ITSUKI : Takahashi Naozumi (Nao nii)

Heroine : YOU


A faint sound of bird’s chirping. You opened your eyes, you see a guy standing before you. His anxious expression quickly changes to relieved. He lets go a sigh of relief and stop you from moving too much since you just woke up from deep slumber. He would like you to remains still on the bed and strongly restrain you from getting out of the bed.

He’s not happy at you breaking the promise you guys made. He reminds you back then DON’T EVER STEP NEAR THIS PLACE. IT’S A MONSTERS’ NEST. Despite everything he relieves that you are not hurt. He’s still concern when your face is pale and ask if there’s any injuries, discomfort you’re experiencing right now. While he’s at it, you’re staring at him so engrossed that he catches your gaze. Wonder if you want something to eat and you gesture what he means by that. He said that your look as if you’re hungry. Then, you said something that make him jump from his seat.

お前、俺の事分からないのか?ー You don’t know who I am?

He’s dumbfounded. You must be joking and urge you to recall what happened. We met this morning….no, it’s not just this morning. We have been together since you’re still a latter. Together forever. However, you failed to recall that. Your memories are fuzzy and you don’t know who he is and has no collection of him back then.

He refuses to believe that. How could you forget that important memories. His voice changes, he sounds desperate. He puts his hands both on your shoulders. Tight grip. Remember. Remember. PLEASE REMEMBER. He tries to use psychology on you about last week you made a supper (? idk)

Nonetheless, you just stare at him blankly. You have no recollection of that watsoever. He slump his hands in disappointment. Despite that, he takes a deep breath and seeing nothing he can do, he apologizes beforehand because forcing you to remember something that you don’t even know you have and being hugged by a stranger must be not a pleasant memory for you. He’s just making you more confused that you already are.

He regains his composure and with a smile on his face he introduces himself as “Itsuki”. Your childhood friend. Even though you don’t remember him, there’s not even a single second in his life he forgets about you. Then, he gets down to the real talk. He hesitates at first. After regaining confidence he drop the bomb,

俺は人じゃないから。かっちの姿 がうそだからいのに。ごめんなー I…am not human. It’s a false appearance to deceive you. I’m sorry.

He’s a shinigami. He lives at the mansion where all seven shinigamis lived. “Hiragi kan”. Up till now he didn’t tell you the real him because he doesn’t want you to be afraid of him. He asks for forgiveness twice. He grips your shoulders. Tight. WHY DID YOU COME HERE. DEATH IS PAINFUL BUT STILL. WHY WON’T YOU TELL HIM ANYTHING.

The next full moon, you…with his power, song,……


It’s a beautiful morning where the bird’s chirping and from behind Itsuki says hello. He’s been looking for you everywhere. He’s going to show you around and his way of asking for your hand is just adorable and prince-ly like. You hesitate at first because “holding hands” for virgins IS A BIG DEAL HOKAY. But you gave in eventually and he grabs your hands as if he’s holding something dear to him.

よしゃ、では行きましょうかお姫様ーThen, can we go now princess?

You accidentally trip when he’s busy explaining to you about the flowers and its meaning. Apparently you’re not listening to him because he mentions about “I told you to stay close to me”. Maybe you’re reaching to touch something out of your range? He sits before you and licks your small wound and put on band aid (how the hell you have them). You are somehow feeling negative like causing trouble to him but to him, you “clinging” to him is what he  “content with it”. He wishes you don’t put on that solemn expression anymore…..even though it’s adorable (he whispers slowly).

Then, you ask him about why a shinigami is friends with a mere human. He chuckles at that question. It’s nothing interesting to talk about how they became acquaintance but you pleaded for him to tell you from the very beginning how you both met. At first he doesn’t want to talk about it and then give in. He doesn’t know where to start.

He talks about human, soul he’s been doing this reaping that it became nothing but a lifeless job to him after such period.

Then, Kanade came and tell him that there’s a special pure soul nearby but it will soon will die by water (I am guessing drowning) and to him who is an indifference shinigami who lacks sympathy, emotions it was a good news to him. Upon hearing that he quickly go to see this pure soul and that’s when “our eyes first met”. You, that time, is still a (baby?) toddler who doesn’t have the ability to speak yet. He finally gets it what Kanade told him. Normal human is unable to see shinigami yet you are smilling (ever so cheerfully) and his fingers as if asking him to play with you. That’s why, he asked Kanade to grant this selfish wish of his. When the time comes, that soul he’ll be the one reaping it. In return allow him to stay by your side.

He reminds you that you ARE HUMAN. Anytime your soul will leave your body lifeless. But, only you. He wants you to treasure your life. He doesn’t care about other human they can just do whatever they want, even taking one’s life. But, only you. Make dreams come true…but that’s that.

Then he tries to break away from talking about deep feelings and offers to make you a coffee. He makes the delicious coffee you ever tasted. He went ahead first but come back when you still at the same spot. He whispers if you want him to carry you in a princess-style.

Hey, do you remember anything from the talk just now?

About me….?

…nothing, eh?


Itsuki running towards you, heavy breathing (just a warning, I had to re listen to it several times to get it right about this part and I hope this is what he’s saying! please correct me if it isn’t!) he presented before you a limited edition TEDDY BEAR! There’s only two left of this toy and you always wanted one. He wears a proud smile.

“Anything that you want, *steps closer*, I can give it to you, y’know”

He clears his throat and the question that he utters was something that he already had planned in his mind. He was thinking if you remember what day IS TODAY? You shrug.

“Today, it’s your birthday,”

You express your surprise and he tells you that he always remember this special day. Then, your phone rings causing him pouting. Received a mail when he’s in the middle of saying something important! He pushes you for an answer, who’s that. Is it a man? Your boyfriend? You quickly dismiss that thought of his and that instantly make him sigh a relief. But still, he eager to know who is it. Friend? A random girl? Then who is it?

Itsuki quickly changes topic not pushing any further and he promises you that from NOW ON they’ll celebrate your birthday together!

Then. he clears his throat again and regains his composure from just now. He’s about to say something important. Deep breath,

“Do you, you…up until now do…do you have a boyfriend?”

He repeats his lines again. From this year on, every year, he will celebrate your birthday. There’ll be lots of fun things, are you okay with that?

He comments that you are his childhood friend and a good girl on top of that too. That’s why,

俺の彼女にしてやろうか?ーWhat do you think of becoming my girl?

Apparently you are so shock hearing that that he puts on a nervous laugh seeing your expression and reactions.

“Don’t tell me, you NEVER EVER thought about the possibility?”

興味ない女の誕生日誰のいわうだよ。たっく。どんかんすぎ!ー if i am not interested with the girl, then why i am celebrating her birthday? You’re so dense!

He gets back to his original intention. Hesitantly, he wonders if you hate him? You poke back with in childhood friend aspect?

“About you, I consider as someone who’s important and precious!”

“How do I put it into words…..”

“……好きなんだ. In a way I see you as a woman. I’ve always, always loved you.”

“Do you still see me as your childhood friend?”

“I’ll wait for your answer tonight……………………..”


The sound of bell chime.

“Ah, you’re awake?”

You open your eyes and before your eyes it’s Itsuki greets your good morning. He found you sleeping peacefully on the sofa and decided to watch you until you awake. Slowly you rose from the sofa.

He pretends if something happened to you. You tell him that you dreamt about him. That got him hyped because you were smiling must be a very happy dream then. What kind of dream? Won’t you tell me?

So you told him.

Which was.





As always, he back to his usual composure Itsuki and he ponders if you remember the continuation of that dream. You shrug. He calls you dofus. You haven’t told him your ~answer~. You told him that you need some time to think about it first so he let you go have some thinking alone. He waited.  Waited. And waited. But you never did. His voice sounded so desperate, annoyed, and trouble but then he quickly calms down and apologizes.

He has been seeing people disappear, dying before him. He doesn’t want that to happen to you. NEVER. Please, this one time tell him. That you truly want to live. That’s why “I WANT TO LIVE” say it out loud. He’s delight when you said it.

He then tells you a secret that a shinigami can grant one a life. Only once. With their song. Not a song of death. It’s not a myth, it’s something that they can do as a shinigami.


He found you at the rooftop garden(? i am going to assume it’s a garden since rooftop just doesn’t sound right lol). He told you to take a deeep breath and apparently he’s the only one doing that (haha so cute). He tickles you and you try hard to break free from his tickling and then both of you frolicking so happy that you accidentally touches HIS CHEST! HOLY SHIET HENTAI. He also making a fuss that you touched his chest what Itsuki www.

“You gotta to take responsibility, be by my side! Make me happy!”

He tells you to stay still and examine. He can see right through your soul that you’re worrying about something. About song? or, was it because you’re want to die that’s why you’re here (i am not so sure about this). You request him to be this position for a short while (embracing each other) and he gladly will grant your wish. To him it’s something miracle for him to be hugging you at this mansion (he never thought that you’ll come here in the first place).

You ask him something out of curiosity if he ever sang a song to other women. He didn’t deny the fact. Singing a song to a woman who wishes to die is an official title of Seventh Heaven.

“What, don’t tell me that you’re jealous?”

He’s quite pleased with that.

The atmosphere quickly changes to something quirky even his personality.

He comments that if you make that kind of adorable face, it makes him want to eat you more. Of course he’s joking!

If you don’t like something, he won’t do that.

If you say it’s okay, right this moment he’ll “do” it right here right now.

Apparently that one backfired him so hard that he had to go back to his room to fap to relieve his libido lmfao.


The moment he stepped out from his room, he finds you preparing to make a meal. You told him you’re making a plain omelette and that got him so happy he’s jumping around like a rabbit. He jokingly ask if it’s for him and you nod. He’ so happy he couldn’t sit still. He sits on the chair while you’re busy preparing it, he hum a happy song. Apparently plain omelette is his favorite food.

He wants to talk about something important but decided to keep it to himself. He doesn’t want to worry you.

He has been holding up till now but then you make such face, “I couldn’t take it anymore”. I really, really want you. I don’t want to make you worry. I’ll treasure you. He makes you confirm that is it because he’s a shinigami that’s why you won’t accept him? He reassures you that shinigami isn’t that bad too though. Unlike human they won’t die and as a result he’ll always be by your side. He even said something about omelette lmfao. Today is your last day because tomorrow is the full moon.

He whispers to go to his room tonight HOLY(。→∀←。)キャハ♡


The sound of death. You knock on the door and he has been waiting for you. He wonders if you feel the same way like he is. You refuse to look at his eyes and then he embraces you. He has been thinking hard about you. He whispers that tonight, be mine. If you don’t want, then that’s that. The sound of bell chime.

Close your eyes.

I’m going to kiss you.

I’ll……really do it…..

Then he places his lips lightly on yours.

Then the rest of the track is mostly him can’t control his sexual desire he even gradually becomes much more aggressive towards the end though. Nothing explicit just a great kissing sounds holy. They’re no longer a childhood friend since they has come this far. The sound of final bell chime. The time when you open your eyes, tell him your true feelings. A final kiss. IT’S A PROMISE.


Extra Track~Last Message~

“Okay you can wake up now!”

“We are going back now,”

“Open your eyes!”

Then something hit him. Something doesn’t feel right.

“Why……….why are you not waking up?”

“You promised me that you will tell me your true feelings!”


“……………..KILL YOU,”


Up above the sound of raven. He gets it now. Kanade. He’s the only one who’s responsible for all of this. Feel with hatred, revenge, disappointment, he slowly getting his memories sucked away as the raven’s surrounding him.

“………………….What was her name…….her name………………”





_(:’3 / <)_

MAJI 183274937439035% DONE WITH YOU REJET.

And also, is it just me or Nao nii has almost similar voice to Sugiyama Noriaki?


12 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] SEVENTH HEAVEN vol.3 イツキ”

  1. Yeah… back when I was still a newbie seiyuu fan, I would mistake Nao-nii’s voice for Non-tan’s

    • it’s my first time listen to Nao nii so i am quite taken aback when his voice reminds me a lot to nontan ^^;

  2. Hmmm… I never heard of this seiyuu. So…he sounds like sugiyama noriaki. He hasn’t been my moe since I played clock zero; his character was kinda scary. And also rejet has done it again. Really loves screwing us over ( ಠ_ಠ ) haha

    • me neither but i was told that he got a minor characters in some otome games so it’s not a surprise!
      He DOES sound like Nontan (especially in the first track where you met him for the “first time”) which is a nice thing (i like nontan’s dorky voice ww)


      • Ahaha I’m totally not a DO M. I’m more of those people who gets irritated, so Rejet and I are not compatible. It’s like putting water in oil. I tried playing some of the games.like Gekka and Diabolik. I was only able to get through one route. I was like “ハァ? (##゚Д゚)イライラ” most of the time. Oh, but I liked Blood Wolves Saga -Bloody Nightmare- though; I thought the plot was interesting. Ofc, the cats irritated me, but I thought it was a good game overall. I think the music did a great part for me. BWS was an exception, but the rest is a no-no. (눈‸눈)

      • you might one to give this CD a try since it has nothing to do with DoM DoS just a pure osananajimi tragic ending?

      • One of the known characters Nao-nii voiced is Bunta Marui from Prince of Tennis and why don’t you guys try listening to Shinsengumi Mokuhiroku Wasurenagusa…

      • yup i was informed he’s in PoT too!

        His CD will be released soon right? Sign me up for that ! Nao nii’s kissus is lethal for me /dies

      • Ohhhh, so that’s who Takahashi Naozumi is~ I actually like Bun-chan from PoT too. Oh, he does Wasurenagusa? I had the impression that Wasurenagusa is those really calm ones. Like I tried Kannoujikan and it almost out me to sleep, so I assumed Wasurenagusa would too. I usually listen to the up beat ones that’s more on the exciting side, kind of? lol If I do listen to the calm ones, it’s those sweet ones that make me go (≧ω≦)

      • I think he did? i’m not sure i’m never a fan of wasurenagusa. I should try it one of these days!

        If you like sweet romantic CDs, I suggest Seventh Heaven itsuki (if you’re okay tragic end ;___; and Genyouki Ookami no Iinazuke! 😀 )

      • No idea. Never really tried the tragic ones. Maybe I’ll try it? Will it make me cry? ;__; haha And Genyouki Ookami no Iinazuke! At first, I thought you were recommending me a BLCD bc there were two guys on the cover LOL xD

  1. 1 Seventh Heaven vol. 3 | Otome Kyan!

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