Welcome to 教えてあげる「Cage of Love」Where Psychopaths and Yanderes are together forever and this blog mainly about drama cds.

about me ❤(。◕∀◕。)ノ

Just call me Alyyn, I have been using this name for decades now. I am currently an office lady and is expecting adult-romance setting at the workplace (dream on). I enjoy reviewing drama CDs and give people a general idea what a CD is about. I used to be in your shoes some time ago so I understand how frustrating it is not being able to read/listen to Japanese. I FEEL YOU GURL. I used to have a blog− a Livejournal to be precise but I renounced the blog is completely deactivate.

I should put a warning beforehand – I’m not fluent neither in Japanese nor English. Please excuse the grammarital error(s) as this is grammar free zone blog.

site profile

If you want me to add, following, include in a blogroll (if we have a same interest) just comment below.

Comment or message about download will not be entertained. Please take note of this.

A final warning, this is Cage of Love / Kawaii Uggu and it is a well known tagline by Toma from AMNESIA and if you can’t comprehend this author obsession on certain matters, please leave before a red signal is given. This is important because once you’ve indulged into the world of darkness you’ll never able to return back.


42 Responses to “ABOUT”

  1. 1 Euryx

    Eru-nyaaaaan! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
    Welcome to WP~! *glomps*
    /starts stalking your Cage of Love blog \(‾▿‾\)

    • 2 alyynyan

      ヾ(〃^∇^)ノわぁい♪ *glomps*
      Th-thank youu! It still under major construction but I’ll try my best to post as soon as possible or else it’ll be ghost town in a seconds ;v;

      This Cage of Love thingy got me laughing hard www. /stalks you back

  2. Hello and thanks for the follow! Nice to meet you fellow otoge blogger! 😀 I hope you don’t mind me following you on twitter ;3

    • Hello there! Thanks to you as well ^^/ We otoge blogger should stick close to each other to protect our wall of maiden wwww.

  3. “A final warning, this is Cage of Love / Kawaii Uggu and if you can’t comprehend this author obsession on certain matters, please leave before a red signal is given. This is important because once you’re indulge into the world of darkness you’ll never turn back. /bricked”

    Is it sad I understood what you said? Oh my goodness, a year or so ago I would have never gotten what this was….


  4. Hi, and thanks for the follow on twitter and WP! =DD Now let us take over the gaming world~

    • Hi there! Sorry for not commenting you and just simply adds you ^^; I was in rush www

      thanks for following me back!

  5. 13 Yumii

    Super late, but I added you to my blogroll ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Keep the good stuff up~

  6. 15 Dellz

    Hi… how are you? Btw because I read your review about Corpse party before, I’m replaying this game (≧∇≦)/ I want to complete all the endings (*´▽`*) Btw did you played OperA? I want to play it but somehow I kinda afraid since R-18 otome has a r*p* scene ( ̄□ ̄;)

    PS: I hope you don’t mind if I am asking here ^_^

    • I’m great! I just take a break from playing any PSP game atm because i’m hook reading mangas and twittering (/ _ ; ) /ashamed

      As this is Corpse Party we’re talking about, I’ll pray for your sanity oh well, it’s a really good game if you don’t take horror in account XDD I had fun playing it and solved the mysteries so don’t hold back, play to your heart’s content! If you have any question don’t hesitate to ask me!

      I’m playing Phantom of The Opera right now! In the middle of Raoul’s route. I’m going to do the review but I don’t think I’m going to post the review here ; i might post it over my LJ. I’ll try ask around if they would like me make Opera review on wordpress or lj ^^;

      As far as I’m concern, the H scene was consensual. There’s no rape whatsoever but I’m not 100% sure about this. Don’t let the rape thing let you down the game is PRETTY GOOD ヽ(´ー`)ノ minus the lengthy story orz ;;

      I don’t mind at all, if you have twitter you can add me @alyynyan I mostly spend most of my time there! 😀

      • 17 Dellz

        I only finished 2 or 3 ending before since this game is pretty scary and they don’t have ‘skip text’ function (^_^;)

        Ah you are playing Opera right now? Can’t wait to see your review ^_^ Nah I don’t mind if you post it on LJ, since I am stalking you there too (#^.^#) . Yeah actually I only played 2 R-18 games, Chou Hana, and Vampire Sweetie lol. Chou Hana, I can finish it but Vampire Sweetie, I quit playing it ( ゚ Д゚) 8.8

        Thank you.. I guess I’ll play Opera later, I’ll overlook a rape for this game if there is any xD). I saw the official site and this game has a gorgeous art (*^▽^*) and so glad the H scene is consensual. ( ̄ー ̄)

        Oh I have a twitter account but kinda forget the username since never log in again for months ha2. Guess I need to recover my account ^_^

      • Was it True Ends or Bad Ends? If you said Bad Ends I wouldn’t be surprised because there’s a lot bad ends here xDD

        Wait you’re in my friend list on LJ? What’s your username? I couldn’t recognize most of them since they just lurk around XDD
        LOL vampire sweetie is just another Ijiwaru My Beans and i hate heroine’s annoying voice and the art looks, I’m not a lolicon so yeah it puts me off 😦

        The art is gorgeous the only downsides are there’s no actual singing and I was hoping they used similar ost with the original Opera’s musical. The only music I like would be the main menu’s bgm orz ;;

        If you recover your account please add me and there’s alot fellow otome gamers there (who doesn’t have blog) but they do update their twitter often!

      • 19 Dellz

        Ah the Bad Ends, since there are a lots xD And I never played the Extra Scenario before lol. Ha2 yeah but my LJ is kinda inactive right now, never posted the new content since years ago. My id there is asga ^_^ Ah… no wonder about Vampire Sweetie, I chose the wrong game lol.

        Ah totally love Opera original songs too… I love the movie so much, and didn’t realize before the phantom is played by Gerald Butler lol, so different from 300 he2.

        I tried to recover my old account but I can’t, dunno what went wrong. So I just make a new id xD Already add you, my id: @goukanatokoro.

  7. 20 Ageha

    Greetings, 姉ちゃま! 揚羽です! Can I exchange blog links?

    • 揚羽ちゃん!。・*・:≡( ε:)
      Finally you created a wordpress. SURE! I’ll add you asap to my blogroll!

  8. hii! i’m lily and i just wanted you to know that i added you on my blogroll i’m getting into otome/otoge games and i just wanted to let you know!! my blog is actually http://freshly-free.blogspot.com/ and i’ve actually added you on twitter ^^ i’m @rainbow_sauce!! hope it’s okay!

    • Hello! sorry for the late reply!
      Oh that’s good to know! I am actually not really fond of otome games nowadays, i review Drama CDs most of the time. But if you’re okay with it then you’re more than welcome to stay here!

  9. Hi there! I’m Shuu and I followed your blog since we pretty much have about the same interests. I’m pretty much a newbie otomer gamer who also listens to drama cds, and I started on my blog of otome game reviews.
    Is is okay if we exchange links? Hope we can be friends~ ^_^

  10. hello fellow msian asdfg
    i’ve always wanted to befriend you orz

    i am so excited knowing ur a msian (assuming from ur tweets, you’re a malay, no?)

    asdfgh farah here *^*
    i don’t write reviews but i often live-tweet while listening to otome/blcds
    hope to get along well..? omfg i’m so awkward

  11. ah, you know what? i managed to find it. ;w; so, please ignore this comment. i’ll end up buying the cd anyway, eventually, but i actually busted my tootsie and ended up finding an active source for it. thank you anyway! i’m going to definitely stalk this blog tho, since your content seems pretty interesting and hey, talk CDs are awesome. ꈍㅇꈍ

    • sorry for the late reply! i’m quite busy nowadays please excuse me.
      What is it that you want to find again? ;;;
      ah glad you are supporting the company by buying the cd! 🙂

      This blog has been hiatus for quite some time now but hope you can find something nice around here until I get back to posting new entries!

  12. 30 Jecka

    Aly!!!! Can I stalk you? JFC you make pretty reviews! I will follow you until the end of the earth! XD

    • NO YOU CAN’T.
      JK OF COURSE LOVE FEEL FREE! But I rarely post reviews now but hopefully i get my spirits again somewhere www(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

  13. 32 gritz

    hi! lovely blog you have here, showered with ikemens here and there, also great reviews (I crack up on some of them) :3 will definitely follow you after I make my own wp account lol.
    I’m just wondering how you learn japanese.. it must have been tough but totally worth it na? (what am I saying lolol :D)

    apparently I’m making my otome game that I’ve bought as my motivation to learn Japanese lololol~

    anyway you’re an angel for all of your reviews X) fufu~

    • hello there Gritz! Aww thanks for taking sometime to read mine!
      Well, I have been constantly learning japanese on and off now. There are still some parts that I don’t understand but to listen to drama cds, I am already at the part where I understand mostly 90% of it! There’s nothing easy in this world, but that satisfaction at the end is sooo worth it! I really recommend you to study japanese if you want to play games or listen to drama cds 😀
      That’s great news! I know a friend who only studied japanese through otome games (helped a lot!)
      awww thank you! I will try to come back and write review on cds if I have more time. I am just too occupied with rl at the moment :’D

  14. 34 Naoko

    This is Naoko speaking**
    I’m in love with Otome CD(^^)
    Please tell me about Otome CD**

  15. 36 HijackedCat

    Hi Alyyn, I really like your blog, and I’d love to exchange links with you (ᗒᗨᗕ)
    I’ve already added you to my blogroll, if that’s okay with you, and my link is https://anothergamingday.wordpress.com and the title is Another Gaming Day (⌬̀⌄⌬́)
    I really like all your translations, they’re really helpful, and I’m looking forward to more ۹(˒௰˓)۶

    • Hi HijackedCat! (Can i call you with that name?) thank you for liking my (dead) wordpress. Glad it benefit you in any ways!

      Would love to exchange links with you but my laptop is dead atm and I couldn’t access some features in wordpress on my iPhone.

      I’ll make sure to put up your links on my blog once my laptop back to normal!

      • 38 HijackedCat

        You can call me Cat, or Nessa, whatever’s fine with me! 😀
        Nooo, don’t let it die ;_;
        It’s okay, take your time, no need to hurry (◕ᴗ◕✿)
        Hope your laptop returns to being good, I know how that is, cause mine died on me all of sudden too >_<

      • Aww Cat is cute I shall call you with that!

        My laptop’s fixed and your link is up! Thanks for the patience and ahaha I will DEF not let it die (they have to make the yandere cds coming or else!)

      • 40 HijackedCat

        Aww thanks! Should I call you Aly? Nyan? ALyynyan? xD
        Yay! And no worries, no need to rush over it, but thanks for adding~!
        Yes, don’t let it die, and keep going ;v;
        Give me kuuderes any time <33~

      • Alyyn is okay!

        Oooh so you like dem kuuderes *wink* I have to admit tho as much as I like yanderes, kuuderes are a whole bunch of furballs need to be protected at all cost. Tho there are not much of this type in drama CD, but I DO APPRECIATE THEM IN GAMES! (honourable mention Nise no Chigiri cough)

      • 42 HijackedCat

        YAY, Alyyn~!
        I’m an equally opportunity dick as long as they look good, so I’m fine with most dudes. Some I’d just gag and then they’re fine too (・ωー)~☆
        I love kuuderes because man, when they BREAK DOWN AND START BLUSHING AND PANTING HNNNNNG

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