It’s been a while ❤


……and I’m so sorry. I never had a chance to update my blog after Corpse Party ; Book of Shadows, and believe me it is not in my slightest intention to ignore this blog of mine which I’ve decided to do review on Drama CD rather than Otome Game.

Life has taken a toll in my otome fangirling but let’s forget about that for now. First thing first, I would like to say ;


Too bad the first anniversary would be nothing but just an excuse to post something but worry no more as there’s many delicious news about DRAMA CDs! Some of them caught my attention and I whisper to the wind so that April, May, June, July (and so on) comes faster so that we can finally have our own little world (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

Second is, there’s a quite a list of interesting drama cds that I’ve listened to! Below is where I’ll post the title, the introduction and the character!

1.抱擁CD「ぎゅっとして。」 vol.1 芹沢司

This CD is based on the “embrace” theme hence the title and the character is Tsukasa Serizawa who is 優しい幼馴染のお兄さん “Gentle (older brother type) childhood friend”. Voiced by Hirakawa Daisuke (I kinda expect this from the very beginning lol when the site said the first CD will be “gentle” and “older brother” which is the keywords for Hirakawa Daisuke pfft. (and also i finally have an excuse to post this gorgeous picture of Tsukasa *____*)


 He is 25 years old and he is a salaryman at top notch company. Relationship between him and the heroine is childhood friend (and the heroine is two years younger than him; this is explained briefly in first and second tracks). He is sweet-tempered, and has been beside her since they’re still young.
Whenever the heroine is feeling down, he will comfort her and whispers sweet words to calm her. Occasionally, he will show his overbearing  possessive side (ohohoo i knew it you are one of the yanderes <0><0>)
His hobbies are reading and astronomical observation (quite a serious type i see)
2. ベストプレイス~はじめての体温~ 橘りょう

The Best Place ~  Finally realized someone’s warmth~ Tachibana Ryou VOLUME 2


Tachibana Ryou is a green young man from a well to do family and he was raised in such (over protected) environment hence the spoiled-brat attitude he carries around. I am guessing he must be the only child / the youngest or just a filthy rich kid but it’s never in the description. Let our imaginations run wild.The description wrote that he has “cat-like” appearance (The Cat Lady references? ww).

Upon first encounter, he is quite intense and slightly arrogant as he is not liking the idea of new lodger which is the heroine. Apparently, Ryou is a lone wolf because he doesn’t has a big circle of friends due to his nature. I would say “acquaintance” or a “classmates” because he gives this “don’t touch me” aura.

At first, he doesn’t talk much, he spurts nonsense and constant “kaa san, kaa san” (i still can’t get that over with it so cute) but gradually he opens up with the heroine and it was a nice change.

And get this, this would be the strong point in his resume but he is a coward or should I put it as “scaredy-cat” ? Better word choice to match with his appearance.  Ever since he watched that horror movie (in track 4?) he can’t sleep alone since on that day xDD oh baby Ryou is adorable.

At first I’m having a difficulty who’s the seiyuu for this adorable baby. My first guess was Hirotan but then it turns out to be Okamoto Nobuhiko!

3. 抱擁CD「ぎゅっとして。」 vol.2 鷹森宗一


I wasn’t expecting anything until! I listened to the sample and omygod thank you so much for teaching me what is adult world and what is kids’ world lmfao. This CD is about

Pron + BL = totally unrelated

You are the manager of the basketball club and your childhood friend is one of the member, Ryousuke and your senpai (a year older) Atsushi (i am not sure how the kanji reads and they never call each other names’ too, let’s settle with those names).

Atsushi’s your typical gentle type Senpai however, he has his scary side as well like if Ryousuke meddles with him, he’ll change his voice to something low key and you know shit is going down but when he talks to the heroine, it’s all sparkly. Closet yandere. His seiyuu is Toriumi Kousuke.

Ryousuke is your dense childhood friend. He only thinks about himself and also “moody”. Also wearing THAT kind of expression however very protective over the heroine. He was voiced by Terashima Takuma.

This volume is entertaining! It was funny and nosebleed at first but then it all makes sense afterwards. I never knew I would infatuated with this CD so much! The previous volume didn’t catch my interest by the way.


contents_id_59_char01I have my second chance to post another picture of lovely cover from Gyuutoshite. This time, Toriumi Kousuke will voice Souichi Takamori, our beloved who is a little shy or should I just say Kuudere. He’s a cool type and not very communicative. He maybe a little hard to approach but once he’s fixed his gaze on someone that captures his heart, you’ll only get all the lovey dovey stuff from him. He lives alone in a large apartment and he works at industrial agency. He is in fact, 28 years old! His favorite hobby is to go for a drive (with his fancy expensive Mercedez Benz)

抱擁CD「ぎゅっとして。」 vol.2 鷹森宗一

Release date is 28th of April!

  • This one is based on “shukan soine” under the name 戦国☆添い寝シリーズ (Sengoku Soine) where the setting is mainly on the bed. I REPEAT on the bed. However, there’s no sign of it to be dangerous so I’m guessing it’s just another shukan soine. To tell the truth, I am not particularly liking the idea I mean they could have find another theme since I love the concept (historical romances) but hot dem Date Masamune and he will be voiced by Sugiyama Noriaki aka our baby shiba inu Kanoe from SonoAi. Will be released someowhere on June!
  • If you never get enough of dirty CD, worry no more! [Incubus] or 淫間 is at your service! There’s two incubi that will lead you to a much more pleasureful dreams ; Do S and also Innocent incubus. The Do S hated human and expect vulgar words from him meanwhile the Innocent incubus is so innocent that he will says something embarrassing (or maybe physically) to you without knowing the meaning (?). Scheduled to be released on July! No seiyuus yet.
  • Are you depressed? Want somebody charming and enchanting to comfort you with shoes? HOBiGIRLS announced that their new drama CD 靴屋GLICINE which means “Shoe Shop ; GLICINE”. Maeno Tomoaki will voice the young charming shoe maker who just returned from Italy. The script writer is Ume Matsutake (insert loud screams) who also the one who did Sono Ai wa Yamai ni Itaru. Needless to say I am excited for this CD YAYY /o/

Annnnnd that’s all. I just wanted an excuse to write a post since I found that this ghost town blog is gaining quite an amount of followers every day so it will be bad if I didn’t post anything.

I will be back with more drama CD reviews from the one listed above or just something that caught my interest! For the mean time, this will do! (:3冫 ノ)ノ


13 Responses to “It’s been a while ❤”

  1. Take your time xD and glad to see new post from you. I’m looking forward for your 1.抱擁CD「ぎゅっとして。」 vol.1 芹沢司 review, D’AWW the cover. That man looks so hawt welp and his eyes *A* /ehem pardon me xD

    • aww you’re fast as always Senpai xDD
      Haha I am planning to review that after my finals that is! It’s so adorable and I just couldn’t help but goes _(:3 / <)_ at Tsukasa so lovely i want a husband like this hisss hisss

      I KNOW RIGHT thanks to the character design, I manage to post a flash entry like this pfft. Gotta use that as an excuse xD

      • It’s ok, I’ll be waiting and good luck for your final xD

        “Tsukasa so lovely i want a husband like this hisss hisss” -> I second that ( =①ω①=)フフフ

      • oh yes i know you do (⊙ω⊙✿)

  2. 5 Yume

    Happy anniversary~ Feel free to review what you want, looking forward to them reviews! (:

  3. happy anniversary! yes keep reviewing dem drama CDs. I rarely listen to them, but I guess it’s always interesting to read them XD

    • Compared to games where i have to spend my entire lifetime to complete it (exaggerated) i still prefer to listen to drama cds (must be because there’s so many twited characters nowadays ww)

      Thank you so much! ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

  4. Happy anniversary to you~!

    I see… So you might get your hands on Glicine and Inma too?! I already know, that I won’t be able to resist those two CD’s… xD *hides in a corner* Lately Maeno is featured in too many CD’s, but it’s not like you could ever get to much Maeno or Hosoyan. 8D

    And I agree with you… Gyuttoshite’s covers are always so pretty. I mean look at those men. They are breathtaking…. I mean Tsukasa is even more handsome than real German men. *bricked, I’m sorry boys* and look at Souichi… If he had megane, I would have died here. (*°∀°)=3

    I actually wanted to buy the 2nd volume, because the cover is so pretty (LOL), but since I’m officially broke after buying too many goodies, I have to wait until June. ;__; But June will be a good and sadly expensive month… Maybe I should tell my friends to buy me the drama CD’s I want as my birthday present. (/ω\)

    Regarding Inma… Somehow I smell do-S Hiranin all over the place. xD I wonder who will voice this charas. Will it be only one CV or 2?

    Your post reminds me… I wanted to post a “Goods that I will get”-post too. xD

    • Wow that is one looong comment not that i hate it though. I feel so loved with your comment www.

      I knew about Maeno when he voiced Shuuya in nise no chigiri and from that day on i just couldn’t resist his voice its tempting

      I knoww right it’s a crime to be so good looking and added a high quality personalities. I shoukd arrest Tsukasa he is illegal to be roaming around in 2d world he makes the 3d fangirls go crey crey asgsjksk;;
      Mann no one can resist Souichi and his trench coat + jet black haired with blue eyes. Another criminal i’ll arrest him noww ( ☉ノω☉)

      You should just ask your parents to give you drama cds and otoges instead of allowance. Now, thats what i call LOVE pfft.

      I think inma will be voiced by Hirarin since the characters design look fragile which suited Hirarin’s voicw but i dont mind if they’ll be viiced by Hosoyan…..and i witness another death of Haruna ( ☉ノω☉)
      I think the CV will be one for two characters and the seiyuu can work their magic and use their flexible voice. But different seiyuus for different characters would be good then it’ll become lethal death for us fangirls xDD

      DO IT DO IT! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

      And thank youuuuu! ✩

      • I would be happy, if I still got allowance from my parents… xDD

        Yeah… Hot ikemen are making it hard to resist drama CD’s and games… LOL But that’s probably the reason they exist for: To lure girls into FANDOM. 😛

        Hahaha… IKR… Inma’s first 2 characters just scream Hiranin. xD I’m really anticipating this CD, which will make me go nuts to some points. xDD Oh, my poor heart couldn’t take an ero CD with Hosoyan, but luckily he never does them, because he’s so innocent. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

        I wonder which kind of voice Maeno will use for Glicine… I do like his kuudere voice, when it’s not too deep, but I also like his higher voice… orz orz Hopefully the voice samples will be on the website soon… >w<

  5. Congrats on the 1 year! (╹◡╹)
    Will you be reviewing the upcoming Dialovers CDs? There aren’t too many blogs reviewing CDs only so I think it will be a fresh thing to see.

    • Thank you so much! (´∀` )ノ

      I tried Subaru’s Dialovers once and then……i just don’t like the series i think i am partly done with anything that has to do with vampires unless they’re total opposite of what the actual meaning of vamps.

      So i don’t think i’ll review them UNLESS there’s something that make me want to pick the series again.

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