[Then, come]

Upon waking up, there’s two young men standing before you

The one possessing a silver hair and one pair of pale blue eyes, Noah.

The one with jet-black hair with a burning red eyes, Noel.

Together with these two you entered a magical world.

TITLE  : Noah and Noel



Noah and Noel : Nojima Hirofumi & Nojima Kenji


The sound of a bell (like someone’s entering a shop) and then you heard a soft giggles.

“Hey Noah, look at that. She’s sleeping so ever peacefully. Want to tickle her? should we hug her? Or would it be better if we, kiss her?”

Noah chuckles at the questions, “Don’t disturb her, Noel. She might wake up,”

“Is that so, then how do we wake up this beautiful princess?” he giggles.

“I wonder how~ what about we wake her up, gently?”

“Open your eyes, my adorable princess,” say both of them.

“Oh, you’re finally awake?” Noel smiles playfully. He comments on how peacefully you are when you were sleeping. You ask him where are you right now and he wonders if you are still drowsy while saying that this IS your room. Then you ask him who are they only to be replied by an amusing laughs from Noel. Of course you don’t know them. It’s because this IS their first meeting.

Noah remarks that they have always waiting for this day to come. To meet you.

I’ve always wanted to see you,

I’ve always wanted to see you,

I’ve always wanted to see you,

I’ve always wanted to see you.

Noah steadies himself and calmly introduce himself.

“It’s a pleasure meeting you, beautiful young lady. The name’s Noah, and this is Noel,”

“Black hair and a red eyes, Noel,”

“And then, a silver hair and blue eyes, Noah,”

“Hmm? That’s right. The name fits the description (i’m not sure about this one @_@). Which one you have decided to go after? Is it white? or black?”

“Sky is blue,

Winter is cold,

Sugar is sweet,

Stars are distant.

Which one you’ve decided upon?”

“Moon is shining ever so bright,

Birds are flapping their wings to the sky

Time is flowing,

There will be one day when human will understood.

…but whom?”

“This world might be the world that you are not familiar with,

It also might not be the world that you thought it would be,”

君は君かも知れないけれど It might be that you are know nothing of,


You will be the one to choose one of us,


Who will be the one  you know (believe, trust?) 


If you are uncertain, look for it

A warm snow,

A melting diamond,

Fishes swimming in the sky 

Sleepless cat,

A rolling marble,

From this point you’ll know what you don’t know,

It’s not you, it’s only your hearing (i don’t know how to translate this??)

Together with both of us,

To discover the you that you don’t know,

[then, come]

[then, come]

A loud sound of bell indicates the end of track 1.


The story takes place back in the medieval era where the social status is of a top priority in the hierarchy. A story between a wealthy young lady and a gardener and their unblessed forbidden love.

It’s raining  so heavily. The scene setting quickly changes to a cold dungeon. You are running hastily. With the keys in your hand you unlocked the metal bar. There’s a man inside. Shocked by your presence he calls out to you, “Ojousama!”

You managed to unlocked and without hesitation embrace the man inside. The captive. He asks you why are you here. You tighten your grip.

“……me? To get rid of?”

“Is that what master has decided?”

(Danna sama could also means, “the head of the family” or “one’s husband”. In this case, it is preferable to have this person as the master since it’s more acceptable (your husband). And also he refers to the heroine as “ojousama or my lady”)

The guy is a gardener and he was caught and locked in the dungeon because he was trying to elope with you.  And decided to elope for the second time and determined to get out alive.

He noticed when  trying to escape that how you able to bypassed the guards (who are supposed to be guarding the dungeon) and you tell him that  you fucking strike them with your ever so powerful fist. I dont know omg. It make him surprised at first and then he laughs at how you are not just a doormat heroine and quite a strong one. But, it would be better if this is the last one and he will protect you from now on.

(cue in Nojiken panting in your ears)

Just short after, the news about ojousama and the gardener escaping widespread amongst the guards and you are now a fugitive. You tell him there’s a secret path to get out from this mansion and when you open the door it’s actually danna-sama’s room!

I am not sure about this part but he noticed there’s a red blood stain at your chest and when he asks you what is it about you started to break down. And he comforts you saying that it’s okay now you don’t have to talk about it.

My theory is that, you killed danna sama so you’re not telling him anything. (Thanks kyara!)

You lead him to danna sama’s room and while you’re at it you rummaging the locker to find something and he’s suspicious with your behaviour and wonder if it’s something strange. You assure him that it’s not something weird. The secret path actually lead to mine’s repository. The guards found that you guys are in danna sama’s room and without further ado you lit the fire (WTF THATS SO HARDCORE) AND BURN THE FUCKING MANSION LIKE WOW THIS IS SO DANGAN RONPA LEVEL.

You both escaped from the mansion and only to find the mansion is on fire. He is fuming over the fact that you just killed innocent guards who are just following the orders. They do not deserved to be burned alive! The fact that you are not regret of what you did disturb him. The one that they have problem is  only danna-sama and ignoring you he’s going to save those who survived.

But you are not taking any shit from that and threaten to kill yourself if he did. You actually took an armament from the locker. You excused him for betraying you yet he denied that making you feel ever so disgusted and started slashing the thing towards him.

Quickly he takes over and comfort you. You calmed down a little when he gives you kisses.

“Don’t worry, I won’t betray you. I won’t left you all alone. Forever, I’ll protect you,”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry anymore. Even your fate is sealed in hell, I’ll protect you,”


“Hey, hey….both of us are free,”

“If you would like, want to play with us?”

“You won’t say “no”, right”

“Even if you do not want to, we will cast a spell on you ,”

“And of course, “the spell that you do want to play with us” kind of spell,”

“You want to play with us, you want to play with us, you want to play with us”

“you will like us, you will like us, you will like us,”

“Hey Noel, don’t tell nonsense,”

“Sorry, you want to play with us, you want to play with us, you want to play with us,”

“How? Have you decided to join us? That’s a good girl!”

“Don’t move….okay?”

“Hey, don’t move. We are not doing anything weird. Anything that you don’t like it, we won’t force it to you,”

“Yes, so please stay still,”


“Can you see us?”

“You can’t see right with a blindfolded,”

“Do you know what kind of game we are playing?”

“the “blindfolded game”. You follow the “it” voice,”

“We will be the “it”, and we will catch you,”

“Hey, I’m here!”

“No that’s not, I’m here!”

“Too bad, that’s not it. It’s here!”

“You really want to  catch us huh. It’s not there,”

“If we caught you, what kind of punishment should we punished you eh?”

“The painful-hugging-you kind of punishment, sort of?”

“Or the snatching-your-lips kind of punishment?”

“Hey, come on. Catch us!”

“If you are not going to catch us, we will be the one catch you instead, y’know!”

“You want to catch me, isn’t that right?”

“You actually want to catch me, right?”

“It’s me, it’s me,

“It’s me. It’s me,”




The story takes place somewhere present. A highschool girl and a slightly possessive childhood friend.

You were sleeping when a guy greets you a good morning while lift up the curtain letting the sunlight bathes the room. He urges you to wake up and get ready or you’ll be late. He asks if you have done your homeworks and reminds you don’t forget about lunchbox before you set out to school.

As if he can reads your mind, he asks if you dislike him meddling with your business. If you don’t dislike it, tell him. You didn’t deny the fact and he praises you for being a good girl. He urges you to get ready he’ll be outside waiting for you. He gets up from the bed but almost lose his balance though. Assure there’s nothing wrong he quickly leave the room.

The two of you are walking together, holding hands (because you tripped) and since it’s such a nice weather he decided to have a leisure time with you.  You said you’re free next Saturday and that makes him delight and plan to go out with you on that day. Park is out of question because you two have been there before so does movies. He suggests to go out shopping because he remembers that you wanted a new shoes. It’s been decided then, next Saturday! He laughs happily.

He stopped momentarily when you mentioned a friend. The mood changes. You say that classmate of yours is a transfer student.

Is it a man? Or a woman?

“Ah, it’s a girl. Hmm, it’s not that I am not pleased with that!”

You didn’t believe him because his expression changed drastically at the thought of you having a friend.

“How about, if I say I am jealous, what would you do? Would you unfriend that girl?”

He whispers, it’s a lie. There’s no way he would get jealous over a girl friend. Decide to let that uneasy feeling away, he pretends to stay calm and treat you to a crepe.

The next day, he comes over and wake you up (as usual?). He’s surprised when he sees you already woke up and ready to go to school. This is where the story changes a bit to yandere shit. Your cellphone is ringing and it’s from your friend (the transfer student). Yesterday too, the girl emailed you. Did you gave her your email address? Sarcastically, he comments how you both can become /that/ close.

“So, what was that text about?”

“Go for a drink? Today after school?”

“And…what is your answer?”

“Hn, looks fun,”

You say that you finally made friends and he doesn’t like that. It was obvious enough to see that displeased expression he’s wearing. Then a sharp sound make him back to reality. It’s a usual giddiness. He repeats that he is fine. If you’re done preparing and stuff, just meet him outside.

Walking side by side, it makes him reminiscences of the past. How many years has it been. The two of you used to walk to school together when you’re still in elementary school.  Back then you weren’t able to made a single friend and your life solely depends on him, it made him somewhat has the “responsibil” to watch over you all these years. You were his life, his precious baby. Now that you’ve all grown up, it make him a little bit lonely inside.

You had promised to go for a date with your new friend however she’s nowhere to be found but instead your slightly possessive childhood friend is there waiting by the gate. Acting normal, he asks if you’re looking for your friend only to be shocked when he said that he already told her that you have something to do and weren’t able to accompany her for a girl’s day out. I SWEAR TO GOD IF THIS IS NOT YANDERE I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IT THEN O|<

Needless to say you are not impressed by this act of kindness of him so you decided to tell him loud and clear that he doesn’t need to stay by your side anymore. Which of course leads him to go maji 100% crazy. You shove him away and run away from this crazy psycho.

The scene changes. You are in your room, sleeping. When you woke up, he’s there (OMG WHAT). He saw a trace of tears. The other party shouldn’t be the one crying, it’s him who wants to cry out to the world. As if do not want to keep this bickering any longer you apologize so did he. He starts to talk about the past that how much you aren’t able to get a single friends in the past and went back home only to cry in his arms. That’s where he made a wish,

一緒にたった一人の大切な友達になって欲しいとー I wanted myself to be your only friend that you treasured (and vice-versa)

Apparently you made a promise with him that you won’t make any friend other than him. Too bad you completely forgot about that and just make him switch on his crazy mode. THAT WAS REALLY RUDE GURL. To make it worse you’re avoiding his eye contact because you’re “afraid of him”. He grips your shoulders, and after all these years you are saying THAT now. Ten-something years ONLY NOW YOU’RE AFRAID OF ME?

Tell me that you want to stay with me.

Isn’t that what you promised?!

and then he switch on his yandere mode, pushes you down and had a short yet satisfying wet kisses (*/ω\*)

 …..sorry, he was lying. If he could wish for one thing it would be your happiness rather than his. However, he’s a weakling. He wants you to answer/choose. Would you stay with him or abandoned him and go with your friend?

You chose the one without him.

And then there’s a loud sound. It’s somewhere far away. Heavy rain. Birds chirping. Light footsteps coming closer.


“It’s withered, even though it’s beautiful…”

“what a pity,”


“What’s wrong? You can’t sleep?”

“Is that so, the truth is we both weren’t able to fall asleep as well,”

“Maybe it’s because you are by our side? Look, your heart is beating ever rapidly, can you hear it?”

“Noel, you’re too close,”

“Don’t be mad,”

“Putting that aside, aren’t able to sleep is troublesome isn’t it?”

“How about play a game with both of us?”

“Finding-one’s-true-identity kind of game,”

“AH. It’s THAT game,”
“Yes, THAT game,”

“From this point, we both will give you a drop of hint of what-is,”

The rule of this game is if you could answer correctly what the hint is, they will open bit by bit the door. There’s a total of seven doors. Even if you can’t answer, it’s not a problem though however you won’t step any closer to find “one’s true identity”.


The person who greets you asking for your permission to embrace you. Your body is soft, any places he touches, your body is soft. Hey, is it okay to sleep? Wonder if you still will be here when it’s morning.


He wonders how many men have you see through that eyes of yours. From this point on, will you only be looking at him? Noel takes the play a bit further by placing a kiss on you only to be warned by Noah. He will let is slip since it’s only a small peck on the cheek, but if its any place he won’t forgive him.


I am not quite sure what he’s talking about but he says that your voice is of very sweet yet painful. Would you call his name using that lovely voice? You did and he requests for another.

Noel didn’t take the shit from Noah though and he places another kiss on you.






Everything about you i love it. But the thing I like the most is “your behaviour”. I don’t know how to translate this but, something like when you’re in your bed and he’s stroking you, he like that time the most (??). Today, which part you want him to stroke? Your head? Chin? Tummy? Or is it…………


You let out such a pleasing sound, can’t hold back isn’t it?


Noah’s completely not happy with Noel being very flirty though.





The wtf story.

It is quiet peaceful night and you are walking alone when you suddenly hear a deep thunder-y like voice. It commands you to wait and don’t ignore him however you speed up.

“Please REMEMBER,”

It’s summer! The sound of cicadas are everywhere. You walk into the classroom and only to be greet by your classmates. They noticed that you’re looking ever so sleepy and on top of that you’re late! You tell  them you can’t sleep well last night because you’ve been hearing ghost. Noel kun (lets just call them that) doesn’t believe it and Noah’s making fun of that saying that it’s a “nanpa yurei” or ghost who’s picking up girls pfft.

You are not pleased with both of them for not believing you. They tried to make you cheer again and Noel kun suggests if they’re going anywhere for summer holiday. It’s their final summer as a high school student afterall. Noah kun recommends beach and park. And of course spending time together in a room is considered as well! You get to choose which room you want to spend the day with WAIT WHAT MAJI I WOULD GO FOR BOTH OF YOU 8D

However you are not up for that silly ideas after all. Your thoughts clouded with what’s happening lately.

When you’re along at the hallway, that “nanpa yurei” is there too. It thundery voice makes you shiver and you pretend didn’t hear anything and you bumped on someone. It’s Noel kun.

Noel kun asks if you like school? Studying? Have  fight with friends? You nodded.

Noah kun laughs at Noel kun’s questions saying that it’s something childish kind of question. He asks about your family if you love them?

And, yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you enjoy every single moments of your life? You nodded and that make him relief.

You flustered when Noah kun confessed that he and Noel kun love  you hence the questions. And then they laugh. Like really weird, o_o


It’s a busy day when the voice wanted you to uh die? and you almost got hit by a car before Noel kun grabs your hands. Apparently they are really cool about it after you said you heard that voice again ??

They suggest you to just go home for a day. Never come out. And then Noah said something that “you love yourself isn’t it? Then please listen to us,” and Noel supports Noah that there’s no reason to it. You heed their advice but aren’t they going back too?

They’re going back with that bus.

But it is not of your concern to know what is that bus.

Noah : if you ride this bus, you won’t ever reach you house. Ever.

Noah & Noel : GOODBYE

Promptly, you follow them ride the bus and that shock the hell out of Noel and Noah. They ask for the driver to stop because you CAN NOT RIDE THIS BUS! However, it’s useless and the next thing you know.

High quality catastrophe.


“Welcome, to the world of no return,” says It.

“You can never go back,”

Sinister laugh.


Noel : It would be better if you didn’t follow us

Noah : It would be better if it’s ONLY US.

Noel : If only you didn’t think about the matter

Noah : If only you didn’t tempt to do that

Noel : Even so, you finally remember

Noah : Now that you’ve remembered

Noah and Noel : Come,

And the footsteps are very robot-like, almost like they’re not a human. A solid, sturdy footsteps. Like, someone’s out to get you to the prosecution.


Then you’re back to reality. Greeted by these two young men. They’ve waited for you to come back.

Is it all, a dream?

If you think it’s a dream then it’s a dream. If you think it’s a reality, then it’s the reality”

“Those two actually don’t make any difference. Things  often work out just the contrary of what happens in the dream. It’s equivocal.”

If you think it’s a reality, then it will be it. If you think it’s a dream, then it will be a dream”

Noah : (he said something like even as an infant you can actually see the future and things like that)

“Actually both doesn’t matter. Things often work out just the contrary of what happens in the dream. It’s equivocal”

and then they bid you goodnight.

The last track recycles the the first track.


These Nojimas are so fun and Noji nii calls Nojiken as Kenji ksjasksfa and Nojiken said that isn’t that a bit kimoi to have your brother to do dummy head (which is only one) www

And then they’re playing around a little like switching places and stuff. It’s also their first time together to do a drama CD.

It’s short and Nojiken’s little laugh.

I died a little.


8 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] ノアとノエル”

  1. What? They’re brothers!? ( ゚д゚)

    • Yup! Nojima Kenji is the younger brother and Nojima Hirofumi is the “nojinii” x3 !

      Well, in this CD they’re brothers too !

      • ooh that’s pretty cool then. I heard both of their names before, but I didn’t know they were brothers. They should do more drama cds together~ I think it’ll be interesting haha

  2. Hmm…. Since I’ve started to fall for NojiKen… I’m kind of curious about this CD… Would you recommend it? I only read some bits of your review, because I’d like to listen to the CD without spoiler, if I’m getting it… So basically it’s a collection of stories/dreams? ^^ Seems interesting, but the stories are pretty fucked up, aren’t they? LOL

    • All the reviews I’ve done in my wordpress are all I swear by! Those I really liked that I would spend my whole day to write a detailed review! 🙂

      It’s like there’s two guardian angels came to you when you’re about to sleep and they’ll bring you to the world of dreams, you as a heroine and one of them as a hero.

      I couldn’t attach the pieces together but there’s actually a connection between you and Noah and Noel.

      Anyway, i really recommend this cd! i really like the acting of Nojinii in the second dream <33

      Sorry for the late reply!

  3. 6 ladyarizelblog

    Ohh I haven’t listen to this yet. I love Nojima Hirofumi… especially when he does R18 drama O//w//O

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