*beatboxes* Guess who earned another award in extreme procrastination?? Me.

Another collaboration review with fellow otome blogger Alyyn! Back to shit on this post. We wanted to do this for a long time, but we kept putting it off because our schedules strangely always contradict each other’s. And I was busy with Lamento. *judging eyes*


Title: Kankin Danshi — Yokushitsu No Himitsu
Developer: Candy Cube
Artist: Kamitsure
Rating: R-18 (✧≖‿≖) 

Anyway, this is the second installment of the Kankin Danshi series, which you can probably guess what it’s about just from reading the title — basically, weirdo boyfriends going cuckoo and locking you up. This series is R-18. Alyyn and I didn’t like the first volume because we expected yandere, but instead we got endless sex scenes and…some weird happy ending so uh, yeah lol, but we were curious about the second volume nonetheless. First volume was more like horny high school student who doesn’t know how to treat his osananajimi right. Pretty useless brat.

Volume 2 introduces Seiichi Hayami (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu), who is a regular costumer at the cafe you work at. One day, shit happens so you wind up unconscious. When you came to, you find yourself chained…to a bathtub?! Basically for some reasons unknown to you, Seiichi has confined you in his bathroom of all places and that probably says enough how hygienic this man is. You are to be his “pet”, as he says that he has always wanted to take care of a little kitty like you…and so begins the distorted relationship between you and Seiichi.

Tracks are summarized under the cut. The track titles in purple are summarized by me while blood orange are summarized by Alyyn; the same colours apply to our commentaries. Spoilers ahead!

Warning: As this is an R-18 CD, the post will contain R-18 details. Please proceed with caution.
We generally don’t post R-18 pictures, so all the details are textual.

♦ TRACK 1: Bathroom ~Waking Up In The Bathroom~

 “Are you awake?” awake anytime you want me to. 

Startled, you wake up and find yourself chained in a bathtub. Seiichi calls you a naughty cat. You ask him if he’s referring to you, to which he says yes, he’s referring to you. Then he’s like, “To see you being confined in such a place…you’re so pitiful.” I WONDER WHO DID IT. This is an important question. You ask him where you are and he shoots the question back to you — “Where do you think you are?” Seeing him acting like this scares you and you start to tremble in fear. He thinks that being in a bathtub full of water with clothes on is just going to make you catch a cold so he offers to strip you. (・_・) Yes, make your motives even more obvious now, Seiichi. He wants to strip her so that he could put on nice new dress. Think positive. Are you seriously one to talk. (″・ิ_・ิ)

You start calling for help and he chuckles, telling you that doing so will put you in a risky situation, and you start to cry. He says that no matter how much you cry, he’s not going to forgive you, and tells you that it’s your fault that this situation warranted.

♦ TRACK 2: Accident ~He Who Is To Be Aware Of~

You bump into each other while walking at the city. At first he didn’t expect it’s you so he sincerely apologises. He remembers you as the waiter who always serves him a tasty coffee. You as well vividly remember him as a customer who’s always in suit and surrounded by ladies while having coffee. It surprises him though.

It is a coincidence to bump into each other in a cliche way so he introduces himself as Hayami Seiichi and with a want-to-know-but-a-bit-hesistant he asks for yours. It’s a lovely name. He takes the stuff that you’re carrying without even asking and since he’s here why not let him do the heavy stuff? What a gentleman. (○´ω`人) You reluctant to answer that you’re helping a friend to do the task. He notices your half-hearted answer and wonders if it’s an important task.

The meeting part is at the back alley, which is away from the crowded place and it makes him curious seeing you, a young lady, alone in this kind of place. You tried to avoid the topic and he picks up the sign. Saying that you both will meet again at the cafe some other time. After he bids you goodbye, he walks away without anymore questions.

You walk into an empty room and started calling. It was an illegal stuff but you had no idea that time.

The next day, you are working when Seiichi walks into the cafe. Looking delightful seeing you. He asks what’s with the stuff next to you and if you’re okay going home with him after work since he’s also going the same way.

He tricks and tells you that he’s working in a illegal business dealing with illegal medicine. It’s called “F(uck)”. GODDAMMIT ALYYN. What. But you, an innocent young lady probably has no idea what you are involved in. The guy at the cafe that you received the stuff, where are you going to send the stuff to? He can’t believe that you are associated with this illegal business. I can’t believe you are, too. I wonder who’s involved in this business first, Seiichi. 

Without warning, you slip slowly into unconsciousness.

“What a troublesome child.”

I watched enough porn to know where this is going. In shoujo, they spank her right on their butts. What. What.

♦ TRACK 3: Captive ~Shameful Torture~

You recall everything that happened and he confirms that you’re indeed involved in a serious matter. He takes out the drug and you panic somewhat, as he knows you’re involved in problems related to this particular drug. You try to escape, and he explains that he’s going to lock the door from outside and…basically cuts all your escape routes so you won’t be able to run away from him. He approaches you and you’re terrified as hell of him. Seiichi asks if you know what he’s going to do to you. He says that he can spare you and let you go — provided you tell him the truth about everything; particularly your relationship with the drug and the other boy that was involved. /o\ Oh boy, I have a bad feeling about this lol. Nothing much, he is just my sex friend.

After lying to him that the boy is nothing but a (sex) friend, you slap him. However, he immediately restrains you. He comments on how stubborn you’re being, but says that he doesn’t hate this part of you. One thing leads to another and he ends up using sexual means to make you submit to him so…


Smut ensues lol. I don’t think I need to go into details about this…I don’t want to anyway. www

♦ TRACK 4: Call ~Whispered Commands~

He bids you good morning and asks if you’re comfortable sleeping. Letting “a pet” sleeping on something hard must be very uncomfortable and wonders if he’s being too harsh on you. Glad you acknowledge that fact, Captain Obvious. Obviously Captain.He plans to go out and get a nice silk sheet for you (i am not quite sure about this one). Apparently, you have been in the bathtub and he said that he’s using the other one so you will be staying here wait what the fuck and warns you to not touch the tap. Who would touch your tap anyway ew. Don’t touch tap with your hands its dirty, kids.

Of course you said no to bathtub and wants to get out. You said that there’s some place that you have to have to go. He giggles. It is already summer break where are you planning to go to. Classes? There’s a part time job that you take pride on.

He admits that visiting the cafe without you there is a shame but it can’t be helped then. Without apparent reason, he puts all the blames on you since you didn’t say anything about “the medicine”.

However, he will let you call the cafe where you work part time if you are good at pleading. 殴るぞこのど-S!? You did cutesy act and wins his heart. You obediently listen to him and sits on his lap. He compliments that he adores when you’re in this state. おまわりさんーこの人変態ですー While you’re connecting and talking to the person in charge of the cafe, he licks and kisses your ears making your voice quavers. When you’re done he repeats the fact that you’re his. You’re free in this….shower room what the fuck but he won’t take off the handcuffs though. If you have anything you wish just tell him. Can I have free WiFi then. Can I have my iphone back thank. He’ll grant your wish but,

“I won’t let you go” Σ(゚∀´(┗┐ヽ(・∀・ )ノ 

♦ TRACK 5: Eat ~Dinner Table Of Impurity~

Seiichi prepares food and brings it to you in the bathroom?? Wtf unhygienic much. Being the Captain Obvious that he is, he also comments on how it’s suffocating to be confined within the walls of his bathroom. Maybe if you confined me in somewhere more comfortable I wouldn’t be suffering from heat and concrete!! It’s easy for him to bang her there. He takes you to the dining table via bridal style and tells you that he used to carry his (actual) pet kitten like this back then. LUCKY BASTARD KITTY I’m glad he developed a sense of decency to not have the dinner in the bathroom.

Because you won’t stay still, he wonders if you’d still if he kisses you. (〃ノωノ) YES.YESYESYESYYSES He does so anyway. He hears that one is able to relax if they cuddle with their pet cats, and it’s true — he does feel at ease with you. He sits you down and, turns out he ordered French food for you. WOW お金があるの彼氏じゃない.He’s selling F(uck) Seiichi tells you that if you promise to not escape, he’ll undo the chains on you. I think most sane people would escape lol. You have no choice but to promise him, and you look as if you want to cry.

He kind of starts interrogating you again, but you keep telling him you know nothing about it. He says he can’t trust you, and you try to run away, but he catches you just in time. He calls you a bad kitten, asking if you’d prefer if he confines you aksfklsajfa pleasee!!1!1!! and feed you strange medicine to the point where you can see no one else but him for the rest of your life. He’ll break both your body and heart, and even if you cry he won’t forgive you, but then he chuckles and says he was just joking, telling you that if you apologize and eat your food then he’ll forgive you. GOD HOW TO NOT LOVE THIS GUY WHEN HES BEING MEAN AND SWEET AT THE SAME TIME 

But then as you’re eating the food, he starts feeling you up LOL. So much for appropriateness, huh! He wants to punish you for being a bad kitten; and until you finish the food, he’s not going to let it end…… this could cause her to choke and eventually lead her to death. WTF Seiichi. Amazing exaggeration right there.

♦ TRACK 6: Cat ~A Small Present~

It’s raining pretty heavily outside when you heard Seiichi’s return and the sound of a cat meowing slowly. He found the little cat in front of the door and since you’re boring alone he thought that a cat will give you a small companion. You don’t have to worry about it because he already had a thorough checkup at the vet clinic and it also has been a while for him to pet a real cat.

Seiichi warns the little kitty that it is okay to fool around but don’t ever try to bring out the sharp nails. Here, he talks to the little kitty as if that thing understood him. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That action brings you joy seeing him as a father scolding his son. Are you saying I’m the mother. He lets you to hug the little kitty and comments that your face brights with happiness just by hugging that. You nod happily when he asks to look after the little kitty when he’s away. Aw omg. IKR.

A small kiss for an obedient child. You said that the little kitty is cute and that makes him leans closer and whispers in your ears that you are much more lovelier.

Giggles, “are you blushing?”

Seeing your face redden, he says it one more time that you are enchanting. He’ll say it as many times just to see that expression.


♦ TRACK 7: Shower ~Shower & Breathing~

Seiichi returns home and the kitten meows. You apparently have gotten along with the kitten well. He tells you he brought you two a gift — CAT FOOD LOL oh my god this man. He’s so cute with the cat, and he treats it nicely. ❤ You tell you had a dream of your part-time job, and he asks if you really want to go back to your job so badly, although he says he does miss the coffee you make for him whenever he drops by. He kisses you. Well, I think it’s pretty pointless to summarize every little thing he says in this track because one thing leads to another and he ends up banging you in the shower. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This smooth mothafcka,;(ง°̀ロ°́)ง;,メラメラ

♦ TRACK 8: Choices ~To Escape Or To Stay~

After that hot make out scene in a shower room you can’t stand properly.

He’s also being considerate and wraps your body with a towel before carries you in a bridal style. Plus, treat you like a real princess by blowing your hair gently. Before, he used to do the same to his cat.

Frankly speaking, he doesn’t mind having you only with a small towel sleeping next to him but that will be inconvenient if you caught a cold. For that, there’s something for you to wear that night.

Surprise, it’s a sexy nightclothes he specially picked. It’s sexy and also easy to remove as well. You shove his hands when he tried to uh put it on you and order him to face the wall until you’re done. While you’re putting it on he keeps on asking “are you done yet” “I believe it is not that difficult to wear~”. Without waiting for reply, presented in front of him is a sexy you in a lingerie. He couldn’t control his dong so he carries you a bridal style and takes you to the bed.

The master bedroom where he sleeps. The only room you haven’t been to since you’re pretty much locked up in a small room with no window (he’s trying to cut your connection with the outside world so yeah). Wow Seiichi, do you need a crazie award?

It is a beautiful night view and Seiichi explains that his room is the highest so it is impossible to escape from the window. There’s the door though. They forgot about the door option. He takes your hand gently and leads you to the bed. He won’t do anything tonight. Just sleep beside him. He’s a bit tired probably because of the medicine and the work that finally took a toll on his life.

“Are you still thinking to get away? You are really a troublesome child huh. I won’t ever let you go,” then he dozes off. You take the chance and close the door behind you.

♦ GOOD END: Confession ~The Bathroom’s Secrets~

The next morning, Seiichi bursts into the living room to find you there, and he sighs in relief. He cuddles you and starts smooching you everywhere, revealing that he couldn’t find you when he woke up and he thought you’ve ran away. JSAKFJASKLFJLASF STOP THIS IS TOO MUCH. Well, I would’ve ran away if it weren’t for you going crazy in the bad end! He wants to embrace you even more, and comments on how everything is so quiet now. Seiichi tells you that when he was small, he was away left in solitude. As a child, he would hide the things he loved, just so they couldn’t run away from him. This is what he did to a kitten he used to rear. He loved that kitten and treasured it, hiding it in a place. When he came back home one day, he found that the kitten had ran away. This is actually not okay in some cases, remember Kizami from Corpse Party? Okay, but I will let this pass.

So he grew up with the mindset to confine the things he loved to prevent them from running away. He’s never considered to do terrible things to you at first — all he wanted was to have you within his grasps. You don’t understand what he’s trying to imply, and he elaborates that you’re a special existence to him. Ever since he first met you in the cafe you work in, he couldn’t take his eyes off you. Because you’re dense as a brick, you still don’t get it, and he sighs, and proceeds to give more hints by saying that the reason why he confined you and force himself on you in the first place, is because he wanted you — he likes you.

You’re surprised, and he confesses that you’re actually his first. He has always wanted to make everything about you to become his. He asks if he could make you his, and you agree, confessing that you’ve always liked him. You kiss him, surprising him as he didn’t expect it. Seiichi asks if the two of you could have sex, and he whispers that he loves you. (〃ノωノ)

♦ GOOD END: Love ~Gentle Desires~

It is a…. strange feeling for him to be hugging you intimately on a bed. He smirks. When you look at him with those eyes, he bets that there will be no guys who can’t control their inner beast. All this times, he has been holding back so that his feelings won’t be revealed. But now, there’s no need to hide such feelings anymore, isn’t it?


“I’ve never thought that….kissing you will be addicting” how do i rephrase this shit basically all this times he hadn’t thought that that feelings while kissing you. You are just an object for him to play with but now both of you are in mutual love, there’s a strange feeling overwhelming inside.

“I want to kiss every parts of your body”

“Your body. Eyelids. Forehead. Lips. Neck. Breasts….you feel it just me touching it?” *inserts a bit forceful kiss* *inserts me screaming internally* My underwear is dirty. TMI.

Your body is as light as a feather. <– Wtf. It is lovely to his eyes. He ponders if it is alright if he leaves a kiss mark all over your body so that you won’t even been able to go out. Would you even let me out in the first place.

You are on your knees while he’s laying down and kissing you down there. He’s making that white thighs red by kissing and leaving kiss marks and then he slowly move his way to the dangerous part of your body.

and then sexy time. It was so sexy I dare say because instead of forcing his way, he takes his time askfjsaklfjla guys welp. Do you need an inhaler. Huff huff CPR please.

♦ GOOD END: Melt ~Sweet Kisses~

It’s morning and little kitty is meowing beside you. Waking both of you.  He smiles in frustration because the little kitty wakes them up. Such a bad kitty. He realizes that you tensed up because you thought he was referring to you. It’s adorable.

“Don’t worry. To me you are the lovely existence in my world,” you face reddens.

You haven’t actually say that you like him. He moves closer to hear you say the sacred words but you quickly shoves him gently and next time you’ll say it properly.

“I love you,” he says.

You are working at the cafe when Seiichi walks in. He asks for a one person seat. At that time you are not aware of him yet so he stops you to order and also a cute adorable waitress. If it’s possible, a takeout? He cackles at his own words. He will come again after you’re done with your work and also one last thing. He pulls you closer to him and whisper in you ear,

“I love you.” Finally!! 

♦ BAD END: Despair ~I Won’t Let You Escape~

IT WAS ACTUALLY “DESPAOR” in the original track but hahahhahah watever. I’m in despaor. Despaor everywhere.

You stop what you are doing when he enters the room. You were planning to get away and bitch slap his hand from touching. He thinks that he has captured your heart and soul, but it seems that it’s not. You are still as malicious as ever. YOU’RE THE MALICIOUS ONE. He makes it clear that

“I won’t let you go”

he forces the medicine down to your throat. You are trembling and crying but his words is clear. He’s not going to be nice to you anymore. It is weird for a pet to stand so he orders you to be on all fours and drink the medicine. It’s not an illegal drug. Just something that will make you feel pleasure. That is an illegal drug.

♦ BAD END: Toy ~Play With The Lewd Kitty & Toys~

The track opens with a disturbingly soft buzzing sound, which turns out to be a vibrator — stuck inside of you. ヽ(●。□゜◎)ノ Seiichi comes in and is like 「ものほしいそうの顔だな」 lol I wonder why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ He comments on how incredibly shameless you’ve become and tells you that if you want him to screw you, you better beg like the pet you are. UM. EXCUSE ME. You do so and…what else, he proceeds to bang you. I won’t go into details here, but you’ve pretty much been reduced to nothing but a “pet” to sate his lust.

The track fades out with him asking what kind of toy you’d like to play with next. YOUR DONG.

♦ TOKUTEN: Busy Boyfriend

this track is really something because right off the bat both of you were humping like rabbits on the bed wow this is good stuff. Rename this series to 監禁男子~彼氏の発情期時~.

He assures to not to be afraid and propose to take a shower together. You, with a heavy breathing, decline his offer since you can’t even stand properly. He chuckles and tells you to stay about because he’ll clean your body thoroughly after this. Oh no Senge flashbacks.

He notices that you are gazing at him lovingly. You shouldn’t do like that since he’s weak when you’re staring at him. A small peck landed on your lips.

The next morning, he wakes up and sees you staring at his sleeping face intently. You are still going about “do you have free time” since last night. (I couldn’t understand this but I think there’s something you want from him). He giggles. Since you are still going about with the “play” you want to do, you bring out the chains and handcuffs. Where did I get these. Magic. That makes him chuckles. It’s nostalgic seeing that again. Where did you find those? Yeah I’m wondering myself too. Magic guys, magic.

Without doubting anything he lets you do as you want and waiting for your actions. You get on top of him and slowly, kissing him.

“Is that all? I was expecting more,”

“I got it *giggles* I won’t do anything,”

You pick up where you left and start kissing him again and slowly slip the medicine he used to slip it in you. Whoa there. The effects gradually acting up and he’s literally on fire. Wanting more and more. You take off his clothes one by one and he leads you to caress his dong and use your tongue.

He couldn’t hold it any longer, even so he can’t do anything since his hands are chained together. Refrain from touching you. You proceed dominating him and even though he’s pleading to release him you refuse to do so and start doing it by yourself.

He penetrates inside of you and his heavy panting won’t stop. Oh my god Alyyn. He asks for another round and the track slowly faded.


Hmm well, I’d say I enjoyed this CD more than the first one. One of the factors being I simply love Okitsu’s deep Senge voice. Anyway, the plot here is tied to the one in the first volume, since both CDs mention the use of a particular drug — which I suspect is the same drug, and that Ryou from the first volume and the heroine in this volume are both somehow involved in an illegal business involving said drug. The plot overall was okay though, but it felt kind of bizarre to me. orz

I wouldn’t really call this volume — or this series in general — a yandere one, because there’s actually nothing yandere about it. It does live up to its name and confinement theme, but so far none of the guys actually confine you because of jealousy. Sure, they did express their desire to keep you, but it was more like certain circumstances that put them with no choice but to confine you thanks to the drug business that’s going on, and when they realize what they did, they figure they might as well go along with it since they’ve liked you for a long time. So it wasn’t really “I’m locking you up so no one else can touch you and you should only love me because you are mine”…if that makes sense.

Overall, it was interesting in certain aspects! I did enjoy it, but I don’t like the series enough for it to become one of my favourites. I couldn’t find myself be overwhelmed by feelings or whatsoever — to put it simply, it didn’t earn much reaction from me (except I screamed at Kazuyuki Okitsu’s voice, but let’s leave that story for another day lol). If you listen to this series hoping to hear some yandere men going Ax-Crazy, you might wound up disappointed. I’d recommend this series to anyone who loves confinement themes and want to listen to something more than just “normal romance with drama” because this takes that to a whole new level in my opinion lmao, though nothing really extreme. I’ll be anticipating the third volume, which Candy Cube has recently announced on their blog. (●´∀`●)ノ

Wow thanks Usagi for procrastinating 10392042014 years this took longer than I’d expected but anyway, KANKIN DANSHI! This volume will remains as my favorite CD forever (along with Sweets Blossom ,if you may excuse me akfjlasf). What not to love about this CD? Oki-papa used his deep voice yet gentle that you can’t help but falling in love over and over again. I admit that, I am not fond of Okitsu Kazuyuki, UNTIL this cd came out. The power of drama cd.

Agree with Usagi, this is not really yandere. Guys, you need to understand what yandere truly means, or else you will be astray further. Both guys (Vol1 and 2) have nothing to do with other men. Simply put, they are not jealous of anyone, but they just want to keep the secret of what they are dealing with since the heroines, somewhat have something to do with their illegal business. Have you heard of Stockholm Syndrome? Yeap. This is what this series is all about. And also, a small amount of BDSM play won’t hurt anyone. I know this because I am perfectly fine with this ⊙ω⊙✿)

Please, for the love of sweet guy, kudos to Oki-papa for making this CD a truly fun ride to sweet wonderland. Through out the whole CD I couldn’t help but ajsfksajflsa at everything Seiichi did. The fact that he was in love with the heroine right from the beginning just too much to digest! In addition to that, he’d put the heroine on mental torture by confining her in a bathroom (since it will be cold, and she most likely will plead him to release her) making her clinging to him for dear life. Unfortunately, rather than what he’d expected, she’s determined to escape the place but was caught instantly. Knowing there’s no hope for her, she, slowly, embraced him in her little world. After the cat track, the two of them were madly in love but none of them knew about it until the ED track. Ahhh, sweet sweet relationship so much love ✿◡‿◡✿ I’m really worried about what you think is a sweet relationship.

There, a small summary for those who is not ready to listen to this, yet. 

All in all, I’d recommend this CD to everyone who’s up for a little adventure with confinement theme. Some people aren’t able to stomach this but it is no harm to open up for extreme theme once in a while, isn’t it? I assure you, after some time, it will be just pure blissful and you will be floating on a cloud. As Usagi had mentioned, yeap third volume will be out (hopefully soon). No seiyuu yet, but judging from the illustration and the “gentle boyfriend” description, this will be another CD to look forward to! (*→艸←*)

4 Responses to “[COLLAB DRAMA CD REVIEW] Kankin Danshi Vol2”

  1. 1 themadpuppy85

    Thanks so much for this! It’s so great to validate if I understood a drama correctly or not, and doubly to go ”OMG so it wasn’t just me who didn’t get the yandere vibe from this after all?…” And the interaction in the comments between you two was super funny XD

    • lol, they tried to make it yandere but then they are missing a few key elements xD and I like my yandere go crazybatshit with murderous intent better than ‘i’ll locked you up’

      aww thanks dear, it makes me happy ❤

  2. Lol Alyyn, you pervy~!!! xDDD

    I actually really liked volume 1 though, haven’t listened to Vol. 2 to, because I tend to stay away from Yandere. Liked the voice actor in 1 a lot, so I might be biased. Storywise, you’d probably get more yandere from this CD, because he’s a stranger? Though being confined by someone you know might be even worse. IDK.

    I wonder if this CD also has this nice fade out BGM like the first one? You know in the bad end? Because I loved that BGM. It’s fitting perfectly for the dramatic IDK slave making? xDDD

    • I always am!

      Well we all have our own preferences right. I don’t think Volume 1 was THAT bad, it just several aspects I am not keen on. But KANKIN DANSHI is one of my favorite series though.
      Well, he’s not REALLY a stranger since they both knew each other at the cafe.

      I can’t remember. But definitely after “the first round and they tend to go for second round” the later part got faded out like leaving it to the listener’s imagination ww.

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