[DRAMA CD REVIEW]東浦家の休日 vol.1 兄&弟編


The title translates as,

A  day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 1 : Elder and younger brother chapter

After a tiring day, have a refresh day off!

How would you like to spend your holiday?
Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting?
However, theres people who wants to spend time with you

Those people are — your family

Would you like to spend a lively and fun time with your beloved family on your day off?

This CD is fully recorded with dummy head mic!

東浦家の休日 vol.1

such an adorable siblings (❁´3`❁) ♡

TITLE  : Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu Volume 1 Ani & Otouto hen

COMPANY : Asgard-Japan

WEBSITE : Biscrown

SEIYUU : Sakurai Takahiro & Eguchi Takuya


1Higashiura Takashi (elder brother) 

CV : Sakurai Takashiro

24-year old. He is smart however has a bad personality (he likes to bosses you and your younger brother).Is a salaryman at an elite company. He addressed himself as [I] and called the heroine as [you, chibi]

2Higashiura Yuuto (younger brother)

CV : Eguchi Takuya

16-year old. Wanko type. Impertinent and a spoiled child. Senior high school student. He addressed himself as [I] and called heroine [nee chama, nee chan]


The sound of alarm clock and continuous knocking on the door. It’s your younger brother waking you up because your clock has disturbed his sleep. You switched off the alarm but decided to back to sleep which angered the younger brother.

“DON’T TELL ME YOU BACK TO SLEEP?! OI!” without hesitation he enters the room only to find that you’re covered from head to toe.

“She really did get back to sleep…….”

Even though his voice is loud you don’t even bother to move an inch. He make up his mind and try to pull your blanket away but the sight actually shock the poor guy because you are all disheveled making him embarrassed seeing you in that state. Seeing you’re not listening to him he threatens to tear apart the magazines, ripped what you’re reading at the moment, and be in the toilet long enough you can’t even hold in any longer! ARE YOU OKAY WITH THAT?!

Just after that, your elder brother comes in because you both were so loud early in the morning. The first person he scolds is Yuuto for being so loud in a sunday morning. He’s irritated because it’s finally his day off but he has to deal with this thing first in the morning.

“But aneki won’t wake up~~”

“Don’t talk back,”

This time nii san tries to wake you up. Yuuto has  been generous enough to wake you up you should  pity him and get on your foot. But you are not buying that shit and make yourself more comfortable on bed.

“If you’re not waking up I just have to take off(?) your pajama,”

Upon hearing that you instantly wake up which surprises Yuuto and he wants to know what magic did nii san use. He refuses to tell Yuuto and that makes Yuuto much more curious.

On that day you’re supposed to have an appointment (a date) but it’s already 10am. You abruptly stand on your foot and complain that Yuuto should have woke you up earlier! The poor guy is not alright with such accusation and both of you start bickering until nii san decides to stop it. Just then you received a text message and the date has been canceled by other party because you’re late.

So you decided to get back to sleep.

However nii san has already decided that both you and Yuuto will be his manservants and in charge of the house chores that day.

AM11-00~Brunch Time~

You are not happy about not-so-friendly morning and blame nii san. He object that his long-awaited holiday has gone to waste because of two kuso gakki. He doesn’t want to listen to any bullshit so he orders servant no 1 and servant no 2 to prepare brunch. Yuuto is not delight because he’s servant no 2 and make a scene that he WANTS TO BE SERVANT NO 1 NO MATTER WHAT!

However that morning is a bit unusual, because normally the breakfast / lunch will be on the table prepared by their father. Nii san replies that because of deadline, otousan is unable to prepare for them that day. Nii san arranged that Yuuto will be the one in charge of salad and bread meanwhile you will make the coffee and heat up yesterday’s meal.

Nii san helps you preparing a coffee and he’s about to ask you something when Yuuto pops up asking how many bread you want unintentionally cockblocking nii san’s attempt to uh.

Genius Yuuto is genius. The toaster could only hold up only two breads at a time but genius Yuuto believes that the toaster can toast all the bread together because otousan always did that. Which only makes Nii san confirming the fact that his younger brother is a total idiot.

Yuuto notes that when he grows up he imagines if he will be like nii san; all professional – when he answers the phone call from his company.  You shrug at the sudden idea. Yuuto? PFFT.

After a phone call Nii san back to his normal manner. Yuuto comments how different nii san is. What a total fraud!

“Hey I smell something burning,” turns out the stew is burning.

“Why did you guys take your eyes off?? Are you an idiot?”

“Ah! It’s hot!”

“Oi are you two alright?! How’s stew?”

“Stew??? You are worried about stew more than us?!”



Yuuto’s glad that they save the stew from burning but on the other hand, his toast bread are all burned.

Yuuto remembers about the date that was canceled today. He wonders if its…………..before he even finishes his sentence Nii san tap his head.



“You have been saying [somehow, somehow] since morning can you please stop with that??”

Nii san avoids the question and ask where is the dressing for the salad. While Yuuto’s at it, nii san asks for individual plates for three of them as well. Without resisting, Yuuto follows his order. Surprisingly.


When you’re about to relax after brunch, Nii san orders you to get him a cup of coffee (he really bosses you guys around (´⊙ω⊙`) )

While you’re preparing the coffee Yuuto has a conversation with nii san and he points out that Nii san really likes coffee like uncle. Nii san simply said that its because the coffee today is quite good. That reminds Yuuto that why is uncle not at home right now. You come back with two cups of coffee and Yuuto would prefer if you bring him cola instead.

Yuuto complains why he’s the one who needs to go to the convenience store. They just had brunch but Nii san said they need to have something sweet for their dessert. Yuuto still not hot with the idea of going to konbini even though nii san offers to give him some pocket money.


and Yuuto can buy anything he wants even keep the change.

Nii san takes this opportunity to…doS ing (mild) with you(◉◡◉✿)

He tells you to don’t forget about your position. Yes. Servant. He demands you to massage him and no negotiations. His order is absolute.

Nii san is really shady by shoo-ing Yuuto off and have his sweet time with you I– ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

He is about to ask you something (asking you out?) when the cockblocker Yuuto’s back from konbini. HATS OFF. THIS guy knows when to cockblock.

He actually didn’t even left a single penny and generally buy everything that is in the konbini. He gets roll cake for Nii san but nii san is not happy because since morning they have been eating nothing but bread bread and more bread. He wanted pudding and he thought that Yuuto could at least use his brain once in awhile but idiot will always be an idiot i guess.

He orders Yuuto to go back to the konbini and get him some pudding. He acts like a child and keep repeating “pudding, i want pudding”.

Tired with nii san’s bullshiting him, Yuuto distracts your attention about the new game and forcing you to play with him.


You both are playing racing game and Yuuto lose. Both of you are so absorbed in playing, didn’t realize it’s already 5pm. Nii san says that you both are having it easy, play games, eat and have relax time.

“I wonder what’s for dinner?”

“We (he meant you and Yuuto) are going to make one!”


“Do you have any objection?”

Apparently, meal time in this family is taking care by otousan. Since he’s busy finishing his work (he’s a novelist) before the deadline he hasn’t come out since this morning.

And I have to say that he shoo Yuuto away by telling him to check what’s inside the refrigerator. I am starting to doubt this so-called-onii san( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I wonder what is in his mind. He tried to create an opportunity for him to have a sweet idle chat with you.

Three of you decided on curry for dinner.


Otousan is sleeping so he won’t join for dinner. (well ofc because you will come out on 27th September. Get it? Get it?…. Forget it)

Yuuto is excited to hear about Nii san’s opinion on his handmade curry–


He doesn’t believe nii san and when he tries it himself, it is indeed unspeakable. You and Yuuto actually didn’t make curry but actually just throw in whatever you could find in the refrigerator and tried to make “different flavor curry” which leads to Nii san scold both of you.

Yuuto quickly finishes his left over because nii san has “something interesting to talk about as a thank you”. It turns out,


It happened previously when nii san is about to go to the train station. The event happened in the middle of the night. As usual (and convenience) there’s no one else and only him alone. There was something that isn’t right and the atmosphere seems heavy as well.  He thought maybe he’s tired that’s why he’s not feeling well that night. Behind his back, he could hear a faint footsteps “step, step, step”.

He thought he’s imagining things.

The footsteps is getting faster and faster following his pace and then….


Cue Yuuto crying so hard he runs away from the circle.

“OI where are you going Yuuto? I haven’t done with my ta-“


“….i wanted to say that there’s no one and the snow is falling,”

“Oh well, it seems like that guy is having so much fun. The end,”

and then he laughs it off and said that Yuuto probably can’t even enter washroom alone.


You are about to get on bed when there’s a knock on a door. It’s nii san. You answer that you’ve taken one, a shower. Not long after that, there’s another knock and it turns out…Yuuto.

“Aneki, are you asleep?”

Knock knock.


knock knock.

“Nee chan!”

You open the door and there’s a sigh of relief from Yuuto. He can’t sleep because of that ghost story by (idiot) nii san. Then there’s a strong wind and the window make a sound which startled the poor Yuuto.

You tease him yet he denies it.

Isn’t that you’re the one who’s trembling while Nii san talking about that story?

He brings along with some sweet that he bought last evening at the konbini. You both have a leisure time while drinking (non-alcohol).

While you’re at it, Yuuto gets back to his original question that he couldn’t ask because (idiot) nii san cockblock’d him.

He’s wondering if the date you had planned beforehand is your boyfriend? but before you could answer he makes a joke that you can’t possibly get a boyfriend. So you give him nice punch


And the whole thing  become a talk about “boyfriend girlfriend” so Yuuto stands with his point that he doesn’t have a girlfriend……but there’s someone who confessed to him. It’s someone who’s in the same school, but he doesn’t know her and they’re in different class. The reason why he didn’t bother much with the confession was because “girls are troublesome” < true

The whole thing about girls are troublesome also leads him to say that you’re not like them (kya kya-ing at something irrelevant like the girls in his class) and he came to the conclusion that


nice knock on the head for you Yuuto.

both of you are so loud (most if it is because of Yuuto) that nii chan decided to interrupt your “otome jikan”. Yuuto make an excuse that you can’t sleep and nii san trick him that “dark black shadow in the room” and make Yuuto confessed that he’s the one who can’t close his eyes.

Before he rushes to his room he screams about nii san being someone who can’t even get a girlfriend and then he stomped loudly to his room.

Nii san accused you for eating snack late at night (apparently otousan doesn’t like them eating snack late at night)

ふだん優しいぶん。きれたらきれたら怖いぞー He usually gentle, but when he gets mad it will be terrifying 

He said he can keep this a secret but in return, give him some too.


Nii san gets straight to the point,

“do you have a boyfriend?”

It’s not like you have been found out but it’s really obvious. Nii san even knows about Yuuto has been confessed and you thought he’s stalking your conversation but it just that you both were so loud that he can even hear from his room.

He continues to ask about your boyfriend….I AM SERIOUSLY SIDE EYEING YOU NII SAN( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

You can’t sleep so nii san decides to stay with you (even tuck you in bed) until you fall asleep. Seeing your sleeping face he recalls when you are still a young kid. You haven’t changed since then. When you grow up (wait you are already 20 ? Well maybe he still sees you as that little girl who’s small and cute prolly) he imagines what you want  to talk with him about. But, now you already got yourself a boyfriend.

“I think I should stop calling you chibi since you are all grown up now,”


As usual your day start with your alarm and a loud knock on the door.

As if knowing what’s happening Yuuto quickly charges into the room when you stopped the alarm and he guesses right. You pull back the blanket and make yourself comfy on bed.

Both of you go on with bickering morning call about the “who slept late because  kept thinking of ghost story” and accusing each other.

Otousan made a sandwich for both of you and Yuuto as a bento. You go to school with Yuuto and about the otome jikan talk you guys had last night, he wanted it to keep it a secret but you said Nii san already knew about it (sorry Yuuto you are just too loud pfft). That’s why nii san has been grinning non stop this morning!

You both went separate ways and



This time we are taking a break from Rejet wonderland and any yandere CDs. This is merely a normal drama cd about your life and your family. It’s actually kind of refreshing because lately I’ve been listening to from horror > shinigami tears  drama cd and my heart can’t handle too much drama.

One thing I would like to point out, that there’s a slight confusion about this drama CD. There’s no official information about whether you are blood related or not. But that will be incest and will change the whole meaning of this cd. I can let it off with nii san and his sister-complex but how about the second CD that is scheduled to be released on 27th September ; Father and Uncle CD?

What I can conclude here is you are adopted into this family. Your name is never revealed so we can’t know whether you’re using their family name or your previous surname. Taking nii san’s behavior into account (wanting to have a sweet time with you) it is safe to say that you’re adopted since you’re still a young girl.

Second point is this one ;

ふだん優しいぶん。きれたらきれたら怖いぞー He usually gentle, but when he gets mad it will be terrifying (Nii san)

Why would he said that? if you are his daughter, you of course would know your father’s true nature.

However, I might be wrong and this is just merely my theory. If anyone has any information regarding this matter please do leave a comment thank you (´・ω・`)

Other than that, I really enjoyed this drama cd (nothing drama heavy though) so I decided to continue reviewing the other two volumes as well!

As for the characters, YUUTO KUN IS REALLY REALLY CUTE AS YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER! HATS OFF TO EGUCHI TAKUYA! This whole drama CD is a lot more fun because of him and his shouting and yelling like a spoilt brat never failed to make me laugh. Nii san on the other hand is really really bossy and a bit sadist. I wasn’t really fond of him at first but the part where you spent the night with him and he talks  how you are no longer a little girl he used to know make me weep a little. That’s really adorable, he just can’t help but want to let you have the best of everything in life . He said he will stop calling you chibi but I guess out of habit it’s really difficult to part with that nickname (*´ω`*) 

Stay tuned for the next two volumes! ✧\\ ٩( ‘ω’ )و //✧


11 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW]東浦家の休日 vol.1 兄&弟編”

  1. 1 Usagi

    I’m kind of terrified to hear papa Sengay in the next volume sobs.

  2. I’ve only been reading your sevent heaven review and mannn those are some sad despair drama CDs ^^;
    EGUTAKU OTOUTO. I’ve never heard of this CD (not much of a drama CD) but thanks to your post I’m interested! I just hope that the heroine is actually adopted, not really into incest 😐

    • SEVENTH HEAVEN is a tragic love story! I wonder if you’ll try one of those CDs? because it’s really really something! i really love the series because at the first it’s all sweet and bubbly and then Rejet tear your dream-like fantasy and shred it into pieces.

      It’s really a cute and bubbly drama cd! Nothing heavy it’s just a daily drama CD and how do you spend your day off with your family. Really cute!

      I think she is adopted because she have a boyfriend (he will be in third volume and he is not Higashiura’s so no incest involved) I think nii san just have a sister complex so that’s why ^^;

      • yup I’ve read your sevent heaven story I mean like FULL OF DESPAIR COMPANY lawl. the funny thing is I found a japanese drink stand named SEVENT HEAVEN with the same font (probably) and I was thinking maybe rejet took the name from there /idek lol

        I’ll try to listen to this. not much of a drama CD person. I usually listens to ouji-sama kakko warai coz it’s hella full of jokes, and nade-nade series coz the 1st one is HOSOYAN SENPAI NOTICED ME. /im sorry fetish much

        never heard of this series before though but the next one according to what you said is oto-san and oji-san so if it’s incest it’s gonna be uh, bad? 😐

      • I don’t think it’s going to be incest and any ossan love or something with your father but i’m not sure about the uncle though.
        It will be kinda awkward if they did that,

        However, if they decide to make these two ossans very lovable (doting you so much) i think it will be cute cd for second volume!

        Or your dad is really really over protective since you’ the only girl in the family. Who knows? Either way, i am really excited for the second volume!

        Just for the side note, the heroine has a boyfriend (he will be in the third volume)

  3. oh my god I just saw this on Airavalky and i’m downloading it now (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ I really cannot wait to hear otousan! that sounds really weird, but this is actually the first time i’ve seen a drama CD that encompasses family time ^3^ recently all i’ve been listening to is Yandere Do-S’s (ahem JewelicNightmareDiabolikLoversRejet ahem) I need some family love!


    • Yup that’s what i’ve been seeing alot lately and sometimes i just want those old school drama cds which involved puppy love and such. Glad this one brought back the glory!

      Well if you’re looking for family-themed drama cd, Danna Catalogue is similar in concept but it’s more to a building a family with your husband. Nothing explicit, it’s really a nice romantic cd (*゚∀゚*)

  4. Just would like to know if you’ll review the second CD… I just listened to it and almost passed out from such sweetness, I’d like to read your opinions on it as well, but doesn’t want to spoil it since I don’t know if you had listened or not… ^^;;

    • Hello! Sorry for the late reply!

      I said that I’m going to review all the cds for Higashiura but I can’t bring myself to *like* or even finish listening to CD 2 which is rare since I am expecting the second volume the most.
      I’m sorry dear reader but if I’m in the mood and there’s a request more than 3 readers I probably will consider to do the review on second volume.

      Again, sorry and thanks!

  1. 1 [DRAMA CD REVIEW]東浦家の休日vol.3~未来の家族編 | 教えてあげる

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