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Poll time


Hi guys! I am doing some sort of poll time now for future reference. I would appreciate it if you would spend your time to answer this. It is very short and nothing much. For now there’s only one question that I wanted to know the most however if you have any suggestions you can […]

The title literally translated as The Love (that) Results In The Illness Sono Ai ha Yamai ni Ittaru or その愛は病にいったる is the newest drama cd by Operetta who is famous with their yandere shit ; DIARY and Koezaru. This is their second drama cd after youmu incubus etc etc tl;dr. I dedicate this post for […]

END 1. I’ll start at where Rei broke the teacher’s precious vase.  

Corpse Party Blood Covered is a Japanese horror PC game ported to PSP game and soon will be ported to Ipad and Ipod. Shit just got real. When we talked about horror game, Japan took it to the next level when Corpse Party Blood Covered was designed with 68 bit graphic style and 2D sprites […]

As to celebrate my first WordPress post let’s cross post this game’s review from my Livejournal. If you called it’s cheating, I called it yan yan love. LMAO. Since not many people reviewing it, or might as well called it “not many people play it” I’ve decided to share the wealth /o/ \o/ and spread […]