[DRAMA CD REVIEW]東浦家の休日vol.3~未来の家族編


The title translates as,

A day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 3 : Future husband and future brother-in-law!

After a tiring day, have a refreshing day off!

How would you like to spend your holiday? Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting? However, theres people who wants to spend time with you

Those people are — your family

Would you like to spend a lively and fun time with your beloved family on your day off?

This CD is fully recorded with dummy head mic!

cover Look at these two omgg they’re so cute gorogoro together٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

TITLE : Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu Volume 3 Future Family

COMPANY : Asgard-Japan

WEBSITE : Biscrown

SEIYUU : Ono Yuuki and Kimura Ryouhei


 Nagae Mihiro (future husband)

CV : Ono Yuuki

Boyfriend aka your future husband. A young adult  and is currently studying at a University (second year). He’s a bit brusque however tends to be loving boyfriend also can act like a spoiled child sometimes, when together with the heroine.


Nagae Daigo (future brother-in-law)

CV : Kimura Ryouhei

 24 year old. Despite having a youthful appearance he’s actually employed in a company (surprising? yes!) . He’s talkative and the so-called mood maker. Even so is quite an observant even while fooling around. Loves his brother so much.

01/AM9:00~Sweet morning call

It’s a morning phone call from your boyfriend. He asks you if you had a good sleep and he didn’t get to sleep at all last night because kept thinking about the day you are going to “visit” his place which is today. He sulks a bit when you actually had a good night sleep as if you weren’t feeling nervous at the thought of going to his place lmao. You didn’t forget about the promise and you both will spend a whole day together today which lift up his spirit and mood. And then he gets horny.


phone sex.

kidding. He’s actually asking what are you wearing and he wants you to take off your pajama with him. Slowly. Which is equivalent to phone sex lmfao i’m crying. He didn’t go further as to not embarrassed you, he is having fun though. It’s a shame he couldn’t see your reaction and urges you to come to his place earlier. He will be waiting and has lots of things he wants to talk to you that can’t be done through phone. As for lunch, he’ll cook something for you!

02/PM12:30~Brunch Time……..?

Finally at his place. He’s more than joy to see you. Apparently you are earlier than he thought so you probably can’t wait to see him as much as he can’t wait to see you. He comments on how you are fidgeting at the entrance. Are you nervous about being alone with him or was it because of the phone calls this morning? He already cooked something for brunch.

You were having ichaicha time together when an unexpected visitor bursts open the door much to Michan’s dismay. It is none other than the おじゃまくんDaigo! He’s here to interrupt your love time because simply he can! Michan is obviously  not pleased because he had planned to spend (and possibly make love) with you this weekend and having Daigo over is just gonna ruined his plan! He’s here not to mess around but actually to deepen the bond between siblings and you because it just a matter of time before you are a part of the family. At first, Mihiro slightly puzzled at the thought of marriage but when he ponders for a while he’s slightly embarrassed and Daigo continues saying that he will also become someone’s brother not only Mihiro’s.

He asks you if he’s interrupting you but of course you denied. Leaving Mihiro sexually frustrated.

03/PM1:30~Communication Time

Mihiro asks Daigo lazily what he’s planning to do today. Daigo replies that he’s only going to have a bonding time with you only. So, he suggests that three of you play trump cards . Frankly speaking, he’s planning to play it with Mihiro at first that’s the sole reason why he bought that game. And chose “old maid”. Apparently, your face is brimming with joy that confused Mihiro. Daigo concludes that you must be really like the “old maid game”. Mihiro warns you to don’t get too close to Daigo that you might catch his disease. However, since you’re leaping with joy, he’s just going to go along with the flow.

When Daigo’s done with the cards, he gives it to both of you but purposely touched your hands. Mihiro slaps his hands and Daigo excuses him being too frank but Mihiro simply said that 自動自得 – the natural consequences of one’s own misdeed.

Despite being the one not into the game, Mihiro actually pretty serious and trying too hard and dropping signs, verbally, for you not to choose the wrong card. He also prevents Daigo from getting too close and choose the card from you lmfao. I’m so done with these siblings. Daigo got the queen card from you hence Mihiro swore with his life to get it back and return it to you. He finally got it but that little cheer at the end was really cute coming from him that even Daigo remarks that its enough seeing both of you are happy.

04/PM6:00~Dinner Time

They played trump game until it is really that late. Daigo excuse Mihiro for being that one player who refused to stop until he wins. Daigo offers himself to cook dinner but there’s no ingredients watsoever?? Daigo smirks that he already bought everything on the way to Mihiro’s house so don’t sweat about it. It also been quite some time he prepares something for Mihiro and besides, the pressure is high since his girlfriend also here.

While Daigo preparing dinner in the kitchen, Mihiro apologizes that it has turned out this way. Even so, Daigo’s cooking is something to look forward for. Without warning, Mihiro hugs you but you fear that Daigo might see both of you in that state, hence you’re trying to break free but he’s not going to. It is because “that person’s fault” that they aren’t able to spend time together.

Tonight, he had prepared “Ginger roasted Chinese Starch Noodle Salad and Egg Soup” (this might be wrong). That menu shocked Mihiro because Daigo is fully aware that he can’t stomach a bell pepper. He tricks you that it must be really pitiful to have a boyfriend who can’t even eat his bell pepper properly.

Without a doubt, Daigo’s homemade dinner is really delicious but there’s one person over there who can’t seem to enjoy the dinner fully. Still battling with his bell pepper. When you do the “ahhn” thing to Mihiro because of Daigo, that made him a bit teruteru and chomp that thing. Even for the second time.


Mihiro is still recovery from “bell pepper disaster”. It is already pass dinner time so Mihiro pushes him to go back to his own habitat but Daigo only laughs it off. Mihiro ponders if his screw has loosen somewhere. (It was a fake laugh I can’t stop laughing at Kimun’s acting wwww). It wasn’t his intention to stay at Mihiro house but………the electricity at his house is not working well. Since it’s Sunday no one’s coming to fix it so he wonders……if it’s okay…….for him to…….stay?

Mihiro slams onto table and forces him to go back right now. Seeing Daigo truly desperate, you pat on Mihiro’s arm to calm him down and let him stay. Daigo’s face brightens, Mihiro is completely shocked!

Mihiro : Are you nuts?

Daigo : Girlfriend ~is~ really~ nice~~❤

Mihiro : You there, shut up!

Daigo : Ah ah sorry!

On one condition, Daigo’s place tonight is in the locker and surprisingly he has no objection to that. When Mihiro commands him to prepare the shower room he has no complains and headed straight to do his task. Mihiro tells you to go take a bath first, and he will take after you…….or maybe if you don’t mind, they could get into the bath together?

Mihiro : Daigo, after you’re done with shower room get inside the toilet!

Daigo : Why I don’t have any business there?

Mihiro : I don’t care about you. While she’s taking a shower, you will be inside the toilet until I tell you it is okay to come out!

Daigo : Ehh?! I don’t think there’s any reason to go that far??

Oh godd I pity Daigo xD

06/PM11:50~A night spend with your boyfriend

Mihiro and you are alone in the room but there’s one person over there clinging to the door asking if you guys need anything. Acting like a very busybody Japanese inn owner. After Mihiro stresses that they don’t need anything and Daigo should just get lost, he apologizes to you that because of his brother our lovey dovey has gone to waste.

Sadly though as this is all-ages drama CD there will be no unnecessary smoking-hot-sex-scenes. Both of you are cuddling together in the futon and even though he acts cold towards Daigo, there’s no way he will hate his brother he’s just A NUISANCE. Though he tried to “do something naughty” but you gently warns him no because Daigo’s outside. After compliments that you smell nice he slowly drifts away to dreamland.

07/AM2:00~A night spend with your future bother-in-law

You wake up by the sound of door creaking only to find Daigo trying to find his phone somewhere in Mihiro’s room. He wonders if that little monster is awake, but Mihiro is sleeping soundly. After he found his phone he tells you to keep it a secret that he entered the room without Mihiro’s permission. You aren’t able to sleep that night so he ponders if you are okay to have a talk with him. ONLY TALKING OF COURSE HE WON’T DO ANY WEIRD STUFFS!

There’s so many things he wants to talk about but he’s not sure where to begins. He asks about how long have you guys been dating. You blushed when he asked about if you like Mihiro? To be honest, he’s really worried about Mihiro if he’s able to find happiness but only to find himself to be a bit over protective over his little brother.

He remarks that you have this “very warm feeling” so when you said that you have a very intimate bonding with your family, he sighs a relief. It’s great that you have such relationship because when he and Mihiro were small, their mother left them. Mihiro didn’t talk about such thing so you had no idea. However, Daigo said there’s no need to sweat over that thing because it is quite a common sight for such families these days. So when growing up, there’s only three of them in house. Their father is a bit clumsy,old but he’s a sharp-eyed man.

He actually enjoyed his day today because he experience such feelings back in the days with Mihiro. And…it is all because of you. He comments that Mihiro is quite difficult to handle but actually an adorable little brother. He hopes that three of you could get along well together.

So, after both of you got married, he wishes that you will call him “Oniichan” and laughs it off only to find that you don’t mind calling him with such cutesy calling. His voices rises a bit because he didn’t expect that you would agree to his childish thoughts. Then his personality changed from serious to childish and reveals that he always wanted to have a little sister, going around calling him “oniichan oniichan” .

Daigo : Since you said its okay….can you call me Onii chan…..again?

You reluctant at first but after he pleads with his innocent eyes you said okay. But! Only after he prepares himself first! When it is okay he….


Daigo : ….. eh?

Mihiro is half awake and lazily asks what is Daigo doing here and leave the poor guy dumbfounded (oh my god i’m laughing so hard). Without waiting any longer, he quickly rushes off from the room before Mihiro explodes. You shake your head when Mihiro asks if Daigo did anything weird to you and then slowly he goes back to his sleep.

Daigo enters the room again and comments that he’s sleep talking. He bids you goodnight since he said everything that he wanted to say to you.

Daigo : I hope Mihiro won’t remember what happened tonight~

08/AM7:30~The next morning

You wake up first and only to find Daigo is preparing breakfast. He’s preparing miso soup that morning and when you said it is delicious he stunned a bit. Probably because of you that he thought that like a newlywed (I couldn’t paraphrase this better but he’s a bit surprised). He quickly pushes you to wake Mihiro or else both of you will be late for classes while mumbling that you will be married to Mihiro and ALSO is his FUTURE YOUNGER SISTER!

Mihiro refuses to wake up even Daigo calling him with his nickname. Mihiro has always been a very heavy sleeper. You tried to wake Mihiro up because that might wake him up and surprisingly YES.

Mihiro : Good morning. Seeing you in the morning, I can never be this happy. Hey, can I have good morning kiss?

Daigo : Wahhh yadaa going lovey dovey early in the morning! (oblivious)

Mihiro bolt suddenly because he didn’t think that Daigo is still here. It’s already past 7am so he should be going to his workplace. Daigo’s a bit hurt that Mihiro is still not being friendly that morning….even after he had prepared his favorite breakfast. That actually got Mihiro and he wakes up from his slumber and washes his face.

After breakfast, both of you are heading to the University and still weird out seeing Daigo cleaning the dishes. He will be gone by the time both of you finish with classes. He bids safe journey to Mihiro and also his girl- oh no… his future younger sister! After both of you got married, he will come to your house everyday to play!!


This post was in draft for almost 6 months!I find it entertaining to listen to but pain in the neck to make a review. Obviously because it is a fun cd to listen to that I myself got carried away laughing and giggling rather than translating. I am so sorry. Anyway, here it is!

This is the last installment for Higashiura Kyuujitsu. I’ve reviewed first volume but I don’t think I’m going to do the second one. If I am motivated enough I’ll do one. Anyway, this series is by far my favorite series ever! It is all-ages, there’s stories to tell and each CDs are connected to each other. There’s SS in the website that you can read!

If I have to compare which volume I like the most, hands down, third volume of course! Mainly because of my bias, Ono Yuuki but there’s more to it! Daigo’s a fun character to begin with. He really cares his little brother and that little backstory omg I didn’t sign up for such tragic. No wonder Daigo’s such a protective brother. It is because he has been taking care of Mihiro since forever. It’s no wonder Mihiro likes his homemade meal, he grew up with those! Can you feel the siblings love askfalskfjlas. This is really a great CD I’m not gonna lie. I kept finding myself laughing along with Daigo. He has a contagious laughter.

So that’s it guys! This is the reason why I am taking a break from R18 CDs! Once in a while, you just need a fluffy story with great characters. I am hoping that bisCrown won’t jump into R18 bandwagon so soon. Their “Reversible” CD doesn’t really interest me much so yeah just stick with fluffy romance thank.

5 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW]東浦家の休日vol.3~未来の家族編”

  1. 1 Haruna

    Ahhhh! THIS CD IS LOVE!!! I loved this CD so much, because it’s fluff, no enter and just a fun slice of life scenario! I’m not too fond of Kimuryo’s voice, but it fit his character so well! He was so genki and bright, that I was infused with good mood. Fufufu. Ono Yuuki was a cute boyfriend too. Unf. I want a tsundere bf tooooooooooooooooooooooo……

    The relationship of the brothers is hilarious! Daigo is a A++ cockblocker, literally!!! xDD I laughed so much at this sucessful attempts to let lovey-dovey actions die out. x’D Really, that guy is the born cockblocker.

    I agree with you. You really need to take a break from R-18 stuff from time to time. Though I’m not listening to THAT much R-18 anyway. LOL But finding a drama CD that is really good and nice to listen to as this CD is RARE. I haven’t tried the other CDs of this series, but I’m afraid that I’ll like them so much I have to buy them. xDDD

    • MY COMRADE!ヽ(;▽;)ノ It’s such a shame though that not many people listen to his great series. I wonder why, they have great cast of seiyuus, slice of life and that pretty illustrations by Mero. Why though??
      Maybe because we are so corrupted to the core, there’s no way to turn back to innocent CDs anymore /cries

      Ono Yuuki character lacked personality (because he’s tsundere? and also because thats how his personality is?) but there’s a decent humor between them two, so I think it turned out well? Daigo is such a noisy character anyway xD

      It’s great that Kimuryo voices Daigo because he’s such a fun character and I want a brother like himmm! But when the tragic backstory came I was like uh noo no wonder he’s very protective over his younger brother. Such a caring brother ajsfkaslfa.

      A++++cockblocker omg im crying Haruna wwww that totally fits his character! I can only see him cockblocking because he wants the girl for himself! www joke joke. Or, wait that could be possible too? Since he regards the heroine as “his younger sister” even before Micchan and her get married? xD

      Are you sure you are not listening to THAT much R-18? By the way, Kankin Danshi Volume 3, gentle boyfriend confirmed but no release date yet, just sayin’´◉౪◉`)

      If you want to have cute siblings fight try Volume 1. If you want to have gentle papa comforting you and flirty uncle try Volume 2. But in my personal opinion, Volume 3 is still my favorite and will always be ❤

      Thank you for reading!

  2. 3 Haruna

    *glomps Alyyn* Hmmm, I guess it’s not so popular, because it’s Slice-of-Life. I think people prefer more interesting plots?

    Well, there wasn’t too much character depth, because the CD starts without a proper introduction and development of the characters, but it’s okay, because the interactions are fun. Also, you don’t need so much character depth, because it’s a part of a couple’s daily life.

    Ahahaha, Daigo is only so nosy because he really cares for Micchan. Fufu. And I really like sibling bonds, so yeah, this CD totally won over my heart. Unf. I think Daigo only cockblocks them, because he’s worried about Micchan and your virginity. LOL Like he doesn’t want you to rush things? And he might really want to get closer to his brother as well as you (purely as a new family member).

    xDDD I’m staying away from the Kankin Danshi series, because I’m not really into those yandere scenarios… I like forbidden trainwreck Kareshi Igai or Danna Igai scenarios though. xDD

    • Ah that must be the reason then! I myself prefer something with action packed idk something slice of life bore me as well (´・ω・`)
      This is probably the only cd where I go ah i can go easy with this one /throws dictionary

      He just don’t want precious otouto to lose his virginity to some girls without his approval first xD

      Are you sure? Kankin Danshi Vol 2 was good tho, i liked it. And OMG DANNA IGAI ISNT OKIT-PAPA GOING TO BE IN THE NEXT INSTALLMENT THO?! CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!

      • 5 Haruna

        I AM sure. xDDD I just like those forbidden themes, because they are so wrong and I can get angry about them. LOL Yep. It’s Okitsu’s volume and I have to admit, that the CM for the CD was HOT. 8D 8D 8D 8D

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