[DRAMA CD REVIEW] 幻妖綺~狼ノ許嫁~ 前野智昭 2



Genyouki Volume 2 ~ Wolf’s Bride

The story takes place back in the old days, Taisho era’s setting (A fascinated love story).

Genyouki (this is a word for ayakashi, a youkai which is a ghastly apparition, a monstrous shape). It’s about a young man who can take a form of a ayakashi, an ookami and his childhood friend, you. Apparently, you has no name so let’s call you YOU. It’s a pure love story using dummyhead mic as a means to make your ears bleed terribly.


Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 12.38.10 PM

TITLE  :Genyouki 2 ~Ookami no Iinazuke~

COMPANY : Team-e


Seiichirou : Maeno Tomoaki

Heroine : YOU

It can also means, Wolf’s fiancee anything goes as long as you’re in the relationship with your osananajimi’s oniisama. But the right one would be Wolf’s fiancee because there’s no track of them getting married. Nevertheless, this drama CD is a pure otome and this is especially targeting otome who loves romance mixed with fantasy. With all the trend of R18 drama CDs nowadays, one ought to escape from it and listen to something that can make you go dokidokis. This CD is using dummyhead so it’s still a death sentence for us.

Prologue : Mysterious disappearance 

It’s deep in the forest. A young man’s voice, thundering voice, warning something (or someone) do not even think to lay a single finger on “that girl”. The “thing” growls at the presence of that man.

“FOR YOU TO TRY TO LAY A FINGER ON MY MOST IMPORTANT PERSON, YOU HAVE SOME NERVE!” The man provokes “the thing” if it is prepare for what he’s going to do to him. It growls  and back off and slowly fading into the night with it’s large wings. The man slowly move closer to the girl and his voice changed from a high and almighty to gentle. He asks if you’re okay and offering to help you. He’s worried if you are hurt anywhere. If the thing had mark a scratch on your small body. You gestures that you are fine. He’s glad that you’re okay however you are still feeling “lost”. He lends you a hand to support or more specific, carrying you, and just give yourself to him. He knows you’re still scared of what you’ve just gone through. It’s okay, he won’t do anything he’ll comfort you until you calm down. You mention that you saw a huge wings hence you wanted to get closer to that thing because of curiosity, and he brushes your worry saying that it’s belong to a Tengu and it’s gone now.

“Thank goodness  you made it alive, it must be one scary experience to go through, isn’t it? You’ve done your best, ne” – asgjlas cutie ;;

While he’s carrying you, he gave you your lost possession. A flower. He’s so sure it’s belongs to you.  He said it’s a lovely flower and this type of flower is blooming everywhere. Many of them. He wonders what it’s called.

Out of nowhere you asked him, “Where is onii sama?”  and that made him chortles softly, why are you asking such a obvious ques- oh. It’s no wonder you didn’t recognize him because he’s in “this” form. You didn’t know this other appearance of him.

His ears and tail are attached, exactly like a wolf/ookami. He brushes off your worries by saying that Seiichiro is safe and sound. Seiichiro is looking for you at the other side and is shocked when you points out how did he knew her brother’s name is Seiichiro? In a split second he came out with an idea that they’ve known each other so that’s why he knows her big brother’s name. Friend? He pauses for a while, and said to leave it just the way you want. It doesn’t matter really.

He also knows that you and Seiichiro is a childhood friend and always seen playing at the backyard together. He reminds you that this place is not a place for humans. It’s a place that humans are forbidden to enter. Her big brother must be really worried now so she should get going now. You wonder   why he doesn’t want to go to as well since it’s not a place for humans. IT’S SO CUTE ASRGH ASGJDGLKS. He smiles it off and said you don’t need to worry about him because they will meet again, soon.

“Come on, your big brother must been worried sick looking for you,”

You still asked him to come along and then he said that he also has something he wants when you thinking how to repay his kindness. Really, you will give me anything that I want? He steps closer.

僕の欲しいのはお前だよー the thing that I want is, you

He laughs happily when you asked him if he wants to “eat” you.

“Ahh, I do really want to eat but you are still small. There’s nothing that can be eaten,”

“When you have grown up, I’ll come by to meet you again. Until then, don’t let anyone come and eat you, alright?”

“Because you are, mine” he remarks.

After he said that, he urges you to go back to your big brother’s side. You quickly runs off to your big brother leaving him behind without turning back.

“I have pledge my whole life to protect you, because you are the one I cherished the most,” he giggles at his own words and quickly remembers that he also need “to go back”. If big brother isn’t there, you will cry again.


“THANK GOODNESS! YOU ARE HERE!” a sound of a young man’s, a worried voice. You quickly run and embrace him tight, crying. He asks if you’ve encountered something scary on the way back here and you nodded. He consoles you that it’s okay to cry. Just cry, he’ll be here comforting you. There’s nothing to be worried  because big brother is here. He’ll exterminate anything that’s scary.

お前は僕の宝物なんだからー because you’re the one that I treasured the most

“Anything that you fear, scary things, I’ll always be by your side, protecting you with my life,”

(and I swear the bgm here is so like Nise no Chigiri. It’s so nice I get eargasm just listening to it!)



Flash forward to some years. You knock on the door and when there’s no answer you slowly enter Oniisama’s room. You see him still deep in slumber. You poke him around a few times seeing he’s still in dreamland, showing no sign to wake up any time soon. He tells you in a sleepy voice don’t pull him from the bed. Apparently, you want him to wake up badly from his slumber you kept on poking around until he’s like, what a troublesome young girl and literally pulls you into his embrace. He  comments on how you always come sneak into his bed with him (which isn’t true lol). You trying to break free from his tight hug and then he kisses you so that you would stop moving too much and just hug him back (the cutest thing every asghlasksdla onii samaa).

That makes you stop moving around lmfao. He kisses you again since you’re a “good girl” now. He wonders if he can go back to his deep slumber a…gain and you just hit him slowly.

“Eh? Why are we here in the bed, TOGETHER?!” he jumps out when he just realized that you are beside him ON THE BED. He remembers that you used to be sneaking into his bed when you’re still young. You blame him because they’re supposed to be going out together today.

He teases you a bit about you being an adult and warns you to not easily enter a man’s room by yourself. True they’re osananajimi but they’re still of different genders (and he is in love with you since you’re still a young kid. Pedobe-/bricked).”

and just finally he remembers that you two are supposed to go on a date. He didn’t forget he’s just a bit drowsy lmao. He asks you to wait him outside while he change but you decided to stay because there’s nothing wrong of seeing oniisama getting change right? but then you get flustered when he steps closer and said that he doesn’t mind actually and offer to teach you “something” but you can never go back after this fufufufu (。→∀←。)キャハ♡.


They go out and it’s such a lively town. It’s crowded. He suggests to visit a cafe (a stall? there’s no way they call it cafe back in taisho era right? xD ) a place to drink probably would be the best. He orders a coffee and when you order a mixed juice he offers to pay you back since they’re late because of him. You can order whatever you want, the bill’s on him. You decided on ice cream because it’s your all-time favorite snack and also it’s humid today. It would be great if there’s a fountain (I don’t even know what you’re saying what fountain there’s fountain in taisho era? if there’s one, would they call it fountain? That’s so western! XD )

You are stuffing yourself with an ice cream when you noticed that onii sama is watching you intensely. It’s fun and seems delicious. Then he quickly said that the way you eat your ice cream looks like it’s super yummy (yeah right onii sama).

and then he decided to drop a bomb,

“それにしても。こやて、二人きりにカフエーカフエー逢い引き逢い引き見たいだなー the way we both here, looks like we”re have a secret lover’s meeting

逢い引きー a clandestine (secret) meeting of lovers.


that shocked the moonlight out of you that you dropped your spoon lmfao.Apparently, he doesn’t know that he said something out of normal. He scratches his head and then he gets the idea. To him, this date looks like “aibiki” and he wonders if  you want to see the “real aibiki” omg gdi. You dropped your spoon again. You want him to stop make fun of you but he questions why don’t? We used to have fun, teasing together back in old days.


You arrived at the place where there’s a festival. It’s lively and crowded. He wants to hold hand together because it will be troublesome if you get separated from him (oh god onii sama love me pls). You get flustered just by touching with him and thank goodness it’s almost evening hence your red as a tomato face, he couldn’t see.

He still going on with that (secret) meeting between lovers and that won’t do if you keep on addressing him as “onii sama”. Why won’t you call him using his name? That would make them the REAL AIBIKI. You mutters his name slowly when he presses to call him using his name.  He asks you thrice to say his name and that made him all over the moon.

Arrived at the shrine and he wants you to greet the God. (which is weird since he’s an ayakashi???)


You on the way back and you whine that your feet is hurting you. He offers to carry you all the way back but you refuse him because it’s embarrassing. He kisses you and notice that that your red is beaming red and your temperature is rising. He kisses you again and oh my goddd Maeno stop please I can’t what is this…..

He kisses you several times and you’re like, aren’t you asking for one kiss? and he’s like, I said that? Sorry, it’s because you’re too adorable I can’t seem to stop my self from doing so  SHUTUP AND KISS ME _(:3 / <)_ and then he kiss you again like wtf man his existence alone is to destroy my innocent world.

and then there’s a sign of fireflies everywhere hence the title. While you guys are watching the scene, you noticed a sudden change in his eyes. The color changed from blue (?) to golden color. You thought it’s just delusion and then he’s shocked when you mention about his eyes color. He quickly changes topic and suggest to go back home.

Onii sama kisses you again to distract you and he wonders that it would be great if they don’t have to go back and stay like this a little longer. Of course he’s joking though. OMG THE KISSES YOU CAN PLEASE NOT AND THE BGM PLEASE STOP ///////


They had an evening party and you put on a western style and he compliments you look lovely in it! You thought it’s weird and you’re not used to it and he just whispers at your ears that it’s very very cute. You are. That right now, he has this surpassing  urge to embrace you right now. Flustered, you don’t believe what he said.

You laugh happily and then he said that he gets frustrated seeing that you’re laughing and there’s other men watching you. Quickly, he grabs your hands  and you two head out together to the place “where he can have you all by himself” DONT ASK ME WHERE OMG. He apologizes that it isn’t your fault, but he can’t help it but wanted to keep you, have you, just for himself. He doesn’t fancy of the idea of other men seeing your laughing, lovely face POSSESSIVE ONIISAMA I LOIKE . He wanted to you something at the garden and hopefully you’ll follow him without questioning anything.


It’s quiet here and from afar you still can hear the sound of the orchestra and it’s amazing though because you guys are already far from the crowded. He likes this situation. He’s alone with you in the garden and there’s a fuzzy sound of a violin. It seems romantic.

The reason he brought you here wasn’t because to stay away from the crowd and people, not also because of the garden but because of this hydrangeas blooming beautifully. It’s a mesmerizing sight. You remember about this type of flower. It’s a wild mountain’s hydrangea.

“I wonder if you remember when you’re still young, you always get lost in the mountain to find for this flower?”

And then he rambles about this when you suddenly started crying. He panicked. Why are you crying?!

While sobbing you said that you and him can’t become lovers. He doesn’t know why and he needs to know why you won’t accept his confession, his love. Is it because  he’s the oniisama? Is it because she already has someone that she loves? THEN WHY? He comforts you that it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it, he doesn’t need to know the bitter reason. It’s okay as long as you’re happy, it’s okay if your lover is not him. It’s okay.

You hug him tight when he asks if you hate him. I LOVE YOU. That made him more confused than he is now. You spill the beans. That you’ve made promise. With someone. A long time ago. (HAHAHAHA). You mention about he’ll come to get and eat you. THAT MADE HIM HAH?! WHY WOULD HE EAT YOU?!

Then, he started to giggles. From giggles to laughing whole-heartedly. It was so funny. It makes sense now. You still don’t understand he guess. So, you really believe that “that person” really going to eat you? He steps closer and possibly embrace you,

“isn’t it more like this?” (referring to the eat thing) and fucking kisses.

“Your lips are soft, it makes me want to eat you. It looks delicious. I’ve kept my promise and have come back to your side,”

He apologizes beforehand that he doesn’t mean to make you surprise of his “other” appearance. Watch him closely. This is his another appearance other than his “oniisama appearance” then his voice FUCKING CHANGES TO FREAKING DEEP HOT MAN IDEK HOW THAT HAPPEN BUT OMG DYING.

You of course lost at the situation that’s happening. He doesn’t deny the fact that his eyes did change color at the firefly viewing (?) and your eyes didn’t play a trick on you.

You wanted to get mad to him because he’s deceiving you but you can’t  bring yourself to. You hug him and request for him to say “please be my lover” once again. He jolted a bit because he seriously thought that you are scared of him WHAT I DON’T I LOVE ABNORMAL BOYFRIEND HAHAHAHA ORZ ;; rather than scared, you are jealous of him because he can be both in both world.

Words can’t express his feelings and he would prefer to use skinship rather than that ;D so hey i’ll give you kisses please realize my feelings.


Oniisama I mean, Seiichirou is still in his ayakashi form and let me just say his ayakashi form is a bit pervert and love kissing a lot.

He slowly kisses on your neck (to mark that you are his omggg his animal trait i just can’t /dies) and that way no one can see his “kiss mark” if she lets down her hair. Then, their surroundings are filled with fireflies again. More kisses wtf.

he changes back to his human form and his voice is soft again (。→∀←。)キャハ♡ he ponders if your parents are at home tomorrow because he has something very important to talk. He’ll give you a call when he’s visiting your house tomorrow. You, of course dense and innocent didn’t catch what he wanted to tell. It’s for PLEASE GIVE YOUR DAUGHTER’S HAND THING aka PLEASE BE MY WIFE.

He gives you mountain hydrangea because he has nothing with him right now, no rings no nothing. This will be the start of their new chapter. From now on, please be with him. Scary things, worry times, he’ll be by your side. He just wants you to smile hence he’ll be your side forever, protecting.

俺と結婚して欲しいー Please be my wife @ Please marry me @ PLEASE BE MY SOULMATE FOREVER ILL NEVER LET YOU GO

You nodded.


cuteness overload cuteness overload cuteness overload.


There’s no one answering and you decided to just barge into his room. He’s still sleeping, pretended sleeping, apparently. You slowly step closer, and he quickly grabs you and pull you into the blanket with him ヾ(≧ロ≦ฺ๑.)ツ三ヾ(ฺ๑≧ロ≦.)ノ

“You again? Do you really want to sleep with me?”

“Ah, I get it. I was just lonely, don’t move around~”

“Come here,”

“Are you satisfied now?”

“That’s why I said, don’t move too much. Please act like a good kid,” he laughs and he remembers that he dreams about a cat and hugged a cat (in track 1). I’m skipping some parts because it’s just noises of  you guys under the blanket and sweet nothings from onii sama oh don’t forget about ama~i kissus ;D

Fast forward, he changes his appearance because you seem to forget that he has two forms ;D and we get moar deep voice of ookami san~! He’s not satisfied with your answer that you can’t choose between them both who kisses you better hence he changes his appearance to let you uh, decide right now. He tells you about his past and he has three siblings (LOL) and being the youngest hence his name is Seiichirou (because san = 3 ?) and also about wanting to have children with you 😉 (and LOTS OF THEM HE WANTS TO MAKE A BIG FAMILY BE PREPARED!)

The sounds of chime. It’s the time for him to confront with your parents especially your dad to hand in his daughter hand  to him


(。→∀←。)キャハ♡ what an adorable drama CD! I seriously thought it’s a BLCD because the first volume is similar to BL’s cover so that’s why I don’t dare to listen. (Had enough of weird cds for the past few weeks) and when a person on Tumblr commented how lovely this CD is I just grab a sample and then fall in love with the concept! I think it’s a pretty interesting concept. I have always liked the idea of fantasy, supernatural, and japanese folklore with a romance spin in it. It’s always a great idea! Too bad drama CD nowadays are more focus onto R18 and something with pleasure not pleasant to the ears. And the setting is great too since it’s not usual we got a drama CD with a Taisho / Meiji era but I think it’s slowly becoming a trend now seeing Sengoku Soine’s concept.

Maeno Tomoaki did a great job voicing both character. I fall in love with Seiichirou onii sama because of his gentle personality and his voice is a music to my ears. The way he cares you is so admirable and how much he treasures you since you are a latter (please ignore the fact that you are still super young back then!).

His voice for the ookami’s character is great too. It’s a deep voice compared to oniisama and I just couldn’t choose which one I like the best because they’re the same person, same voice (different tone) and treasure you dearly! But if I have to choose, it would be Oniisama because of his voice (always my weakness dang it) and you know what they said about gentle character? They tend to stray off to “possessive” side once a while so _(:3 / <)_ and Ookami is lovely as well but he only appears a bit in some tracks so that make me hard to choose. Especially in final track where he switches from Onii sama to Ookami I mean dang gdi Seiichirou why you do this to me  _(:3 / <)_

But I would say, I am in #TeamOniisama ! what about you? Comment below with your team of choise either #TeamOniisama or #TeamOokami

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  1. Alyyn!!! OMFG… I don’t even know how to express my ETERNAL LOVE for THIS CD…. It’s so sweet, it’s adorable and it’s fuckin’ hot and its BGM is so LOVELY!!! ALSKDJFAKLSJDFLK

    I listened to this CD like 1000 times and I just never get fed up with it, it’s soooooooooooo GOOOD. wwwwww The first time I listened to this was LETHAL. I was hyperventilating and pressing my STOP-Button so often, because my ovaries were mush. xD I’m kind of happy, that I wasn’t the only person who was totally done by this CD. :’D

    I think he didn’t actually compared the listener to a cat, but he said, he had a dream about a cat, which he hugged in his dream and also in RL. Also he pretended to be asleep in the last track and teased you with IDEK what to say… I just died from all that kissing and the BGM was sooooooooo beautiful.

    Oh and I guess, I’ll side with you on the #TeamOniisama. 8D I love the Ookami too, but Oniisama, let me love you… 😀
    Well, Maeno climbed my king thrones and is now on #2 after this. xDDD I loved him before this CD too, but this one made him rise onto an incredible rank. //////////////

    • I know Haruna I know because I read your post (and ovaries exploded gif. just got me hard xD) and I decided to give this CD a go. I wasn’t expecting or having a high expectation but dangg I shouldn’t be judging on the cover. The first night I listened to it it was beautiful. It simply a great CD! Which is i am grateful that you posted your thoughts on it because I’ve been trying to find this kind of CD (human-ayakashi/something else) like forever!

      _(:3 / <)_ me too dear me too. I could never get enough of Maeno voicing yasasshi onii sama (who is a slightly pervert thank) and his kissing o.m.g HIS FREAKING KISS I JUST WHAT HAVE YOU DONE HOW YOU'D THAT I MEAN IT WAS HE DROPPED A FREAKING BOMB AND THE NEXT THING I KNEW I WAS COVERING MY FACE WITH A BLANKET AND MUFFLED UNDER THE BREATH. IT JUST SIMPLY THAT GOOD. I WAS AN OTOME AND THIS INNOCENT CD MADE ME GO o/////o

      Thank you for pointing that out! I only listened to it for two times now but I am sure I am going to listen to it every night (艸ε≦❤ฺ)プッ there's still several things I am unsure of but I'll get to it and edit this post ;D

      The BGM is one of the beautiful thing about this CD. It reminds me a lot of Nise no Chigiri and I just, hOW TO NOT DIE WHEN THE BGM IS SIMILAR TO NISE NO CHIGIRI AND THIS CD. ITS A COMBO DEATH MAN.

      #TeamOniisama ヒャヒャ(*◆艸∀←✿ฺ) I wanted to say #TeamOokami but he's only for a short while and I love yasashii onii sama more because it just a matter of time before he shows his possessive side 8D

      I thought you're going to translate/review it too? I stalked your tumblr okay! Please do so soon we need to spread this CD some love. I mean, LOTS OF THEM ❤(。◕∀◕。)

      • 3 Haruna

        Ahahaha… So it’s actually my fault, that you fell into the “Maeno kyaaaahhh” hole? …AWESOME. xDDD

        Yeah, the kissing is LETHAL, even after hearing it the 10th time. LMAO You can clearly hear, how his feelings are overflowing at one point of the CD and it’s just ALSKDFJALSDFJALS. It’s pure and cute, but it still has the sexiness to let fangirl’s go crazy. :’D

        I’m so done with this Maeno-sir, really. I think I will die, when the rest of his 2 CD’s are arriving at my place. My ovaries are NOT safe anymore. /////

        Yeah, it’s hard to choose which team to join actually… I like both personalities, but I guess I won’t be able to handle too much sexiness from the Ookami voice. 8D

        Hmm… I might write a short review about it, when I’m done with my exams… ヽ(;▽;)ノ You’re right, this CD needs MOAR LOVE!


        I especially /especially/ liked the firefly track onwards this is where he finally reveals his “true feelings” and absolutely charming! I wonder who is the writer for this CD mann i really love the transition from “your yasashii onii sama” from “slightly perverted kissing monster who wants to kiss you every chance he gets”


        I think i’m going to start digging Maeno’s cds from now given that i am not really fond of him before this CD sobs.

        i’ll be waiting for your review haru~! (艸ε≦❤ฺ)プッ

      • Responsibility? What is responsibility? xD How about listening to Enren Danshi 2? I thought the CD was really cute… Though it won’t give you all the “kyaaaaah, kyahhhh” feelings like this CD. And in addition you’ll get Mamo in a Drama CD once in a while too. And no it’s NOT a BLDC. xDD

        Yeah, the mind-blowing firefly track…
        “Do you mind if I kiss you again once?” *kiss* …. *kiss* *kiss* //////////// “That was more than just once? I’m sorry (you’re actually NOT), but I just couldn’t stop, since were too cute to resist…”

        Though I think the transition from the yasashi Onii-chan to the greedy kisser is very realistic. I mean, he loved you since you were small and his feelings were just overflowing… He couldn’t hold back anymore and he didn’t had a reason to hold back either… So the change to this “perverted kissing monster” was really not that suprising. 8D Reminds me of my boyfriend though… He was the same with the kisses. xDDD

        And reading your review again gives me all kind of feelings right now. :’D

      • I’m listening to it right now! Thank you so much and there’s also Kondou in first volume *q* ! At this moment I don’t really care about R18 drama cds anymore i just want a warm and leaving me with fuzzy fuwa fuwa feeling after listened to it. Thank you for the recommendation!

        I knooow! If only such guy exists in this world I would totally date him such a nice guy who treasures his girlfriend a lot is likely not going to happen osbs.

        I wanted to call him lolicon since he has been in love with her (in this case, us 8D) since she’s a loli? I have this imagination where he plays with her a lot back in the past. And also it’s a taisho era isn’t it? It’s kinda normal for older guy to marry a young girl (very young in fact) so i don’t see the problem in this one (and it’s like he’s babysitting her which is MAJI 1324484793% ADORABLE)

        Aww your boyfriend is a kissing monster too? xDD

        There’s still some confusion like the second last track though I don’t really catch up with (him and his family and the relation with her dad) so i hope your review (hopefully) could answer the questions in my head :’D

      • Well, I guess changing from fluffy innocent CD’s to R-18 ones and vice versa is pretty refreshing once in a while. 😀

        Hehehe… You’re welcome! I hope Enren Danshi was to your liking? 8D Man I’ve always wanted to write that sentence. LMAO

        Oh, I think there are plenty guys out there who WILL treasure their girlfriends, if they had one… I guess, most of them are just a bit shy and kind of plain, so you won’t recognize them at first. 🙂 だから諦めないで。

        That’s interesting… I thought he was not that much older than the heroine is, when he’s in human form… It’s just that his youkai form is a tad older. 😀 I don’t know… was there more information about him or was just my imagination doing things again? LOL

        Well, after we kissed the first time back then (God, time sure flies), he couldn’t get enough too and became a kissing monster… Not that I had anything against it though. 8D

        Ahahaha… I haven’t paid that much attention to that track yet. Because I was obviously busy with fangirling. x’D

      • I tried Enren Danshi 2 and it was average and “forgettable” ? it’s not your fault though it’s mainly because my expectation of endless pure drama CD has been changed because of Genyouki xD
        It’s still a good to listen though there’s nothing remarkable that make me want to re listen it again.

        If you recall back, in track one Seiichirou’s voice (in youkai form) is a bit childish and it’s not deep (if my ears are not playing a trick on me) so i’m guessing he’s a young youkai back then (around 17~19ish human age) and the heroine is most likely still a kid around 4~6 years old 8D

        I dont know but i have this very adorable image of young seiichirou in youkai form asghladkaslf criess


        aww you and your boyfriend look like a sweet couple (艸ε≦❤ฺ)プッ

  2. I haven’t try this CD. I thought it didn’t use dummy mic so I let it go (Drama CD without dummy mic tends to fall me to sleep). I’ll try it then. Thanks for your review

      and yeap I agree dummyhead mic makes me to stay up late rather than falling asleep because reasons o/////o


  3. please where can I see or download the BMGs?^^


    As far as I know it’s a story about another Ookuri Ookami, probably Seiichiro’s older brother?!!

    ANYWAYS, I’M SO EXCITED! Release date is in September this year! wwwwwwwwww


      I wanted to tell you but remembered you don’t have a twitter. Glad that you took initiative because my blog has been inactive for quite some time now /cries

      Is it about another ookami? but why is it Maeno again? Isn’t it their marriage life or something hahahah /dream on /cries again


      • The 3rd volume seems to be a sequel to the 2nd one!!! Because it features the same male protagonist. I think they are going to picture the marriage and married life fluff? I mean the subtitle is “Wolve’s bride”, and it’s the same Ookuri Ookami youkai type, so it has to be a sequel!


      • I believe they will face hurdles and whatnot being you as a human and have to face Seiichiro’s older brothers? 8D

        That will be something! Glad that they decide to make a sequel rather than making new cd!

        I can see the future, it shines brightly \( ´ω` )/

  1. 1 4TH ANNIVERSARY! | 教えてあげる❤

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