[TOKUTEN REVIEW] Villain~The Fantasy of Beast~



This is the official tokuten from HOBIGIRLS.

I feel this great need to put this in a separate post, because I just can and also, it needs a better recognition (you will know what I mean after this)

Duration : 13:03


It has become your ritual to wake the sleeping beast from his deep slumber. He slowly opens his eyes, greeting morning. He doesn’t want to do anything and wants you to rest as well. He’s mumbling and talking to himself why humans really are energetic in the morning, getting ready to work and etc. He yawns.

He will lend you his coat (of fur) so sleep next to him. You get to his side, snuggling close to him. Instead of sleeping, you tell him to get off from his nest. Well, he will get up, just a few more minutes. As usual, you smell like of flowers. That pleasant, nice smells. The way he’s sniffing around your neck makes you tingle. He plants a kiss causing you to jump.

“Such lovable respond,”

Every night, (or every chances he gets) you never slept alone up to this day.

“Do you really want to be touched by me that bad?”

“Is it, not true? I desire of you, even if it isn’t your wish, I’ll coerce you,” – in other words, forcing his way XD

“If you want sympathy, then beguile me,”

“Hmm?” Laughs. “What you will do,”

“Oh….? Such posture (of coaxing)….where did you learn it?”

“Goodness, you are getting good at getting at my good side,”

“As you wish, I’ll shower you with love,”

Remember that he’s in his beast form whenever he’s asleep? He transforms into human and roughly kissing you.

“You noticed? In order to kiss you, I quickly change into human without any concentration. Here and there are in original (beast) form,”

*deep kisses*

Since he’s in such form (partially beast), it will be quite a something for you. A fresh and new way of showering each other with love.

*intense kisses*

“Just by kissing, you are showing such face,”

“Do your breasts want some love too?” (it’s actually, do you want me to lick your breasts? but it’s too embarrassing aksfjsaklfjsa)

“Take off your kimono,”

“That’s right, you are not even trembling. Do you really want me to lick?”

*licking sounds*

“Turn your legs here,” *kisses*

“Show it to me. Do you want me to lick down here too?”

“Ah, it’s dripping wet. Hey, don’t close your legs,”

“Every time, this place is sucking such thick part of me. Your place here purely gripping me so hard,”

“I’ll touch you a little bit more,”

*wet sounds*

“How is it? Good? Your body, (I don’t understand this part ;;;)

“Such respond. What, are you at your limit?”

“It’s time for me to enter,”

“I will fill your inside with mine,”

“Even though I haven’t stimulate your body to get used to it yet, I guess it’s alright (something along this line)”

“Today too, I will fully filled your inside with mine,”

“That’s right, how about we do it differently today?”


“Such view,” *kisses*

“I’m going in,”


“Loosen up. Don’t excite me too much. A bit more. Hah, just partly inside. Rest a bit. Your inside, is so soft and hot. I’m going in a bit deeper. How is it? This much enough to give you orgasm right? It still not fully inside.”

“Today, I will show you this pathetic side of me. An act between a god and a sacrifice. A war.”


“This is……. the deepest yet. So narrow. But, this is great. Ahh, you finally realized. That’s right, the thing inside you isn’t of human. Unlike normally, isn’t the shape is slight different?”

He whispers in your ears, “….it is of a beast,”


“How is it? Isn’t it not like usuals?”

*intense make out session*

“It’s alright right? This is yet another form of mine. Whichever form it is, please accept it!”


He’s panting rather heavily and reminding you each time that this is obviously very different to usual act and keep on going further deeper. If he pulls it out, the load that he shoot inside might be flowing out.

“You really are……!”



“Do you feel the thing that I load inside of you? You realized? Yes, the tip of mine is swelling isn’t it?”


“The ‘thing’ is leaking out. Even if we’re not making it, guess the feeling is something like this. With this, certainly you will get pregnant.”

“Look at your belly, it’s swelling. The you that bravely accept me is so lovely. I’ll raise you up, give me your hand,”

“How is it? With this position, it’s much better isn’t it?”


“If I take out my part, I will shower other places with love,”

“Neck, and your breasts. This breasts, when the child is born they will surely steal it from me. Before that, I will pamper it with love. Such lovely voice. Let me hear your voice more. Face here,”

“You don’t think I will stop since we did all the way right?”

“Prepare yourself,”

*intense kisses*



Say no more.


8 Responses to “[TOKUTEN REVIEW] Villain~The Fantasy of Beast~”

  1. 1 themadpuppy85

    AHHHHHHGOOOD!!!! I read hundreds of drama CD reviews and consider myself pretty jaded, but this one got me blushing like mad XD I can just picture you hovering over your keyboard, typing all the embarassing parts…you brave soul, your readers thank you! I must get my hands on this tokuten now, I really must XD (though I wonder, when he’s ”partially” a beast, what’s exactly the visual we should imagine? omg). Thank you also for adding me on twitter! It’s so much fun reading you ^_^x

    • Same here, goodness. Well, I have listened to a few R18 drama cds but I still can’t handle the situation properly xD most of the time I’ll shove my face on the blanket, inaudible noises etc 😀

      Still wondering, but my imagination is, it will be like wolf ears, and his eyes as red as blood, probably tail still attached, plus his manhood IS of a beast (he stated that rather clearly!) but idk it could be anything right kasfjkljfla so excited hopefully the artist will post the illustration later? 😀

      You are most welcome dear! Feel free to talk to me, I don’ eat people 😀

  2. Uhmm….. I have a question…. Does that mean the heroine is somewhat pregnant with his child?… Since at the last scene (the breast part) said something about the child will steal her breast before Magatsu can uh.. “devour” them xD. Sorry if it sounds like a weird/stupid question!!!

    • No, it’s not a stupid question at all!
      I’ve been debating whether she’s pregnant with his child or not, but what I can conclude is;

      they wanted to have a child hence the action commences every(time) they had a chance xD
      somewhere along the line, he even stated that “even though we’re not making it, the feeling must be like this” referring to the act and the fact that her womb might be carrying something as he remarks that it’s swollen/a bit of a bump.

      Fingers crossed that they will conceive a child and have a wonderful marriage life! 😀

  3. 5 lu

    Excuse me, I really want to hear the tokuten for this cd drama but I can’ find it anywhere 😖

    • I’m really sorry, I can’t upload the tokuten up here as it will breach the rules 😦
      Hopefully you will find it somewhere or someone might upload it!

  4. Hi could you please tell me where to find this part I bought the CD but it doesn’t have this one

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