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just some drama cds that i recommend 😉

The translation for this is a bit tricky, for now I’ll just go with “The Abyss of The Mad Dream”* subject to be changed. or #yumefuchi for short. please correct me / better translation if you have one! You were raised as a foster daughter by the Mamiya household. Nurtured with care, you grew up […]

I JUST REALIZED I DIDN’T POST THIS COLLAB POST ON MY BLOG! LOL. NEED TO KEEP TRACK ON WHAT I’VE REVIEWED SO CROSS-LINK FROM THIS  *beatboxes* Guess who earned another award in extreme procrastination?? Me. Another collaboration review with fellow otome blogger Alyyn! Back to shit on this post. We wanted to do this for […]

This is the official tokuten from HOBIGIRLS. I feel this great need to put this in a separate post, because I just can and also, it needs a better recognition (you will know what I mean after this) Duration : 13:03 EXPLICIT CONTENT !

!! WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT !! TITLE : Villain ~ The Fantasy of (a) Beast COMPANY : HobiGirls WEBSITE : HobiGirls SEIYUU : Yasumoto Hiroki The one governs the mountain is known as a fierce god, feared by the villagers. The village has had a long-standing tradition of offering a human sacrifice to the god. Overwhelming with sadness and fear, you met the fierce God […]

  To be fascinated with a patisserie welcome to Le Ciel Blue. You are working at the infamous sweets shop [Le Ciel Blue]. Past the working hours, you are searching frantically for something that you had dropped earlier and met with the shop’s chef (and also) owner, Kyouichi. Kyouichi proposes to have a mini game of finding which […]

The title translates as, A day off with Higashiura’s family! Volume 3 : Future husband and future brother-in-law! After a tiring day, have a refreshing day off! How would you like to spend your holiday? Have a peaceful day off without no one interrupting? However, theres people who wants to spend time with you Those […]

Poll time


Hi guys! I am doing some sort of poll time now for future reference. I would appreciate it if you would spend your time to answer this. It is very short and nothing much. For now there’s only one question that I wanted to know the most however if you have any suggestions you can […]

Gay Heaven This was originally posted on fellow fangirl’s blog, anal usagi. Remember her? She’s the one who shit-fied our collaboration review on Seventh Heaven Volume 5. This is yet another 3p so you can say that I am making a pattern on my blog so enjoy. I decided to post this here because hahaAHAHAAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA […]

Me and twins’ 3P night (omg why in english sounds cheesy)     Lets skip the part why I haven’t been updating my wordpress. CLARIFICATION : People are still NOT OKAY with me calling Shuu, trash. I’ll change his nickname now. Then, Garbage and Piece of Junk. Happy? Okay not. I am not using this […]