TITLE  : SEVENTH HEAVEN 5 ~This Man, Violent and Too Dangerous~



Shion : Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Heroine : YOU

Hello readers. This is the fifth volume of the famous dummy head mic drama cd by Rejet ; Seventh Heaven. Shion is the fifth shinigami and is described as Ore-sama, Do-S, Violent, Erotic, Passionate, by Rejet but……..

This post is a collaboration review with a fellow pervert fangirl……………..Anal Usagi………………..(Anal Usagi: SHE GAVE ME THE NAME IT’S NOT MY FAULT OKAY.) and we have decided to split up the tracks so she’s the one reviewing first track till forth track and the rest will be me. Since it’s a collaboration review I decided to use a different approach on this one by putting our thoughts and opinions in each other’s reviews so we will be using colors. The one in green is me and blue will be usagi. Because I am Seragaki Aoba. WAIT WHAT. This is really different from my normal reviews so I hope this turned out right!

Noting here beforehand that my knowledge in Japanese is actually shitty. Yoroshiku desu Alyyn sifu.

Kochira kuso yoroshiku,………….pervert.


For some unfathomable reason, you want to commit suicide and so you find yourself at the famous mansion, Hiiragi-kan (lmao I almost typed this as HIRARIN-kan), where rumors have it that once you go there you can never come back. (I think I understand why. Visiting a mansion full of bishies, it’s no wonder the girls never come home.) I DEMAND TO KNOW THIS PLACE GIVE ME THE ADDRESS. <—Wow, what a do-M.

A man stumbles upon you trying to slit your wrist and basically acts like an asshole, laughing at you because he obviously wants his corn dong punched. Talk about being nice. He introduces himself as one of the shinigami of the household, Shion. He can help to pass your soul to the afterlife by singing a song for you on the next full moon. Until then, you are to become his temporary toy. Or so he says. Great, and I just met you for 5 seconds.

Mood: I have a backbone, Shion.


Shion basically acts like a sadistic asshole and treats you like a cheap car toy. He asks you to pull some porn show stunts to entertain him, but you refuse to. So he decides to molest you and give you wet kisses just for the heck of it. (DANGER. VERY DANGER. HIS KISSES ARE LETHAL.) IF YOU DON’T KNOW TATSUN JUST KEEP IN MIND THAT HE’S VERY PRO AT WHAT HE’S DOING. Basically he acts like that for 90% of the track. Also, he sleep-talks. XD How cute! and he also able to communicate with one of Kanade’s crow. Suddenly the crow flew and then Shion noticed there’s a dark evil soul who has been lingering there for a while (it’s not the heroine). He whistles (his whistle has a power i believe) and cleansed the evil soul. He walks away “I still have work to do~”

Mood: I am not a do-M, Shion. (i am) I can see that.


The next morning, Shion takes you to bed-intrude the other shinigamis’ rooms. You both rampaged through Akira, Hinata and Yuuri’s rooms. When you guys are about to intrude Hinata’s room, it’s locked. Without waiting any longer, his other alternative is kicked the door and even call Hinata as “introvert/gloomy” and gets frustrated when Hinata didn’t mention him in his diary! While you guys are in Yuuri’s room though, Yuuri came back so you guys hide in his closet until Yuuri goes away. In the closet, what ensues if Shion sniffing you like a dog it was weird but I think he’s just curious and he says that you smell strange. He then licks you and does all those mildly erotic stuffs. When the coast it clear, you both come out of the closet. You ask him why did he save you since it wouldn’t make a difference if you’re discovered by the other shinigamis(?). (Admittedly, I got a bit lost here so I might be wrong.) I wasn’t sure either but you said he whistled your soul okay wtf and he said he’s only playing around okkay more wtf?? Shion gets PMS, becomes an asshole again and tells you to GTFO.

Mood: AND I THOUGHT YOU WERE NICE, SHION. He’s just the biggest douchebag baby. 


Shion plays billiard and you decide to pursue him to talk to you, but he makes it clear he doesn’t want to talk to you and tells you to get out. You stubbornly refuse to and he pushes you down, saying that if you wanna talk then you should endure what he’s about to do. Or maybe you didn’t come here to talk to him? Maaaybe you came expecting THIS. You ask him again why he saved you and he answers that it’s not like he wanted to save you – he was just messing around for his own entertainment. He calls you a dumbass for thinking too much and asks you to go to the beach with him.

Mood: I am readyyy for the despair.


At the beach. Shion’s true personality is revealed as someone who’s acting from playing around to sorta childish. So he wasn’t an asshole after all. A BIG DOUCHEBAG BABY IF YOU MAY. He orders you to stay where you at don’t get near his majestic sandcastle he’s building. He’s so into it he even making a line to separate you and his area.

“Look at it! I have my sand castle~”

He’s so proud of his majestic sandcastle that if compared to Hiiragi Mansion, he will win first place. You tried to take a better look of his majestic sand castle however he declares war if you ever trespass the line. Your unsatisfied look amused him and he giggles like a little kid when a sudden wave washed out his not-so-majestic-anymore sandcastle. IN UR FACE YES??? You can’t help but burst out laughing at him reacting like a child but he doesn’t like it because it feels like you’re mocking him.

He splashes  sea water and drenched your clothes however you’re not backing away instead you make him soaked all over. I make them men wetter than they make me.  As if that is not enough he gets sand into his eyes and making a fuss over it. The background faded him screaming “idiiiiooooot!!”

“Ah, I’m exhausted!”

You both are sitting peacefully while listening to the sound of the waves, the birds are chirping. He notes that, there’s nothing like the beach. After a while, he gets up and brushes off dirts from his pants and saying that you two are going back, but you pretend you didn’t hear him. You don’t want to leave the place so after a while he decides to stay there a little bit more and gestures you to sit next to him.

“This reminds me, it’s tomorrow. The full moon,”


“Time flies so fast,”The sad truth.

 He goes on saying something about humans crying and mourning when they’re only near death. And that it usually happens when they want to die. He chuckles half-heartedly and said that you can’t see those things. But you play with him, you smell nice and wouldn’t it be better if you don’t die. You thanked him for those kind words but he’s not sure what that means. You explained but as a tsunderella he’s denying it. He doesn’t need “thank you”. You didn’t answer when he asked you what do you think the most painful thing because it’s hard to explain. MY FEELS. MY FUCKING KOKORO.

Mood: Spiraling slowly into despair.


The sound of wooden door been opened. Shion is expecting you that night and tells you to follow him. The full moon is beautiful that night.

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Do you want me to sing the song soon?” No I want you to bang me senseless. WAIT WHAT

Your answer doesn’t surprised him.

“I see. So you DO want me to sing the song?” I SAID I WANT YOU TO BANG ME SENSELESS. USAGI.

“However, before that. Show me your soul,”


It would be better if he lets you go really soon because some part of you is grating on his nerves. You won’t tell him what you’re not satisfied in life so he wants you to show him if you can’t put it into words. By seeing your soul he’s able to see what’s your true intention however your soul is beautiful and sparkling.

You’re the biggest fool.

He steps closer and embrace you. “Enough. I understood now.  When I embrace you like this, you’re warm. I want to touch you more,” YES GOOD MY BODY IS READY.

“What are you nervous for? This is merely a ritual (ceremony, something like a practice before the shinigamis sing you the death song),”

But you’re not buying that shit.  He chuckles softly and the rest of the track is an intimate scene and (wet kisses hur). I LIKE THIS PART THE MOST BECAUSE OF WET KISSES /HISSES




“You’re really gone,”

“Don’t joke around,”

Oi if you’re pissed, try to talk back or sth will you!

“If you’re dead, you no longer able to do anything do you know that?” Captain Obvious.

“If you die….”

Out of frustration, he screams madly.


“Disappear, disappear,  JUST DISAPPEAR!”

“Damn it,”


“Damn it, damn it,”

“Why do you have to die?”

Mood: Dangan Ronpa ~Rejet of Hope and Usagi in Despair~


SOBS LIKE A SHIT. I ACTUALLY CRIED LIKE A BITCH WHILE LISTENING TO THIS. Especially the song. OH GOD THE SONG. Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s acting was just wonderful and his song was especially beautiful. The lyrics are beautiful too as well as the things he says to you in the song. While the development felt a bit…too rushed for my tastes, the story was still decent and some of the tracks were fun to listen to, especially the beach track! XD

No one can top Yuuri in my list (I must be a psychopath for this), but I ended up loving Shion. At first he pissed me off, but the crack in his voice in the last track…just broke me. Good job to Suzuki Tatsuhisa for the amazing voice-acting. It was a good CD to listen to and I definitely enjoyed it, even though it mostly did nothing but made me shed enough tears to let me become Ursula the queen of the sea. Definitely a must listen to any Suzuki Tatsuhisa fans.

At first I thought Itsuki will only be my favorite guy in this series apparently not I guess. Shion was first described as doS, erotic blah blah blah but it only for a split seconds and then he turned into this biggest baby lion who just wants to play around and make fun of other shinigamis. Thanks to him you actually forgot about your intention (to kill yourself) and this is all thanks to him. 

The third and fifth tracks are my favorite track so far! Shion is someone who doesn’t like anything troublesome so he resort everything to violence. It’s also a nice touch when Shion decided to bed-intrude previous Shinigamis and we could get to see what’s their life about. He’s not in good term with Hinata, Akira is like the big brother and Yuuri is….just a weirdo. Still not happy they didn’t include Itsuki though! But Hinata mentioned in his diary that Itsuki loves his cooking but the following day he’s nowhere to be seen (it must be so bad Itsuki got stomach ache xD) Apparently this is all happened when Shion is not present.

As a conclusion, I really really like this series but it can never top my favorite volume, Itsuki though. I still love him because compared to other guys, Itsuki has strong backstory with the heroine. Shion has no character development it’s more like he changed to another person xD

If you are a fan of Suzuki Tatsuhisa you should listen to this. And if you have played a game called Death Connection (by Otomate) his character is almost the same (appearance  and personality wise) 




  1. ( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \ My gawd, I LOL’ed so hard at both of your comments throughout the whole post… m(_ _ “)m スイマセン Is Tattsun that smexy? (*´Д`)/ヽァ/ヽァ

    PS: Nee-chama, great job on pulling aniki into WP ワッショイヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)ノワッショイ Also, Ageha is looking fwd to more of your collab with aniki in the future (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Glad you enjoyed it Ageha chann (*→艸←*) this whole process of making collab review was a whole lot of fun even though it’s confusing at first!

      Yes!! I believe you’re playing Death Conenction right now? If you like Vicious, you will find the same with Shion! They are of the same soul~ and Tatsun’s kisses…………………..
      and his voice…………………….
      combo death.

      THANK YOUU IT WAS HER IDEA AND I AM ALL UP FOR THE IDEAS(。→∀←。)キャハ♡ I also wish we can do this next time but its all depends on the drama cd that we both are interested in.

      Thank you for reading!

      • 3 Usagi

        It was actually a lot of fun doing this. XD Thanks imouto! Well Alyyn, I think we both have mutual tastes when it comes to drama CDs (coughYANDEREcough) so…. 8)

      • Sure! I don’t mind i hope we find another drama CD we both think its worthy enough for a review!

        I think we should do one for that Okitsu’s yandere otouto 8)

  2. I am…dying……From laughter and then at the end, from tears. FFFUUUU YES I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN THE QUEEN OF TEARS!!! Idareyoutolistsentoall3ofhisreleasesinarow. You’ll be the queen of oceans then. /shot

    I hope you do more collabs like this because it was fun reading it ww =w=b

    • 6 Usagi

      I think Diabolik Lovers I’d be the queen of orgasm. /shot

      Thank you! I’m glad you find the review fun to read. XD Well, Alyyn and I have another one in progress already… ⊙ω⊙✿)

  3. For some reason, I’ve been interested in Tattsun’s voice recently. Well, I liked his voice from before, but yah…(probab bc of Free! Mako’s my fave, so I just couldn’t believe he was voicing him since he usually plays the rough characters). Both of your comments were hilarious aha. I was irritated at his character at first bc I’m not a do-M, but he did turn out to be this cute guy. I wasn’t originally interested bc I don’t really like those tragic types of plots, but I might try Itsuki’s volume. I definitely DON’T want to try Yuuri’s vol…he’s the one with the dolls in his room right? CREEPY I don’t even own dolls. As much as I like Konchan, I don’t think I can put up with that haha

    • I’ve always been Tattsun’s fans but when he casted in Free! as Papa Makoto I just couldn’t help falling in love more and more with his voice! It’s a smart idea for Rejet to release “Tattsun 28th August Day” because all of his cds are in top 20 in Orion Chart! Now that is the power of seiyuu!

      I really love Makoto too! i hope the series is super duper popular they have to do yandere heaven free! (lmfao dream on)

      Seventh Heaven is all about tragic and sweet romance. Even though you didn’t like tragic stories, i WILL STILL recommend this series because of their romance. It’s brilliant + the songs are really sentimental.

      Give Itsuki’s CD a try even if you’re not into sad story. I just love him to bits I want people to know how wonderful shinigami he is. How spectacular Takashi Naozumi’s voice acting as Itsuki. GO.

      Yuuri’s cd is…….peculiar. I have mixed feelings about this one because it feels like I am listening to horror CDs rather than sweet tragic romance. WARNING. You will feel slightly disappointed towards the end of his CD though. But if you like Kondou Takashi, give this one a try! His voice acting is just remarkable! Very yandere and it feels like your ears are violated lmfao.

      Thank you for reading! Glad you like our (dry) sense of humor !

  4. What a fun review~~~ like it so much >..< Do you have any idea?

    • Umm.. have any idea on what? ^^;

      • which one i should hear first between seventh heaven, kekkonroku, or dialovers >.< 3 of them are all tattsun right? have you listen to the other 2?

      • If you like Seventh Heaven series : Shion
        but you’re translating Diabolik Lovers right now right? Prolly Yuuma is for you.
        Or, if you want to go into the world of wasurenagusa and shed bloody tears, Wasurenagusa Kekkonroku for you.

        I hope this helped?

      • i’m doing noah and noel right now 🙂
        oh thank you ~~ i think me too want to start with 7th heaven >.< so many people told me that they were cried when listening to this 🙂

      • I would say your soul left your body after their death songs.

      • SO TRUE.. i listened to the song and now i’m crying a river….

  5. thank you so much for the review! ❤ Could you translate the song as well?^^

  6. OMG GUYZ… LMAO (*≧▽≦)ノシ)) I laughed so much at your comments. Hahahahaha…

    Oh my… I’ve been reading Kanade’s review only to see if he got punished by getting his heart crushed for messing with Itsuki… Well… Kanade got his heart torn into pieces, but unfortunately I got my heart shattered too. LOL And since I was on the “alright, get your heart broken”-trip, I decided to read a review for Shion. xDDD

    I really liked Shion’s song and I was wondering what kind of personality he would have and it was really interesting how he has a really childish side, that cherishes life. Ironically he’s taking lives with his hands…

    I can’t believe Seventh Heaven is already finished… But Rejet did a good job on connecting the volumes with each other. Really. I wonder if they’ll release something like that again. Something more normal than Alice=Alice, Vanquish Brother’s and Bad Medicine… Though the last one is the most normal series I guess? ^^

    • thank you for reading Haru chann~!

      Shion is such a dork and I didn’t expect his character to be likeable because I’m not liking oresama doS type so when he changed from doS too dorkable, hands down.

      Yes I truely love Shion’s song especially the beginning. Heck, i love all of them!

      Urghh I’m finally done with Seventh Heaven’s roller coaster it was really an absolute satisfaction with this series because I’m the type of the person who prefers bad ending rather than happily ever after so Seventh Heaven is just right up my alley.

      It is sad to see Sevenht Heaven go but life must go on and I’m excited to see what Rejet has got for us _(:3 / <)_

      Sorry it got me a while to reply to your comment I rarely open my wordpress nowadays hence late in replying, no updates _(:'3 / <)_

  7. 20 ladyarizelblog

    Suzuki Tatsuhisa is an expert of giving wet kisses >//w//< oh my… did I just say that? Thanks! I avoided this because I prefer "slice of life" type cd dramas. I'm listening to this.

    • I totally agree! He knows how to make the sfx oh myyy /////
      I, too, prefer slice of life drama but seventh heaven is just right up my alley and i love everything about this series!

      Thanks for reading!

  1. 1 Seventh Heaven – Volume 5 | 乙女の純情♥

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