Me and twins’ 3P night (omg why in english sounds cheesy)


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Lets skip the part why I haven’t been updating my wordpress.

CLARIFICATION : People are still NOT OKAY with me calling Shuu, trash. I’ll change his nickname now. Then, Garbage and Piece of Junk. Happy? Okay not. I am not using this nickname because he’s a despicable character. No. He’s just a little “playful and adventurous lol idk” and I am calling him trash because we use offensive nicknames to our favorite character because apparently that’s how tsunderes display affection.

No more of this. I am keeping this nickname because it is fun

TITLE  : Me and Twins’ 3p (sleepy) Night

COMPANY : Black Stanetto

WEBSITE : Stanetto

SEIYUU : Nakazawa Masatomo and Iguichi Yuichi





Aki is the older brother. He is gentle, considerate and earnest.

CV : Manaka Sawa aka Masatomo Nakazawa






Shuu aka Trash is Aki’s younger twins brother. Your childhood friend. One who follows his own instinct.

CV : Iguchi Yuichi





Thank to this trash for making me having this sudden urge to write a general review of this CD. Please forgive me for not translating or giving details review because what to specific when all they do here is making love to each other and drained their energy for the whole night lmao.

Aki (brown eyes) and Shuu (green eyes) are twins and they have been osananajimi with the heroine for as long as you can remember. However you are still debating whether to choose over slightly sadistic sleepy bear or gentle yet tsundere brother because practically you guys grew up together so it is natural to be together forever. Yeah. Nice choice.

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The title translates as,

A  day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 1 : Elder and younger brother chapter

After a tiring day, have a refresh day off!

How would you like to spend your holiday?
Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting?
However, theres people who wants to spend time with you

Those people are — your family

Would you like to spend a lively and fun time with your beloved family on your day off?

This CD is fully recorded with dummy head mic!

東浦家の休日 vol.1

such an adorable siblings (❁´3`❁) ♡

TITLE  : Higashiura-ke no kyuujitsu Volume 1 Ani & Otouto hen

COMPANY : Asgard-Japan

WEBSITE : Biscrown

SEIYUU : Sakurai Takahiro & Eguchi Takuya


1Higashiura Takashi (elder brother) 

CV : Sakurai Takashiro

24-year old. He is smart however has a bad personality (he likes to bosses you and your younger brother).Is a salaryman at an elite company. He addressed himself as [I] and called the heroine as [you, chibi]

2Higashiura Yuuto (younger brother)

CV : Eguchi Takuya

16-year old. Wanko type. Impertinent and a spoiled child. Senior high school student. He addressed himself as [I] and called heroine [nee chama, nee chan]

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TITLE  : SEVENTH HEAVEN 5 ~This Man, Violent and Too Dangerous~



Shion : Suzuki Tatsuhisa

Heroine : YOU

Hello readers. This is the fifth volume of the famous dummy head mic drama cd by Rejet ; Seventh Heaven. Shion is the fifth shinigami and is described as Ore-sama, Do-S, Violent, Erotic, Passionate, by Rejet but……..

This post is a collaboration review with a fellow pervert fangirl……………..Anal Usagi………………..(Anal Usagi: SHE GAVE ME THE NAME IT’S NOT MY FAULT OKAY.) and we have decided to split up the tracks so she’s the one reviewing first track till forth track and the rest will be me. Since it’s a collaboration review I decided to use a different approach on this one by putting our thoughts and opinions in each other’s reviews so we will be using colors. The one in green is me and blue will be usagi. Because I am Seragaki Aoba. WAIT WHAT. This is really different from my normal reviews so I hope this turned out right!

Noting here beforehand that my knowledge in Japanese is actually shitty. Yoroshiku desu Alyyn sifu.

Kochira kuso yoroshiku,………….pervert.




[Then, come]

Upon waking up, there’s two young men standing before you

The one possessing a silver hair and one pair of pale blue eyes, Noah.

The one with jet-black hair with a burning red eyes, Noel.

Together with these two you entered a magical world.

TITLE  : Noah and Noel



Noah and Noel : Nojima Hirofumi & Nojima Kenji

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ITSUKI : Takahashi Naozumi (Nao nii)

Heroine : YOU

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Genyouki Volume 2 ~ Wolf’s Bride

The story takes place back in the old days, Taisho era’s setting (A fascinated love story).

Genyouki (this is a word for ayakashi, a youkai which is a ghastly apparition, a monstrous shape). It’s about a young man who can take a form of a ayakashi, an ookami and his childhood friend, you. Apparently, you has no name so let’s call you YOU. It’s a pure love story using dummyhead mic as a means to make your ears bleed terribly.


Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 12.38.10 PM

TITLE  :Genyouki 2 ~Ookami no Iinazuke~

COMPANY : Team-e


Seiichirou : Maeno Tomoaki

Heroine : YOU

It can also means, Wolf’s fiancee anything goes as long as you’re in the relationship with your osananajimi’s oniisama. But the right one would be Wolf’s fiancee because there’s no track of them getting married. Nevertheless, this drama CD is a pure otome and this is especially targeting otome who loves romance mixed with fantasy. With all the trend of R18 drama CDs nowadays, one ought to escape from it and listen to something that can make you go dokidokis. This CD is using dummyhead so it’s still a death sentence for us.

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The title translated as

Dream Boyfriend – Chihiro

It also can also mean, idealistic boyfriend that you could never find in real life. (This is the whole idea of the CD lol). I’ve made a half-assed review on Tumblr you can read it here. I made another proper review on wordpress with less kaomojis and thoughts to give way for readers to express their own opinion about this CD. This CD is a doujin work meaning it’s not from a famous seiyuu and this CD only can be given through links after you’ve paid for it. This is super – late – joint – review with Dellz, you can read her review here. I wouldn’t blame university and real life I think I am just simply lazy to write a review because it takes a lot of time and work and I am quite a perfectionist so everything must be in order or something hence the lateness. Anyway,

chihiro ヤンデレ系彼氏に狂おしいほど愛される、大人の女性のためのシチュエーション音声作品です A psychopathic boyfriend who is longing to be loved. This situation DRAMA CD is designed for mature women.

TITLE  : 夢彼-千尋

COMPANY : Heart ❤ Beeps

WEBSITE : あなたは18歳以上ですか

RELEASE DATE : 2012/10/23

Chihiro : Senai Ranmaru

Heroine : Her / Heroine

This took me so long to post. Laziness kicks in and I just like fuck this I should edit and finally post it. So FINALLY AFTER MONTHS! I hate myself for keeping this a draft for freaking months argh.

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……and I’m so sorry. I never had a chance to update my blog after Corpse Party ; Book of Shadows, and believe me it is not in my slightest intention to ignore this blog of mine which I’ve decided to do review on Drama CD rather than Otome Game.

Life has taken a toll in my otome fangirling but let’s forget about that for now. First thing first, I would like to say ;


Too bad the first anniversary would be nothing but just an excuse to post something but worry no more as there’s many delicious news about DRAMA CDs! Some of them caught my attention and I whisper to the wind so that April, May, June, July (and so on) comes faster so that we can finally have our own little world (。→∀←。)キャハ♡

Second is, there’s a quite a list of interesting drama cds that I’ve listened to! Below is where I’ll post the title, the introduction and the character!

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Corpse Party ; Book of Shadows or CP ; BoS is a japanese horror PSP game. This is the sequel to the first game which is Corpse Party ; Blood Covered,  you can read it here. I was so sure this game is going to be another Corpse Party game but it turns out to be the continuation to the first game.

Sequel as in something that takes place after or as a result of an earlier event. Nonetheless to say this game is just the same as in the original game. Having said that, the system for this game is altered for a better(?). I’m not sure but this feels more like visual novel rather than “an adventure game”. They called it “text adventure style”


As usual I played the USA release version. Xseed had translated this game from Japanese to English with Japanese audio to let the gamers feel the bone-chilling amazingly voice acting done seiyuus in this game. If you’re planning to shat your pants, buy the original version and support the creator!

This is otome blog you say? Hell. Soon this blog will be multi-blog with bl and otome and horror dump into one.

It is recommendable to play the original game first so that you won’t be completely lost at what’s happening since the original game more like introductory game while this one is a chapter for each characters. You’ll get to know more about them and their story before they’re trapped forever.

Whoever performs


The title literally translated as

Yandere Eroi ( Erotic Psychopath ) ~ Hence My Love ~

This is the new drama CD from Stanetto. There’s two branch ; White Stanetto (which consists of pure innocent works and Black Stanetto with their latest yandere drama CD.

According to the website, this Drama CD uses dummy head mic entirely through out the whole episodes (tracks) and this piece of work has three parts in one CD.

First part is about you and your boyfriend’s innocent love life.

Second part is the love is too overwhelm that it drives the boyfriend to unstable state (?)

Third part is where there’s a sudden change in personality.

Screen shot 2013-01-26 at 3.08.34 PM

The heroine is in her final senior year where she met a senior named Nao who the heroine secretly has a crush on. However, he is hard to read because his facial expressions are insufficient in other words ; he’s emotionless human being. It’s difficult to guess what he’s thinking in his mind. A robotic expressionless young man. In truth, he actually feels a sort of fondness towards the heroine but his facial expressions telling her otherwise. When in public, whenever both of them are spotted there’s always aura of happiness lingers surrounding the couple. However, it’s only a matter of time for him revealing his true personality…..

TITLE  : Yan Ero ~ Ai suru ga Yuen ni ~



Nao : Tachibana Shinosuke

Heroine : Her / Heroine

Hello guys before we indulge further into this great yandere drama CD I would love to explain why the title has “JOINT REVIEW”. Me and Serena/Usagi had decided to do a joint review regarding this great drama CD since this is our second most anticipated drama CD other than Sono Yamai ; you can read it here and Ani to Osananajimi ; read it here. Usagi has made her review as superficial general review whereas mine will be in depth details what the fuck am i doing review so yeah if you would love to know the general review without any spoiler it’s advisable to read Usagi’s review of Yanero and if you in need of details you can continue reading this. By the way this is not a translations, just a detail in depth review. Thank you for your comprehension.

Another friend of mine also did a review. You can read it here

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