[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Sweets Blossom Kyouichi ~ Volume 2

To be fascinated with a patisserie
welcome to Le Ciel Blue.


You are working at the infamous sweets shop [Le Ciel Blue]. Past the working hours, you are searching frantically for something that you had dropped earlier and met with the shop’s chef (and also) owner, Kyouichi. Kyouichi proposes to have a mini game of finding which one he made. For the winner he’ll treat you for a dinner…………

TITLE : Sweets Blossom 2

COMPANY : Milky Chain

WEBSITE : Milky Chain

SEIYUU : Kawada Shinji


 Hikami Kyouichi. 32 years old.

CV: Kawada Shinji

He’s the owner of the sweets shop. He had a professional training in France for 6 years, andjust 4 years ago had opened a shop. In the blink of an eye, the shop roses to the top.He is soft spoken and has a gentle expression but always philander with women. Quite serious at work, but fairly a useless human being.






TRACK 1 Hikami Kyouichi – Owner

You are still searching for something that you had lost when tenchou walks in asking what you are doing. Everyone has gone back already. He takes it from his pocket and present to you a hair ornament. You thank him deeply.

He tells you that he has something to do thats why he stays back and now he’s going back. He remembers that you are the new worker and asks if you like working here. He’s satisfied with your answer since you’re always such a diligent worker, working both at the customer service and in the kitchen. Everytime he sees you, you’re always with a refreshing smile. Of course, he would like you to always keep up with that attitude and energy.

He notices that your posture ain’t great and moves closer to inspect better. He advises you to keep your body straight because it will be inconvenient in the future.

Apparently, you received a small note from a male customer with an email address. You don’t intend to contact the customer in the first place but he isn’t concern about that. In the future, it is best to keep a distance from customers. It’s a rule in the cafe to not having affair with the customer because it seems that you have quite a number of admirers. It will cause trouble if you’re treating them special. (I am not sure how to put this in words) It is, well, better to put up a professional front as to not cause any mischiefs.

Out of blue, he proposes to play a mini game with you. If you win the game, he’ll treat you to dinner. In front of you are two madeleines. Both looks the same however there’s something different and your task is to guess which one the one he made. First, you have to smell it first. He’s amazed with your skills because right off the bat you could tell which one is his. It appears that you just have a unique nose sniffing skill and able to differentiate because of the honey that was used. He thought that you are able to tell which honey he used but you just shake your head. You are still a novice after all (with a good sniffing sense).

He lets you to have a taste and explains he’s using a homemade honey. A special honey that smells like a flower (rose?). This is not for display because rose honeyed is expensive so he’s just making it as a hobby. He asks if you are able to make sweets but you don’t and it is such a shame since you have an unique skill. You love eating sweets but you don’t know how to make one makes him laugh heartily. That is one interesting fact.

He takes your hand and ready to go out since you won the game. He’ll treat you to your favorite place for dinner. Frankly speaking ,even if you lose the game he’ll still treat you to dinner though. Tonight, they’ll celebrate.


TRACK 2  Splendid cake, hopeless person

In the end, you chose a traditional Japanese restaurant. He’s fascinated that you have a japanese tongue* and once again both of you kanpai.

The fact that you are working at the Le Ciel Blue still surprises him though. Two years ago, the shop was still small and he remembers every faces that came to his shop even you. Plus, you’re beautiful, it is an extra.

You, on the other hand, decide to work at the shop because it is your dream. After you graduate, you immediately when to work at the shop. Even if it’s going to be difficult in the future, you promised that you won’t quit that easily. The thought alone makes him delightful.

He remarks that today is a wonderful day. Probably because he’s spending time with a beauty.

He offers to send you home but there’s no need since you lived just right this corner. You didn’t suspect anything, so you take his offer walking you home. He’s been talking nonsensical due to the sake he drank. He’s not very good at handling alcoholic drinks. Suddenly, he stops and asks you to look up and look into his eyes.

“As expected, you are lovely,” – this smooth mothafucka

He compliments that you have such lovely eyes no wonder male customers are attracted to you. He moves closer and whisper in your ears that you, in fact, actually have him in your eyes, yes?* (he’s actually saying that you actually attracted to him and thats the reason why you’re working at Le Ciel Blue). Of course you deny who wants this handsome, blonde, megane and exceptionally good at making sweets right????

He tells you that interviewers and reporters that came to his shop half came because of him,or because the workers are wearing cute costumes or probably the TV advertises Le Ciel Blue as famous shop. Former waitresses that worked in this shop had an impure intention which is to flirt with him. To be honest, that bothered him a lot. That’s why, he acted cold towards them and one by one quit because of that.

“Women are troublesome huh,”

Admittedly,  that he used (really?) to play around with them but he’s already at the age where he’s not that active anymore. He’s over 30 and both his mind and body have evolved into mature man. You accuse him as despicable person but he just laughs it off. That’s a good way to put him in one word. He knows people are talking behind his back about him being good at making sweets and women.

You put on “um no” face and he says that it won’t be that bad having a woman who is speaking ill about his nature. Smooth as fuck, he embraces you in his arms,

“I am quite skillful in techniques. Do you want to try it yourself?” He kisses you and quickly you push him away and start running. Leaving him behind.


TRACK 3 A start of cohabitation!? 

You are changing uniforms when Kyouichi suddenly bursts in and demand to see you. Didn’t expect that, you yells and throwing punches at him. Out of chaos, he quickly charges outside. After a while, he knocks on the door and you get out only to find him with frantic look on his face. There’s something he wants to talk to you about. You ask him, aren’t he supposed to be mad at you? But he bounces back the question, why would he? Is it related to shop? He couldn’t remember exactly what happened a week before.

Suddenly, he remembers that once he went out with you to drink sake. He wasn’t particularly concern about what happened after the drinks. Today, he has something very important he wants to talk about. You are curious but he’s not the type for mindless talks and reasons so he takes your hands and rushes to his car. In the process you are not the submissive type so you were struggling like hey mann where are your courtesy.

He starts to get cold and fever this last few days and yesterday was the last straw. It is his first time caught this troublesome fever. Right now, he’s directing to his house and he will explain everything there.

(that freaking car drift wooo)

Strangely enough, when you enter the house he quickly locked the door (important part man). You look around and he wonders if his house is THAT dirty since he barely have time to keep things in order. And plus, he’s living alone so there’s no need to look presentable. There’s three rooms and it is actually too big for one person. You are the first woman he ever brought to his house because for fooling around it’s enough by bringing them to hotels.

Enough talking now back to serious matter. He orders you to sit at the sofa  (important) and as he moves closer, he whispers in your ears,

“Please become my dick tongue

He actually said 僕の下/舌になれー I had a bit of fun translating this because it can either means please become my tongue or please become my dick

i’m laughing at my own translations.

Of course every living person (even dead????) would go what the fuck are you talking about you drunkard. He starts explaining that one week ago he’s down with a cold that’s why he’s been taking days off. Day by day, the temperature rises and yesterday he barely could move. This morning it has been a while since he makes a cake and then,

dramatic music.

heavy sighs.


For him to become like this. Taste, my taste is no longer working omg i dont know why but im laughing hysterically right now. Right now he is unable to differentiate salty and sweet.His voice is so heart breaking but I can’t seem to be serious in this. So he would like you to be his tongue and be his advisor since at the mean time, he has no taste buds watsoever plus he would like you to stay at his house because it is convenient (for him and his dong). This is really an absurd idea so quickly you get up and planning to get away from this psycho.

“Why are you running away?”

“You are going to be my tongue from now on,”

Before you said you really love sweets and even work at Le Ciel Blue. What if he no longers make a splendid cake like he used to? The shop will crumble down. Is it okay with you?

The reason he wants you to live here is because it’s advantageous for you not going back and forth from house-shop-his house. But still you are stubborn and can’t accept this absurd idea too easily. Suddenly, the music stops and he’s back to himself.

“You are truly stubborn aren’t you,”

“If you really desire a reason, (sudden drop in voice range) I’ll give you one,”

He locks your hands together, “you become my woman then,” still you are not hot with the idea of having sexual intercourse with this old man so you tried to break free but it’s useless.

Using the bath robes he ties your hands together. Conveniently placed since he doesn’t usually tidy his house. He knows one wonderful technique and would like you to open your legs a bit. Even if you are struggling using every bits of your strength it is useless since he’s a man and you are already in a tight situation where you can’t even move your hands. Even if you calls for help no one will come.

“Look…………that’s sensual,”

“I’ll make you feel good, make sure to stay still,” without warning he rips off your clothes. He compliments your fair skin. Do you know that women feel good if he says that their skin is so fair, making him wants to eat them up. Kiss.

You stop struggling when he kissed your ears. Apparently, it is your sensitive areas. He’s not going to stop at your ears, but also will thoroughly kiss you all over your body. He starts licking and kissing your breasts, collarbones, ears. He discovered that whenever he licks your ears, you can’t stop from moaning. And slowly he goes down smoothly. Taking his time slowly because there’s no need for rush since it is still daylight. He can go on until dawn. Your panties are still on thankfully but not for long since he’s ripping it off right now. You can’t stop from feeling the pleasure because you are so turned on. He’s really good at this and I’m saying this because Kawada Shinji is illegal.

You quickly back to your senses when this pootypoo trying to put his into you. Seriously, he didn’t even ask for your consent so it was non con. You are trying to get away but he takes it another way and have his way. He finds it that your body is compatible with his and gets jealous when he thinks about those who have ravished your body before. Today remark the day that you are finally his but you don’t say anything. It’s okay if you don’t love him but at least answer his question. He starts getting a bit forceful here due to tension and finally you give up when he refuses to let you come. You have been quite stubborn but when he playfully and forcefully play with you, you can’t hold it anymore. Half-heartedly, you admit you like him.

“Say that I will become yours (with please). Why you don’t want to? You want to come, isn’t it?”

When he’s done giving you pleasure, it is his turn now. Realization that he hasn’t even kissed you on the lips properly yet. When he did, he couldn’t stop. Your lips are soft, and it is nice. Before this, he didn’t think about his partners. But now, he’s envious of other men who have touched you before.

He reaches climax but before he asks where should he uh ejaculates. You quickly refuse the idea of him ejaculates inside of you since I am pretty sure he’s not wearing any protection. This pootypoo. Even if you said no,

he pushes you down, “You’re lying. I would like to have a child.  This body, I don’t want to part with it. I desire it,” then without warning.


He gets up and tells you that he’s going to prepare a bath. Don’t fall asleep yet. And also, after work tomorrow he’ll buy you new clothes. For the mean time, you should wear his. It’s alright for you to stay here and don’t go to work (it’s weird that straight after that hot make out scene you both pretend like nothing happened).

“I’ve told you before. I would like you to stay in this house forever,”

He back to bed and embraces you, “with this, you are officially my woman,”

“Look, now you have a reason to stay in this house,”


TRACK 4 Inside the bathroom

The next morning. He’s preparing to go to work. For lunch, there’s something in the refrigerator. After he closes the door you wake up.


You are cleaning the house since it’s shipwreck the first time you came. He just back from work and shocked seeing his haunted house getting cleaned and tidy. Even though it’s just a living room, he’s impressed that you are able to clean it in one day since it’s unnecessary spacious. He thank you deeply.

And also, he bought you underwear. Of course it is to his liking. Don’t worry about the size since he got it all in one night. You handed him a note and he reads the long list of ingredients. The thing is, there’s only drinks inside the refrigerator. Since he rarely eats at his house, instant noodles would do for him. Except from work, he almost don’t cook at all. You haven’t eaten anything yet so he suggests to go eat outside but nope you want him to be the dog and do errand for you.


You prepares him dinner and it is delicious. (HEY I THOUGHT YOU CAN’T TASTE YOU JERK) To repay back, he’s going to make you a sweets.

This is his new masterpiece. “A new masterpiece for fall season Mont Blanc (idk)”. He explains all these alien ingredients so you dig in and really like his new cake. He appreciates your “it’s delicious” but he would like more for his authentic cake. This time, he’s going to make it delectable for kids. He’s wondering what he should put to make it favorable for younger customers. He would like you to remember this kind of tasty and texture for his future reference.

He proposes the idea to get to bath with you. Every evening you decline the idea of being with him. He knew it well your reason but today, he’s not going to let you go. Slowly, he takes off your clothes and delightful seeing you’re wearing a seductive set of lingerie. But really, he’s the one who chose it.

“oh really….? I couldn’t remember~”

“How? Are you coming in with me? I’m not gonna let this lucky day go,”

Your face reddens because he keeps staring at you in the bathtub. He assures you there’s no need to feel embarrassed because you truly have a beautiful body. After he said that, you are 120% much more on alert but he just giggles. Anyhow, his little friend, P can’t get up. He had to covered up all his week from last week when he was away so finally overtime and works taking toll on his life and little friend P.

Slowly, he drifts to dreamland and almost fall asleep in the bathtub. You pat his head slowly. Quickly, he gets up. Chuckles at the thought of you patting his head as if comforting him. Suddenly, he gets an idea if you want to  cheer him you should use your head more.

For example, using that cute mouth of yours. You kiss him lightly. That’s all? That won’t do so he gets up and use his unique french kiss technique. All this wet kissing, his little friend P is awake! How convenient good morning! He leads your hands to touch that friend of his. Didn’t just now you said it’s not getting up? He blames that because of your kiss, it feels too good and both he and his little friend are awake so you have to take responsibility.

He sits at the edge of the bathtub and would like you to comfort him more and more.

“Put it (inside your mouth)”

He slowly guides you to put more force and touch it. He’s feeling so much that he would like to repay you back and giving rewards for a hardworking girl here. It is dangerous so carefully placed your hands on his shoulders. He tenderly gives you lots of love in the bathroom thanks for waking up his little friend!


It’s 3 in the morning when he suddenly wakes up from nightmare. He has been tossing around. A lot of unsatisfied customers were raging about him. Then, he denies its a dream. It is actually reality. It is the TV’s advertisements that a lot of customers came but all of them are unsatisfied. It was painful. He loves making and baking, he wants his customers to feel that. He sounds so painful that some are trying to exploit his shop. What’s the purpose of him making sweets anymore?

You cheer him up that truly you think that his cakes are splendid in every aspects. He embraces  you and you return back. Hugging him tighter. Comforting him. And slowly. He drifts to the dreamland.

Being in your arms ais warm. Tomorrow as well, even if he doesn’t want to go to the shop, he still need to be strong. After that, when he’s back, you will embrace him like this again.

lovely bgm.

TRACK 5   Stay with me

He had prepared several small plates of cream for you to taste. You can’t say other than “delicious” and he puts on disappointed face. You are preparing a hot pot and suddenly he walks and stand behind you. It’s a delicious smell. You have been living in this house for almost one week. Thanks to you, his eating habits slowly back to normal and no more instant noodles. And also, been working hard at night as well. He places his lips on yours. You flushed.

He remarks that even though after all these sleepless nights. He keeps on teasing you and you pushes him back. He got a phone call from his supervisor(?) and they want him to come right away for a sake celebration. If he don’t go it will be troublesome. He will eat your cooking tomorrow and probably he will be back late so it is better if you go to sleep first.


You wake up when you heard him return. He’s completely drained from the drinking party. It was absolutely a piece of shit. It’s not because of the sake but the people. They’re so full of themselves since because of them, his shop is full with customers. Half of it is true, but the truth other half is because of the sweets he made. What a joke.

There’s also medias to be blamed because all they ever asked about his private life rather than his career. His sweets that he makes filled with love. He’s tired with all these bullshits.

Being with you right now, why do I feel so peaceful? From here on, please be happy with me. He suddenly gets up!

He wants to abolish Le Ciel Blue (I couldn’t understand this part) but basically he wants to give up on his shop and live leisurely. You slap him hard. Throwing punches because you couldn’t help but feeling so angry and frustrated seeing him hopeless like this. You love his sweets. Even working at the shop. But now he easily wanted to stop making them just because old men saying shits to him.

“I love you,”

That sentence alone make him surprised. Do you like me? It’s not because I make sweets that you love, but you love me heart and soul? He squeezes you tight, that important thing you should have told him earlier.For someone who’s a jerk and always lying, that thing isn’t suitable for someone like him.


He nods. He lied to you about his sense of taste. It has been healed. The third day, that morning he could finally taste again. He went to the hospital but they said there’s nothing worrisome because it is due to his cold that time and will gradually return back. He didn’t tell you because you might move out so he had to lie to you.

“I love you. I want you to live here. Do you…..want to marry me?”

With you he will regain back his spirit and work hard for Le Ciel Blue and for you. You won’t say no right since you like him as well. It just a matter of time before we get married right? You laugh at his proposal. You place your lips on his. He’s not going to lose you this time.

“I love you,”

The next morning, he prepares you a small piece of cake for you to taste and immediately you find it different. It’s melon honey.

Both of your parents blessed both you and tomorrow he’s going to announce to the shop. He didn’t expect that there will be someone who will loves him deeply. He’ll make sure to treasure you and from this moment, stay by his side. It’s a request.


Welcome to Le Ciel Blue~

It is already late and all the staffs have already gone home. In this shop only left you and Kyouichi. It’s a play in the shop when there’s no one left. I believe it is time to have some sexy time in the shop ⊙ω⊙✿)

A sweets life

This is where Kyouichi is too horny and he wants to play newly-wed play with a vibrator with you.


Finally a post for (one of my ) favorite drama cd! This took longer than I expected. I seriously can’t leave a single detail being left out so I put everything in here. To be honest, sweets blossom is my favorite series from milkychain but volume 2 sits on the throne because Kyouichi is 

1. Older (I have a thing for older guys)

2. He’s blonde, sexy, loves to tease and he can make sweets akfjkaslfa

I think that fact alone are enough to support why I love him. Even though he’s a tras- oh wait that’s a taboo word. He’s a pootypoo thanks Meg for great naming sense! People are having trouble with him for forcing his way onto heroine but….I…don’t hate it i’m sorry but please don’t bash me. Simply because his love is genuine and even the heroine fell for him (because of stockholm syndrome). In the end, he even proposed to her and that’s why I love this cd. It’s really a roller coaster ride because at first the heroine struggled so much to distant herself from this man but no can do. He’s a womanizer who knows how to make an innocent devil become full-fledged demon in no time.

I didn’t write a full summary/review for tokutens because it is basically uh p0rn. You don’t need to concern yourself what they are doing since I’ve done you a favor by making it detailed even when its during their sexy time in third and forth tracks. LOVE ME.

And that’s it guys! If you are okay with douche, stockholm syndrome, non con, i-want-to-build-a-family-with-you (I am weak against this), and man who can make sweets (but not cook) then try this CD!

Here a little secret of mine. The first time I listened to this cd, i couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night because of third track. See? A good reason to start listening to it, no? ⊙ω⊙✿)

8 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Sweets Blossom Kyouichi ~ Volume 2”

  1. 1 nazonazo

    very nice review, it’s almost a translation if you squint your eyes XD

    i was on the fence about the whole force-himself-on-MC thing, but afterwards when she told him she had liked him from the start it made it less wrong in my eyes idk it was a complicated situation and he was wrong, but it seems worked out in the end after the misunderstandings cleared.

    and that scene after the nightmare just won me over, i guess a pushy love interest is something some listeners might enjoy, i liked more when he was vulnerable and was scared MC would leave.

    to me it sounded like halfway through she enjoying it, but when it was time for little hikami she snapped out of the haze because he was her boss.

    he didn’t have the right to force her into it, it still makes me wince when i remember he did, maybe he depending on the assumption that she was only saying no to be stubborn like when they went out to eat and she said he was a horrible person (tsundere).

    PS: i don’t think he actually did inside (what womanizer does something irresponsible such like that?)
    he whined to her before, that he hated it when girls slept with him then got angry he didnt treat them like a girlfriend, so i think he was careful not to do something troublesome, but he said if she told him ‘no’ then he wants to do the opposite (teasing) maybe because he wants to see the worried look on her face (god damn it hikami get a grip on your Do-S)

    after days, in the bath, you notice the change in him now that he’s sure she’s not to run away. he’s gentle and affectionate and actually warns her twice to hold on to him tightly since bathroom is slippery and dangerous. he even asks permission before taking things further.

    also change is obvious that after forcing her to take a day off that first day in fear that she might run, at the end tokuten they are working together in the shop and being professional about it until they realize nobody else is left XD
    this CD could have a subtitle of: yandere guy who mellows out XD

    it looks like there was a nice shuffle of MC type and boy types on this project, vol1 had a both a virgin couple, vol2 hikami was expert and MC was not too experienced but learned fast, and vol3 opposites (no spoilers in case you didn’t hear that one yet) the setting was very nice i enjoyed the change from usual highschool and office job settings.

    • Reading your comment makes me so happy! Thank you so much for spending your time writing lengthy comment I do appreciate it. Lots.

      I think she’s been in love with tenchou from the start. Since, first he makes the sweets that she adores so much. Second, he’s a charismatic owner (before she knew about his playboy thing) and third, idk I WOULD TOTALLY FALL FOR A GUY WHO’S PASSIONATE ABOUT ME IDK.

      The thing is, the heroine is 1. Not a submissive type (when he kissed and also dragged her to his house she totally went all out and struggled) 2. Her intention to work at this shop is purely because she loves sweets so when he accused her for working because of him she snapped. 3. She’s aware that he is her boss so, the idea of dating this guy is totally out of question

      and remember when Kyouichi said to restraint from giving special treatments to male customers and put on professional front when you’re in the shop? I think she believed those words so much hence keeping her distance from him. (This is partly Kyouichi’s fault if he hadn’t said that she wouldn’t be cautious around him)

      TRUE! I really like that “nightmare part”! This is where Kyouichi totally lose his cool and whining and complaining like a little baby. She’s amazing enough to comfort and give him peace afterwards. This part was really well done I truly like it when the guy who everyone sees as charismatic and amazing inside out but actually constantly worries and doesn’t have any confidence at all. He’s helpless and (plus I like crying guys hehehe 😉 )

      She’s enjoying it alright. Who wouldn’t. But when he’s trying to put it inside of her, I think she snapped out of fantasy and realization. This is probably due to (all those reasons in paragraph 3). I am impressed when she can hold it for a long time. One of the best heroine in drama cd in my opinion! (she even slapped him 😀 you go girl!)

      After their first night, I think Kyouichi knew she’s the one and his desires became strong hence that’s why he’s being very gentle towards her. And that leads to that hot make out bathroom scene. It was nice of him to ask before he proceeds further.

      Hmmm, I think he’s desperate to make her his woman hence forcing her to be in the relationship? She’s stubborn and the only way for him to make her his is by having intercouse so that there’s something to bind them (and possibility she might carries his baby lmao freaking Kyouichi, cunning bastard)

      p/s :
      I really like the first tokuten where they did in the shop hehehe 😀 I am just a pervert don’t mind me. I wanted to label him as yandere tenchou but I am not sure about that. Maybe he is, because instead of “I want to kill those who have ravished your body” he’s just jealous of them.
      Maybe Yandere Level 1? pfft.

      I’ve listened to all volumes. Sweets blossom is my favorite series from MilkyChain. yES. Volume 1 is full of cuteness, awkward couple and sweets aksjflsa. I need fandisk where Yuuto wants to marry the heroine come on milkychain!!!
      In comparison with volume 3 is meeh for me. I don’t like the setting and that guy is a jerk though. Volume 2 wins just because he’s older and I like his character design (i am so hopeless).

      If you like adult setting, you should try Yanero Volume 1,2 and 3. And also futago to watashi 3P night. These are all set in university, workplace romance.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. 3 Haruna

    Thank you for your hard work! This review can actually count as a translation! wwww But well, once you love a CD or a game it will always end in a tl;dr. xDD But I can totally relate to your fangirling. THIS CD IS WONDERFUL IN MANY WEIRD WAYS. LOL

    I’m still feeling conflicted that he’s forcing his way onto the heroine, but his “let’s marry and have a family” is so sweet that I kind of forgive him. Okay. And because Kawada Shinji is voicing this volume. DAMN THAT HOT VOICE.

    Regarding the “Did he do it inside?”… I think he did. Because he’s a cunning bastard, trying to bind the heroine by all available means. Even if that means to make her pregnant. When I think about it….. If she wasn’t in love with him… She could have just sue him for rape. ^^ LOL Because even if he does not come inside her, it’s probably TOO LATE?!!?? You know, just my usual R-18 rant. /(°A°)\

    And nope, he’s not wearing/using protection. He even told her, that he usually uses protection, but totally “forgot”. FORGOT to use it, because of reasons. He said he was too turned on, but that’s a fucking LIE.

    At least he’s not forcefully ravashing her. Well, he is kind of forceful, but not in a way to hurt the heroine physically or mentally? So that’s borderline okay? LOL Idek. Screw my hyprocritical thinking, I’m biased to Kawada Shinji. Period.

    Well… I found it funny, how each one of us was actually being pissed in the review, but still in the end we still loved that JERK. My conclusion of the day: We’re totally do-M nekos with uhm… questionable tastes. x’D I hope I can hear Kawada Shinji more often in otome works though. I wouldn’t even mind R-18 works. HOHOHOHO. *bricked*

    • Another long comment wow this made me happy because there’s so many things I want to talk about this guy I don’t know where to begin.

      I felt like I need to jot down everything because its such a shame to leave even trivial things because this is my fav cd. You can’t tell me to long story short nope you just can’t _(:3」∠)_

      LMAO IT WAS A PLAY/DRAMA IN TRACK 3 I SWEAR. When he stopped coming to work (because oh-so-sick) He’s actually preparing the manuscript what’s going to happen and make her his using the “my tongue can’t function trick”. This cunning jerk I just knew it he had it all under control. I think he didn’t want to “bind” her like make her carry his babies that soon if she hadn’t struggled in the first place. But damn heroine got her shit together and no means no, that’s why his original plan backfired and have to use force baby.
      In the tokuten track, he asked if she’s okay him coming inside but turned out its a safe day. He probably doesn’t want her to have baby before they got married so yeah. It’s not his plan at all in track 3.

      At least he’s conscious though! Not just a wild cat in heat or something www.

      I swear this is his plan lmfao. Even that bathrobe. That sofa. Everything. It all fits together this little pieces.

      He didn’t actually /rape/ her, right? He was being gentle and trying to make her surrender but when he wanted to put that thing lmao she snapped from fantasy (even the heroine felt good right? No way its rape). And plus, if the heroine decided to report to the police, not only it will bring him shame, even his shop will get bad names. He of course knew about the consequences so yeah not making it rape, just stockholm syndrome lol.
      Am glad she didn’t run away that morning lol and decide to uh clean his house because THEY’RE MUTUALLY IN LOVE ! (who wouldn’t after that hot make out session that night) (*´艸`*)

      Sorry i am biased too since he’s Kawada Shinji. When he voiced that bastard Sumeragi, I can’t seem to hate her (even though it was traumatizing nevertheless www ;;;)

      Let’s summarize, he’s a cunning bastard but we still love him. Ahh the irony of being a trash but still being loved by fans (´ー∀ー`). I still need him in R-18 otome CDs (non-r18 is okay too…..but I might be sexually frustrated if he’s not using his low voice hehehe /bricked)

      Thank you for reading! (and you should totally post your review on your wordpress, just sayin’)

      • 5 Haruna

        I KNOW RIGHT. I just don’t even know how to express my twisted and questionable affection/love for this bastard. (/w\)

        Well… Maybe he didn’t come inside her after all? I just don’t know anymore??!! Because he might also just gambled on making her feel so good, that she gets addicted to him. LOLOLOL IDEK. Punch me! NOW.

        Hard to say. He forced herself onto her. So he had NO PERMISSION whatsoever to do the matress-mambo with her. It was against her will… At first. LOL What happened after is… well… a different story. It’s totally borderline rape. Argh! I’m so confused!!! This is why I hate it, when they reduce us listeners to do-M fangirls, that love having a guy forcing himself on us!!!! It confuses my healthy mental state!!! I DEMAND MY INNOCENCE BACK!!! /cries

        I love the tokuten CDs more though, because they are an official couple, so I’m not so conflicted anymore. :’D But my ovaries were damaged so badly, I tell you….

        Don’t even talk about Sumeragi!!! ;w; I’m so biased to that guy, that I don’t even know what to say to defend myself… LOL Though I hated his drama CD. It was awful, because there is NO KISS. NOT EVEN ONE. WHY?????!

        xD I just read my review again and I laughed so much… Did I really write that? lol


        Regarding “did he come inside her or not” I believe, he DID inside her.
        “Where should I release? Inside?”
        “Eventhough you said no, I will still do it. Don’t lie, I want you to bear my child. I want this body,”

        and before the track ends, he whispers in her ear “With this, now you ARE my woman” and you know 😉


  3. hi thanks for your detailed review. i couldnt find any translation for this volume.
    i liked both the hero and the heroine in this drama cd. the tokuten and stellaworth cds were o.o in a good way^^

    • I do truly think that they are match made in heaven because how different they are. Kyouichi being a trash and the heroine is a level-headed. We need someone to actually control this wild beast lol. Tokutens are my favorite tracks in any of the series fairly because it has everything in under 15mins XD

      You are most welcome dear! Sorry for the late reply!

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