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I JUST REALIZED I DIDN’T POST THIS COLLAB POST ON MY BLOG! LOL. NEED TO KEEP TRACK ON WHAT I’VE REVIEWED SO CROSS-LINK FROM THIS  *beatboxes* Guess who earned another award in extreme procrastination?? Me. Another collaboration review with fellow otome blogger Alyyn! Back to shit on this post. We wanted to do this for […]

This is the official tokuten from HOBIGIRLS. I feel this great need to put this in a separate post, because I just can and also, it needs a better recognition (you will know what I mean after this) Duration : 13:03 EXPLICIT CONTENT !

!! WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT !! TITLE : Villain ~ The Fantasy of (a) Beast COMPANY : HobiGirls WEBSITE : HobiGirls SEIYUU : Yasumoto Hiroki The one governs the mountain is known as a fierce god, feared by the villagers. The village has had a long-standing tradition of offering a human sacrifice to the god. Overwhelming with sadness and fear, you met the fierce God […]

  To be fascinated with a patisserie welcome to Le Ciel Blue. You are working at the infamous sweets shop [Le Ciel Blue]. Past the working hours, you are searching frantically for something that you had dropped earlier and met with the shop’s chef (and also) owner, Kyouichi. Kyouichi proposes to have a mini game of finding which […]

Gay Heaven This was originally posted on fellow fangirl’s blog, anal usagi. Remember her? She’s the one who shit-fied our collaboration review on Seventh Heaven Volume 5. This is yet another 3p so you can say that I am making a pattern on my blog so enjoy. I decided to post this here because hahaAHAHAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA […]

The title literally translated as Yandere Eroi ( Erotic Psychopath ) ~ Hence My Love ~ This is the new drama CD from Stanetto. There’s two branch ; White Stanetto (which consists of pure innocent works and Black Stanetto with their latest yandere drama CD. According to the website, this Drama CD uses dummy head […]

The title literally translated as The Love (that) Results In The Illness Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Ittaru or その愛は病にいったる is the newest drama cd by Operetta who is famous with their yandere shit ; DIARY and Koezaru. This is their second drama cd after youmu incubus etc etc tl;dr. I dedicate this post for […]