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Death Connection revolves around mafia in Italy. The story starts when a woman abandoned her baby at the church. She was chased by some group and was hurt and killed not long after that. The baby was raised at the church along with a boy, Joshua to become a sister and a priest. When she’s […]

hai~su Bambi tachi! (。・ω・。)ノ♡ Genki ka naa? Sorry for being absent for so long due to finals and I’m away from my PSP for about 2 months. I’ve been suffering since then, it’s a torturous days when I recall back. Since I’m back, I’ll be updating my wordpress (not regularly but I’ll try). Before I was […]

END 1. I’ll start at where Rei broke the teacher’s precious vase.  

As to celebrate my first WordPress post let’s cross post this game’s review from my Livejournal. If you called it’s cheating, I called it yan yan love. LMAO. Since not many people reviewing it, or might as well called it “not many people play it” I’ve decided to share the wealth /o/ \o/ and spread […]