games. There’s no tag game, no moving around instead there’s more interactive between the characters.

1. Text Adventure Style

Almost the same as playing Visual Novel (otome game?) where you’ll read and then there will be options to choose from.

2. Search Mode 

Instead of moving around you need to use the “map” to move the “character”. Press R to display the Map. Press L to skip/faster.

3. Mental Pollution System

A new feature. This is also called as Mental Bar – the mental level of the character. If the mental bar reached 100% you can get the wrong ends instantly. This can be done by checking the corpses’ twice or thrice. I had not tried this one yet.

There are overall 7 chapters you can unlock in this game. Each chapter tells a story for each person in depth.


SEAL ( engraved )

Tells a story of Naomi and Seiko bffs. Actually in this chapter Naomi is actually aware of the situation. She seems has experienced this BEFORE because she could predict what’s going to happen next and what she will encounter in the future. Despite that, she still can’t save Seiko because according to Sachiko, whoever died here first time (referring to the original game) will died again….but in more horrifying state. Nonetheless to say, after Naomi rescued Seiko, she still meet her death.

DEMISE ( a person’s death)

Premature death. This is a story of Suzumoto Mayu who doesn’t has a story in original game and her death is able to make someone paralyze (read : smashed to the wall ) and her story intercept with Nana Ogasawara (one of the unfortunate middle schoolers who is also the one who helped the gentleman ghost in extra chapter of Corpse Party ; Blood Covered ). Mayu’s death is the same but before in original game she was seen “playing with the ghost children” but the truth is “she was been played” by them in other words, tortured before they decided to do an experiment and smashed the poor girl to the wall.

Nana’s death is much more terrifying. She has been found by Yoshikazu (the zombie) and her legs was chopped off before he pulled out her tongues. Sayaka Oue witnesses her last moment on earth in chapter 4 ; Purgatory


Apparently both of them have the same marks (blood red mark). Nana at her thighs (and she was chopped right at that place) while Mayu is at her abdomen (tragically it means there-will-be-nothing-left-mark)

ENCOUNTER (unexpectedly experience )

This is the story of two young lovebirds. Shishido Yui and Tsukasa Mikuni. This is before Yui sensei became a teacher at Kisaragi High School (which is also the place where it used to be “Heavenly Elementary School” wthell. Yui has always wanted to become a teacher so that day when she’s supposed to have mock interview an unknown old woman collapsed in front of her house unconscious. She told Yui to never go for the interview and NEVER EVER GO TO HEAVENLY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL. Yui is of course confused with that since she doesn’t know what this crazy woman talking about. Shortly after they send the crazy old woman to the hospital (Yui decided to still go for the mock interview) she received a call from her mother that the woman passed away.

Yui left behind her “mechanical pencil” charm given by Tsukasa at the school so she decides to go back to the school. Earlier before her friends had been talking about this Yoshie After School (Sachiko’s mother) who will hunts the school after 7PM. Yui tried to get it off her mind and after several uncommon incidents she ended up at the school past 7 and the story is true afterall!

This is where Tsukasa Mikuni comes save her life (i dont know how he ended up at the school lol anything is possible the power of LOVE!)


PURGATORY ( a place inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven )

Sayaka Ooue is the yuri bestfriend of Naho (who is a ghost in complete figure of a human girl). Naho is helping Kou Kibiki (sexy alluring charming enchanting adult man) with his research since Naho has “somewhat connection to the other world”. Naho is also the one who responsible for bringing all the kids who trapped in Heavenly Elementary School because, before she follows Kibiki (who went there alone with Taguchi) she setup a blog about Sachiko Ever After (and most of the children who ended up there read Naho’s blog).


Sayaka got separated from Naho and she ends up at the bomb shelter. At the end she was found by Yoshikazu and literally killed in death room.

SHANGRI-LA (a place regarded as an earthly paradise )

This is a paradise for our beloved Morishige Sakutarou. He wanders around the school to find Mayu but unfortunately his head by this time already messed up and he’s been taking pictures of corpses and developed a necrophilia trait because his sense is numb even seeing the sight of horrifying looking corpses’. His route also tells the story of Taguchi (the photographer) who got separated from Kibiki Sensei and there’s no sign of him was murdered just a body with no pulse.


The story ended with a bgm of Pachelbel Canon in D of Morishige fascinated with the pictures of the deceased he took.

Also the longest route ever.

MIRE (a stretch of swampy or boggy ground )

Mochida Yuuka is Satoshi Mochida’s younger sister who actually has a rather complex brocon. In the original game Yuuka was chased by Kizami who is hallucinates about him having a younger sister because he always wanted one. Kizami was killed by Yoshikazu though when he’s about to uh put an end to Yuuka’s life.


Yuuka is however is saved because Yoshikazu is a tsundere zombie. Even when he was ordered by Sachiko to kill the girl, he can’t bring himself to swing his hammer to the poor Yuuka. She sees this as an opportunity to find her brother as well as save her life. She’s trapped in bomb shelter after the earthquake and I dont know how this happened but Sachiko appears infront of her with “an innocent imouto looks” so they’re together until Sachiko bored with playing little sister role and killed the poor girl by making Yoshikazu smashed the poor girl’s skull.

Yuuka’s dead and she didn’t even get to meet her brother.

TOOTH (the actual tooth)

This is Byakudan High School’s route. Basically Kizami’s route. Apparently the shortest story ever? These teenagers are separated from Mitsuki and Masato (both of them are dead, Masato was killed by Yoshikazu and Kizami and Mitsuki found Kizami but ended up killed by him too). Katayama injured himself (his legs are about to fall off) and Kizami, Kai and Tohko decided to do a safe route journey before they all go together.


Katayama died because of bloodloss. Kai’s dead at the hand of his own knife “stabbed by the ghosts”. Eri and Tomohiro ran away after seeing Kizami goes nuts (he pushed Tomohiro and Katayama (deceased) from the stairs out of his own will. Tohko who is in love with Kizami refuses to believe that and in the end she was being pursued by Kizami and her tooth fall off due to the Kizami went mad and decided to used his strength and beat the poor girl. Kizami found the tooth and decided to…………………….eat it.


Tohko’s death is unknown. She hides herself in infirmary room.

There’s extra chapter you can load using the save data from original game but I didn’t do so. I need a damn break from this game lmfao.



As usual, there’s name tags that you need to collect but it’s optional though. Nothing much.

The bad ends / Wrong Ends are there and it’s not explicit. There’s no CGs for that just a blank screen with text box. There’s several wrong ends you can get just make sure to save before an options come up.

There’s also voice messages from the actors and my favorite would be Sugita Tomokazu who is voice actor for Kizami Yuuya (totally biased). You need to complete the chapter to unlock the voice messages though.


Compare to the original game–



so there you have it. Like I had stated before I’m not good at horror game and japanese horror is not my cup of tea. Yet, it such a waste to let this game untouch when I’ve already completed the original game and I–like it? despite the horror shiet, the story and plot, the characters are brilliant. The music and bgm are top notch. It’s impossible to hate this game.

Well, if I have  to say something then this game is actually an eroge game. It’s actually for boys. What’s up with boobs, moans, panties, soaked through panties and women everywhere? This is actually eroge even though the guys are pretty hot.


This game has yaoi as well. Rejoice fangirls! We have gay couple who are both uke and this is a possible dominant seme and hetare uke ;


Did I mention about incest? Pedophile? Tsundere? Dummy head mic 18+ situation? Domestic violence? Violence against women? WELL YOU GOT THE DRILL RIGHT.





  1. www you are so fast, man I’m still forever stuck in chapter 4 about Naho’s story. I do enjoy this game too up until chapter 4 (thought I hate the first chapter).

    That chapter 7, omg that Kai dude and Kizami is in there ((o-ω-)♡(-ω-o))though I was shocked when you said Kizami ate the tooth, eww that’s so gross.

    Lmao : so this game have bl, pedobear, and eroge vibe? xD

    Luckily I love horror so this game is just my cup of tea, loving the story, characters (minus some girls lolz), and the seiyuu have done a great job xD Hopefully they can make the sequel and I can’t wait for new CP, the one in hospital xD

    Brilliant review as usual (ノ∀`●)⊃【。+゚愛羅武勇。+゚】

    • thanks to my fingers www. Gifted fingers lmfao.

      Oh Chapter 4 is the longest route ever seriously. Are you going for the bad ends? There’s bad end in chapter 4 where you have to help this evil spirit (read : red fireball) to find his head(? im pretty sure its his head).

      I’m kinda curious about that as well, what happen after he got his head back? I seriously wanted to know that but oh god, the hassle i’ll save that for other things. I’m not patient to this sort of things.

      Morishige in chapter 4 is lovely as always! ヾ(*・∀・)/
      I wish he did that evil maniac laughter but nope not happening www
      That is seriously my favorite part in original game.
      It’s. So. Sexy.

      I can’t wait for the Dead Patient as well!
      I think there will be tag game…..there goes my sweet dreams ;w;

      Aww thanks dellz-san!
      This post is a bit rush tho xD i think i’m missing some important points that i would like to point and include in this post but im not sure what :/

      • “There’s bad end in chapter 4 where you have to help this evil spirit (read : red fireball) to find his head(? im pretty sure its his head).” -> omg really? That will scared the heck of me, just like I said I almost got heart attack with that blue boy ghost with no tongue, hopefully my heart can handle it, since I am planning to get all the wrong ends xD

        I’m glad Morishige will have the screen time in this game, I just love him too, that evil maniac laughter he did in the first game is brilliant (lol I’m turning myself into DoM?) *** love (●´・ω・`)(´・ω・`●)love ***

        What I love about the first game is tag game, its thrilling xD

        I don’t find anything missed out from your post but I still need to beat the game first orz

        I promise I’ll finish the game very soon xDDD

      • i hope there’s nothing horrifying when we found his head ;w; but im kinda…curious you know? like is he going to chase them after omg scary ;w; or his head like at the state of unrecognizable?!

        the thought of it alone is enough for nightmares ;;;

        Dellz san…..you ARE DO M dont worry too much www
        I’ll be waiting for the fateful day that you completed the game! 😀

    • No-nothing horrifying? I even get scared seeing that corpse bishie that is strangled by wire xD But need to prepare my heart to collect all the ends :w:

    ‘…because Yoshikazu is a tsundere zombie’
    —> “I-IT’S NOT LIKE I WANT TO LISTEN TO HER OK” OMG LOL When you said that I immediately thought of Sacchini and our conversations on all of this omfg LOL. But man you are so fast!! I’ve barely gotten through chapter 1…. I’m too scared to play it by myself omg LOL also, for some reason Kizami looks even hotter in this game 8DD WHICH IS VERY GOOD IN MY OPINION HEHEHE
    UUUUUUUUUU screw you Sachiko ;_; you suck for killing Yuuka Q_Q she was the only relatively decent original girl from the first game ;A; although I guess it was kind of stupid of her to go hang out with Sachiko…. lol at least in the 1st game she knew better than to do that but uh in the 1st game Sachiko DID threaten her so I guess… the situation is different….? xD lol
    I kind of am sad they removed the tag system, I kind of liked it lol but I guess it’s probably because of the mental pollution system since I guess picking up tags would probably make it worse? xD;; lol
    Also, Naomi plsdie.

    • how do i reply to this lengthy comment.
      stop torturing me Serena sama.

      lol i’m not fast.
      I just granted with these fingers of mine to write a wall of text non stop ww.
      I’m slow at completing a game though /fails

      I-it’s not like I write this review to let people read it!

      If I had to compare this game, I would say I had no trouble sleeping at night at all which is contradict to the first game where I ended up staying up late because I fear of Sachiko might showed up or traumatizing images keep flashing lol.
      So don’t worry bby, this game is safe ;D

      Yuka never lived in the first game. Remember the ending? Satoshi had an illusion of Yuka (since their bedroom just next door to each other). Sachiko made it clear that whoever face death in original game will be meeting death again (in more terrifying way) so yeah. Yuka’s dead. As much as I love her, someone needs to be sacrificed.

      Oh btw what I meant by tag system is > Tag game where you are being pursued by the ghost/yoshikazu/Kizami lol xD

      Name tags is optional, it won’t affect you to collect it or not but some corpses will give you direction/way and also you’ll get items on the floor so it’s not entirely “optional” you still need to search them xD
      or you might as well found bishie corpses hehe.

      How do you like this reply? I hope it fancy you ;D

      Aww love thank you so much! I think after this review I need to listen / play something and write a review based on that. My fingers are itching to type ww.

      Yes let’s make another joint review be it otome game or drama cds. We will have fun bonding time while at it of course!

      Naomi, Seiko go burn in hell. We don’t need you.
      (there’s Naomi x Ayumi route in Blood Drive ~hidden chapter~) I skipped that of course xD

      • xD in the end you finished the Blood Drive, talking about the ghost with no head, omg I was scared but since I want all the wrong end so I found his head, orz that gross.

        And finally I found that bishie corpse haha, right now he doesn’t look scary anymore (thanks to you I already train my heart xD)

        PS: I hope you don’t mind I clicked the ‘share this on facebook’ button ^-^

      • You did? I can’t wait for your post on that ! I seriously wanted to know how you get bad end when you helped that. Crazy ghost.

        He’s bishie right! I couldn’t remember what he said but he helped them so (*´ϖ`*) he would be kanpeki kareshi if he’s alive asghlas ME FIRST! I BOOKED HIM ALREADY ww

        p/s : w-whaaa i don’t want to get instant popularity ! Stop /tsuntsun xD

  3. Ha2 yeah I think this weekend I can finally finish this game and post something for a review xD LMAO I don’t want to find his head too but well the wrong ends orz, basically after you got his head, this spirit drags you to hell. Talks about gratitude.

    Ha2 yeah totally a bishie, hmm iirc he is telling them not to trust anyone lolz. Very true indeed xD

    PS: lolz I want to share with my FB TL (though it’s still new) because ur awesome reviews.

    I still not dare to play this game, I’m too scared orz
    this game uses dummy mic head as well? O.O

  5. 16 Rinstar

    I love this game so much and it was a good idea that they made a chapter just for the Byakudan group and good job in the review your so funny. Honestly did wish they made a Kurosaki death scene when he gets his organs out and yes I know that sounds creepy, but he needs more screen time. I am afraid I like the Byakudans more then the Kisaragi except for Kizami and that is a bad idea since they all died.

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