I must say I am quite surprised by the results. At first, general review tops but then when I came back after 3 days somehow, detailed review beats everyone and sit highly on the throne. I am quite baffled at first because in my opinion, people DON’T read chunk of text or simply put, tl;dr. I know I don’t. Unless I am very keen in that particular matter. Anyway, here’s the result

Which review style you prefer the most?
  1. Detailed review (Serious, almost similar to translation e.g Yanero) 53.49%  (23 votes) 
  2. General review (Thoughts, little comments here and there) 32.56%  (14 votes)  
  3. Translation (pain in the ass don’t vote this) 9.3%  (4 votes) 
  4. Tumblr review (link below) 5%  (2 votes) 
Total Votes: 43
Thank you to those who participated! Here, yandere for you.
Difference between general review and detailed review is that I summarize track by track for detailed review and summarize the whole cd for general review. Why detailed review wins probably because most listeners wanted to know what the frick is actually happening in that particular track. In spite of that, I am very lazy (by nature, pardon me) you guys just have to deal with general review.

In fact, the most commented post is Yanero (and most viewed). It is also one of the post where I tried my best to keep it detailed and neat in one day. I almost choked on my own blood writing that. Nevertheless, I am really satisfied with that review.

Hence, I will try my best to keep this blog alive (again) and I am not posting R18 CDs for the meantime. There’s a reason for that. If you followed me on twitter, you will know why.
And that concludes it all.
I told you guys don’t vote for translation. Who was it please raise your hand I’m gonna handcuff you for a week. 

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