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  To be fascinated with a patisserie welcome to Le Ciel Blue. You are working at the infamous sweets shop [Le Ciel Blue]. Past the working hours, you are searching frantically for something that you had dropped earlier and met with the shop’s chef (and also) owner, Kyouichi. Kyouichi proposes to have a mini game of finding which […]

The title translates as, A day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 3 : Future husband and future brother-in-law! After a tiring day, have a refreshing day off! How would you like to spend your holiday? Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting? However, theres people who wants to spend time with you Those […]



I must say I am quite surprised by the results. At first, general review tops but then when I came back after 3 days somehow, detailed review beats everyone and sit highly on the throne. I am quite baffled at first because in my opinion, people DON’T read chunk of text or simply put, tl;dr. I […]