[DRAMA CD REVIEW] 双子と私の(スリーピー)ナイト


Me and twins’ 3P night (omg why in english sounds cheesy)


Screen Shot 2014-04-26 at 2.36.54 PM


Lets skip the part why I haven’t been updating my wordpress.

CLARIFICATION : People are still NOT OKAY with me calling Shuu, trash. I’ll change his nickname now. Then, Garbage and Piece of Junk. Happy? Okay not. I am not using this nickname because he’s a despicable character. No. He’s just a little “playful and adventurous lol idk” and I am calling him trash because we use offensive nicknames to our favorite character because apparently that’s how tsunderes display affection.

No more of this. I am keeping this nickname because it is fun

TITLE  : Me and Twins’ 3p (sleepy) Night

COMPANY : Black Stanetto

WEBSITE : Stanetto

SEIYUU : Nakazawa Masatomo and Iguichi Yuichi





Aki is the older brother. He is gentle, considerate and earnest.

CV : Manaka Sawa aka Masatomo Nakazawa






Shuu aka Trash is Aki’s younger twins brother. Your childhood friend. One who follows his own instinct.

CV : Iguchi Yuichi





Thank to this trash for making me having this sudden urge to write a general review of this CD. Please forgive me for not translating or giving details review because what to specific when all they do here is making love to each other and drained their energy for the whole night lmao.

Aki (brown eyes) and Shuu (green eyes) are twins and they have been osananajimi with the heroine for as long as you can remember. However you are still debating whether to choose over slightly sadistic sleepy bear or gentle yet tsundere brother because practically you guys grew up together so it is natural to be together forever. Yeah. Nice choice.

You are over at their house to watch a DVD (because you guys are sooooo close so yeah no problem to stay there at night right???? WRONG). Seeing it’s really late Aki says its better if you just stay overnight since it is already that late. Even before he laid out the futon Shuu already feeling heavy and he just wants to sleep and get close to you because you are his “dakimakura”. That got Aki enraged so he quickly put on futon and drags Shuu and literally throws him onto futon lmao.

Aki sits next to you while mumbling that sleepy human is heavy. Under his breath he’s frustrated that he’s actually looking forward to actually spend time with you together but quickly chasing that thoughts away. Apparently he’s hiding his feelings towards you because thAT’S JUST HOW TSUNDERELLAS WORK! He asks that you like Shuu isn’t it because you always the happiest when you’re talking with Shuu. He has been looking at you guys since forever that both of you are always delight to see each other etc.

True, there’s also time you had a happy times with Aki, but he remarks that……..sometimes you held back so thats the sign you are not interested in him (oh my godd poor bbabu).

周が好きならすきって、言ってくれば いいのに (dry laughs)

Then he says that he’s strong (whut?) and they are practically identical which angle you look at so……maybe if you like to have a practice with him? He says something completely unrelated again and laugh at his own jokes (he’s adorable tbh) but then suddenly you looking gloomy. You assure him there’s nothing and he blames himself that he’s trying his hard to make a conversation with you (since he’s aware that you never had a good happy times like you had with Shuu so he’s trying to make up with being funny guy)


Out of frustration he hugs you and starts kissing you roughly askfsakfal you go baby boy!  Halfway he’s starting to think rationally that this is very immature of him bUT HE CAN’T STOP SO MORE ROUGH KISSUS. God  i love his kissing technique lmao(*´艸`*)”If you don’t want Shuu to see this you better don’t call out his name”

but guess what baby boy


APPARENTLY he’s awake the whole time and was watching these two losers making out lmao. Aki’s surprised by his sudden movement but he even surprise at a call from professor. Shuu pushes him if he didn’t take the call, that might be important matter so Aki leaves the room answering the phone not before he warns Shuu not to do anything weird while he’s outside.

Shuu, of course this trash, ignores his twins warning and proceed to his do S-sleepy-mode and teasing you that he knows what’s inside your heart. He knew your feelings towards Aki but you are afraid to tell him. Same goes to Aki. But you also like Shuu. You like both of them. As osananajimi and also as men. However, it is merely impossible to love both guys at the same time so that’s the reason you stored your feelings far deep inside.

Isn’t that right?

Shuu leans forward and confessed that he loves you big. But you, you are only happy when three of you are together. It’s great that you can’t choose either both. Then he backs up and said that Aki’s being unfair. Having his way with you when he’s sleeping so he needs to kiss you as well because your heart might change slightly to Aki with that kiss.

When Aki enters the room he’s surprised seeing you and Shuu kissing and quickly charge forward and break you two apart. Shuu counterattacks that Aki’s the one who did it first so it is natural to do the same right?

Shuu proceeds kissing you in front of Aki and surprisingly you don’t even try to resist?? (there’s something weird with this cd that makes you look like mannequin rather than human being). Aki pushes Shuu angrily and Shuu asks you which one would you choose? Since you can’t choose either one Shuu gives an idea that maybe “making love” might give you an answer which body compatible with you. WTF SHUU.


Track 5,6 and 7 are sexy tracks where Aki and Shuu taking turn “do” you. To sum it all, Shuu go first and he provokes you to show your true feelings and before he reaches climax he passes you over to Aki who is frantically trying to balance between logic and fantasy. Most of the time, he only follows Shuu’s orders. He’s completely clueless what to do and when it is his time he asked you first that if you are okay with him this time (since Shuu already did you before) and you nod your head. Compared to Shuu, Aki’s gentler. He puts you on the position that he can hug you easily and ask which place that make you feel the most heavenly. Since Shuu hasn’t cum (omg im sorry for using this word okay lets use milk) milk inside of you yet so he decides to uh…”milk you above” while Aki milk you down. LOL IF YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS I AM TRYING TO MAKE THIS ALL-AGES I AM SERIOUSLY NOT MAKING THIS BLOG A P0RN BLOG LMFAO.

blah blah blah these tracks are surprisingly lengthy as well so you could enjoy your fantasy sandwich’d by two guys.

hahaha i’m laughing so hard at my own words.

Done with sexy times, Aki cleans you (oh godd he’s really considerate) and even puts on your pajamas. This is very strange situation. Funny tho that Shuu is still outside his “my pace” so when he’s like no she can’t sleep yet she hasn’t give us definite answer, Aki straightforwardly shut him up. That totally shut this trash’s mouth lmao.

Shuu calls you a liar for not being truthful and tells indirectly to Aki that she doesn’t like us as osananajimi but as men. That surprised the poor guy Aki! Shuu calls him a stupid dumb bitch . Aki said that his and Shuu’s feelings towards you are genuine hence he wishes that one day, that you realize who you love the most. Completely ignoring Shuu’s nonsensical theory.

Shuu’s back to his normal self and stop being trash (for a while) and ignores Aki’s order him to sleep below. The futon he laid out earlier. Apparently they both will sleep below and you take their bed. He’s very considerate i love him (*/ω\*) Aki kisses your forehead and Shuu wakes up at the right moment and kiss you on the lips (yeah he’s a trash).

after they bids you good night, it split into individual tracks.

After Story~ボーナストラック~

Aki : He’s please greatly that you decided to choose him over Shuu. That night you aren’t able to sleep able same goes to Aki. He apologizes that he finally knew why you held back your time with him. It’s because you are aware that you are in the presence of the one you loved. It is natural to act that. He will treasure you. After a moment of silence, he definitely can’t sleep so he needs to uh, kiss you. A gentle peck on lips starts to pick up its own rhythm and he kisses you more. It is obviously a waste to just sleep tonight so uh he’s going to proceed to next stage if you know what i mean ;D

Shuu : Shuu remarks that the moment they on the bed, he can’t even close his eyes. Before, they used to sleep together like 川 but now, from three down to two. Only two of them. Starting from tonight. He thanks you for choosing him and wonders if it’s going to be as satisfying as before. If it’s not entertaining to him, he should call Aki and they will do again like before (WELL DUH YOU TRASH OF COURSE YOU ARE ALSO A SADIST). Though, he’s only joking. Shuu said that it is fun to see Aki’s priceless face but you think that it is not. And besides, Aki is pity to look at. “I wonder who did you choose really?”  “Yes, I isn’t it? I am yours”. No matter what happens, there’s no way there will be three of them again. He won’t let Aki touch you freely. That’s why for you to feel satisfied with him only, he will do his best. He gets up and wants to have smexy time with you “by his own recommendation?” i am not sure how to translate this but he is clearly having some dirty thoughts right now.

The next track is the track where you can’t choose any of them and it continues from track “good night”. Apparently you are in comatose state for several months due to heavy 3p night play months ago.



When you open your eyes, you see Aki and Shuu. That trash proposes that lets do it again tonight. Tonight he will do “various things” but Aki quickly fires him that what he proposes are not to be used because it’s not like you already decided which guy you like the most. Shuu fires him back that not like you choose Aki though! This trash ignores that and starts kissing you again omg lmfao. Aki scolds you that if you don’t want then push him away (YEAH RIGHT THIS HEROINE IS TOO USELESS I THINK SHES A DOLL LOL). Since you can’t choose either one of them, lETS HAVE FUN TOGETHER THEN.

Aki : that’s why from tonight, I’ll make you happy.

Shuu : that’s why from tonight, I’ll make you feel good.


Track 12 and 13 are individual “prologue tracks”

Aki (track 12) : You and Aki at the cafe together. He found you in front of the station and decides to invite you to have tea together. He wonders if you boyfriend will be mad but you deny that you don’t have one. He reliefs to hear that and probably because you, him and trash have been together since highschool so its not surprising. You ask why he’s smiling so happily, he quickly back to his senses and said that he remembers back when you are still small, you were adorable. He wondered if you and Shuu were going out together, you two might get lost(ノ´∀`*) such caring onii san i want one asjfaslf. He heard from your mother that you are renting a room near university. He quickly sounds impatient if its okay for you to be alone since you are a young woman. Apparently because you have encountered something unpleasant so he’s very very worried and gets an idea that next morning he will go visit your room! You ask him if he has any other motives, he quickly denies it! He’s just worried and as a brother he wants to make sure his “little sister” is safe at all cost! Since you don’t have a boyfriend, so it’s okay right?! You reluctant at first but Aki’s so desperate that you let him to do whatever he wants. (Obviously he’s actually 60% worry and 40% wanting to see and also make note for future references you naughty boy(✧≖‿≖) ). After you give him consent he’s planning to bring mangas and also considering futon as well (I TOLD YOU) HES DEFINITELY HAS ULTERIOR MOTIVE YOU GO BABY BOY=͟͟͞͞( ✌°∀° )


Trash (final trash) : He’s FINALLY AT HIS LIMIT! Aki’s late and he can resist the temptation to eat the sweets so he might just gulp them without waiting for Aki. Aki is just being Aki. He likes to gather them all together. He unwraps the chocolate and have a taste. He sees you staring at him so he wonders if he’s going to give you one and decide to let you have a bite since you are also dying of hunger. You resist to have a bite because instead of break it into two, he shove that one bar inside his mouth so you need to eat close to him lmao how do i put this into words well you get what im saying right you perverts. He laughs when your face is bright red and remarks that it is fun to make a joke on you. The door bell rings and Shuu gets up to open the door and Aki bursts inside saying that he’s sorry because of his work and shoves you some souvenirs. Trash’s mad because he’s late and both of them are getting really really hungry. Aki wonders isn’t that voice belongs to Shuu? Why he’s here?! It isn’t surprising right he’s here and Shuu urges him to stop worrying and get inside but Aki fires him that why he’s acting like an owner?! He apologizes that Shuu’s here and mumbles under his breath that he hopes that Trash only messing today.

“Today these twins are going to be interrupting you for a while,”



okay before that. Hi. Sorry for my disappearance. Lots of things have been happening I literally don’t have much time to sit quietly and do my details review like before. Believe me, there’s so many things I want to write about. There’s so many great cds that caught my interest and some of them are my favorites (Kankin Danshi, Sweets Blossom). Hopefully someday I have time and also enthusiasm to get back to reviews. For now, please excuse my general review on this cd.


ThIS CD LMFAO I THOUGHT ITS GOING TO BE SENSELESS CD WHERE THESE TWO TWINS ARE FREAKING HORNY but at least one of them are sensible enough to know that heyy this is wrong but my conscious is slowly slipping away so i can’t think anymore lmao but it has been a fun ride with fellow fangirl, Usagi. We basically spammed twitter with our NSFW tweets. At first I actually liked Shuu aka trash. He’s like a sleepy bear wearing bear pajamas but when I reached track 5, lol nope nope nope he’s too sadistic and Aki’s actually better than him. There’s so many things I like about Aki but you can find why though if you listen to this CD! SAKJASLF. It’s a fun CD and even though it is a r18 cd, it’s not a porn without plot. Plot is there, but nothing much since since the beginning you guys have known each other like forever. It’s just conflict between trio.

Shuu halfway was nickname’d trash. It suits him though.


19 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] 双子と私の(スリーピー)ナイト”

  1. Nice read! I do have to disagree about Shuu being “trash,” though. I mean don’t get me wrong, I have no particular preference for any of the twins but I did like the concept of this love-tri-something-shape. Anyway, I can tell that you’re biased towards Aki, but I do wanna point out some things on why Shuu isn’t really “trash,” in my opinion.

    1) In track3, Shuu didn’t really aggressively/unexpectedly/roughly kissed the heroine unlike what Aki did the first time he saw her make a gloomy face. In fact, Shuu actually hesitated/stopped first and asked “why.”

    2) In track6, Aki uhhm had the chance to lose his uhh “control” first, in the heroine’s uhh mouth, and Shuu actually held on to his uhh “control” to ensure that uhh the heroine gets to “be happy first,” despite already being in the heroine’s uhh “temple.” Most guys would probably claim such steely control can only be done with true love for the girl.

    3) In track7, Shuu didn’t get to release his “control” in the “temple,” while Aki, thanks to Shuu’s consideration, got to do it, and “scored” a second time with the heroine. I can kinda call that unselfishness on Shuu’s part tbh.

    4) Aki, technically speaking, went behind Shuu’s back in confessing his feelings to the heroine and confronting her. Shuu, technically speaking, considered the fact the heroine is happiest when the 3 of them are together, and actually understood and respected those feelings a little bit more than Aki did.

    So, based on those accounts, I really wouldn’t call Shuu “trash,” but that’s my opinion of course. But yes, Aki is adorkable lol. All in all, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this drama CD. And yes I definitely agree on how fun it is when there’s cute/fluffy plot in such drama CDs. Looking forward to other drama CD reviews!

    • Thank you for spending your time writing that comment. I do appreciate your thoughts.

      Okay nothing serious since it is just a drama cd.
      Unlike Shuu who’s clearly able to express his feelings, Aki don’t. He’s reserved and act like an older brother would. To him, even though he can’t tell his feelings he puts his feelings behind so that his younger brother could find happiness with the girl.

      Shuu on the other hand is aware with the tension between Aki and the heroine. So when he proposed to “make love so that she could decide based on that”. And true, he didn’t uh milk inside (pfft) but when Aki did milk inside her mouth….Shuu is slightly uh, mad. I believe that he “planned” to but even before he did that, Aki did first so halfway through Shuu (probably) changed his plan and let Aki have his way, properly, first since it is clear that she obviously favor Aki more. This is competition who gets to have her love, Shuu has no plan to step down.

      Tbh, I have nothing against these twins they’re interesting in so many ways. The reason I was calling him trash was because I livetweet with a friend and decided just for fun to call him trash to as in “adorable sadist” idk.

      Remember we use offensive nicknames to friends because that’s how you show affection? Yep. That’s the case. I didn’t actually mean /trash/ as in despicable character.

      Thank you for reading!

      • Aha, I see what you mean by the “trash” bit now. Anyway, i pretty much understand and somewhat agree on all accounts you mentioned above. Hehehe, was just sharing a bit of my thoughts. Now it’s time to find a new drama CD to listen to. ^^

  2. 4 Eu

    OMFG I should have been on Twitter when you guys were spamming there and laughed as loud as I did while reading this. XDD

    When I saw the, uh, cover, I instantly liked Aki. :3

    Thanks for the review! I haven’t been listening to any drama CDs so I don’t have any idea what’s out there in the wild~~

    • It was a total chaos tbh because before that we were raging about Futari no Himitsu volume 4 www

      At first I really like Shuu, but then Aki’s adorableness and his sincere feelings got me so hard I literally screaming.

      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading! 🙂

      • WAIT. Futari no Himitsu 4?? Was it bad? I really looked forward to it though, because it’s Sasanuma Akira we’re speaking of. ;w; /cries

        But thanks for this review… It sounds pretty interesting and OMFG I laughed so much at your attempt to make this All-Ages. xDDDD

      • Me as well Haruna! I got excited with Futahimi 4 because of your post since you said you like the seiyuu but…..it was a let down tho ;;v;; Not that it’s really /really/ bad but I think it’s not up to the expectation that I hope like in Futahimi 1 and 3

        I don’t want them thinking this is a p0rn blog sobs even though all the cds are basically pfft p0rn.
        You are welcome and thanks for reading! 😀

      • Awww… That’s sad. And I’m sorry!!! ;w; The sample track was nice though… Was the story not good or was it the voice acting? ^^
        I haven’t listened to the other volumes except for Vol. 3, because I was interested in the story. The script was nice, but the voice acting wasn’t that convincing after all… At least, that’s what I thought… Even though the character design was so cute… *cries*

        Bwahahaha. I know. I have the exactly same problems. xDDD That’s why I’m trying to keep the R-18 CD reviews only on Tumblr… At least the ones, that are senseless p0rn. LOL It doesn’t work though. :’D Because there are too much borderline CDs. ///////////

        Oh yeah… I think that the problem in R-18 CD’s is often the “I am a puppet, please do anything you want with me”-personality of the heroine…. Well… I guess, we can’t help that…. THERE IS NO HEROINE AFTER ALL. /o\

      • It’s not your fault dear! I don’t think there’s a “story” in futahimi, more like a setting where they get the chance to do you. But, I am not gonna say bad things since you haven’t listened to that yet and maybe I just expecting too much xD
        But it was good though! Don’t let my nonsensical thoughts get you!

        Oh, I would agree on that but there’s at least heroines that actually play her parts really well like in Kankin Danshi and Sweets Blossom!

        However, this futago cd…..I felt like she’s a piece of paper or dakimakura where they just tossed you around what. At the very least make it convincing to the listener that she’s not mute/light-weight/sick/have at least one hp level to defend herself lmao. That’s all stannetto!

        All in all, it was still good cd tho 😉

      • Hmm… You know… I’m still not sure if I should buy FutaHim 4… I’m a bit tight on money and I wanted to keep down my otome expenses as well as I want to buy 2 games, that will be released in autumn/winter this year… ;w;

        Ahahaha. Well, I’m one of the persons who has this strict “one boy or no boy” policy, so a 3P thing is always not really what I want. LOL I’m okay in the Inma CD though, because it’s NOT HAPPENING for real, but in a “dream”. 8D

        Did you listen to the 2nd volume of Sweets Blossom? If yes, what do you think about it?

      • Since you are tight in money….I would say, Futahimi 1 and 3 are better than volume 4. Hope this will help you if you want to get 4 or not!

        I did listen to Sweets Blossom and I must say I really like this series and my favorite is volume 2! I have a thing on someone’s older so yeah pft. I am considering to make a general review on that as well this week, hopefully. People dont seem to like the volume 2 because how sneaky that bastard is (lololol) but i…i AM A DO-M SO FORGIVE ME _(:3

      • I do want to support Sasanuma-kun, but I guess I’ll get the CD someday then. He’s not very active in the Drama CD business, so I need to stick to the things that are available I guess. Ugh….

        IKR. Kawada Shinji in Vol. 2 IS SO FREAKING SEXAY! 8D 8D Vol. 1 is good too, but I LOVE Vol. 2 for all various reasons. Mainly because its voiced by Kawada Shinji, who shot up to rank 3 in my bias list, after I heard him in the Jooubachi game. (I love these questionable bastards, that speak overly polite 8D) LOLOL

        Kyouichi is kind of a badass jerk, but still sexy in all possible ways (blond, megane, sexy voice, a teaser, ………) and ALL THOSE LETHAL WHISPERS. HALP.. /////////////// Did you listen to the tokutens for Vol. 2??? *cries in a corner* They were so gooooooood. *drools* HIS VOICE IS JUST. HNNNNNNNNG. LITERALLY EARGASM.
        I AM SO SORRY, MY DO-M SIDE IS SHOWING. :’D But I guess, you’ll understand it as a fellow do-M. lololol

      • Oh amazing! We are interested in a same character! 8D At first, I have no clue who is the seiyuu but then after track 3 (yes thats my favorite track im sorry this is too perfect(✧≖‿≖) ) i am dying to know more about Kawada Shinji and apparently hes in bees cd.


        Which is good though, I love trash and bastards equally.

        I listened to both of his tokutens but I am not sure which tokuten is this from, but its where he did you in the cafe when its already past closing time xDD that was surprisingly adrenaline rush lmao. And now i have this sudden urge to listen to his cd again!

      • ALKSJDFLKSDJFL. FINALLY someone who understands me!!! ;w; *clings onto Alyyn*

        God, I need to cool myself or I’m going to scream. LOL I’m sitting next to the room of my thesis advisor, so yeah. CALM DOWN, Haru. xDDD

        I wasn’t so fond of Sumeragi’s CD though, because….. uhm… well… yeah… it was… pretty hardcore. LOL

        You know… He needs MOAR roles. I wish he’d do more non R-18 roles, but there are so far only 2 otome games with him…
        It’s just so SLKDJFSLKJ, when his voice drops. It feels like some hot dude, you always liked, suddenly grabbing you and starting a passionate make-out session with you. LOLOLOL

        The “in the cafe” one is from Animate, but I actually like the Stellaworth one better (it’s sold out though (  ゚,_ゝ゚)), because HOLY POTATOE CHIPS, I CAN’T EVEN DESCRIBE HIS VOICE. GAHHHHHHHHHH. ಥ‿ಥ ಥ‿ಥ *hits her head on the table*

      • Frankly speaking, I am not really fond of bees cds except for Utsuro lol. So I haven’t listened to any of other volumes other than Utsuro so I can’t say anything yet ww.

        THATS TRUE THOUGH! It is such a shame if they don’t cast him in any other r18 otome cds. I think he DID A GREAT JOB AS TENCHOU LOL! It was a really hot making out session that I am unable to sleep for the rest of the night. I am such a loser I love his cd aksjlfaf.

        I might do a review on that later so that we are able to carry on the conversation much further 8D Why don’t you write one too Haru? I know you love it soooo much that you can’t even contain all your feels ;D

      • 16 Haruna

        Hahaha. I’m SOOO SORRY for spamming your comment section. xDD

        AND YOU KNOW ME WELL, I actually wrote a review about Sweets Blossom Vol. 2 (because of all my FEEEEELS)… Even though… I only published it on my Tumblr. xDDD (I was trying to hide my p0rn stuff. LOLOLOLOL) If you go through my #review tag, you’ll find it. 😀 😀 😀 Ah, and don’t mind my weird English there. I was writing it after I listened to it and it had quite an EROI impact on me. lolololol

        I’m looking forward to your review then! Fufu….


    also we love Shu because he’s trash. i’m trash too. LOL

    Anyways I love your review as usual ;v; I never posted mine and then I forgot all about the CD so WHAT DO WWWWWWW

    Miss you lots bby ;_; sobb

    • Thank you bby! It’s because you are here with me thanks for bringing my spirit back urghh my heart.
      Futahimi 4….I dont know what to say totally a let down. Now we just have to wait for Volume 5, I heard its going to be something yummy.

      Trash is trash. Nothing’s wrong with that.

      Thank you so much love ❤ It's okay take your time you're busy anyway. NOT LIKE ME WHO IS FREE ALMOST ALWAYS (dame ningen)

      I miss you too love hope to see you soon_(:'3」∠)_

      • Lol we brought each others spirits back that’s the only way I can survive with your help bby ;v; <333 as for Futahimi 5, I'm still very excited for it regardless xD some of the futahimi series I liked and some didn't, but I still keep my hopes up for futahimi 5 haha <33

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