The title translated as

Dream Boyfriend – Chihiro

It also can also mean, idealistic boyfriend that you could never find in real life. (This is the whole idea of the CD lol). I’ve made a half-assed review on Tumblr you can read it here. I made another proper review on wordpress with less kaomojis and thoughts to give way for readers to express their own opinion about this CD. This CD is a doujin work meaning it’s not from a famous seiyuu and this CD only can be given through links after you’ve paid for it. This is super – late – joint – review with Dellz, you can read her review here. I wouldn’t blame university and real life I think I am just simply lazy to write a review because it takes a lot of time and work and I am quite a perfectionist so everything must be in order or something hence the lateness. Anyway,

chihiro ヤンデレ系彼氏に狂おしいほど愛される、大人の女性のためのシチュエーション音声作品です A psychopathic boyfriend who is longing to be loved. This situation DRAMA CD is designed for mature women.

TITLE  : 夢彼-千尋

COMPANY : Heart ❤ Beeps

WEBSITE : あなたは18歳以上ですか

RELEASE DATE : 2012/10/23

Chihiro : Senai Ranmaru

Heroine : Her / Heroine

This took me so long to post. Laziness kicks in and I just like fuck this I should edit and finally post it. So FINALLY AFTER MONTHS! I hate myself for keeping this a draft for freaking months argh.


01 Solo  (8min59secs)

02 Rhapsody  (21min41secs)

03 Nocturne (11min29secs)

03 Nocturne  (with BGM ver)

04 Reverie (3min49secs)

04 Reverie (with BGM ver)

Omake Finale (Bad Ending)

Omake Finale (with BGM ver)

01 SOLO 

You are sleeping when you hears a lovely melody of an instrument being played.

The person who’s playing the violin stopped playing and he greets you good morning and says that you’ve been sleeping well. He asked if you’re coming to your senses. He steps closer to the bed, where you are. You asked him what is this place and his eyes widen because of the question and said that it’s “our house”.

He places the violin to its original place and confidently said that this place will be our place. You and I. He faints a shock when he realizes that its your first time here. He tells that this room is a soundproof and that’s why he always practices his violin here. At that moment you finally realized that you’re chained.

“Did you see it? The cuffs? How was it? It looks good on you, isn’t it?” – no it doesn’t. It hurts like hell Chihiro.

You tried to break free from the cuffs but found out it’s completely useless because it can’t be remove easily. You asked him why would he do such things. He chuckles softly and his voice becoming restrained from anger and tells you to ask yourself. Ask your heart. It’s all your fault.

“I did tell you several times that I like you, but instead you’re frolicking with other men,” (i’m not sure about this part. She played dumb or she thinks he’s only fooling around her?)

“Fooling around? I’ve  seen you sticking  with that annoying guy”  …… He gives an exclamation, “Just a friend, right” “Even though you exclaimed such way, what do you think that other guy thinks? I can’t imagine seeing you becoming his exclusive possession,”

His expression softens, “I want you to only look at me. Laugh only when you’re with me (have a good time with him),”

“Stay here…..forever, okay?” He chortles happily.

“You don’t have to worry about your work (勤め先 – a person’s place of employment) I’ve already asked the high chief to give you a place,”

He laughs when you look shocked at the statement.”Why are you shocked? 君は僕の奥さんになるだから”- You’ll sooner or later become my wife @ You already my wife

He apologizes firsthand and then he jiggles your phone (which is broken btw) “BUT you don’t need such thing right? 僕の意外の人間が関わり関わり申す事なんてもうないんだから

“With this, we don’t have to worry about the problem and people who might intervene. Finally we are able together alone,”

” 君が存在する場所は。。ここだけいいー The only place exist for you, is here (or something like that)

“Your eyes, your voice, your caress are all mine. It’s all mine.”

He chuckles softly “What’s wrong? That frightened face, are you scared of my presence? Even though I showered you with my affection, it seems doesn’t convey to you,” He climbs the bed closer to you and forces a deep kiss. You tried to break away, but it seems that kind of act is out of the question at the moment. His kisses gradually becoming much more forceful (because you’re trying to avoid it) and eventually you give up.

“You’re trembling with fear, are you still scared of me?” then he laughs. He comments about you’re looking adorable with your eyes downward (trying to avoid his eyes contact). “With appearance like that, you almost look like a human doll,” and then he calls you “My lovely Dolly”

“With this you’re finally mine. Your world, will be only be me.”

“My world, 君に司会いないから”

He finally remembers that you havent’t eaten anything since you woke up, it’s the side effect of the sleeping pills from the beginning that made you like this. “You’re hungry isn’t it? Please bear for a while. I’ll fixed you something to eat,” and then he went off to the kitchen to prepare a food for his precious dolly. And please bear in mind that THERE’S NOTHING GOOD COMING FROM A YANDERE TRYING TO FIX YOU A MEAL GIRLS.

After a while, he comes back with a tray. You are suspicious about the drinks and he notices that and offer to do mouth to mouth service saying that it’s safe for him and of course trying to convince to you that he doesn’t put anything weird. And this is where we go, “iiyaan~” at the sound effect. THAT DOESN’T SOUND LIKE MOUTH TO MOUTH SERVICE. AT ALL.

“Delicious? It spilled a bit, flowing through your beautiful neck,”  without warning, he licks your neck and then he said that the sound you made looks like a puppy. Your alluring gaze is making him uneasy, but he won’t do anything if you stay as a good kid. “Here, time for food! Open your mouth. I’ve put in lots of milk and honey in this sweet cereal,”

You are still drowsy with all these things happening all at once and the way he treated you. You offer to do it by yourself, “What you want to do it by yourself?” “From now on I’ll be the one who will do anything for you. You can rest assure, you don’t have to do anything. Just love me and that’s is all I’m asking from you,”.

“Come. Eat your portion and your milk,”


or a track of pure yandere lover at the highest.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?” He placed his palm on your forehead to check the temperature and agrees that you’re /maybe/ running a fever and then he chuckles when he remembers something. When you asked him what is it he didn’t reply it immediately and giggles at your naivety as if playing you around with his fingers.

(He puts an aphrodisiac or any love liquid in the cereal obviously. I warned you, never trust yanderes)

“It’s okay, from now on you will only be /experiencing/ good things….from this point on” “With that lusty eyes (moiety, wet eyes), that can even make a guy indulge (give in to) one’s passions….you didn’t know?” and then he kisses you.

The rest of this track is making love.


Anyway, the thing I would like to highlight in this track is that the mention of having kids. Chihiro is excited to have a children, build a family, with you. He dreams about having a children that look exactly like you. They’ll have a cute adorable children around. A perfect family. Which is a pretty great for me considering most yandere males (most) don’t want to have little kids running around in their house because they prefer only to have you just for himself.


So after the passionate love making, like seriously, he finds you are still awake and asks what’s wrong, and why you are wearing such a painful expression. He doesn’t understand why would you be unhappy, isn’t that abnormal? They have share the wonderful night together, they’ve become one. And, why would you still be unhappy? He points out that is very content because he can live together with you in here. No one can interrupt your little world. It always has been his desires to be together with you.

“That’s why, let’s make a happiness together,”

He expresses this affection towards you as if his heart and soul only belongs to you. There’s no one can bring him happiness other than you. It was painful to listen to his voice when it’s started to crack and he’s in tears. He asks for forgiveness because of all the terrible things he did to you (which doesn’t include the love making because you’re willing to do it with him) asgjflaskflas ;; his voice ( ´;゚;ё;゚;` ) His words touched your heart, even though you despise him for doing such terrible things and tricking you to it, but your heart softens seeing him full of regrets. A man of pride and everything, crying before you. You placed a kiss and without hesitation you harbor no grudge against him. He’s shocked and call you a foolish woman.

“You’re always gentle towards me,” he says softly.

apparently his arm is injured and he can’t play violin like he used to and since then he’s in despair. He used to be in the competition and everything. His violin is basically his life before this and it’s the only way he can be him. And what touches his heart the most was that  you are always by his side supporting him when he’s outcasted…. oH CRIESS (´;ω;`) that’s why he always thankful for your existence. You’re dear to him. You’re precious and he’ll treasure you.

and then we get the past story of Chihiro’s life. How he became warped and twisted little bastar- i mean yandere.

His mother is a strange, unusual strict mother. He’s not allowed to play outside because it’s dangerous. He doesn’t know what it “a mother” (like the feeling to have a mother. they’re suppose to be warm and motherly but not his mother). He has no siblings. He doesnt has any friends. Every day he has private violin practice where the sensei came to his house. Playing alone. His father is always outside Japan (busy with work) and he’s rarely home. He tried to go outside but his mother is always watching him.

He met you at the university and you gave him a BIG bouquet of flowers because of his performance on something (not sure) and he would never forget your happy face that time d’aww you also includes a message card and that is his precious things ever and he still keeps that because it’s from his “goddess from heaven” (*´ϖ`*)

“It’s not only that, I still keep all the things that I received from you, ne” – okay aren’t you a bit creepy here.

after that he sets you free from the chains and  you’re free (eh what?!) even so, he wants you, desperately, to stay with him for the whole night. Just this night. He always wanted to hug someone, wanted someone to be beside him all night. He needs warmth from a human. Nothing can match a warmth from his dearest person, you. You agree to stay with him. He needs someone to console and comfort him and nothing is the best place other than woman’s bosom. 


He wakes up when  found out that you are no longer at his side.

“I was rejected,” “Of course I’m hated,” “I think this is the best. With this, I can no longer be with her anymore. I don’t have the rights to do so after all the hideous things I did”

“I knew that but still-” his voice cracks. He couldn’t control the loneliness and emptiness in his heart, in his little world. It as if everyone left him alone, to manage his life alone. Even his family. And now, even you.

And then there’s a creak sound of the door. He jolted at the sight of you standing there. Standing still. He’s at loss of words and asks what are you still here. If you are still here because of his story last night, he doesn’t need them. He doesn’t need your sympathy.  You pointed out that he’s crying and he answered that it’s none of your business! (I think after that he said that you wanted to take revenge for all the things he did and then you slap him hard) He cringes in pain.

Without hesitation, you declares your love towards him. At first he doesn’t react and then tears doesn’t seem to stop flowing. He wonders if you are okay with a person, a horrible wicked person like him? He thinks that he doesn’t deserve to be loved by anyone, especially you. You hushed him from saying “horrible” by hold him tight. He’s just a little baby who needs someone to return the love. This made him regained confidence that you are not forced to stay with him because of sympathy, but because you FINALLY return his love back.

Yandere kicks in. GDI CHIHIRO.

“I don’t care/know what’s going to happen anymore. I won’t let you go, I won’t let you escape from me

“Even though you said you do not want, I won’t forgive you. I love you,”

“I seriously love you,”

“From now on, until death do us apart stay by myside,”

“I love you,”


He expresses his concerns seeing you are not in your usual mood. What is it that’s bothering you? Aren’t you happy to be one with me? He is obviously loving the fact that you’re bound to him for eternity and his voice slowly turning sinister. It has always been his dream so that’s why be with him forever he’ll make you happy and giving you lots of love from now on.

Apparently you are not liking the idea and trying to break-free however it’s a waste of energy because you are chained and he quickly grabbed your tiny wrists while chortle at your useless effort. He doesn’t give a single fuck anymore because he only wanted you to be with him even though your heart isn’t. It’s enough to have you beside. Furthermore, you don’t have a place to return to anymore. I don’t know what he did, but I am sure he makes sure that your old place is no longer available for you to return to. gdi chihiro.

“Ne, isn’t that right?”

“Let’s have fun together, okay?”

The track faded.

The sound of door’s opening. Without wasting any minute, with chained foot and hands you running towards him as if not letting him go. He is of course very pleased with your reaction and treating you like a pet. At this state, your brain has been brainwashed by Chihiro and is literally his pet slave.

Apparently you also lose the ability to speak because he remarks that “you can’t call my name anymore, I’m a bit lonely,”

The rest of this track is just pure eargasm. ENJOY.


I am trying to restraint myself from fangirling too much but let me say this-


Kudos to the seiyuu for the amazing voice acting it felt surreal as if he’s actually not DOING IT ALONE. For an amateur seiyuu he exceeds the expectation that I had. Because knowing amateur seiyuus, they actually tend to go overboard with their voice acting that it actually sounds so cliche and fake. But, I will give you a big clap for making me (and the rest of the fangirls) screaming like there’s no tomorrow especially when it comes to the kissing part. I mean, GDI CHIHIRO. Can  you please tone down a bit, we are all otomes here and I felt like my  lips was stolen by this yandere asghladl crying.

If you are 18 and older, I recommend this CD for your lonely heart. If you are a minor, I don’t know what to say since we are all perverts.


8 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Yumekare – Chihiro [JOINT REVIEW]”

  1. 1 Dellz

    Finally your review ヘ(´∀`ヘ)ヘ(´∀`ヘ)ヨイヨイ(ノ´∀`)ノ(ノ´∀`)ノヨイヨイ♪ omg it is so detailed, but Allyyn you promised you will give track 2 a more detailed one fufu why you cut it short? (lmao jk) there is no way we can write that track in here, the content is so R-18+++ ( ´艸`)ムププ I’m not that fond of yandere but Chihiro is so precious, come to mama. And I gotta agree the seiyuu has done an amazing job considering he is still an amateur. I really can’t wait to see more work from him ( ´艸`)ムププ

    “The rest of this track is just pure eargasm. ENJOY.” ( ゚∀゚)アヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒャヒゴッ!!!ゴホッ!ゴホッオエェェェー!!! -> my innocent ears is spoiled by this track lols

    Just like you said beware of yandere but the good thing is he will love you to death and never cheat with other woman. /whatthehecki’msaying ( ´∀`)ヵヵヵ

    • Senpai, i give up. I tried to write the details in Track 2 but I stopped. I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS PORN SENPAI. I GIVE UP. PLEASE LISTEN FOR YOURSELF LMFAO.

      The other work from him is this weird concept CD where, your oniisama is cleaning your ears. More like he’s cleaning a toilet with this super big pump idek but better stay away. We don’t want to have a weird image of Chihiro now ww.

      Mine too. Oh wait a minute…………………….

      Sorry it took forever. Laziness kicks in i hate myself. I posted this because there’s another cd that i would like to review before there’s more coming in.

      Thanks for reading my crappy post anyway! 😀

      • 3 Dellz

        Nah I know, I give up with track 2 too, I seriously can’t write that one in detail /o\ it is so … ajflskdldkf

        LMAO what? cleaning the toilet? www thank you for the information I better stay away from that one, if not Chihiro’s image will be ruined forever in my mind lols.

        No problem, I can’t wait to see your other review ^-^

  2. 4 aheadofthenight

    I saw at DLsite that the last name of the seiyuu is Senai Ranmaru (o・ω-o)-☆ That’s the correct romanisation, mine was wrong XD” and congrats on the review >ω<

  3. 6 mikotochan

    And he also (somehow) managed to erase your memory.
    Yep, a pet, a sex-toy, nothing more, nothing less.
    But but but I CAN’T BRING MYSELF TO HATE HIM ;;A;;

  1. 1 Doujin CD : 夢カレ。2 ver.千尋 (CV. 瀬内蘭丸) | ayanex27x

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