Poll time


Hi guys! I am doing some sort of poll time now for future reference. I would appreciate it if you would spend your time to answer this. It is very short and nothing much. For now there’s only one question that I wanted to know the most however if you have any suggestions you can just post comments below ;

for example if you want more p0rn stuff (and anyway this is not p0rn blog <3)

See nothing much isn’t it?

And by the way please don’t vote for translation ho shit that is a pain in the neck, getting me to write something is difficult enough and now translation? No thanks.

As for Tumblr review it is something like this.

this and this and this and more this

Apparently, it is well-received though because people don’t like to read long-ass reviews (because I know I don’t, tl;dr) but it is up to people’s taste though.

Thank you for your time and now you can get back to your homeworks, kids.


5 Responses to “Poll time”

  1. As much as I love detailed reviews from other bloggers… I KNOW HOW IT’S A PAIN IN THE ARSE… I mean, I’m always spending like half a day writing those tl;dr and even though it’s fun, it’s way to time consuming.
    Since the majority of us are full-time university students… I’d say general reviews are totally okay and enough. Unless it’s a CD you wanna spread love for… Then your review is automatically becoming a tl;dr without you even noticing it. xDD

    • but detailed review is fun to write _(:3 I just have this tendency that I like to jot down everything because I feel like I can’t even miss a single thing or else I’ll be “oh godd this is important they probably want to know this!” but yeah I agree, university is eating up my free time so I don’t have such leisure to do that anymore _(:3

      I know I will tl;dr for the upcoming season 2 Genyouki tho! ;D

      • xD I know right… That’s why my reviews ALWAYS turn out tl;dr. LOLOLOL

        I’m writing less reviews, but longer ones? Well, I’m finishing my thesis, so I cannot write anything now, but I’M ALMOST DONE. YEAH. And then I’ll finish my own Genyouki review, because I NEED TO. UNF.

  2. 4 Eu

    Can’t choose between the General review and Tumblr review. ;;; Either way, whichever format you are comfortable, that’s fine. 😀

    • I don’t think there’s difference between general and tumblr review www well, tumblr review is much more short and I go all out writing it so excuse the bad words and cursing www

      At this point detailed reviews are winning but I am keeping this for a bit longer tho for unexpected result 😉

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