[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Villain ~ The Fantasy of Beast~ Volume 3


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TITLE : Villain ~ The Fantasy of (a) Beast

COMPANY : HobiGirls

WEBSITE : HobiGirls

SEIYUU : Yasumoto Hiroki

The one governs the mountain is known as a fierce god, feared by the villagers.

The village has had a long-standing tradition of offering a human sacrifice to the god.

Overwhelming with sadness and fear, you met the fierce God of the mountain who’s capable of understanding human language.



Sound of monk chanting and clanking sounds of chains. Being chained, you tried to take a few steps ahead. You are somewhere near the waterfall.

You jump to a faint sound of growls -somewhat of a wolf-. Closely, the figure of a beast stand in front on you.  Frightened, you ask if he’s the one the villagers refer to as “the fierce god”.

“I am the God that governs this mountain. Are you terrified?”

“However, the one that handed you over was the people of your village”

He inspects you closer. Pleased of what’s in front of him – a terrified human.

He asks what’s the wish of the villagers this time. Is it flood damage? Drought?

“Drought. What’s of it? Sacrificing a young girl, did they think I would help them?”

“Humans, I need none of it”

However, the fierce god admits that the condition of it now was also partly his fault.

The chains that bind you, he destroys it effortlessly. “With this, you are free. Live you life,”

Completely standing still, you can’t bring your legs to move forward. The god is puzzled with the little human before him. Maybe she’s scared to death that she can’t even command her limbs to move?

“That’s understandable. Standing before you is an ominous, fierce god feared by people,”  there’s no way you can even react the normal way upon seeing him. In a forceful voice, he urges you to run for your life. Make no connection with him no longer. Sever any ties between a sacrifice and a god.

You gathered your strength and explain that there’s no way you can get back to the life you used to have since the village had offered you as a sacrifice to the god. An act of courage you displayed earned his praise, however if you won’t back out, you will die a dog’s death (the phrase he used is 野垂れ死に). He raises the question again if you still determine to do as you please (even knowing the consequence of your choice)

Slowly, you follow him with a mixed feelings, unsure about what holds for you in the future.


“This is my shrine, get in”

You are purplexed of the existence of such shrine in such place. It’s actually a world where it is non-existent and forbidden for humans to enter.

He has been observing the little human ever since she decided to follow him. Probably because of the chains, there’s a slight bruise and injury on your leg (not sure about this part) he said that you should clean up because he won’t “eat” you unless you are clean? (please clarify this he’s using difficult words so it’s hard for me to catch the meaning xD)

‘I’ll be here waiting for you. Take your time,”


After you have cleaned yourself, he’s stunned that you look totally like a different person. Sniffing the girl in front of him, it has been quite a long time since he had a companion. You stiffen and without single thought you take off your clothes surprise him (xDDD).

“Why are you taking off your clothes?”

“Nowadays humans are becoming much more daring compared to the ol’ days,” and remarks that you are quite an aggressive young girl. Taking it directly, he assumes that you actually desire him and he pushes you forcefully onto the floor, begins to lick you.

“You don’t need to show such surprise face. I’ll be gentle,”

As if this is your last question, you ask if he’s going to “eat” you which had him think of you as a daring human girl. Still completely unaware. When you pester him again,

“Killing humans? What are you implying?”

Enrage by such question, he clearly states that he doesn’t eat humans. The one that staple such perception of him was humans. He has never done anything to the humans, let alone devour them.

And then, he finally gets it why you are so determined and keen on your stand, “You had planned to end your life in my hands aren’t you? For the sake of your village?”

Hurt and enrage. He let go of you and firmly states that he doesn’t eat humans. However, you are unable to fully accept it partly because he’s in a beast form, (which is not convincing at all) so without warning he changes himself into that of a human.

“How about this then? An appearance of a human.”

“Are you still afraid…..of this form?” you shake you head. Standing before you is no longer an ominous beast that growls, but a young man – that of a normal human except he’s big –

He asks why did you agree to become a sacrifice, a young girl like you would be a favorable candidate to become someone’s partner within the village. You justify your action that you have no family, no relatives. You are left alone in this world and there’s no way someone will miss you even if you ever go back to the village.

“Come near me. If you are going to stay here, I pledge to protect you,” He offers you to stay at his place

Unlike the human world, this place is inadequate of everything. If you ever wish to return to the root, he’ll gladly abide your choice. Long ago, he did a similar thing to the sacrifice before, he sent them back to their village (or maybe to another village). He’s not a god that will make a wish come true, but it is all up to your decision.

~TRACK 3 smiling face~ 


Carrying a tray of breakfast meal, you slowly wake up a sleeping beast. As if like a normal human, he has trouble waking up as well telling you to give him sometime to wake up. He wakes up, grumbling of the fact that his long slumber has been disturbed. He asks what is it that you needed. Apparently, for a god there’s no need for them to fill their stomach to keep on living.

If I’m not mistaken, you are petting his fluffy tail (xDD cute!) and asks if you need anything else.

He smirks, “you are scared of this beast form? In whichever form that you are pleased with, this is actually my true form” Mostly, when he’s sleeping he would return to the beast form. If you are petrified then there’s no need for you to be near him. However, you don’t even move an inch and with a sigh, he transforms into a human.

“How’s this? It’s a human form. Comfortable now?”

Your facial expression changed into “that’s too bad” kind of expression because in this form you there’s no fluffy tail to play with XDD.

“Tail?” he coughs.

“Favoring my beast form, you are a strange human,” further says that don’t confuse him of cats and dogs in the human world as they are nothing like him. If a normal human would see his beast form, they would labeled him as a fierce beast, fearing him more and more.

After breakfast, he proposes to show you around the shrine.


While explaining about the well, he takes a handful of wild flowers within his grasp and munching on it. You watch him munching the flower with such interest. Bewildered by a question, he says that flowers are delicious to eat. It has a distinct flavor and is said to be a thing for gods. You quickly grab a handful of flowers and handed it over to him, forcing him to eat (she’s such an interesting girl to feed her beloved god something he likes xDD). So, as of not to waste the flowers that you had picked he comes closer and eat the flowers directly from her. You refuse to eat the flowers as it is not a norm in human world to actually eat wild flowers. Seeing you refusing it, he tucks the flower in your hair, which is a much better option. He comments that you look pretty with flowers in your hair.

“My favorite flower? None. When I need something to fill my stomach, I’d eat flowers. There’s nothing I liked in particular,”

“Why are you showing such happy face?”

He has been observing you for a while now that you are totally different to any human girls he have met so far. Since you are so pleased with it, he comes up with an idea, “I’ll decorate your hair with flowers,”

“Fine, pick the one that you liked,” you start wandering around picking flowers when he warns you to not cross the border. That’s the end of the garden. He doesn’t actually explain what lies beyond that other than “other existence” might be aware of your existence in this world of theirs, hence, there’s no need for you to go beyond that. However, you are free to roam within this barrier that he has set up. You can do whatever you want with the flowers within this garden be it making it a hair ornaments or perfume.

He steps closer with a flower in his hand saying that this will suit you beautifully which cause you to laugh happily at his words. Ever since you came to this world, he’s worried sick if you ever get to adapt to the new surrounding. Before the track ends, he would like you to wear a smile on your face like the one you showed just now.

~TRACK 4 A lucky day~


At the beginning of the track, faintly in the background the sound of a festival going on. You are listening to it attentively and wondering what’s going on down the mountains.

“That’s a human event”

(somewhere in this line he said something about the festival and the people that I couldn’t catch up ^^; but later on you are amazed by how well he knows)

Of course, he has been to such event before hence why he’s quite knowledgeable about it. Seeing your wishful face, he just can’t let the thing pass by huh?

It has been a while since he attended such event and you, who haven’t even been anywhere within this shrine. You are concerned about what if you accidentally bump on people from your village which he assures there’s no need to be because your village is situated opposite to this mountain – far from the festival.


The vivid sound of festival and the crowd slowly entering your hearing. A joyous festival. He points at the blazing flame of God (?) that has been a tradition for thousand years now. People cheering means that the performance is over and the crowd slowly disperse from the place going to different directions.

Aware that you are not by his side, he frantically searching for you only to find you are drowning in the sea of crowd. Quickly he embraces you, relives that you are alright.

“What are you doing? Never ever leave my side,” which you explain that you did but because of your small figure, you are easily get engulfed in the crowd.

Without warning, he lifts you up. You are not fond of the act since it is in public but he’s not letting you go, you might get into the situation again if he lets you go. You insist that you don’t want that and he proposes that you should  hold his hand.

Nevertheless, you are still not fond with the idea (clearly at this point you are in love with him and just a mere touch could bring the blood rushes to your head XD) but do you want to cause another trouble for him to search for you when you get lost (for a second time?). Quickly, you grab his arms. Amused by your act, he notes that you are pretty obedient.

While walking around the festival, there’s an unusual shops selling merchandise and stuff.

“Do you have anything that you desire?” you shake your head. If you are worried about the price, there’s no need to sweat about it because every year silvers and golds are brought by the people to the mountains as some sort of exchange to the protection of the god to the village. You, again shake your head. Nothing that you truly desire.

Even so, he would like to make a memory that you both have visited the festival together. He gets you a hair ornament and puts in your hair while asking for the shop owner if it suits her. Precisely.

The show owner is surprised to receive the silver for the hair ornament that he said there’s no need to be surprise of. So, in exchange for such, he offers another gift which Magatsu, confused, gladly accept it.

While walking home, he remembers this event as something he won’t forget so easily. You getting lost in the sea of people and even a hair ornament as a souvenir from the festival. You are curious about the hair ornament and he puts it on your hair. You thank him for the ornament. The feeling he gets when looking at you is a pleasant feelings. His words make your face changes colour to bright red.

”そのようなうるんでひとみ見られてでもでも、困る” –

“what is this feeling?”

“hey, what if I, right now, touching you, will you be troubled…? Surprised….?”

“is that…….true?”

“If you refuse it’s-”

As if to divert his attention, you comment on the bells that the sound has been bugging you in his pocket. It’s a tsukumogami 付喪神 of an artifact belief (household objects, living beings, nature etc. ) that become inhabited by a spirit. Since, it has no meaning for him to have it so he gives it to you.

“Such a day,”

“Let’s go home,

to our house”


As usual, you are preparing breakfast for you both. He enters the kitchen saying that you, as always, diligently preparing breakfast.

“what are we having for today?” and smirks when the meal actually looks delectable. Now he understood the phrase of eating together with other people bring happiness and the meal taste much better. You put his meal, that consists of flowers of various colours (wait only flowers???? are you serious)

With a mouth full of flowers he asks what are you doing after breakfast which you answer that you will (again) go and pick flowers.  As for him, he will have to go to other places that he is entrusts with.

When he talks about villages, you look at him with pleading eyes. He stands firm with his decision that he won’t grant the wish of her village since before long he did grant the wish of the villagers and people get lazy and don’t work for it.


That’s why he doesn’t grant their wish but when you ask him what about me? He is a bit surprise on that sudden question and said that you are not a cruel, heartless human being so you are different. Hearing his honest feelings about you, you can’t help but feeling happy. Without hesitation, you sit next to him causing him to jump (SUCH DARING YOUNG GIRL XD)

“Hey, aren’t you being a little bit too friendly…..??” you laugh whole-heartedly.

“…..stop it. A young girl of marriageable age shouldn’t be getting too familiar with someone,” (he actually said やめよ、年頃の娘がそう簡単に押し倒しますなだとを言うな)

“You……have not be treated well by the people of your village, right? That’s why you try to get along with me. Isn’t such feeling…. temporary? When you leave this mountains, you won’t even remember me,”

“…if you are going to stay here anyway, I will try to make it convenient (comfortable) for you,”

“you finally smiled” he smiles.

as if whispering, “….freely making my heart bewildered” (in other words, you are making him bewildered with your carefree action not knowing his feelings).

You ask him what is he saying under his breath,rather than answering he brushes you off by urging you to eat your meal.


You are picking flowers at the garden when suddenly “Magatsu” asking what are you doing while saying how tasty you are looking. “Magatsu” offers you an unusual flower but remembering his word of warning you decline the offer. However, “Magatsu” said it’s okay to pick it beyond the barrier since “he” says so. As if under the spell, you start walking towards him, beyond the barrier. The flower is under his feet. Just one more step, and this flower is yours. You walk a few steps and finally you are out from the barrier, collapse.

“Such delicacy. You….aren’t you the sacrifice? If you already planned to get killed (eaten), isn’t it better for me to eat you? Hah, such nice smell. The sweet taste of blood. This slender body of yours, if I seasoned it what kind of taste I wonder?”

He licks you. You, petrified by this monster with a voice of Magatsu, lay still unable to move.

Out of nowhere, Magatsu pops out.

“Disguising as me, what did you do the girl? You have such nerve to lay your hand on her,” without hearing the monster’s plead Magatsu casts a curse on it become nothing but dust.

He runs over to the helpless you, checking if you are okay. He knew about it when he heard from the tsukumogami (the bell). You throw yourself into his arms, searching for comfort,

“what is this feeling? What are you to me? Whatever it is, I vow to protect you. This helpless, weak human will eventually–!”

“…..are you saying you want to be my partner? To have some sort of relation with the god, you (have to) be my family,”

as if just realize the seriousness of the mood, he brushes off the thought and comment nothing on it.

“Human who wants to be with a beast, I’ve never heard of it (there’s no way it’s true),”

“You are shivering. Are you afraid? Then, isn’t it better for you to go back to the human world? For someone with no relatives, there’s someone who will accept you. I’ve found a new village for you.”

“Humans,…..I shouldn’t have mingle with them in the first place,”


You knock on the door twice.

“What do you want?”

“Flowers? I DON’T NEED IT. Didn’t I tell you to go back to your life. How many days has it been? Just give up already. This….isn’t your place after all. For your sake, I found a new village for you. That’s why, leave this place. Go to the human world, and be happy,”

“if you don’t…….I won’t let you leave (keep you here forever)”


“Are you going?”

you turn around just to find Magatsu.

“In the first place, this isn’t a place build for humans. You should find happiness at the village,”

“I will always protect you. Our time is different. However, even when you are dead, I will never forget about you. Long time ago, I have been thinking about humans. Your precious time, is equally the same. However–“

The sound of chaos put both of you to silence. The enrage villagers confuse both of you. The villagers are attacking you because the sacrifice that should bring luck to the village has not brought any luck. Angered by such sight, Magatsu transforms into the fierce God.

The humans have no reason whatsoever to attack you as Magatsu doesn’t even make a promise to bring luck upon them or grant any of their wish. He is ready to put a curse on the villagers for decide everything on their own. However, because of you, he won’t instead he grant their wish which is bring forth the rain.

“This maiden is not a sacrifice. She is the one and only that has the link (connection) with me.”


“How is it? Now, you finally are welcome to the village. For your sake, it’s just a trivial thing.”

It’s because of your wish that there will be no more drought. That’s why, return to the village and find your own happiness.


“What? You’re not going back to the village? What do you mean…..?”

The reason why you are not going back to the village is because you simply want to be with him. He brushes off your honest words and tell you to give it a serious thought on this. You are firm with your decision. He’s not going to be deceived by your strong gaze. He’s a fierce god. Something that you shouldn’t be involved in the first place.

“Love? What the hell is that? Is there such term?”

You explain what is love and he finally understands that the feelings that he has been harbouring towards you is indeed, “love”. It is also his first time experience such feelings towards a human being. He wants to believe that the time right now should just continue forever.

“You………I want you to be my partner in life (WIFE!!!!!!!)”

He’s aware of the lifespan of a human is short hence he will do anything to bring happiness to you in this short time. Whatever is your wishes, he will grant it. That’s why, be mine.

“This lips, I want to snatch it away,”


“Ah, I’ve always dreamt to kiss this lips. Finally this moment, you are chained by me. Be prepared,”

Suddenly, you collapse.


“Are you awake?” because you have been standing in the rain that you have caught fever. It has been 3-days and he has been by your side all this time, waiting for you to open your eyes.

Before you slip into unconsciousness, do you remember exactly what happened? You vow that you will become his. You have chosen him than your village. He won’t ever let you go. Accept him.


Soooo……it is the “do the do part” here goes nothing.

“What are you doing? Take of your kimono, let me see your body,”

You are way too embarrassed to do what he wants you to. You need to remember that, from today onwards he will be seeing you without any single piece of cloth on you. Can’t be helped then that you still refuse to take off yours so he helps. Upon seeing your naked body, he remarks (with a smirk) that you are really petite. He wonders if his man part can enter your body. Well, he’s not going to give up now, he’ll “expand” it then.

“Let’s kiss. Your lips, are much sweeter than the flowers,”


“More, more, accept me,”

“Isn’t it a bit early to open your eyes, or is it…..you are welcoming (青眼) me?”

“Such fair skin. Even your body is sweet. You don’t have to be too tense. Right at this moment, you will “accept” me. Here, with this fingers I will make you used to it,”

He inserts his fingers inside and only to find that it is wet. The condition of it is actually the proof of your love towards him.

“Are you feeling it? Hah, even your nipples are hardened. I will give both of these places some love,”


“Such lovely voice. Showering these two places with love, your inside is not painful right?”

“Both your legs are wet with the honey coming from “this place”. The honey coming out from the place, will be pierced by mine. Before that, get used to the fingers,”


“You inside is squeezing me hard. What, did you get arouse?”

“looks tight. Don’t worry, I won’t move and let you get you hurt,”

“What’s wrong, do you want to touch mine? Give me your hand. That’s right, this will enter you,”

He laughs, “what’s with ‘it will not fit’. Even if it won’t fit, I’ll expand it. Don’t hide your face, look here,”


“I’m going in,”


“It is REALLY TIGHT. Don’t be so jumpy. I will get you to used to it. Feeling good? You do like your vulva to be brush gently by mine huh”

“The tip of mine, slowly slip into your inside. Just a little bit, loosen a bit,”

“Just a bit more,”

“Your inside, apparently is at its edge of accepting mine. But, only half of it. Just a bit more, I’ll continue.”

“Ah, is it already? Your inside is really narrow. My thing still hasn’t entered fully.”

“It’s hot inside?” laughs. “Stop saying such lovable thing,”

“Isn’t your womb aching for mine? As you wish, I will make love to you,”

“I’m moving,”

“Don’t worry, I will treasure you till the end,”

 “Having strange sensation?”

“Painful feelings? That is a real courage. That’s right, open your mouth. Ah, such lovely voice. Use that lovely voice of yours and call my name,”

“Here? Is it nice here? More, be in a utter mess,”


“Are you alright?”


“Aren’t you glad. The more we do it, you’ll eventually get used to it.”

“Pull out? That won’t do,”

“Here, feel it. Once I pull this out, it can’t enter anymore.”

“Changing? What of it? Don’t say something (that can stimulate me). Have you regained  your rhythm yet? This time you will ride on top of me,”

Laughs. “Is it too much for you? It’s alright, slowly regain your breath. Finally you have accept all of it. It’s alright. Your womb won’t tear so easily. Find the place that gives you more pleasure. How about here?”

“I see, this side of your womb. You are feeling good now. It’s dripping wet. Your inside, is greatly squeezing me. I want to mess you more. Don’t worry, slowly, do as you please,”

*heavy pants*

“Ah, your voice changed,”


“What, gripping my hand so hard? What do you want to do? You want to entwine our hands together? Stop acting lovely. Fine, let’s grip on each other hands. I’m moving!”


*heavy breathing*

“You really are…….” kisses “messing up with my heart,”

“Not yet, I won’t let you go yet. Didn’t I tell you? Until this womb filled with my deeds,”

“More, I want you to feel more,”

*forceful kisses*


“Hey what are you doing?” He finds you in the middle of the garden picking up flowers for Magatsu. He clearly states that his favorite food isn’t flowers anymore and it is you. He showers you with kisses and stop when you are troubled of such affection in broad daylight. What’s wrong doing it in broad daylight and in the midnight?

Both of you have been showing each other love and he will be at ease if your womb will have something inside.

“Of course I do want a child together with you. To become the god’s family, surely you do have to conceive his child,” he further states that he wants to have a child that is exactly like you. A gentle child. A child of both a god and a human.

Overwhelm with his gentle words, you throw yourself into his arms. You understood his wish. Then, if you understand him clearly, isn’t it natural to just do it. He grabs your hands and you shake your head vigorously. IT IS STILL BRIGHT OUTSIDE!

“Flowers? The flowers here are not easily crushed!” Apparently you are not hot with the idea of doing it outside and also, both of you might mess the garden and the flowers. There’s not much difference doing it inside and outside, isn’t it? Besides, doing it outside is better for him since the sunlight shine on you gives a better sight for him (xD oh my god).

He kisses you and you tried to push him, gently but he just laughs it off and tell you to just give up. Aren’t you his partner? Be a good girl, and let him love you.

“I love you,”


“You are not going back to the village…..huh,”

Whatever you say, he has decided that there will be no more connection between both of you. There’s nothing to talk about. He won’t see you anymore but he will keep protecting you from the shadow.


In the morning. You wake up from your slumber and climb up the mountains to “our house” and only to find Magatsu saying that you are such a faithful human. How many years do you want to keep up with this? There’s a limit to being dutiful, right? Listen well, there’s no need for you to visit him again. He will go to your village. Don’t come. Human and God have a huge gap of time difference.

Apparently you became a miko at your village and people come to you for protection. He’s glad that you finally find your happiness. That’s why, just forget about him, his existence in your life. Hopefully, you will find someone that you can share happiness with.

“I, will always protect that vow,”


HELLO IT HAS BEEN A SHITE WHILE ISN’T IT FORGIVE ME. I have been really busy with life so I don’t have time to make a review ;___; even so, you can always follow my twitter if you ever want to get a quick review of a certain cd I am currently listening to! Feel free to add me @gintsune (this isn’t a public account so I might have to filter first)


WOW. THIS CD. MY MOST ANTICIPATED CD OF THE MONTH. I have been an avid fans of Villain series by HobiGirls because  they bring the bad boys to the yard! I liked Volume 1 (pirate) and Volume 2 (con artist apparently) but Volume 3 is my personal favorite because 1. I really like wolves 2. I have this weird interest on something spiritual (ayakashi/youkai mainly) 3. It is a sacrifice trope I MEAN COME ON YOU CAN’T JUST LET IT PASS BY RIGHT? 4. HE’S TOTALLY MY IDEAL MAN. I MEAN, BROAD SHOULDERS, TALL, DARK AND HANDSOME? CALL ME.

Anyway, guys. I TRIED TO LISTEN TO IT ATTENTIVELY but of course, my japanese comprehension is still below average hence there’s a few details that I missed out and it didn’t help that he’s using such old words. My guess is that it is set in a modern world but such ritual tradition is still going on in a few old villages. I am so used to hear “akachan” so when he used “ayako” I was like ??? is that a new word? There are quite a few terms that I have to search around to find the meaning. It’s an experience though! Who would have thought “asage” 朝食 means “breakfast”? I know I don’t, but now I do! It’s these words that make me spent an entire day writing, totally neglecting other works,


Besides that, I would like to comment on the R18 part because I think I should highlight this part better mainly because this series actually about “villain” so they SHOULD DO SOMETHING to the heroine that is….unforgivable (I’m talking about non-con sex). It is actually a thing in Volume 1 & 2, but in this one, there’s none and then it clicked. It’s THERE but they put it in a different way.

(It is actually an excuse L O L whatever)

I will be posting the tokuten track on a different post because I THINK IT NEEDS A SPECIAL PLACE.


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    Again, great review! Keep em coming =D

    • Aww this makes me happy thank you so much for your kind words! 😀
      I’m not really sure if I can take requests at this state of mine since I am p busy running my own life.

      BUT, I will put it in my backlog 🙂 my favorite is Volume 2 so more or less, it will be posted somewhere in the future (hopefully)

      Thank you dear ❤

  5. ひさしぶり!! welcome back!!! i’m so happy that you’re back QwQ totally enjoyed reading this review and lol-ed at your 4th point “HE’S TOTALLY MY IDEAL MAN. … call me” XD
    I agree, he looks SMOKIN’ HOT! can’t wait to listen to this cd and ohmygod it’s yasumoto hiroki~ his lovely deep voice ❤ AGAGAGA~
    once again, おかえり~

    • I’M HOME! Sorry for being away for almost a year. It takes dedication and a good CD to bring me back to write reviews and Villain Volume 3 came at the right time 😀


      I’ve never heard Angen in any CDs and the only character I can remember of him is his role in Black Butler so when this CD first announced I was like will I like his voice or nahh? bUT MAN I WAS TOTALLY NOT PREPARED FOR HIM TOTALLY. NOT. PREPARED.


      PLUS, he’s smokin’ hot ngl jaslfajfla goshh he can carry and throw me into the lakewater and I am still not mad ❤

      THANK YOU ❤

      • 13 violinvirtuoso



        MY HEART.




      • as much as I like this series, I totally avoid listening to the bad ending afterwards. YOU CAN’T JUST PRETEND ITS A HAPPY ENDING AFTER YOU HEARD THE BAD ENDING.
        It is just too much. Magatsu is growing inside me, it saddens to hear how he’s doing in that one particular track.
        It’s okay child, you can just replay the good ol’ memories of the heroine and Magatsu and pretend the bad end, NEVER HAPPENED.

  1. 1 4TH ANNIVERSARY! | 教えてあげる❤

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