…..I honestly do not know how to start this very first entry of 2016. So, let’s pretend I just wrote a chunk of text full of formality and skip to the main point.

This is the place where I dump my reviews on drama CDs that I loved and absolutely adore I listen to them more than twice a day! But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the others. Writing one post is taking too much time, I actually spend (almost) a day to write a CD with only 5 tracks! I, honestly, the type of person who prefers quality over quantity so I sincerely apologize if I couldn’t fulfill some backlogs and requests! Please accept this token of yandere.

Anyway, if you ever want to get my opinion or enjoy reading quick reviews, head over to my twitter @gintsune as I occasionally do listen to drama CDs.

Without further ado, let’s check out my favorite drama CDs in 2015 that worth checking out, shall we?



TOP 5 (non-r18)

  1. Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu (family type drama CD, each stories connect to each other so you have to listen to all volumes! Arts done by Mero)
  2. Mononoke Mansion (have I told you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything ayakashi-youkai related stuff? This is by my other favorite company, TwoFive, and they produce amazing stories!)
  3. Genyouki~Ookami no Iinazuke~ (original and after story. Classic love story, and Maenu did a brilliant job voicing Seiichiro both human AND ayakashi!)
  4. Gesshoku no Egoist (underrated series! This CD needs more recognition, come on guys! THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY CHARMING CD with a dash of suspense and romance. My personal favorite is of course, volume 2 because yandere shimono hiro, but volume 1 is just equally amazing too!)
  5. Ayakashi no Koi volume2 (one of the many by Kimura Ryohei! A romance (?) between maneater demon and a human, not something you get in daily life huh?)

I am pretty sure I still have others but I couldn’t somehow recall it, so there you have it! My top 5 all ages CDs that I didn’t get a chance to review (except for genyouki and Higashiura).

Now that we have that safely, let’s move on to the steamy section, which is the core of this wordpress! YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

TOP 5 (やめてください!)

  1. Villains (If you follow me on twitter, you might as well tell me to shut the hell up about this series. It is currently my most best-loved series of all. You can actually guess which is my favorite volume of all. I would love to write for each CDs, but the final volume might be the next review as Shingaki Tarusuke is my current favorite seiyuu atm!)
  2. Aventure volume 1 (tho I do adore volume 3 as well, just because protective and gentle older brother, he gets the throne! Majima Junji should get an award dedicated to seiyuu that can pulls off a yassashi older brother that make us cry buckets)
  3. Otona Marchen series (or, adult marchen *smirks*. As you have guessed, this is based on fairytale stories. PERSONAL FAVORITE IS OF COURSE PETER PAN, but at the same time don’t tell me to choose! It is a series worth to marathon. There scheduled to have 3 more added new characters!)
  4. long ass title about warui mahou or basically, wicked witches volume 2 ! ! !! (NO JUST GO LISTEN TO VOLUME 2 I’M SO DONE WITH MY LIFE THANK YOU!!!! DONT LET HIS LOOKS DECEIVE YOU)
  5. another long ass title but oh my god I feel so deflowered thank you for making me like this i didn’t know being inside an elevator can lead to lewd stuff now I’m hot oh my god I didn’t sign up for that SHINGAKI TARUSUKE IS OFFICIALLY MAH MAN
  6. my life motto is go big or go nowhere at all. Remember when this son of devil messed with our life? and he did it again in this CD because just for the fun of it. THANK YOU now I am probably gonna have a high standard when choosing a partner because of him( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Do you just go oh I am def going to have a good time this cover looks nice the coloring is just adorable an—– ooooooOOOOOHHHH WTF DID THAT JUST HAPPENED moment? Because I sure did with this crazy ass mushroom head I mean, come on. If that happened in real life and I am alive, JUST KILL ME RIGHT THIS INSTANT.
  8. Since this is my 4th annivesary, might as well just go all out
  9. Switching?! is a series where your boyfriend have a different personality after you, uh somehow switched his light i don’t know what i’m talking about. Basically, you will get a whole new set of boyfriend afterwards, he switch if you cry or tease him. You get the idea right? Right? GOOD. Recommended! Volume 2 and, oh yes Volume 3 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. NOT FOR THE FAINT-HEARTED PEOPLE. If you ever feeling sexually frustrated, you might want to consider anything by D’avrilMoon (and they cater the needs of adult women who’re lonely). Their Yuuwaku Iinari series is linked, so you have to listen from Volume 1 all the way to the fifth volume.







( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


11 Responses to “4TH ANNIVERSARY!”

  1. 1 yaoidaisuki

    Happy Anniversary 🙂
    Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu is so cute :3

  2. 3 Kiseki Kaira

    … Wow, it’s been 4 years already? Man, time pases way to fast. But hell yeah, Villians still hasn’t left me xD and yep, Warui series is pretty much my newest fav especially the cinderella series since the first volume, sleeping beauty had too much plot twist for my taste. I’m suprised to see Switching though. Never thought you also like it 🙂


      Yeap yeapppie it has been 4 years, and my blog hasn’t grown that much as I am always late to post/reviews. Le me iz sad 😦

      I’m sorry girls, but VILLAIN STILL WILL BE MY FAVORITE SERIES (until next series worthy of my praise come next!)

      I am surprised that I actually liked Switching?! because it looks normal but who knows what dirty secret they’re hiding inside hur hur hur.

      We are pretty much having the same interests huh? That fascinates me xD

      • Don’t worry about it ;D as long as you read this lil comment is enough for me 😀 I’m sure your blog will expand even more one day (what are you, a university or a school student?)

        Yeah, I thought Switching was cute.. Until the ero part / switching part comes in then we all know it was indeed an R18 lol. Especially volume 3, that piece of earporn lol.

        Yeah, our taste is pretty much the same but we’re talking about earporn lol.

        Ah, thanks again for replying 😀

      • aww thank you sweetheart! I graduated November last year and now working (as a slave) at a bank! Hectic, sure is. More reason to not blogging *sad face*

        I don’t know how many time do I have to stress this but nOJIMA HIROFUMI IS A CUTE PUPPY! I ESPECIALLY LOVE HIS VOICE when he’s voicing a gentle character and then Switching?! volume 3 got me hooked at how sensitive he is ajfkasjfkla. C R I E S

        I KNOW RIGHT? Basically all earprons are OUR taste xD i mean who doesn’t love getting kissed by them like they are having a cup of noodles with a very thick soup XDD
        Prons CD’s sfxs are my favorite joke of all time. If I have time to compile, I would compile the most disturbing/traumatize sfx to the most “ramen sluuuuuuurping” in one audio file just for the fun of it XDDDD.

        You are welcome! It’s great to have someone with the mutual interest, i could go on and on talking about drama cds lol.

      • Whoa, in a bank?! Never imagine that lol. I thought you were a college students or smth, tbh. I agree 1 million percent that Nojima is the most perfect seiyuu when it comes to porn hahaha.

        Exactly! That was my tagline when it comes to earporn lololololol. Lmao, that ramen slurping is so on point too! I mean, what better ways to describe the sucking and slurping sound better? XD

        Yeah, having someone to talk about earporn is really fun because well.. We experience the porn lol and I reallly loved it when you rant about why you love earporn. 😀 and it’s my bedtime to sleep in my country (Singapore) and where ever you are, i hope you can survive your slave job in the bank, and ganbatte on fighting the stress!

      • i can’t believe myself too lol i keep reminding I am OVER 20 already. JUST GET OVER IT lololol.

        Though I love my darling earprons CD I hate to admit that most of the CDs nowadays are either daily couples / incest. I have nothing against them but there’s no such thrill or adrenaline rush like Villain series could provide me with.
        It is rather bland so I am constantly on the lookout for the CDs that I could go ooohh….WHAAAT?? oh nooo…YESSS xD
        Hopefully the producers listen to my prayers and feed us CD with spices and sugars! *_* I AM HUNGRY FOR MORE.

        OHH? We are neighbors then! I am just living next to you (Malaysia)! 😀
        Thank you for your kind words, I’m doing my best here so that at the end of the month I could splurge my money on something that my ears will be thankful forever hehehe!

      • Hahaha, that moment when you can’t help but too realize that you are getting old but still acts like you’re still under age lol. XD

        Yeah, these days incest is like the hotest trend, which i wonder why (maybe because there is a lot of only child in this world?) but seriously drama cds companies has to slow down the incest theme because it’s really uncomfortable for those who has siblings…

        I want a romantic yet yandere-smutty drama cds not a random yandere-rape series 😦 where’s the love?!!!

        WAIT WHAT!? Hah, I always go to Malaysia for holidays because Malaysia has a lot of cheap stuff lol (and awesome shopping malls) hahaha and some of my family lives in JB, I’m getting more suprise than ever here lol.

        P. S. I see what you’re trying to do woth the money there hehehe

      • are you in college then? or, an old lady pretending to be young (like me?) xD

        Most probably that could be the case. Well, since they are targeting the audiences in Japan (and we all know the birth rate in Japan is SO LOW) hence the incest theme? Though I have no problem yet I am REALLY REALLY uncomfortable when they ‘re actually blood-related like, puhlease. YOU ARE LITERALLY SHARING THE SAME MOTHER??? MY GOD.

        Some CDs actually got me 😉 such as YUME FUCHI because hot damn my foster elder brother is in love with me since I’m a fetus??! THAT’S LOVE MAN THAT’S LOVE -vomit-
        no, really, I really don’t mind such plot xD


        i miss the ol’ good yandere days, hopefully Operetta will hear us again and bring us the glorified days of Yandere. That’s the only company I trust to handle them with care (TεT;)


        (we are only famous with our malls lol what else is here)

        p/s that’s what salary is for 😉

      • Hahaha, I’m actually a tiny bit over 20 😀 and still continue studying like crazy in Singapore

        Totally ,I don’t mind incest as long as they don’t share the same blood and DNA because really, the next thing you now, there will be a siscon and a yandere in the house *vomits* that is just crazy weird man.

        I really REALLLY hope that the glorified yandere days will return because it’s really bland these days with the crazy incest going on *face palms* I’m pretty sure most of us will handle drama CDs with much more care than otome games, because thats the way I roll – me XD

        Aww, thanks for the invitation! But since Singapore is being crazy, I can’t tell when I’m going to KL (tbh, I won’t recommend anyone to go to Singapore, especially Malaysians and Indonesians because right now, Singapore is really hectic with these hot boiling El nino weather thing that has been going on) because JB is pretty cheap but KL is a bit too pricey hahaha (KLCC + Avenue K is like my cash burner, MidVally is my money vacummer, Paradigm Mall is sucking my wallet) and I’m broke AF and college is too expansive, but I still buy expansive drama CDs. Talk about retarded and double standard XD

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