[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Soko ha Kurutta Yume no Fuchi


The translation for this is a bit tricky, for now I’ll just go with “The Abyss of The Mad Dream”* subject to be changed.

or #yumefuchi for short.

please correct me / better translation if you have one!


You were raised as a foster daughter by the Mamiya household. Nurtured with care, you grew up to be a kindhearted young lady.

After that, ten years has passed since then. One faithful night, in your dream you were sullied by your older brother.

Title : Soko ha Kurutta Yume no Fuchi

Company : Operetta

Seiyuu : 三楽章(Makino Hideki)

WARNING : This CD triggers things related to non-consensual, rape, suicide and yandere. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Abyss of The Mad Dream

*intense kissing sounds*

“You’re delicious as well, tonight. With just my tongue, you’re already at this state,”

“Just tracing you like this making you restless. I’ll lick it a bit more,”

*intense licking sounds*


“Hah, sleep talking? That’s right, this is a dream. A dream where you’re feeling good.”


You are greeted by a cheerful good morning greeting from brother. He’s making a breakfast at the moment. Something that you liked. You remark that it isn’t common seeing a guy doing that which he disagrees, both man and woman shouldn’t worry about baseless thing.

He notices that you are a bit out-of-character this morning.

“Nightmares, again?”

You lie but he can sees everything underneath. It’s easy to know you’re lying just by looking at your facial expression.

Of course he would be worried! Both your parents are going on a long term holiday and he’s the one that will be looking out for you during their absence. Kiyo-san, the house-taker will not be coming as well since he said he got everything under control. In fact, he would like to take the time to “deepen the relationship with his sister”.


He checks up on you and find that there’s nothing wrong except, your pale face changes into bright-red. Maybe you caught a fever? You tried hiding when he touches your forehead with his to check for the temperature.

“Hmm, I suppose it’s not a matter of a fever,”

Such act makes you blush furiously and he wavers that off saying he has been doing that since you guys are young. Why are you getting embarrassed now?

“My bad. You are not the little girl I used to know. You have become a refined young lady,”

He’s not fond of the idea of you taking trains since you are vulnerable to danger, and a display to the eyes of perverted men. It’s like throwing a sheep into a pack of wolves.

Sensing the tension in the air, he brushes off the uneasiness and urge you to eat your breakfast which you comment that it’s delicious. He’s delight to hear that. It motivates him to perform better and thinking of the next recipe makes him jumping with excitement. He’s glad that if his cooking can bring you back to your default health.

If he thinks back to the old times, you came to the Mamiya household when you are only 8. Due to the shock of sudden new environment and surrounding, you fall sick. Due to the meetings and whatnot, both your parents couldn’t be at your side and he’s the one that nurse you back then. He became unusually anxious if he can’t keep his eyes on you and you immediately apologize for being a nuisance and troubling everyone.

He might lack modesty, but he appears to be grateful to such situation. Since both parents are busy, he’s the one that has been taking care of you.

“If I’m not here, this pitiful child will be all alone,” he thought.

Apparently, you’ve heard about it from Kiyo-san. Then, it is pointless to talk about such memories, huh?

You call him heartless for dismissing such important topic and your eyes turning red and teary. He promise that he will talk about it later today, so don’t cry.

“I’m weak against your tears, you know that don’t you?”

Before you came to live here, he’s a brat that would cause mischief. Since the parents are not around often, he’d create trouble to everyone.

You can’t imagine a fine gentleman like him to be quite a troublemaker before. He laughs. It’s a fact, actually. People dote on him, he’s equally excellent at both sports and academic that to the point he find it pointless for him to try hard.

Why everyone frantically and desperately trying too hard? Life is way too easy.

He giggles. He told that, already. He is *that* kind of a child.

To be honest, when you first came to the house, he dislike the idea of having another person in the family. She’s a nuisance!

But when he falls sick, the one that holds his hands were you. You are also the reason he gets back to his own feet and have a solid reason to live.

Ah, what he’s babbling this early in the morning? If he goes to the company with this condition, his fellow co-workers will be teasing him again.

He wonders about the weather for today and ask you to pass him the remote control to switch on the television. It appears to be a slightly cloudy day.

Before long, the channel switches to the soap drama. He comments that it’s a worthless production and condemns such romance. You oppose him that you actually admire such romance which leave him in shock.

His voice changes tone. He prompts again that you are Mamiya household’s daughter and that your partner will be chosen by the parents. There’s no need for you to trouble yourself by finding true love.

If you really want to try, bring the guy to the house and both he and dad will judge the guy.

He quickly changes topic how are you going to go back home after class? He will fetch you on the way b–you cut his mid sentence saying that you have a study group later on.

 A Law

He’s talking to someone over the phone. Apparently, a guy named Haruto will take the lead to collaborate which is surprising. He would collaborate and further remark that the Haruto dude always getting on with bad hobby of his.

“Ah, welcome back. I will prepare the meal, get on the bath first,”

He’s preparing something that you love and without hesitation you put your arms around him, showing your appreciation.

While having your dinner, someone calls him. Oh, it’s Kanoe.

“What is it? Hm. Oh, so it is about that? I’ll bring that along. Before that, aren’t you hiding something from me? Hm? A letter? Oh, that childish prank? Why are you suddenly curious about that. Got it, talk later,”

“It’s Itoko Kanoe. You can’t recall his voice? You guys met when you’re in elementary school right,”

This bring back memories, back in the days when Kanoe tease he has such an old-fashioned name and you got really angry at him.

“Saying something ‘Don’t make fun of my brother’ and engage in a small brawl,”

You were such a modest and sickly child, totally taken him aback at how you confront the little Kanoe. Somehow, that made him happy.

He has always slightly irritated at his name even now. It’s a curse, old name.

(There’s a little backstory about his name and Sadatsugu but I couldn’t grasp much ^^;)

Again, he doesn’t like the idea of you getting home by yourself. Isn’t it better for him to fetch you? Schedule? That isn’t even a question right now. Afterall, what’s important is your safety.

Sometimes worrying about you won’t let him anywhere, he would go drinking with his buddies.

“What, you want to join next time? NO. I WON’T ALLOW. Haruto and (another guy’s name?) are a little weird. In other words, those two are dangerous. Afterall, my friends are all rubbish I won’t introduce you to them! *giggles* Correction, I went too far. They are all good guys, but they do have their “other side” too. Oh yeah, didn’t you have a little talk with Haruto? Hmm”

Enough about him, what about your studies? Why? Didn’t you have a study group today? You decide to keep quiet about it. Why would you keep a mouth shut about it? Explaining about dissertation is not quite. He further explains that he too, used to dedicate his entire time to gather materials for his dissertation.

He’s surprise that you aren’t asking for second helping. You still have assignments to be done so you’ll be retiring early. He offers to do the cleaning so not to burden you and go to sleep early (THIS PART IS IMPORTANT GUYS)

Giggles. “Good night,” 

The Truth in Between Dreams

*intense licking sounds*

“You are feeling it better today, huh? It’s leaking all the way to your back. Such indecent act. You excite me with your unconscious self,”


Your body is aching to be one with mine. This smell, this taste, I will taste everything. Come, fills me. Giggles. It’s leaking, it’s leaking.”

*sound of camera flashing*

“So adorable. Why are you this lovely? Whatever shot I take, will never get tired of it,”

“Your lips smeared with my s*men, flushed cheeks, your blooming red private part too, ahh, everything’s lovely,”

“Hmm, you’re feeling it. Just with one finger, it’s easily slip in. Hm? That’s strange. The reaction is not as usual. Is your conscious slip in? Probably the amount of medicine I got it wrong? Well, doesn’t matter. You aren’t waking up anyway,”

“Yosh, yosh, don’t be scared. I will make you feel good. Today, let’s try with two fingers. It’s alright, I will not hurt you. Look, it’s already in. That spot huh? Your inside is aching with excitement,”

*Cue ongoing pleasure with unconscious body*


“Hey, why can’t we develop a relationship together? When you were in elementary, didn’t you say you would like to marry me? Even now, I always think about that,”


“I love you, the one that will really love you is only me. That why, you–“


You wake up and feeling groggy. He’s worried sick seeing your condition. Did you have another nightmare again? Most probably because of fatigue you are having such dreams. You dash out from the house without touching any food.

An omen

“……welcome back,”

You are surprise seeing him at the hallway in the dark. Alone. He has been waiting for you to come home. Today, something funny happened. Do you want to listen?

He went to your university last evening. And met with Yuri-chan, your friend. He had a chitchat with Yuri and she’s showing quite a face when he asks about you. It isn’t a study group, but a meetup (goukon). You have been lying to him, aren’t you?

“FREEDOM IN LOVE? DIDN’T I SAY THERE’S NO NEED FOR THAT? YOUR (respectable) PARTNER WILL BE CHOSEN BY FATHER. Going out with a guy from off a questionable background, I WON’T ALLOW THAT.”

Coming back to his sense, he quickly apologizes for shouting at you. Running towards you to wipe off the tears but you distance yourself.

He has been thinking about your well-being that he would like to keep you away from malicious threats. He would like you to understand, that is.

You understood. He smiles back.

To make up for their fight, he will make any drinks that you request. Of course, it will be delicious.


“What? You’re good?” Giggles.

“Staying up late isn’t good for a child. And also, ‘sleep brings up a child well’ right?”

(Sleep brings up a child well 寝る子は育つ it’s an idiomatic expression that he’s using)

“Yes, yes. You aren’t a child anymore. You are….fully an adult woman,”

You stand up but due to the effect of the medicine, you are losing your strength. He instantly catch you. Should he carry you like he used to back in the days? You refuse the idea.

Before you close the door, you utter that you like him (as a brother). He replies back, same goes to him.

“I like (only) you too,”


“Nothing. Good night,”

The Reality


“And also, going to goukon I will never forgive you for that. So tonight, will be your punishment,”

“Just seeing your indecent body, has made my self to become like this,”

“Take responsibility,

make me good too,”


“Hey, if you don’t want wake up, I will make a mess out of you,”

“It’s entering….it will penetrate inside soon,”

Sudden realization.

“….It’s a joke right. It’s inside…..you. I have become one with you. Honestly, it’s all in.”


“Finally, finally I–!”

“Ah, sorry. Didn’t mean to do it here. But your inside, I’m feeling it. I can’t stop moving,”


“Are? You woke up,” laughs.

Confused, you ask what he’s doing.

“I am making a mess inside of you. HERE.”

“The ever confuse you is too lovable. Hey, hey. Stay still please. It will be over soon enough,”

*intense penetration*

“That is entirely possible! Your inside is making me feeling good. I can’t take it out now,” he further comments that the you with consciousness is totally different when you are just laying there, unconscious.

*kisses* “Please don’t cry. I told you remember, I’m weak against those tears,”

“Just looking at your teary eyes, I might come soon,”

*intense make out session*

For him, pleasuring you has become his second nature. Ever since a year ago, he has been tasting, touching, and confirming your unconscious body. That’s right. Since a year ago. The shape of your inside and everything are all within his grasp.

“Oh you came?”

“Such lewd body, you can never be a bride any longer,”

“That’s why, it is something that not to be sad about. Because you, will always be my one and only bride,”

“Hm? You fall asleep? That’s alright. It’s off day tomorrow. I’ll clean your body and send you to the university myself,”

“Saying something strange again. This isn’t a dream,

….. it’s reality”

“…..From tonight onwards, it will be your reality,”

Road of no return

Slowly you slip into consciousness only to be greeted by him and he says that you have 5 minutes before reaching the university. You still can’t digest what’s actually happening. In the car? Going to the university?

He has been spouting nonsense that you didn’t wake up when he showers you or drying your hair. Did he put too much dose of the medicine?

Enough of his nonsense, you reach for the seat belt trying to take it off. He chuckles with your idea of getting off from the car. It is merely impossible with him speeding it. And also,

“if you are trying to run away. I’ll upload your shameful pictures on the net,”

You further remark he’s a jerk which he calmly accepts the insult. It would be better if you just curse rather than such weak proclaim.

“Hmm. I am a pervert. So, nothing else? ‘Never forgive’…huh,”

“So, what of it? In order to make wrong things right (?!), I became a shady person. A monster,”

The traffic jam cause him to stop the car. He asks if you would like to get off. But, you stay put which he praise you for being reasonable. You question his somewhat compliment but he brushes it off he doesn’t mean it the other way. It’s snowing outside, you might slip from the icy road.

「まあ、今は俺と一生にいたほうが心が冷え冷えしちゃうかもしれないけど」- “Even so, you are bitter cold being together with me,” (it is a play of word, kind of hard to translate but he’s referring to the weather and their current situation)

Giggles. “Trembling, you poor little thing,”

“If it is like this, isn’t it much better I finish you off before,”

You surprise at his sudden confession. You don’t remember when he ask you. It was when he’s a senior in his third year in high school, during winter. He didn’t come back home. Yes. That particular day. He -on that day- thought he’s going to die. At that side of the road, he was just- there. Silently, just there. It’s not about the university entrance exam he’s thinking about.

‘I love you’

‘I want to hold you yet you’re farther away.’

The him that yearn for the love of his younger sister, turns into lust. It would be better if he just kill you.

That’s when he decided to drug you so that you submit yourself to him. Even if, it’s not your will.

If you are not here, he couldn’t even fathom his existence in this world.

“We are here. I’ll collect you later, before that, don’t ever step outside from the university. Go back by your own….”

He pulls your arm.

“…You know the consequence right? Hm. Good girl, so then. Until this evening,”

He kisses you on the forehead. Quickly, you get off from the car and without looking back, running for your life away from the stranger you used to know.

The Underneath That Lies Within The Mad Dream

Sound of footsteps running. He bursts into the room, looking relieved when he sees you there. You ask what is it which he returns back the question with a question. He’s worried sick when you suddenly left without any words. He thought, you had gone to end your life.

You assure him nothing’s wrong, you just wanted to go home.

He grips you.

“Listen, if you ever wish to die, I’ll be the one that will end your life. That’s why, DON’T DIE,”

*forceful kiss*

“…can’t wait. I’ll embrace you here,”

“Your lips is warm, it’s intoxicated,”

His body is cold which shows that he has been running around looking for you. He keep your mouth shut, you are in no position to be worrying about him. The mouse is trapped and is worrying about the predator? Don’t you have a slight idea what he will be doing to you now? Though you hated him, why are you being a worrywart? If you don’t stop, he might have his hopes high again.

The likelihood that you will adore him again, is none. However, why he can’t stop from falling in love with you?

*forceful kiss*

*intense make out session for 10 minutes which I’m not going to write*

“That’s right. How about we take a commemorative photo?”

“Lovely, you’re lovely. Today, I’m taking both picture and video. The face you’re making, I’ll capture them all. You are too enchanting, I can’t hold any longer,”

“Do you really hate the idea of me release inside of you?”

“Can’t be helped,”

“Then say ‘I love you, Sadatsugu‘ repeatedly for ten times, I’ll release outside,”

“This is feeling good, hmmm? What’s wrong, it’s not even five times. You have to work harder than that!”


“I’m so….pleased. I LOVE YOU TOO. You being this devoted, isn’t it alright to just release inside?”

You struggle but he shush you. Even if you call for help, no one will save you.

*forceful kiss*

“I love you, only you! I don’t need anyone else—!”

In the end, he failed to keep his promise.

It doesn’t matter right. From this day, he will take you how many times he wants. You will only look at him, he too will only look at you.

“Come, tell me once again you love me. If not, I will come inside you. Again. Giggles. Good girl. I too-love you. Even if it’s made up, I will never ever let you go. Binded together, no means of escaping,”

“Let’s fall together into this lustful dream of happiness,”


It’s rather sad when a person that you trust with all your heart, betrayed and even violate you against your will.

Casting the reality aside, the afterthoughts will be what I felt about it. Honestly, mixed feelings. HEY. I don’t mean in a bad way, I just thought he could have captured her in a better manner.


Bruh, bruh brooo. Have you ever heard of “incest”? Clearly, you haven’t.

I am not in the group who likes the theme but hey, I ain’t judging. At the least, someone “treat her like the way she should be treated!” (honorable mentions ; Aventure Volume 1, Koi Shikarubeki Volume 2, Brothers Lover )

Till the end, the girl never loved him, just as he predicted. This is so heartbreaking. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST ACHIEVE ETERNAL HAPPINESS. Why can’t you be happy like everyone else. Glances at Sono Ai bad ends.

Slightly disappointed in that romance department, yet I thoroughly enjoyed the whole CD. What can you say, it’s Operetta! I have always been their fangirl ever since the game DIARY. Their plot and characters are always on point, it is difficult to curse them. SO MUCH LOVE.

Besides, Operetta actually leveled up their game in this one. Before, Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Ittaru made me uneasy with their smut content (those damn good seiyuus!). Then came this one. Most probably their staffs decide to play around with the SFX, it came out super indecent plus the seiyuu didn’t hold back with his skills either.


This is yet my favorite CD. I just can’t hate my yandere babies. It is fatal to curse them.


14 Responses to “[DRAMA CD REVIEW] Soko ha Kurutta Yume no Fuchi”

  1. Wow, thank you for this! I was so curious about that title but kept thinking ”well, nobody will translate it sadly, it’s not high profile enough” so that was so awesome to find in my email alert this morning 🙂 Now for the cd itself – HOLY COW. I don’t own the CD, so I couldn’t hear the embarassing parts, but just *reading* them had me beet red. The story had me like you did – mixed feelings. On one hand I’m really happy not all incest stories end up in rainbows, but on the other hand, like you said, why couldn’t he proceed differently??? It’s like he set himself up to fail 😦 In any case, the yandere factor is great, so thanks to you I’ll definitely buy this ❤

    • If you ever heard of a yandere/twisted love CD, believe me, it will pop out in your email very very soon.
      I have always admire a CD with some psycho spice in it 😉

      If you ever EVER get a CD, please, do me a favor and save yourself from embarrassment because it will get veeeery awkward at the certain parts but all’s good. Seiyuu-san did his best at making an indecent sound so you’ll be more than happy to listen to it lol.

      Honestly, OPERETTA never ever end their character with natural end. You can guess that they are pretty much a bunch of fangirls who loved twisted characters but never given them a happy end. They would end up becoming way worse or just one sided love in the end. Tragic yes, but that’s the part i love about this company. They never ever justified the action of the other party.

      I’m so glad this has helped you in deciding to get this CD! 😀 have fun listening to it!

  2. 3 Kiseki Kaira

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Good job translating this~ But really, he’s been “tasting” her over a year?! I’m confused, the heroine didn’t noticed or she’s been overdose till she didn’t realized what the heck her brother did to her? Not to mention, at the last track, when he shoots himself inside the heroine, she could have gone pregnant… I get that this is yandere but my feelings towards this CD is 0▲0

    But I still enjoy it (even though I rant and complain a lot ↑) thanks again~~~

    • He has been “tasting and confirming” her for a year now. Yet, he never took her during that time most probably he has high tolerance of endurance or she’s still not at that legal age yet.

      The heroine is not conscious, he has been drugging her since a year ago and did that indecent act at night (she’s half asleep half unconscious). She’s kinda aware of that but disregard it as a series of nightmares.

      SHE CAN GET PREGNANT that’s why she said NO D:
      Then again, they are not blood-related and she’s of legal age, even though it sounds strange but if she conceived a child it is still a legitimate child.

      I kinda o_o at the scenario but the plot isn’t that too much of a WTF??? to me because incest is just the way it is xD

      You are most welcome, thanks for dropping by! 😀

  3. I found your blog when browsing around and I laughed so much at your review lol

    Esp this part



  4. Pretty sure Haruto and Kanoe here are Haruto and Kanoe from Sono Ai xD Sadatsugu did said sth about kiddo’s pranks to his cousin “Kanoe” and said Haruto is actually no good inside.
    But well, i guess it really does run in the family.

    • I found it out when they announced the CD.To be honest, that little detail actually made me happy to know that they are actually related-fucked-up-distant-relatives haha

      • 9 aranciaaurora

        Omg, Haruto’s ‘bad hobby’, Kanoe with the letter. It took me a while to get the reference lol. It turned out to be a damn good easter egg.

      • Sometimes the reference hit you like a brick wall and only later on you realized 😂

  5. 11 Beatrice

    While it’s sort of annoying that this isn’t a word-for-word translation that I can read along to the Drama CD, I appreciate your hard work all things considered.

  6. 13 Marinne

    Hello omg I’ve been a lurker on a your blog for awhile now and idk if you still have to approve my previous comment but someone plagiarized your translation and used it for a fan fiction lol. It’s not 100% there and most were paraphrased but it’s still there. Here’s the link: https://www.quotev.com/story/8237562/Sweet-Temptation-Lemons
    I hope you see this soon 😦

    • Hello hi! Sorry for the late reply though I saw your comment since the day you posted.

      Well, greetings silence reader 😁 Thank you for alerting me regarding plagerism!
      Though the link completely dead, I truly hope the “author” knew that they won’t be getting away by taking others’ works!

      I definitely would like to see their work aka paraphrasing my reviews but oh well 😁

      Thank you so much you earned a kudos from me!

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